08Ann _ Sandy Cross Conservation Area 2008 Annual Report by pengxiang


Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area 2008 Annual Report
Welcome to the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area! We are pleased
to present to you our Annual Report for 2008. We hope you enjoy reading
about our successes this last year. We could not have done it without you.
Please accept this special thank you to all our supporters, those who give
both time and funding – you are appreciated more than you know.

01 introduction to the Area
02 the year 2008
05 operations report by guiding principles
11 financial highlights
11 outlook for 2009
     introduction to the Area                                          our vision
     The Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area (ASCCA) consists          We aspire to a day when the Ann & Sandy Cross
     of 4,800 acres of rolling foothills land donated by Ann and       Conservation Area is recognized from the local to
     Sandy Cross. In addition to its mandate of protecting natural     the international level as a model of sustainability,
     habitat for native species, the Area offers conservation          a leader in landscape-level approaches to management
     education programs that foster awareness, appreciation            of protected areas and a key contributor to collaborative
     and action. The Area is conveniently located just south           approaches in conservation. In this ideal future:
     west of Calgary and is open to hikers by registration only.
                                                                        • The Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area
     The Cross Conservation Area is composed of rolling foothills         maximizes the effectiveness of our habitat for
     with 50% Aspen forest, 42% pastures of introduced grasses,           wildlife and is sustained within a landscape
     and approximately 8% native prairie. It provides a home              of connected wildlife habitat.
     to over 400 plant species and an abundance of insects,
     birds, and mammals. The area features over 20 kilometers           • We inspire a conservation land ethic that
     of scenic hiking trails including 8.3 kilometers of self-guided      is understood and embraced by education
     interpretive trails.                                                 participants, partners and other stakeholders.

                                                                        • Financial and organizational sustainability
                                                                          are achieved.

0A            Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area                                                     2008 Annual Report           01
our mission                                                   board of directors
To foster conservation of habitat for native species of       Thank you to the following individuals for their support
wildlife. We achieve this Mission by providing space for      and direction in 2008:
wildlife, offering conservation education programs and
supporting community conservation initiatives.                Marshall Abbott, President (until June)
                                                              Ralph Nelson, President (from November)
                                                              Robert O’Callaghan, Vice-President
history                                                       Joe McFarlane, Secretary-Treasurer
Sandy Cross, a long-time Alberta resident deeply rooted in    J. Sherrold Moore
the Calgary community, along with his wife Ann, donated       Stanley Carscallen, Q.C.
2,000 acres of their land to the Province of Alberta in       Anita Donovan
1987, with the condition that the land never be developed.    Martin Abbott
In 1996, they donated an additional 2,800 acres to the        Shauna MacDonald
Cross Conservation Area, bringing the total to 4,800 acres.   Barbara Castell
                                                              Dallas Droppo, Q.C. (appointed June)
Management of the Area was undertaken by the newly            David Dover (appointed June)
formed Sandy Cross Conservation Foundation – recently
legally changed to Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area
to avoid the confusion associated with two names.             the year 2008
                                                              We started the year off right, hosting our 2nd Annual Gala
                                                              fundraising event in January. An evening of delicious
                                                              conservation cuisine prepared by Chef Michael Smith,
“I will be more observant, more patient                       and a room full of generous supporters is a great way
 and more active in pursuing a world                          to set the tone for the year.
 of wonder!”                                                  After the glitz and glam had faded, the rest of the year was
 – Cecilia Krupa, parent participant
                                                              business as usual for the Cross Cronservation Area staff.
                                                              On the Cross Conservation Area, grazing efforts were
                                                              successful. Solar electric fences were installed to protect
Over 85,000 children and adults have participated in our      sensitive areas during times of grazing and to manage
education programs at the Area since it opened in 1993.       water systems. Old fencing left behind from homesteads
                                                              was removed, allowing ease of wildlife movement within
The Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area was awarded
                                                              the Cross Conservation Area. In total, five miles of internal
the 2002 Alberta Emerald Award for Excellence in
                                                              fencing were removed, resulting in a mountain of barbed
Environmental Education.
                                                              wire the size of a house. Jubilant volunteers were proud to
On October 3rd, 2002 ‘Paradise Preserved: the Ann &           recycle the load.
Sandy Cross Conservation Area’, a 144 page, hardcover
                                                              GPS mapping proved effective in tracking the advance of
book about the Area was officially launched.
                                                              invasive species. This was followed by substantial weed
On December 13, 2003, we mourned the loss of Sandy            removal through vigorous whipping, mowing and manual
Cross at 89 years of age.                                     picking. Another large project included placing a new shelter
                                                              for school groups and visitors at the fork of the Rancher’s
                                                              and Fescue trails.

