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2010 Annual School Report
Brookvale Public School

NSW Public Schools – Leading the way
                                                          were seen in the spelling aspect of the test and
Our school at a glance                                    there was significant growth from Year 3 to Year
                                                          5. Our students performed well in selective high
Students                                                  school tests and University of NSW competitions.
Our students come from a wide variety of
multicultural backgrounds to learn, co-operate            Principal’s message
and develop the special atmosphere of our                 As the new Principal of Brookvale Public School I
school.                                                   am pleased to be able to report to our school
Classes range from Kindergarten to Year 6. There          community on some of the highlights and
is also a K/2 support class for language, and a 3/6       achievements of 2010.
support class for reading. These support classes          We are a small friendly school in the heart of
are attended by students referred from other              Brookvale. One of our strengths is that we have
schools in the region.                                    well established local community networks. We
                                                          are fortunate to have a team of highly dedicated
Staff                                                     and experienced teachers, excellent ancillary staff
Brookvale staff bring an extensive range of skills        and a supportive parent community.
and talents to our school setting.                        We are able to maximise educational outcomes
Class teachers, specialist educators, teachers’           and learning opportunities through the delivery
aides, support and administration staff work              of high quality teaching and learning programs,
collaboratively as a team, providing high quality         individualised to meet each student’s needs and
learning for our students in a safe and happy             interests. We have high expectations and
environment.                                              students are encouraged to achieve their best in
                                                          a caring and supportive environment.
All teaching staff meet the professional
requirements for teaching in NSW public schools.          I hope you enjoy reading the report.
                                                          I certify that the information in this report is the
Significant programs and initiatives                      result of a rigorous school self-evaluation process
During 2010 Brookvale Public School continued to          and is a balanced and genuine account of the
develop and improve the educational outcomes              school’s     achievements      and      areas     for
for all students.                                         development.

Major focus areas for continued development               Bev Maunder
were literacy and numeracy, information
technology, environmental education, student
welfare and creative arts.
Our funding from The Building the Education
Revolution program provided us with a beautiful
new library, an art and craft studio, sick bay,
small group teaching areas, upgraded play areas
and a refurbished administration area.
More interactive whiteboards were installed and
a new ventilation system was fitted in the Year 1
Students may choose to participate in foreign
language lessons after school in Italian,
Portuguese and Greek.

Student achievement in 2010
Students continued to perform well in NAPLAN
testing in Years 3 and 5. Particular strengths

School Council message                                    Three successful Kindergarten Orientation Days
                                                          were held and a lot of interest was generated
Firstly I would like to thank my fellow School            from the publicity provided from letter dropping
Council members for all their work this year and          in our area. The school also featured in the
also Mr Taylor for the outstanding job he has             Manly Daily and the Peninsula Magazine.
done as Relieving Principal and in overseeing the
Building the Education Revolution projects. There         The School Council Budget Committee also
was minimal disruption to students whilst the             reviewed submissions by teachers and parents
BER works were undertaken and the works have              for the 2011 Management Plan. The School
been completed to a high standard. We now have            Council is a vital part of the school community.
a new library, an art and craft studio, small group       Come on everyone, please get involved!
teaching rooms, offices, sick bay and an upgraded         Tracey Kew, School Council President
The school council meets on the 4th Thursday of
the month at 7.30pm. It offers a wonderful
opportunity for parents to be involved in the
decisions made in relation to the running of the
school and to find out firsthand what is going on.
The main agenda items include sub-committee
reports from Grounds and Maintenance, Publicity
and Sponsorship, Information Technology,
Parents & Citizens and Treasurer’s reports.
This year was a busy and exciting time for the
School Council. It saw Mr Richards taking
extended long service leave and eventually                Student representatives’ message
announcing his retirement, the successful
                                                          School Captains’ message
completion of our BER projects and many smaller
initiatives implemented.                                  As Brookvale Public School Captains, we are very
Community support continued with financial                grateful to have been at this wonderful school.
support from the Mounties Harbord Diggers                 Thank you to all the teachers and especially to Ms
Group for the school’s Home Reading program               Guina and Mr. Taylor. Brooky has been a great
and many local businesses donated prizes for the          school and a great help to us.
Year 6 Canberra raffle.
                                                          We will always remember the exciting activities
The Parents & Citizens Association has also been          that we participated in, from Kindergarten
very active in supporting the school. They meet           through to Year 6. There were lots of activities
every month to discuss opportunities and make             such as Kindy Farm, Buddies, plays and
suggestions related to the wellbeing of our               performances which we enjoyed or participated
children. Many fundraising initiatives including          in, including the Choir, Leolelei Singers and PSSA
Mothers' Day and Election Day stalls, football            sport.
parking and sausage sizzles and the International
Food Night provided the funding for valuable              Our favourite excursion was going to Canberra
education programs and facilities. These efforts          and the snow in Year 6. Camps at Hill End,
funded programs costing $13,360 and included              Bathurst and the Adventure Camp were
weekly swimming lessons in Term 4, the Life               enjoyable and important for our education.
Education Program, K-2 Footsteps Dance classes,
                                                          We hope we did a great job representing the
tennis lessons and subsidy of overnight
                                                          school. We will take all the great values we have
excursions to Hill End and Canberra. This was a
                                                          developed at this wonderful school to high school
fantastic effort by the P & C, thank you very much
                                                          and into the future.
for your efforts.
                                                          2010 School Captains

