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					                                     Chapter 24 Study Guide
Nearly half of all accidents are car accidents.

Highway accidents cause the most accidental deaths.

The second leading cause of accidental death is falls.

The leading cause of accidental death and injury for older people is falls.

Most falls happen at home.

The number-one killer of young people is accidents and injuries.

For teens, the second leading cause of accidental death is drowning.

The third leading cause of accidental death is fires and burns.

Head restraints prevent a person’s head from snapping back too far.

The airbags are designed to inflate on impact.

Airbags are not provided on all cars sold in this country.

You should always put infants and small children in the back seat of the car.

Motorcyclists should wear helmets whether or not they are required by law to do so.

Natural disasters are, for the most part, beyond people’s ability to avoid.

If possible, 120 degrees Fahrenheit should be the highest temperature for a hot-water heater.

Earthquake, flood, and tornado are example of natural disasters.

Being thrown from an automobile in a collision increases the risk of death 25 times.

Chances are 1 in 3 that someone you know will suffer an injury this year.

If you decide to swim with a full stomach, it is best to take it easy and exercise lightly.

50% of fatal accidents involve alcohol.

Automobile insurance rates are lower if you have had a driver’s education course.

In a collision, it is dangerous to be thrown from an automobile.

Shoulder belts used without lap belts can cause serious injury.

Chemical burns are a special class of burns that do damage without fire.
The emergency telephone number for most parts of the United States is 911.

To reduce the risk of drowning, never swim alone or let others do so.

When preparing for natural disasters, you should first store some drinkable water.

The second thing you should have to prepare for a natural disaster is shoes. Suppose you had to walk a
long distance to get help.

Never use water on electrical fires.

It is a bad idea to use a cellar telephone while driving.

Helmets are recommended for biking, roller blading, and skateboarding.

Keeping a safe home is a major part of the responsible care of children.

Popcorn should not be served to small children at all.

To prevent the choking in small children, cut meat into small pieces.

Take particular care with round pieces of food such as hot dogs, grapes, or cherry tomatoes. Teach
children to bite them with their front teeth to crush them.

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