Sheet1 CollegeTransfer net (Excel) by gegeshandong


									                                Bucks County Community College
                                 AA Criminal Justice (1189)
                                     Delaware Valley College
                               BS Criminal Justice Administration
                                         Transfer Guide

                                        Bucks AA                                              Delaware Valley College BS
                                        Criminal Justice (1189)                               Criminal Justice Administration
                                        Degree Course Requirements                            Degree Course Requirements
                                                                                        Cr.                                                  Cr.
Composition                             COMP110 English Comp I                          3     EN 1101 English I                              3
                                        COMP111 English Comp II                         3     EN 1201 English II                             3

Communication: General                  COMM110 Effective Speaking                      3     LA 2005 Speech                                 3

Criminal Justice                        CRIJ100 Intro Admin of Criminal Justice         3     CJ 1009 Intro to Criminal Justice              3
                                        CRIJ110 Intro to Criminal Law                   3     CJ 3150 Criminal Law                           3 (RE)
                                        CRIJ130 Criminal Investigation/Forensics        3     CJ 4220 Criminalistics                         3 (RE)
                                        CRIJ160 Intro to Juvenile Justice               3     CJ 2225 Juvenile Delinquency                   3 (RE)
                                        Criminal Justice Electives - Choose 3:          9                                                    9
                                         *PSYC280 Psyc of Abnormal Behavior                   LA 4014 Abnormal Psychology
                                         *SOCI140 Peoples of America                          LA 4224 Cultural Minorities
                                         *ACCT103 Introductory Accounting                     BA 2225 Accounting Fundamentals
                                         *MGMT100 Intro to Business                           BA 1005 Intro to Business
                                         *MGMT130 Business Law                                BA 2161 Business Law I

Biology                                 BIOL101 Biological Science I                    4     BY 1115 Nat Sci I                              3+1E

History                                 HIST151 U.S. History I                          3     Elective                                       3
                                        HIST152 U.S. History I                          3     LA 3032 Mod American Hist & Gov't              3

Mathematics                             MATH115 Elementary Statistics                   3     Elective                                       3

Political Science                       POLI120 American State & Local Gov't.           3     Elective                                       3

Psychology                              PSYC110 Intro to Psychology                     3     LA 2036 Intro to Psych                         3

Sociology                               SOCI110 Intro to Sociology                      3     LA 2012 Intro to Soc                           3
                                        SOCI150 Criminology                             3     CJ 2124 Criminology                            3

Integration of Knowledge                INTG285 Integration of Knowledge                3     LA 1225 Critical Thinking                      1+2E

Personal Health                         HLTH110 Responding to Emergencies               3     Elective                                       3

Total Credits for Degree                                                                61                                                   61

Additional Suggested Courses            College Level Math - See Appendix 2             4/8 Core requirement                                 3/6
                                        CISC110 Intro to Info Systems                   3   IT 1011 Info Technology Concepts                 1.5
                                                                                            IT 1012 Computer Applictions                     1.5

* In order to have this course fulfill an approved Criminal Justice elective at Bucks, the student MUST obtain written approval from the Criminal
Justice Coordinator or the Assistant Academic Dean, prior to registration.

60 transfer credits toward your DVC degree must be transferred to attain Junior Status.
Additional courses may be taken prior to transfer.
Use Appendix 1 or 2 or contact Mrs. Frances Flood, Transfer Coordinator at DVC for individual help at 215-489-2296.

NOTE: Students transferring to DVC must complete at least forty-eight (48) credits in course work at Delaware Valley College including at least
fifteen (15) credits in their major. Transferring more credits beyond the Associate degree may make scheduling a full time course load at DVC
more difficult.


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