                                                                                              Student attendance rates


                                                              Attendance rate
                                                                                       2007             2008            2009           2010

                                                                                               School          Region      State DET

                                                             Management of non-attendance
                                                             Proformas and systems have been developed to
School context                                               assist families with reporting absences.

Student information
                                                             Class sizes
It is a requirement that the reporting of
information for all students must be consistent              In March 2003 the Government announced its
with privacy and personal information policies.              commitment to publish primary class sizes in
                                                             annual school reports in order to provide parents
Student enrolment profile                                    with as much local information as possible.
In March 2010 the number of students in                      The following table shows our class sizes as
mainstream classes was 176, with an additional 8             reported at the 2010 class size audit conducted
students attending the Language Support Class.               on Wednesday 17 March 2010.

                         Enrolm ents                         Roll Class                       Year             Total per       Total in
                                                                                                                 Year           Class
                                                                                6TS              6                 31              31
            200                                                                  5G              5                 27              27
                                                                                4WD              4                 26              26

                                                                                 3P              3                 21              21
                                                                                1/2B             2                 23              27
                                                                                1KD              1                 23              23
                                                                                 KD              K                 21              21

                  2006   2007      2008    2009   2010
                         Male     Female

Student attendance profile
More families completed exemption forms for
extended overseas holidays. The attendance rate
for the school was 93%. This is very similar to

Staff information                                        Financial summary
It is a requirement that the reporting of                This summary covers funds for operating costs
information for all staff must be consistent with        and does not involve expenditure areas such as
privacy and personal information policies.               permanent salaries, building and major
Staff establishment
                                                           Date of financial summary:           30/11/2010
Position                                   Number          Income                                      $
Principal                                    1.0
Assistant Principals                         2.0           Balance brought forward               91 232.59
Classroom Teachers                           8.0           Global funds                         131 465.14
Itinerant Teacher Hearing                    1.0           Tied funds                            40 485.62
Community Language Teacher                   0.4           School & community sources           181 455.11
Teacher of Reading Recovery                  0.42          Interest                               3 758.65
Support Teacher Learning Assistance          0.6           Trust receipts                         5 810.00
Extra Support Teacher Learning               0.34          Canteen                                    0.00
Teacher Librarian                            0.4           Total income                         454 207.11
Art and Craft Teacher                        0.4
Teacher of ESL                               0.8           Expenditure
Early School Support                         0.2           Teaching & learning
Counsellor                                   0.2                Key learning areas               42 108.44
School Administrative & Support Staff        1.662              Excursions                       21 736.17
Total                                       17.442              Extracurricular dissections      75 742.68
                                                           Library                                4 856.89
There are no Indigenous members of staff.
                                                           Training & development                 1 382.06
Staff retention                                            Tied funds                            43 593.03
                                                           Casual relief teachers                31 837.84
The retention rate of teaching staff from 2009             Administration & office               61 716.13
was 100%.                                                  School-operated canteen                    0.00
                                                           Utilities                             33 710.29
Steve Richard retired after 19 years service as
                                                           Maintenance                           47 886.93
Principal of the school.
                                                           Trust accounts                         4 599.73
                                                           Capital programs                      37 706.90
                                                           Total expenditure                    406 877.09
Teacher qualifications                                     Balance carried forward               47 330.02

All teaching staff meet the professional
requirements for teaching in NSW public schools.
                                                         A full copy of the school’s 2010 financial
Qualifications                     % of staff            statement is tabled at the annual general
Degree or Diploma                   100%                 meetings of the School Council. Further details
Postgraduate                         18%                 concerning the statement can be obtained by
                                                         contacting the school.

