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MS SQL 2008 for DocuWare


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MS SQL 2008 for DocuWare
Use Microsoft Reporting Services with DocuWare

Enjoy the seamless connection between SQL Server 2008 and
DocuWare. The powerful database is particularly stable and provides
options for analyzing database access with the integrated
Reporting Services.

Rapid Integration                           Reporting Services
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 connects          Reporting Services are integrated di-       Benefits
seamlessly to DocuWare. Thanks to the       rectly in SQL Server 2008 for analyzing     n Seamless connection to DocuWare:
step-by-step instructions provided by       data in the context of business intel-        producing full performance and
DocuWare, installation takes only a         ligence. Combined with DocuWare log-          stability
few minutes. A few simple modifica-         ging, they make it possible to analyze      n  data analysis using integrated
tions are all that’s required for the       access to the documents in DocuWare.          Reporting Services
integration as system, logging, and         You will find a few examples of this        nHigh-level security: additional
archive database (from DocuWare 5.1c        inside.                                       security using “Secure by default“
these modifications will no longer be                                                     settings
necessary).The server is particularly                                                   nOnline restoration of data records:
stable and powerful.                                                                      resulting in high availability of the

  Economic license model
  Through DocuWare you can obtain            Advantageous Processor License            Runtime Client Licenses
  two different license types for            In the case of MS SQL 2008 Runtime        Alternatively, you can obtain MS SQL
  MS SQL 2008 at attractive prices.          processor licenses, a license is re-      2008 Runtime client licenses. Here
  However, their use is restricted exclu-    quired for each server processor. You     you need a license for each regis-
  sively to DocuWare, although third-        also only need one license for dual or    tered DocuWare user. No additional
  party programs can have read access        quad-core processors.                     server license is required. This option is
  to the database.                           The advantage: the server processor       advantageous if you are using several
                                             license is valid for an unlimited         SQL servers for DocuWare.
                                             number of DocuWare users. No
                                             additional SQL Server client licenses
                                             are required.
                                             Special conditions apply in virtualized
                                                                                    Business intelligence
                                                                                    With Report Manager SQL Server
                                                                                    2008 provides a scalable, opti-
                                                                                    mized basis for data integration,
                                                                                    reporting and analysis for business
                                                                                    intelligence. You can run various
                                                                                    analyses with the logging created
                                                                                    by DocuWare: frequency of open-
                                                                                    ing, saving and editing the index
                                                                                    entries for individual documents or
                                                                                    document types in absolute figures
                                                                                    or as a percentage. You can also
                                                                                    create a report of access to docu-
                                                                                    ments by department and so create
                                                                                    department-based accounts.
                                                                                    Once the reports have been de-
                                                                                    fined, they can be created auto-
                                                                                    matically at regular intervals and
                                                                                    sent by e-mail or even exported
                                                                                    to a Windows data share. You can
                                                                                    also download new analyses from
                                                                                    the Reporting Services website at
                                                                                    any time. Reports can be exported
Monitoring with Failover                  Easy Changeover                           in Excel or PDF format, so you can
SQL Server 2008 also has features that    If you are currently using the database   continue working on them easily.
make monitoring the database particu-     supplied by DocuWare and you are
larly simple and stable.                  finding it slow with large volumes of
The restoration of individual database    data, as from DocuWare 5.1b Service
records online is trouble-free. Only      Pack 2 you can comfortably switch to
the records to be restored cannot be      MS SQL 2008. How-to instructions are
accessed by users during maintenance.     provided to help you.
The advantage: database downtimes         We recommend a changeover for
are reduced and the availability of the   volumes from around 1 million
data is increased.                        documents without fulltext or 200,000
And thanks to the integrated high-        pages with fulltext.
availability feature the database can
easily be imported into another
system creating an automatic failover.
When defining a report, select the DocuWare fields to be         Table report of document access to the individual
included in the report, for example Document name.               documents listed by name, here using the example of
                                                                 the Docu-Pool file cabinet available on the DocuWare
                                                                 website pages.

Overview of all defined reports on the Reporting Services web-
site. Create new reports from here at the click of a button.
                                                                 Report of the percentages of different types of docu-
                                                                 ment access within a file cabinet: storage, opening,
                                                                 editing the index entries, editing the document and
                                                                                   MS SQL Server 2008 has a
                                                                                   high-availability feature.
                                                                                   This makes it very simple to
                                                                                   mirror a database on another
                                                                                   system: thereby enabling an
                                                                                   automatic failover.

n  to 64 SQL Server instances per
  U                                          luster system also possible with
                                           n                                      System Requirements
  SQL Server and over 32,000 data-           additional license                    n 
                                                                                     rocessor: 1 GHz or above
  bases per instance                         asy
                                           n  analysis options, e.g. of perfor-   n Operating system: minimum
  dminister settings centrally in the
n                                           mance problems                          Windows Server 2003 Standard
  Management Studio                        n  SQL server makes its own sug-
                                             T                                     n 
                                                                                     emory: 512 MB RAM
  imple and reliable backup and
n                                           gestions for improving the database     (at least 2 GB recommended)
  restore                                    settings                              n  MB free disk space
  ackup as scheduled tasks: complete
n                                           eporting: easily create reports on
                                           n                                      n 
                                                                                     VD-ROM drive and monitor
  database backup and/or differential        document access and then export as      with VGA resolution
  backup                                     PDF or Excel
  igh-availability system thanks to
n                                           E
                                           n  to use thanks to intuitive user
  easy to set up and configurable            interface
  mirrored SQL Server, no additional
  license required (Microsoft sets
  restrictions on the physical distance
  between the server and mirrored                                                  For more information
  server. For exact details, please con-                                           please visit our website at
  tact Microsoft.)                                                                 www.docuware.com
                                                                                                                    MKT DS SQL 08 e − MS SQL 2008

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