02               Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area
     “Many of the children have developed                          Our success in 2008 was largely due to our dedicated
                                                                   volunteers. Our 67 active volunteers contributed 3,727
      a new love for the world around                              hours to land maintenance, education programs, Area
                                                                   steward walks and office work.
      us and we will continue to provide
                                                                   In retrospect, it is clear that celebrating the small victories,
      opportunities for them to increase                           whether it be one meter of fencing removed, one child
      this passion.”                                               inspired or one neighbour contacted, really pays off and
      – Grade 3 teacher
                                                                   adds up to one successful year.

                                                                   conservation and cuisine gala
     On the education front, a total of 6,763 participants         In January, we held our second Conservation and Cuisine
     benefited from their time at the Cross Conservation Area.     Gala, which with the matching grant from The Calgary
     We enjoyed success in each program area: coordinated          Foundation, will raise nearly a quarter of a million dollars
     ten weeks of the Chevron Open Minds program; developed        for our endowment fund. The event, hosted by Master of
     and presented 22 Conservation Education programs              Ceremonies Matt O’Neill of Jack FM, was held in the
     for families and adults; and delivered 165 day school         Imperial Ballroom at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and the
     programs for local children. In addition to four weeks of     décor was even more spectacular than last year. The
     Nature Safari Summer Day Camp, several youth took             paintings, created by the Grades 3-4 students from the
     advantage of our pilot Youth Leadership Program and           Science Alternative School at Langevin, looked beautiful
     put their developing leadership skills to use.                on the tables amid the brown satin and crystal.
     Visitors appeared to have enjoyed the natural area as well.
     A total of 1,972 pre-booked visitors were recorded and
     another 941 registered at our new kiosk at the front
     gates. Our Area guidelines were followed for the most part,
     resulting in a year of low impact recreation. Volunteers
     undertook even more Area Steward patrols than in 2007.
     Communication with neighbours and affiliated groups was
     top of mind last year. Organizational support was given to
     the Foothills Land Trust and our Wildlife Corridor study
     with Miistakis Institute was completed early in the year.
     Our goal to increase environmental sustainability as an
     organization was met with enthusiasm and pride. In
     addition to regular recycling of paper, plastic, bottles
     and electronics, we switched to using only 100% recycled
     photocopier/printer paper. A decrease in our paper output
     was achieved by replacing printed teacher packages
     with burned CD’s and by using email for promotion
     and E-newsletters. The compost bin we added will
     soon produce nutrient rich soil for our native gardens.
                                                                   Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks at our 2008 Gala