School performance 2010                                   Sport
                                                          Students represented Brookvale Public School at
2010 was another year of outstanding                      the zone swimming, cross country and athletics
achievement in a range of areas at Brookvale              competitions. Jayden Welsh and Lofi Nuku
Public School.                                            qualified to compete at area athletics.

Achievements                                              During the winter sessions of MPSSA the school
                                                          participated in the netball and league
Arts                                                      competitions, with tennis lessons provided
Highlights of the year included the outstanding           through the school budget for a group of mainly
performance of the choir at the Warringah                 Year 3 students. Unfortunately the season was
Eisteddfod. Year 5 and the Leolelei singers               very wet.
combined to sing at Warringah Mall in the lead            Two students, Sateki Latu and Tevita Vuki
up to Christmas. The Leolelei singers also                represented the area at the State carnival for
performed at presentation night and at the Early          Rugby league.
Learning Centre.
                                                          Six teams participated in the eagle tag gala day.
The band continues to develop under the                   Specific skills clinics with coaches were held in
guidance of our band director Jason Smith.                soccer and Rugby league. Students K-6 also
Students also attended lessons in various musical         participated in gymnastics lessons during Term 3.
instruments including drums, piano, keyboard,
                                                          Term 4 swimming was well attended. 60 students
guitar and all band instruments.
                                                          attended the two week intensive special
More than half the students participated in the           swimming. Students in Kindergarten to Year 5
Brooky Talent Show demonstrating skills in                participated in a weekly swimming program at
singing, playing musical instruments, acting and          Warringah Aquatic Centre and Year 6 attended
joke telling. It was a great hit with all students.       surf skills and safety at Freshwater Beach.
Students continued to enthusiastically enjoy art
and craft lessons developing skills in drawing,
painting, model making, clay work and wood
work. A highlight for students this year was the
move into the new art studio in August. Year 6
created a mural on the theme of cultural diversity
with links to students’ home lands. This mural is
mounted in our morning assembly area.
Each student in the school made a ceramic tile
which was placed in the wall at the new park in
Brookvale situated on the corner of Green Street
and Old Pittwater Road.

Academic                                                                                                            Numeracy – NAPLAN Year 3
In the National Assessment Program, the results                                                                          Percentage of students in bands:
across the Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 literacy and                                                                                      Year 3 num eracy

numeracy assessments are reported on a scale                                                                40

from Band 1 to Band 10.                                                                                     35

The achievement scale represents increasing                                                                 30
levels of skills and understandings demonstrated

                                                                                  Percentage of students
in these assessments.
Yr 3: from Band 1 (lowest) to Band 6 (highest for
Year 3)                                                                                                     15

Yr 5: from Band 3 (lowest) to Band 8 (highest for                                                           10

Year 5)                                                                                                         5

                                                                                                                         1        2         3          4       5       6
           Literacy – NAPLAN Year 3                                                                                                     Band
                                                                                                                                  Percentage in band
                                                                                                                                  School average 2008 - 2010
                                                                                                                                  SSG average 2010
                                                                                                                                  State DET average 2010

                                                        The percentage of Year 3 students achieving Band
                                                        4 in Numeracy was 36.4%, which is above the
                                                        State average of 21.9%.

                                                                                                                Literacy – NAPLAN Year 5
                                                                                                                    Percentage of students in bands:
                                                                                                                             Year 5 w riting


                                                         Percentage of students







                                                                                                                     3        4         5        6         7       8
Successful support programs developed by                                                                                              Band
teachers continue to assist students to improve                                                                               Percentage in band
their achievement. The school average mark in                                                                                 School average 2008 - 2010
spelling was 414, compared to the State average                                                                               SSG average 2010
of 408.                                                                                                                       State DET average 2010

                                                        In Year 5 the average school mark for writing was
                                                        497.7, compared with 488.4 in the State.

