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					                                  UNIT INFORMATION

DATE SHEET FILLED OUT: 23 JUL 2010 District 14                       page 1 of 3

                            UNIT: USCGC SEQUOIA (WLB 215)

Personal Mailing Address:    (Your Name)                         Homeport at:
                             USCGC SEQUOIA (WLB 215)              Guam, GM
                             FPO, AP 96678-3922
Commercial Phone # (671) 355-4885         Fax: (671) 355-4928

Web site: E-Mail: First name.MI.Last

The United States Coast Guard Cutter SEQUOIA (WLB-215) is a 225’ ocean going buoy

Unit’s Missions: Aids to Navigation, Maritime Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, Military
Readiness and Support to Various Federal Agencies.
Typical SA/SN Job Assignment: ATON and Deck Maintenance / Mess cook /Boat Crewman
/ Boarding Team Member.
Typical FA/FN Job Assignment: Basic Engineering and Basic Engine Maintenance
Messcook /Boat Engineer / Boarding Team Member.
Inport Watch type and duty rotation for FA/FN and SA/SN: 1 in 6 (Inport Security Watch
Underway Watch type and duty rotation for SA/SN: 1 in 4 (Helm and Lookout)
Underway Watch type and duty rotation for FA/FN: 1 in 5 (Journeyman ENG)
How much personal storage space: Onboard, ship-rack and wall locker. You will be in 6
men berthing. Off board: Two man barracks with a common living space. Please speak with
your sponsor with regards to more specific items you plan to bring.

Special procedures for reporting after hours: Ensure your sponsor knows when you will
report so somebody can meet you at the airport. Also verify your sponsor has your flight
itinerary and all contact information for you while you are on leave. We will assist you in
reporting in with the ship.

If the cutter is underway when you arrive, we will make arrangements for a fellow Coastie
to pick you up at the airport. You should report to the CUTTER SUPPORT TEAM. The
Cutter Support Team provides support functions and is usually manned if SEQUOIA is

Phone: 671-355-4929
Phone: 671-355-4931
Phone: 671-355-4932
YN Cell: (671)688-3358

If the CST is unmanned, report to Sector Guam SPO (Servicing Personnel Office)
(671)355-4805. If after hours, report to Sector Guam Command Center. (671)355-4822

Uniform normally worn during the workday: ODU
Recommended uniform items in addition to seabag issue: Extra ODU’s. NO CG uniforms
are sold on Guam. All uniforms are ordered from the UDC and can take up to 3 weeks for

Average Temperature        Summer: 90F                   Winter: 85F

Unit Mutual Assistance Representative / Phone #: (671) 355-4885

What type of continuing education is available within immediate area? CLEP, University of
Maryland and Navy Tuition Assistance, University of Guam, Guam Community College,
Central Texas College, University of Phoenix.
UNIT: USCGC SEQUOIA (WLB 215)                                         page 2 of 3

                            MEMBER WITHOUT DEPENDENTS

Is messing available: Yes, 3 meals are served onboard.

Quarters and/or barracks available: Yes.The Barracks is 2 miles from the ship,
transportation to and from work is recommended. Some members have bicycles or

Auto insurance rates for the typical 18-20 year old, single male: Low / single female:low

Where will a single non-rate more than likely live: The Navy BEQ.

Should member submit Housing application to housing office: Single – No /
Married – Yes. This can be done upon arrival to Guam.

Where do most people bank: Bank of Hawaii, Bank of Guam.

Is there a credit union in the area: Yes, Navy Federal Credit Union

Is there a mall in the area: Yes         How many stores? many

                              MEMBER WITH DEPENDENTS

Your sponsor needs to be informed if you plan to get married enroute to CGC SEQUOIA.
Being an overseas duty station, there are specific concerns that need to be addressed in
regards to newly acquired dependants.

Cost of average two bedroom apartment in the area: member will get OHA to cover cost of
off base housing.

Is leased housing available: No
Is government owned housing available: Yes
What is the average wait for a two-bedroom house/apartment: 15-60 days

Housing office phone number: (671) 333-2081/2082
Where do most dependents live: Government quarters

Rate of auto insurance for the typical young family: Low
Where do most dependents receive medical care: U. S. Naval hospital Guam
                                  go to school: DODEA Schools.

What level of TRICARE is available in the area: Prime – There is no Co-Pay for medical, if
you are seen at the navy hospital medical facility.

Is DELTA Dental available: Yes

Is it advisable to bring dependents when first reporting aboard: Yes.


Ratings present at the unit: EM, FS, YN, SK, MK, HS, DC, ET, BM, IT.

Name of nearest city and distance: Agana, Guam (10 miles)

Name of nearest military facility and distance: U. S. Naval Forces, Guam (1 mile)

Location of nearest exchange and commissary: U. S. Naval Forces, Guam

Religious denominations in the area: All.

If a cutter, common destinations of deployments: Tinian, Saipan, Kwajalein Atoll, Japan,
and many islands in the Federated States of Micronesia and the Marshall Islands.

Uniform to report in: Tropical Dress Long.

If sponsor is not available, apprentice should ask for: YN2 Quinones at 671-355-4932
 (671)688-3358 or CDO. Member may also contact the Sector Guam Command Center
(671)355-4823 to have a message passed on to either the CDO or YN2 .
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It is highly recommended that the member hand carry medical record due to delays in the
mail. The flight from the west coast to Guam is appox. 13 hours. It is recommended the
member wear civilian clothes during the flight. Keep in touch with the sponsor due to
constantly changing schedule. If the member is considering bringing a pet, notify sponsor
immediately to find out about requirements. If single, pets are not authorized. Tourists and
Official passports are highly recommended due to the extended travel that is done.

Guam offers many opportunities and activities to fill your leisure time. The weather is
tropical (75 to 95 degrees), so plan on bringing equipment that fulfills your warm weather
hobby needs. Snorkeling, scuba diving, bicycling, hiking and sailing are high on the list of
fun things to do. Guam is over 200 square miles in size and extends over 30 miles from
north to south. It is a good idea to have a vehicle or, at minimum, a bike to explore the

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