ACCOUNT: TWO COWS CAFE
                             ON THE PROPERTY

               SATURDAY 20TH FEBRUARY 2010 COMMENCING AT 10.00 AM

-   Leather bible inscribed 1797
-   Childs wooden rocking horse brought home from Sinai Campaign by Australian troops 1916
-   Wooden and leather bellows from bakery circa 1850
-   2 x World War 2 army caps- excellent condition, 2 Australian World War 1 enlisted mans cap
    (1 excellent condition),variety of war memorabilia
-   Hand forged coffee roaster and stand circa 1870
-   Leadlight china cabinet circa 1920-30’s
-   1924 Fowler pottery, including jugs, English painted jug circa 1930
-   2 meat safes
-   Celluloid bed Doll- Cupie face circa 1930’s. Jack in Box circa 1920’s. Variety of toys, games
    and dolls circa 1920 to 1970’s, Boys and Girls Annual books circa 1910 and on, wind up music
    toys circa 1950’s, wooden tennis racquets in wooden frames, Childs metal scooters, bikes,
    prams and cart
-   Metal lunch box circa 1900
-   2 Xylonite and bevelled glass hand mirrors
-   Old sewing machines includes 2 Singer brand treadle sewing machines, wooden cotton reels,
    magazines, sewing boxes,1945 sewing patterns etc
-   Pianola rolls, 78 records, Edison cylinders for gramophone, 2 black Bakelite rotary dial
    telephones, Sheet music circa 1800’s
-   “Raycophone concol” radio circa 1920’s, transistor radio circa 1950’s, “Consort” HMV portable
    radio circa 1960’s, Kriesler mantel radio, mantel radio circa 1940’s
-   “Doans” medical guide circa 1800’s, Wooden medical chest 1920’s, “Sloans” liniment of box
    circa 1927, medicine bottles circa 1800’s,”Scotts” Emulsion Bottle, Elixir of Genitan bottle,
    Ayrton’s Sulphur and yeast tablet tin, medical equipment circa 1910, 2 ceramic bedpans, castor
    oil bottle circa 1908, olive oil bottle
-   Railway lantern circa 1930’s
-   Morse code equipment
-   Farmers hat box circa 1940, 1 x “Winns” hat box, Old miner’s medico helmet

-   Slide projectors, 7x Box Brownie cameras,1 Box Brownie camera circa 1900’s, 1 Box Brownie
    camera case, Box Brownie camera flash, old movie camera with instructions, assorted books
    on photography circa 1900’s, Bakelite “View master”, “Paterson major developing tank,
    “Skymaster” camera in case
-   2 Hotpoint electric Iron with Bakelite handle in box, number of cast iron flat irons, 2 electric
    irons, and 3 coal filled irons
-   Large number of ceramic electric jugs, “Sunbeam” electric mixers, hand operated mixers circa
    1920’s, Bakelite beaters and 5 mincers circa 1940’s
-   Large number of “Globite”, Gladstone bags, brief cases and metal shipping trunk circa 1920’s.
-   “Sunrise” Milk and Cream cans, “Malleys” milk can. Electric cream separator with instructions,
    butter churn, 1 set of butter patts
-   Lady’s pearlised plastic sunglasses circa 1940’s, large variety women’s’ hats, 1950’s dresses,
    gloves, corsets, “Sunbeam” hair dryer circa 1960’s, “Toni” home perm set and curlers.
-   Variety of nylon stockings, fur stoles, women’s early electric shaver
-   Hurricane, Tilley lamps, coal skittles, 2 kerosene heaters
-   2 Horse saddles, horse shoes, stock whips, variety of animal skins
-   Large variety of enamelled wares, variety of kitchen scales, assorted biscuit, lolly and
    chocolate tins, beaded crochet milk jug covers, 2 x wire frying baskets circa 1900’s, metters
    enamel 3 piece canister set circa 1940, 2 x “Willow” metal meat safes circa 1930’s.Quantity of
    old bottles, “YY” soft drink bottle and opener, assortment of early kitchen ware, bread tins,
    cake tins, cookie tins, milk jugs, tea tins, magazines, recipe, appliance booklets circa 1920’s
    and on. Bread knives and wooden rolling pins circa 1940’s, “Bakewell” blue striped jugs and
    bowls, 2 early ice crushers’, federation matches, green coupons, “Kurri Kurri” bread tokens,
    early soda bottles, wooden knife sharpening block, early soda bottles, white enamelled jug,
    early “Kooka” Metters brand electric oven, early toaster, “Fowler” pottery including jugs circa
    1924, variety of “Johnsons” dinnerware, “T.G. Green” cornishware sugar with the green mark
    circa 1930’s. Variety poker work trays and items circa 1900’s. 4 x soda bottles, “IXL H.
    Jones – Hobart” Bottle, “Bells” whiskey bottle, cast iron coffee grinder, dolly pegs, 1950 Home
    Beautiful magazines, 1945 handmade tapestry women’s bag, 1800’s portraits, variety of
    Aboriginal memorabilia circa early 1920’s, furniture polish bottles labelled 1920, Bushells 1lb
    tin with kangaroo, koala and kookaburra, ceramic koala bookends circa 1920’s, variety of
    Mulga wood items
-   Old Christmas decorations, memorabilia, and tins
-   1937 King George and Queen Elizabeth coronation cup, 1954 Royal Visit Australia glass,
    1953 Queen Elizabeth Coronation program, Royal Family and religious memorabilia
-   Early crosscut saw, metal seed sprayer, rabbit traps, rabbit trap made by convicts, 9 shoe
    lasts, 2 fire boxes, 5 x blow torches circa 1920’s,Electric fan with cast iron base circa 1940’s,
    box of shoe tacks, 8 metal fly sprays, 4 brass fly sprays, 1940’s bee smoker, Bakelite fishing
    tackle box with hooks and sinkers, Hermes 1950 and Underwood 1930’s typewriters, 2 black
    shoe brushes, old cello tape tins, business writing books circa early 1900’s, 2 x “Pitmans”
    shorthand books circa 1900’s, wages book -1945, inkwells and inkbottles circa 1900’s,
    “Champion” box of shoelaces, 1952 Penny, large variety of tobacco tins, wooden shoe lasts,
    1900 brass light switch, shaving mugs, 2 wooden washboards, large tin wash tub with wooden
      dipper,”Pears” pumice soap in wrapper, “Monkey Mark” soap in paper, Cobalt Blue Medicine
      bottle, 1930’s petrol pump nozzle, “Neptune”, “Shell” and Total” one gallon motor oil tins,
      “Castrol” one quart motor oil bottle, 1 x torpedo bottle circa 1870 -1910’s, lock and key circa
      1800’s. Variety of maps, boxes, wooden garden implements, early electric lawnmower
-     Variety of wooden tables, wooden chairs, 1x glass display cabinet, 1 x “Astra” cappuccino
      machine, 5 x old wooden high chairs, 60 wooden chairs.
                                MANY MORE ITEMS TOO NUMEROUS TO LIST.

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    GST INFORMATION: GST is not applicable on this sale.
    AGENTS COMMENT: This is a genuine clearance sale as they vendors have ceased trading.
    These articles are very much sought after and generally are in good to excellent condition.
    DIRECTIONS: Take The Lakes Way turn from Bulahdelah travelling towards Bungwahl
    approx 10 km on the right hand side. Ellis & Butler auction signs will be posted on the day.
    Mick Clarke: 0408 213 868 or Dave Callaughan: 0427 634 477 or Allan Edwards: 0409 523 355.

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