                          Numeracy – NAPLAN Year 5                                                   Progress in numeracy
                                Percentage of students in bands:
                                                                                                    Average progress in num eracy
                                       Year 5 num eracy
                                                                                                      betw een Year 3 and Year 5
 Percentage of students

                          25                                                             100

                          20                                                                   80

                          15                                                                   60

                           0                                                                        2006 - 2008 2007 - 2009 2008 - 2010
                                 3        4          5        6        7   8

                                                   Band                                                School    SSG      State DET
                                              Percentage in band
                                              School average 2008 - 2010           In numeracy our progress was measured at 108.1
                                              SSG average 2010                     points, compared with the State average of 89.3
                                              State DET average 2010               points.
In numeracy, 16% of Year 5 students achieved
Band 8, compared with 12.9% in the State.                                          Minimum standards
                                                                                   The Commonwealth Government sets minimum
                                Progress in literacy                               standards for reading, writing, grammar and
                                                                                   punctuation, spelling and numeracy for years 3,
                               Average progress in w riting                        5, 7 and 9.
                                betw een Year 3 and Year 5
                                                                                   The performance of the students in our school in
                                                                                   the National Assessment Program – Literacy and
                                                                                   Numeracy is compared to these minimum
                                                                                   standards. The percentages of our students
                                                                                   achieving at or above these standards are

                                                                                   reported below.
                          30                                                       Percentage of Year 3 students in our school
                          20                                                       achieving at or above the minimum standard in
                          10                                                       2010
                               2006 - 2008 2007 - 2009 2008 - 2010                  Percentage of Year 3 students achieving at or
                                                                                             above minimum standard
                                     School        SSG        State DET            Reading                                   95%
                                                                                   Writing                                   95%
Progress in writing from Year 3 to Year 5                                          Spelling                                  95%
measured 81.9 points, compared with 63.9 points                                    Punctuation and grammar                   91%
for our statistically similar school group.                                        Numeracy                                 100%

Percentage of Year 5 students in our school
achieving at or above the minimum standard in

 Percentage of Year 5 students achieving at or
          above minimum standard
Reading                                   74%
Writing                                   89%
Spelling                                  93%
Punctuation and grammar                   78%
Numeracy                                  85%
                                                        Respect and responsibility
Significant programs and initiatives
                                                        Teachers and parents at Brookvale Public School
Aboriginal education                                    continued to promote acceptance and social
This year has been a positive one in Aboriginal         harmony throughout the school. Programs and
Studies with all students engaged in a variety of       policies to reduce bullying and conflict were
learning experiences.                                   continued as well as the teaching of values,
                                                        respect for others and personal responsibility.
All classes produced art and craft works with an
Aboriginal     perspective.    Senior    students       During the first week of Term 1 students in Year 6
appreciated artworks by contemporary Aboriginal         attended a Peer Mediator training day to learn
artists. An Aboriginal perspective is taught            new skills enabling them to act as unbiased
wherever possible in all units of work studied in       mediators to resolve cases of bullying and
class.                                                  individual conflicts between children. Students in
                                                        all classes completed their ten lessons in the ‘Our
Year 6 visited Allenby Park, investigating the          Caring School’ program which covered areas such
Aboriginal rock engravings and native plants.           as who can help, being assertive and building self-
Acknowledgement of Country is included in all           esteem.
weekly assemblies and on presentation night.            Teachers also continued to teach the ‘Stop, Think,
                                                        Do’ program which provides students with a
                                                        scaffold to follow during a conflict. This program
                                                        aims to train students to not react, but to be
                                                        assertive and also to listen to others.
                                                        Year 6 students were given opportunities to
                                                        develop leadership skills during the year.
                                                        Captains and Prefects attended a leadership
                                                        training day early in Term 1. Other students were
                                                        elected to the role of House Sports Captains
                                                        while others volunteered as Assembly and Library
                                                        monitors. These responsibilities encouraged the
Multicultural education                                 development of organisational skills and self-
58% of students at Brookvale Public School come
                                                        The ‘Kindy Buddies’ program was further
from a language background other than English.
Twenty two different language groups are                developed, ensuring the smooth transition of
represented in the school. The school has an ESL        children from pre-school to Kindergarten. This
teacher 4 days per week.                                involved the Year 5 students meeting and helping
                                                        a Kindergarten student during their settling in
Tongan is taught as a Community Language on             period into school. This also included a number of
two days each week.                                     joint activities such art and craft, play and athletic
Italian, Greek and Portuguese classes are               carnival events throughout the year. The older
available as extra-curricular options.                  children from Brookvale Pre-school also visited