0A             Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area                                                2008 Annual Report             03
We were thrilled that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. took time out            event organizers
of his busy life to join us for the dinner and to share his
                                                                     Thank you to the Gala Planning Committee for their
thoughts on conservation. Earlier in the day he was taken
                                                                     hours of dedication towards making this event such
on a special tour of the Cross Conservation Area and was
                                                                     a big success, and to Brookline Public Relations Inc.
treated to a cougar sighting and the opportunity to drink
                                                                     for a great job organizing it:
water straight from a spring.
                                                                     Marshall Abbott, Gala Chair    Joe McFarlane
                                                                     Shauna MacDonald               Jacquie Gilson
“What a wonderful evening – Seeing,                                  Geoff Last
                                                                     Patricia Kaiser
                                                                                                    Jessica Wilkinson
                                                                                                    Paul Rogalski
 feeling, and hearing the night came                                 Natalie Harper                 Victor Laderoute
 with the stories of the land.”                                      Thank you also to all the individuals who attended the
 – Conservation Education program participant                        Gala and donated through the Live Auction and Raffle.
                                                                     We appreciate your generosity and support.

Chef Michael Smith of the Food Network returned and
prepared for us another amazing 5 course meal. The
wine pairings were phenomenal, especially the ice wine
provided with dessert.
Highlights of the evening included seeing more neighbours
at this fund raising event and watching Marshall Abbott
assist Chef Michael Smith in making a giant sundae. It
was a great pleasure to once again have Ann Cross in
attendance at the Gala. Her presence is always so special
to everyone and reminds us of the wonderful generosity
and legacy of Ann and Sandy Cross.
A special thank you to our 2008 Gala Sponsors who made
this evening possible:

financial sponsors                 in kind sponsors
The Calgary Foundation             Calgary Jewellery Ltd.
Sabretooth Energy Ltd.             Brookline Public Relations Inc.
Enmax Corporation                  Hyatt Regency Calgary
Quantum Energy Partners            PSAV Presentation Services
Van Helden Agencies Ltd.           Squeeze Creative Inc.
Suncor Energy Foundation           Color Right Now
Tristone Capital Inc.
                                                                     Chef Michael Smith and Marshall Abbott

04              Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area
     operations report by
     guiding principles
     We are pleased to present our report on operations through
     each of our six Guiding Principles.

     guiding principle 1 – habitat
     We protect habitat and provide space for native species
     of wildlife through the careful management of the Ann &
     Sandy Cross Conservation Area’s natural resources.
     	 • Worked to improve the health of our riparian areas by
         maintaining watering systems in the uplands to reduce
         grazing impacts, as well as using solar water pumps,
         solar and electric fencing, timely grazing, mowing and
         weed whipping, monitoring and mapping
     	 • Managed grazing on land for a total of 2,033 Animal
         Unit Months, which produced revenue of $61,000
         and included maintaining and patrolling of fence
         lines, distributing over 200 blocks of salt, maintained
         solar electric fencing and solar water pumping, and
         removal of over 5 miles of internal fencing
     	 •	 Worked to reduce modified plant communities through
          grazing, mowing, hand pulling weeds and limited
                                                                   guiding principle 2 – education
          herbicide application, as well as undertaking GPS        We offer conservation education programs, particularly
          mapping of weed areas                                    for young people, without jeopardizing Area wildlife and
                                                                   habitat. Our innovative, motivational, and safe programs
     	 •	 Completed 109 Special Projects with volunteer            foster awareness, appreciation and action.
          support (over 1,495 volunteer hours)
                                                                   	 •	 5,498 children and others safely participated in our
                                                                        high quality education programs (for a total of 6,763
                                                                        participant days)
     “Thank you for letting us come and
                                                                   	 •	 Coordinated 10 weeks of Chevron Open Minds week
      explore nature and the land. We love                              long school programs
      Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation                              • Delivered 165 Nature Discovery day school programs,
      Area. It is a place in our hearts.”                             including modified programs (supported by Suncor
                                                                      Energy Foundation)
      – Grade 1 and 2 students at Langevin Science School

