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									Engraving & Plaques
                                                 Custom engraving services are available.
                                                 We can engrave on many different surfaces, such
                                                 as wood, crystal, metal and glass. Express your
                                                 sentiments by personalizing that special gift.
                                                 Call our customer service desk at 250-952-4460
                                                 for expert advice and a custom quote.

                                                 Price for Plate Materials
                                                 Minimum charge $4.00 a plate (for all plates under 15" square
                                                 inches). Plates over 15" square inches, $.30 a square inch.

                                                 Plates for engraving available in four colours:
                                                 Satin Gold   Engraves black lettering        9999840578
                                                 Black “S”    Engraves silver                 9999840580
                                                 Black “G”    Engraves gold                   9999840581
                                                 Blue         Engraves silver                 9999840579

                                                Engraving and Wood Burning:
                                                No set-up fee:
                                                Engraving price is based on time to engrave item at $1.25 a minute.

                                                Production time:
                                                Normal production time for custom orders and proof orders is
                                                10 to 15 business days from receipt of order of final approval.

  Rectangular Walnut Plaque         Bevelled Walnut Plaque                    Walnut Plaque Shape of BC
  Blank 9" X 12" walnut plaque      Blank 8” X 10” walnut plaque,             Blank 8” high walnut plaque.
  perfect for engraving.            horizontal or vertical.
                                                                                         9999840501    EA $18.95
         9999840519    EA $39.95           9999840500     EA $28.95

             Workplace Shopping: www.dcv.gov.bc.ca       250-952-4460                              Giftware 51
                                      Engrave your employee’s name
                                      on plaque for an additional $10.

                                      Long Service Award Plaque
                                      These plaques are available to all ministries. Seven
                                      copper-toned dogwood pins are provided with each
                                      plaque. As the recipient of the plaque completes
                                      five years of government service, a dogwood pin
                                      is replaced with the appropriate service award pin.
                                      The brass plate adorning the middle of the plaque is
                                      professionally engraved with the British Columbia Coat
                                      of Arms. Please contact us at 250-952-4460 for custom
                                      engraving. Measures 5" x 7".
                                                                   9999844010         EA $29.55

                                       Service Award Pins
                                       Made for use with the Long Service Award plaques.
                                       9999844001     5 Year Pin – Antique Brass       EA   $2.25
                                       9999844002     10 Year Pin – Antique Brass      EA   $2.25
                                       9999844003     15 Year Pin – Antique Brass      EA   $2.25
                                       9999844004     20 Year Pin – Antique Brass      EA   $2.25
                                       9999844005     25 Year Pin – Antique Brass      EA   $2.25
                                       9999844006     30 Year Pin – Polished Silver    EA   $2.25
                                       9999844007     35 Year Pin – Antique Gold       EA   $2.25
                                       9999844008     40 Year Pin – Polished Gold      EA   $2.25

                               Elegant and modern glass trophies. Before ordering,
                               contact Protocol Giftware at 250-952-4460 for custom
                               engraving. All engraving purchaes and requests must be
                               done through a giftware representative.
                                        Flame Trophy 10" high 9999841752 EA $49.95
                                        Tower Trophy 12" high 9999841807 EA $39.95

52 Giftware   Employee Personal Shopping: pss.online.gov.bc.ca/dcvemp/

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