Kindergarten to learn what ‘big school’ would be           Environment, Personal Development, Health and
like.                                                      Physical Education as well as the Creative Arts.
Several volunteer parents organised a weekly               Students are taught to safely use the internet so
playgroup in the hall. This provided an                    that their privacy is maintained. They are also
opportunity for school parents and pre-school              taught to use the internet sensibly. Students use
children to meet and play.                                 the internet to research information in class,
                                                           Library research time and in specific classes such
Students participated in a number of ANZAC Day
                                                           as Tongan. Year 6 students exchanged
and Remembrance Day activities during the year.
                                                           information through emails with their keypals in
Year 6 leaders were invited by our local Federal
                                                           Ontario, Canada.
MP Mr. Tony Abbott to attend a commemorative
service at North Head reserve to remember the              The ‘Brooky Server’ stored students’ work giving
attack on Sydney Harbour during World War II.              them the flexibility to access their work anywhere
                                                           in the school. Digital cameras were used by
Year 6 students visited all levels of government
                                                           students to record events and excursions and the
during the year including Warringah Council
                                                           photographs were then shared with all classes on
(local), NSW Parliament (State) and Australian
                                                           the server. Year 6 children also videoed their
Parliament House (Federal) as part of their Civics
                                                           overnight excursions and made a film which they
and Citizenship program. Other important places
                                                           burned onto a DVD.
visited while in Canberra included the Museum of
Democracy, the Australian War Memorial and the             The Student Research Team was responsible for
Australian National Museum.                                creating the new Brookvale Public School
                                                           website. The Year 6 students were supervised by
                                                           a teacher as they prepared texts, edited and
                                                           cropped photographs and laid out the new
                                                           website. The original website is to be maintained
                                                           as an archive.
                                                           New interactive whiteboards were purchased for
                                                           each class providing teachers with new tools to
                                                           utilise in their classrooms. Training in effective
                                                           use of the interactive whiteboards was a priority
                                                           for staff development so that teachers could
                                                           quickly improve their skills and share experiences
                                                           with their peers.

Connected learning
Connected classrooms have been installed in the
Year 4 classroom and the new library. Students
have used the systems to observe and participate
in internet activities. Participation in interactive
learning activities are planned to be introduced
early in 2011.
Information technology is used by teachers in all
classrooms to support class learning in a variety
of curriculum areas. Access to the internet is
available to all classes, also a wide variety of
software is available to support learning in
Maths, English, Science, Human Society and Its

Other programs
Brookvale Public School students have continued
their enthusiastic participation in a wide variety
of environmental education activities and

Year 1 and 2 students maintained the worm
farms and compost bins as well as working in our
eco-friendly garden growing healthy vegetables.
These vegetables such as lettuce have been used
by the canteen to provide healthy lunches for our
students. The Kindergarten children have also
helped to grow plants in the garden and have
composted leaves.