0A             Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area                                            2008 Annual Report           05
 • Developed and ran 17 Conservation Education            guiding principle 3 – visitors
   programs, plus 5 additional programs/presentations
                                                          We manage human use of the Ann & Sandy Cross
 • Coordinated 8 self-guided organized groups             Conservation Area through a system of entry by
                                                          appointment only, and other impact reduction techniques.
 • Developed and delivered 4 weeks of summer day camps,
   including initiating youth leadership opportunities     	 Over 1,972 registered hikers enjoyed the trails on the
                                                             Area, while another 941 hikers registered through our
                                                             new on site Kiosk
“It was dark and snowy when we                             • A total of 563 Area Steward patrols and 22 boundary
                                                             patrols were undertaken by 38 Volunteers, an increase
 arrived, however the silence on                             of 238 patrols over 2007
 this hill told me it is beautiful!”                       • $1,364 was raised through Kiosk donations in its
 – Conservation Education program participant”               first year

                                                          guiding principle 4 – stakeholders
thank you to our 2008 Education School
Programs sponsors:                                        We collaborate positively with our stakeholders in a climate
                                                          of sharing, co-operation, and mutually beneficial support.
  Chevron Canada Resources
  Suncor Energy Foundation                                 • Distributed over 500 communication pieces to
                                                             various media
thank you to our 2008 Conservation
Education sponsors:                                        • Distributed over 9,000 conservation education
  The Calgary Foundation                                     brochures over 2 seasons
  Devon                                                    • Completed 2007 Annual Report (with support from
  TD Friends of the Environment Foundation                   Chevron Canada Resources and Squeeze Creative Inc.)
  Agrium Inc.
  Nexen Inc.                                               • Prepared and distributed 3 Volunteer (internal)
  Ollerenshaw Ranches                                        E-newsletters and Volunteer E-updates
  Alberta Conservation Association
                                                           • Sent regular email updates to all contacts
  Talisman Energy
  FCSS/MD Foothills #31                                    • Completed a Stakeholder-based Communication Plan
  Imperial Oil Foundation (Esso)                             for use in 2009 and beyond
  Home Depot Evergreen Rebuilding Nature Grant
                                                           • Legally changed our name to Ann & Sandy Cross
                                                             Conservation Area and developed a new logo,
                                                             branding and new printed materials
                                                           • Partnered with a variety of organizations

06               Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area
guiding principle 5 – landscape
We pursue landscape-level approaches in order to protect
the Cross Conservation Area as part of a regional landscape.
 • Provided support to Foothills Land Trust
 • Liaised with Priddis Millarville Residents Association
   and Cross Conservation Area neighbours
 • Completed and distributed the Regional Connectivity/
   Wildlife Corridor Study, undertaken in conjunction with
   Miistakis Institute, provided 4 presentations on topic

Regional Connectivity/Wildlife Corridor Study
Follow this link to see the award winning video created
by Jonathon Schmidt, using images from our wildlife
corridor study: http://www.crossconservation.org/main/
page.php?page_id=67                                              Black Bears are among the many wildlife seen at ASCCA

guiding principle 6 – sustainability
                                                                 “It’s sooo peaceful here my words can’t
We strive for sustainability in all aspects of our operations,
i.e., staff and volunteers, financial, organizational and         discribe the buity and peacefulness.”
environmental.                                                    – Grade 4/5 student (original spelling included).

 • Hired five staff for 2008 and 2009 – same as                  volunteers
   previous years
                                                                  • Pleased to have 67 active volunteers contribute over
 • Used Summer Temporary Employment Program                         3,727 volunteer hours in 2008, an increase in 700
   (Alberta government) and Canada Summer Jobs                      hours over 2007
   Program (Federal government) to hire six summer
   students to help with land management and                      • Held two successful celebrations for volunteers –
   education/communication projects                                 Stampede Breakfast and Year End Celebration, plus
                                                                    ongoing recognition of volunteers
 • Completed Work Plans, Learning Plans, 6 month
   and year end reviews, and training for all staff