Year 3 walked to Stony Range Botanic Garden in             Excursions
Dee Why to learn about Australian native plants.
This was a great experience for all involved. The          A comprehensive program of excursions was
students were met by a local Council Ranger who            organised for students in all classes. These
informed them about the plants and their uses              excursions were integrated into classroom
for Aboriginal people.                                     teaching and learning programs and provided
                                                           valuable educational and social experiences from
Year 6 students participated in the Streamwatch            which students could build their knowledge and
water testing program. The water is tested at two          understanding.
sites in Brookvale Creek to compare the water
quality before and after it leaves the industrial          Day excursions were organised for all classes such
area. Year 6 also participated in a Waterbug               as Years 5 & 6 who went to CARES to learn about
survey above the waterfall in Allenby Place. The           road and bike safety, Years 3 & 4 visited Stony
water quality in Brookvale Creek is satisfactory.          Range nature reserve, and students in
                                                           Kindergarten and Years 1 & 2 enjoyed the hands
Our school participates in Clean Up Schools Day            on experiences of the baby animals and birds
held in March. Year 6 regularly collect waste              during the Kindy Farm visit. Year 6 also visited the
paper from the classrooms to be put in the big             Warringah Council Chambers and NSW State
paper recycling bin. Students assist in maintaining        Parliament for a tour with our local MP Brad
native plant gardens, such as the frog pond area,          Hazzard.
to encourage native animals to visit the area.
Cockatoos, lorikeets and corellas are often                Overnight excursions were also organised. Years
observed feeding on the grevillia flowers.                 4, 5 and 6 attended an overnight excursion to Hill
                                                           End to learn about gold mining, life in the
Brookvale School recycles rainwater, food scraps,          goldfields and early Australia. Year 6 attended a
paper, cardboard and ink cartridges.                       three day excursion to Canberra as part of their
                                                           study of government and citizenship. This also
                                                           included an exciting day in the snow. Year 6
                                                           students prepared newspapers about both
                                                           excursions which were printed and distributed to
                                                           parents and the community.

                                                       Target 3
                                                       Improve school facilities.
                                                       Our achievements include:
                                                              All BER works have been completed.
                                                              We have a new library with connected
                                                               learning facilities, a new administration
                                                               area and art studio.
                                                              The new small group teaching areas
                                                               enable support staff to work in a pleasant
                                                               environment that is more conducive to
                                                               quality teaching.

                                                       Key evaluations
Progress on 2010 targets                               It is a requirement for all NSW public schools to
Brookvale Public School achieved the following         conduct at least two annual evaluations – one
targets in 2010.                                       related to educational and management practice
                                                       and the other related to curriculum. In 2010 our
Target 1                                               school carried out evaluations of our school
Improve literacy and numeracy outcomes for all         culture and literacy.
students.                                              Educational and management practice
Our achievements include:                              In 2009, School Culture was identified as the
      Teachers have a deeper knowledge of             aspect of educational and management practice
       developing effective programs to teach          to be evaluated.
       literary text types.                            Background
      NAPLAN results showed improvement in            Surveys were distributed to all families
       achievement in spelling. At the end of          requesting their opinion on the school’s provision
       Year 1, 95% of students had achieved the        of leadership and pastoral care.
       NSR target for reading levels.
                                                       Findings and conclusions
      Continued training in the use of Count
                                                       24% of families returned the surveys. The results
       Me In Too strategies leading to greater
                                                       were highly positive. See table on next page.
       differentiation of the curriculum.
                                                       The survey results indicated some areas for
Target 2
Improve effective use of technology.
Our achievements include:
                                                       Future directions
      All classrooms now have Interactive
                                                       Key areas for improvement in 2011 are:
       whiteboards and teachers have had
       introductory training in their use.                    Clear communication of the school’s
                                                               strategic planning and target setting to
      Software was purchased to support
                                                               the parent community.
       teaching programs.
                                                              Development of teaching and learning
      The weekly newsletter is available in an
                                                               programs that demonstrate how the
       electronic format.
                                                               learning needs and styles of all students
      The new school website was uploaded.                    are catered for.
                                                              Implementation of improved school to
                                                               home communication.

Curriculum                                                 Parent, student, and teacher
The curriculum area of literacy was chosen for             satisfaction
evaluation in 2010.
                                                           In 2010 the school sought the opinions of
Background                                                 parents, students and teachers about the school.
Analysis of NAPLAN data indicated that while               Their responses are presented below:
some aspects of literacy were strong, particularly
spelling, others needed to be improved.                    Question                                 VS   S    NS

Following careful analysis of trends, staff decided        Is your child happy at school?           23   16   0
to focus on grammar and comprehension.
                                                           Does the school value your concerns?     24   15   0
Findings and conclusions
During 2011 the English committee and Learning             Is there effective leadership at the     20   18   1
Support Team will examine ways of identifying
and catering for those students needing an                 Does the school have high expectations   17   21   1
intensive teaching program to improve their                of students?
                                                           Do you receive timely and relevant       20   18   1
Future directions                                          reports about your child’s progress?