                                                                                                      2008 Annual Report   07
“This was an amazing site and                                  organizational
                                                                • Completed and implemented plans and reports for
 program. I wish we were able to                                  2008 and developed strategic plans for 2009
 stay longer and experience more!                               • Purchased needed computers and a
 The program was very well put                                    refurbished photocopier

 together. Thanks!”                                             • Maintained trails, buildings and equipment
 – Grade 6 teacher from Woodlands School                        • Purchased new shelter, put in place on a gravel
                                                                  base and anchored
                                                               	 • Upgraded radio system with a repeater, including
                                                                   a new pole location and antenna
 • Undertook all financial transactions including budgeting,
   reporting, payroll, accounts receivable and payable,         • Created 3-year health & safety plan, convened
   investment updates, audit 2007, and so on                      a safety committee, created hazard assessment
                                                                  documents, conducted one hazard assessment,
 • Developed administrative capacity for fund                     upgraded equipment and work sites, and improved
   raising, including set up of Giftworks database                training and safety awareness
   and CanadaHelps online donation services
                                                                • Maintained comprehensive insurance package
 • Prepared and sent out first Individual Donor appeal,
   received $9,629 in individual donations in 2008             environmental sustainability
                                                                • Set up compost bin at Belvedere House, established
 • Applied for and received $73,031 in grants for
                                                                  use of 100% recycled photocopier paper, approved for
   education programs, in addition to Chevron Canada
                                                                  Forest Stewardship Council certified recycled printing
   Resources ($50,000) for Open Minds Programs and
                                                                  paper, gave teachers CDs instead of printed materials,
   Suncor Energy Foundation ($60,375) for Nature
                                                                  continue to recycle paper, cans and bottles, plastics,
   Discovery Day School Programs
                                                                  electronics and fencing wire
 • Initiated planning for operational and sustainability
   fund raising in 2009