       In-school testing and assessment will be           Do you receive adequate information      23   16   0
        carried out to identify students.                  about school events and meetings?

       Whole-school timetabling will be                   Does the school provide a safe and       24   15   0
                                                           caring environment?
        adjusted to facilitate lesson groupings
        across grades.                                     Does the school act to reduce conflict   17   20   2
                                                           and bullying?
       Teaching resources will be selected and
        purchased.                                         Does the school offer an adequate        16   21   2
                                                           range of extra-curricular activities?
       Professional development in Semester 1
        2011 will focus on persuasive writing and          Are the school facilities adequate for   17   22   0
        teaching grammar in context.                       the curriculum taught?

                                                           Is the homework given appropriate?       19   18   2

                                                           Are you satisfied with school sport?     23   14   2

                                                           VS – Very Satisfied
                                                           S – Satisfied
                                                           NS – Not Satisfied

                                                           Professional learning
                                                           All staff undertook mandatory training in Child
                                                           Protection, Emergency Care and CPR.
                                                           Teachers elected to attend training courses in
                                                           areas linked to school targets.
                                                           Whole school professional development focused
                                                           on the effective use of Interactive whiteboards.

School development 2009 – 2011                            Our success will be measured by:
                                                                 More differentiation evident in numeracy
The focus will continue to be improving outcomes                  lessons.
in literacy and numeracy, along with staff
professional development in Quality Teaching,                    Improved progress between Year 3 and 5
and improving the technology infrastructure of                    in NAPLAN tests.
the school.                                                      Improved results and greater confidence
                                                                  for students participating in Maths
Targets for 2011                                                  Breakfast Club.
Target 1
Improve literacy outcomes for all students, with a        Target 3
focus on grammar and comprehension.
                                                          Upgrade infrastructure and functionality of
Strategies to achieve this target include:                technology systems within the school and
   Professional Development of staff with links          increase staff knowledge of using connected
    to the Northern Beaches Learning Alliance.            classroom facilities.

   The implementation of a            school-wide        Strategies to achieve this target include:
    grammar scope and sequence.                                  Installation of new cabling and new
   Use of regular and effective Consistent                       server in preparation for DET remote
    Teacher Judgment to ensure continuity and                     management services.
    progression K-6.                                             Professional development in the use of
Our success will be measured by:                                  interactive   whiteboard     technology,
                                                                  connected classrooms, virtual excursions
   An increase in the number of students                         and video-conferencing.
    reaching minimum standards in NAPLAN
    tests.                                                       Ongoing investment in new computers to
                                                                  gradually replace older machines.
   Increased differentiation of lesson content to
    target and meet varying learning needs.
   Positive feedback from staff evaluations.             Our success will be measured by:
                                                                 Use of connected classroom facilities
                                                                  integrated into teaching units across all
Target 2                                                          grades.
Improve numeracy outcomes for all students,                      Increase in number of new computers in
with a focus on developing automaticity of                        school and removal from system of old
fundamental numeration skills and sound                           machines.
conceptual understandings.
                                                                 Completion of the remediation program
Strategies to achieve this target include:                        so that the school is in a position to be
       Professional development in the use of                    remotely serviced and managed by DET.
        available resources and teaching
       Increased use of support staff in class to
        facilitate  differentiation     of     the
       Implementation of a Maths Breakfast
        Club for targeted students in Stage 2.

About this report
In preparing this report, the self-evaluation
committee has gathered information from
evaluations conducted during the year and
analysed other information about the school's
practices and student learning outcomes. The
self-evaluation committee and school planning
committee have determined targets for the
school's future development.
Bev Maunder, Principal
Chris Taylor, Assistant Principal
Dianne de Graaf, Assistant Principal
Liz Guina, Staff Representative
Maria Bonacci, Staff Representative
Sandra McGrath, Staff Representative
Tracey Kew, School Council President

School contact information
Brookvale Public School
Old Pittwater Road
Ph: 02 9905 4168
Fax: 02 9905 7780
Email: school@brookvale-p.schools.nsw
School Code: 1379
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