08              Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area
donors – Thank you to        Ollerenshaw Ranch Ltd.      $50 to $1,999              James Brydle
the following people and     Tanja Fir                   Constance Brook            Emerge Creative
organizations for your
generous financial support   Gerald A. Berkhold          Darren Falls               Crickle Creek
received in 2008:                                        Glenn Schultz              Coffee Co. Ltd.
                             Mike Smith
                                                         Ian Gordon                 Barb Castell
                             James Grenon
$50,000 and over                                                                    Brian Norford
                             Agrium Inc.                 Jodi Langille
Chevron Canada                                                                      Edythe I. Dudley
Resources                    Home Depot Evergreen        Nancy Shamanna
                             Rebuilding Nature Program   Pauline Rusnack            Fraser Exploration Ltd.
Suncor Energy
Foundation                   Robert Millar               Sharon MacDonald           George &
                                                                                    Margaret Hopkins
                             Alliance Tubulars &         Steffen Spoelstra
$10,000 to $49,999           Supply Ltd.                                            Barbara McNeil
                                                         Starbucks –
BP Canada Energy             CGI                         Evergreen Village          Gervais Goodman &
Company                                                                             Janice McDougall
                             Dundee Securities           David Ingoe
Nancy Southern               Corporation                                            Patricia Kaiser
                                                         John McFaul
Suncor Energy Inc.           Mercato Gourmet                                        Peter Hunt
                                                         Amethyst Publishing
TD Friends of the            Ralph and                                              Shane Hooker
                             Jacqueline Nelson           Mrs. Sidney M. Madden
Environment Foundation                                                              Nathan Feldman
                             Rescued Horse               Allan Millar
Quantum Energy Partners                                                             Paul T. Salo
                             Season Two Inc.             Anthony and
MD of Foothills                                                                     Professional Corporation
                             Somar Family Foundation     Elizabeth Fricke
No.31/FCSS                                                                          Thomas Raedler
                             Imperial Oil Foundation     Audrey Mayr
Tim Johnson                                                                         1389813 Alberta Ltd.
                             Nexen Inc.                  Dick Choy
Enmax Corporation                                                                   Gary Haug
                             Rob Colcleugh               Doug Sullivan
Gordon Stollery                                                                     Movac Mobile Vacuum
                             Michael Going               Doug Swartout              Services Ltd.
$2,000 to $9,999             Devon Canada Corporation    Dover Consulting Inc.      Reece Kosek
H. Brian Wilson              Lanmark Engineering Inc.    Edutransfer Design         J. Lindsay Hood
                                                         Associates Inc.
Squeeze Creative Inc.        Tristone Capital Inc.                                  Chisholm Mechanical
                                                         Hugh Pfoh                  Contactors
Talisman Energy              George Gosbee
                                                         Joseph McFarlane           Agriteam Canada
James Pollock                Calgary Jewellery Ltd.
                                                         Michael Urness             Atco Group
Alberta Conservation         Larry Martin
Association                                              Rick Ehlers                Brownstone Asset
                                                         Robert Shewchuk            Management
                                                         & Sue Hayduk
                                                                                 2008 Annual Report            09
Compact Compression                 A special thank you to          Donna Fleury         Mike Risely
                                    the following supporters
Dallas L. Droppo                                                    Anne Frenche         Ray Rudiak
                                    who provided (non Gala)
Dorothy Anderson                    pro-bono services in 2008:      Robin Fullalove      Glenn Schultz
Gregory Wells                       Squeeze Creative Inc.           Beth Gornall         Rosemary Simpson
Howard Dixon                        Blakes, Cassels and             Brad Grier           Barbara Simpkins
M. Private Residences Inc.          Graydon LLP                     Carol Hachey         Barry Simpkins
Martin Abbott                       Chevron Canada Resources        George Hopkins       Catherine Southwood
Mike &                              Lexicom                         Gordon Hunter        Ron Standish
Maureen Heffring
                                    Platinum Communications         Janet Hutton         Bill Storey
North West Upgrading
                                    Crickle Creek Coffee Co. Ltd.   David Ingoe          Jennifer Ward
Wendy Mullane
                                                                    Chi-mene Kabriel     Lynn Whitestone
James A. Mackie                     volunteers – Thank you to       Lone Kabriel         Karen Whitlie
                                    the following individuals who
Neil & Jacqueline Gilson
                                    generously gave a total of      Palle Kjar           Tara Shackleton
Norm Rokosh                         3,727 hours in 2008:            Bev Lane             Nancy Shamanna
United Communities L.P.             Catherine Abbott                Norma Lesik          Jennifer VanRooyen
John Kerkhovan                      Michelle Abbott                 Maureen Luchsinger
The Kahanoff Foundation             Audrey Baragar                  Deanna Markle
Goodman McDougall                   John Baragar                                         Jacquie Gilson,
                                                                    Linda McFarlane
& Associates Ltd.                                                                        Executive Director
                                    Brian Beattie                   Jane Mitchell
Robert O’Callaghan                                                                       Kelly Small,
                                    Stephen Benson                  Josh Marios          Education Team Leader
S.I. Systems
                                    Paul Bertram                    Mattias Marios       Reg Rempel,
Tony Grenon
                                    Heide Blakely                   Gordon McLure        Habitat Management
Bob and Pam Francis                                                                      Team Leader
                                    Jill Browne                     Myrna McKay
Charles A. Dixon                                                                         Ann Mercier,
                                    Bill Campbell                   Allan Millar
Professional Corp                                                                        Program Resources
                                    Dick Choy                       Debbie Parsons       Team Leader
Thank you to our other              Barry Connatty                                       Catriona Laird,
                                                                    Brad Pfeifer
individual donors, Calgary                                                               Education Coordinator
                                    Joyce Connatty                  Heather Pfeifer
and local area schools and
education groups.                   Lori Danyluk                                         Ashika Simhadri,
                                                                    BG Renborg
                                                                                         Communications Coordinator
                                    Brian Exton                     Ing-Britt Renborg    (seasonal and part time)
                                    Lisa Flaman                     Jennifer Remper      Lorenda Jahoda,
                                                                                         Accounting (part time)
10              Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area
financial highlights
The 2008 Audited Financial Statements will be available
by the end of June 2009. Please call 403-931-3377
for a copy.

outlook for 2009
In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “A goal properly set
is halfway reached.” As we embark on a new year, the
Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area is ready for success
with a strategic plan in place and the desire to achieve
positive results.
As always, the Cross Conservation Area will continue
to be managed with our Mission, Vision and Guiding
Principles as our foundation. In 2009, we will live within
our financial means and move the Ann & Sandy Cross
Conservation Area closer towards being a financially
sustainable organization through increased efforts on
fund raising.

“Many of the children have
 developed a new love for the
 world around us and we will
 continue to provide opportunities
 for them to increase this passion.”
 – Grade 3 teacher

                             2008 Annual Report              11
Our first guiding principle, requested by Sandy Cross          We encourage visitors to enjoy the 20km’s of hiking trails
himself, is to protect wildlife habitat through careful        at the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area. As stated
management of the Area’s natural resources. This year,         in our third guiding principle, we manage human use of
staff and volunteers will be busy as beavers with increased    the Cross Conservation Area through a system of entry by
cattle grazing, invasive plant management, fencing projects,   appointment only. This year, we will utilize our new kiosk
water source protection, and wildlife monitoring.              to communicate our guidelines and for hiker registration.
                                                               In order to generate revenue to help us maintain the trails
While we continue to offer education to youth, as per our      and facilities, a new user fee program will be implemented
second guiding principle, change is afoot. In addition to      in the spring.
offering our well known on-site Conservation Discovery
School Programs (previously known as Nature Discovery          It is our intention in 2009 and onward, to continue to
School programs) we will be developing a new branch            manage the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area to
of education programming. The new Outreach Programs            the best of our abilities to ensure that it can be enjoyed
will allow us to bring conservation into the classroom         by wildlife and our community for decades to come. All
to benefit schools that are unable to visit the Area. This     support is welcome and much appreciated!
program will also be available for local groups including
homeschoolers, clubs and local summer camps.

“I really liked seeing the moose. The
 hiking and crafts were awesome!”
 – 9 year old participant

Organized Groups including Scouts and Guides, hiking
and church groups are invited to take part in a self-guided
program, either Rescue the Fescue or our new Web of
Life program. In an effort to focus on fund raising, family
and adult Conservation Education programs and summer
Nature Safari Day Camps have been deferred to 2010.
However, we will still offer a limited selection of relevant
Conservation Education programs for local residents in
conjunction with local partners.

12               Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area
                                            ANDERSON ROAD SW                     We thank all donors and volunteers for their time and support.
                                                                                 To make a tax-deductible donation via credit card, please visit:
                                                                                 www.canadahelps.org (search: Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area)
                                                                                 or fill out the form below and mail your tax-deductible donation to
                                                                                 the address provided on the back of this page.

                                        53RD ST SW

                                                     37TH ST SW
              85TH ST SW

                           69TH ST SW

                                                                                 Phone (     )        -

                                                                                 Yes, I would like to donate $                     to the Ann &

                                                                                 Sandy Cross Conservation Area. I am mailing along with this form a
                                                                         EOD T

                                                                                 cheque of this amount. Charitable #89877 6331 RR 0001

                                                                                 Check      here if you do not wish to receive the latest information
                                                                                 from the ASCCA.
                                                               Box 20, Site 23, RR8
                                                               Calgary, Alberta T2J 2T9
                                                              t 403.931.1042 general
                                                                403.931.2042 education
                                                                8:30am - 4:00pm office hours
                                                              f 403.931.1045
design donated by Squeeze Creative Inc.
                                                              e info@crossconservation.org
photo credits: Bill Marsh photography, Mike Sturk and ASCCA     www.crossconservation.org

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