Amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 - Naresh Kadyan

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					To:        THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA (Her Excellency Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil),
           Chairman, AWBI (Dr. R.M. Khareb), Speaker Lok Sabha (Smt. Meira Kumar),
           Prime Minister of India, New Delhi. (Dr. Manmohan Singh), His Excellency
           Governor of Haryana (His Excellency Governor of Haryana Shri Jagannath
           Pahadia), Chief Minister, Delhi (Smt. Shiela Dixit), Vice President of India (Hon'ble
           Shri Hamid Ansari), Lokayukta, Haryana New Secretariat, Hon’ble Speaker,
           Haryana Legislative Assembly, Chandigarh (INDIA) (Shri Kuldeep Sharma), Joint
           Secretary (Coordination and Public Grievances), OIPA in India, Member Secretary,
           CZA, Director, AWB, and Union Minister for Environment and Forest (Smt. Jayanthi
Subject:   Capital punishments for animal abuser : Amend the legislation for animals -
           Abhishek Kadyan

Letter:    Greetings,

           We the undersigned standing and speaking in unity wish to address a major crisis
           with you.
           Animal abuse and neglect !

           We want to see you make into law, that anyone who harms, abuses or neglects
           animals in any manner be forced to be OUTED on A National Animal Abusers
           Registry list which includes all states.

           Info., will feed to all databases where animals are of concern from Vets, to all
           shelters and rescues esp., those who adopt and sell pedigrees.

           Anyone known to selling to a registered offender will, too now be listed as an
           abuser in the National Animal Abusers Registry list.

           Thank you for your immediate focus and action on this crucial matter as we are
           their voice and legs !!

           Please shut down the ineffective enforcement agencies and amend the
           punishments for animal abuse, Animal Welfare Board of India may kindly be
           directed to put up proposal accordingly, all state Chief Ministers / Chief Secretaries
           also be directed to do so.
           We appreciate the commendable work done so far by Naresh Kadyan,
           Representative of the International Organisation for Animal Protection in India, for
           animal rights and their welfare, his work may kindly be recognized, nominating him
           to Indian Parliament, to be a political voice for this movement, his services can be
           utilized as a Chairman of the Animal Welfare Board of India - AWBI - CPCSEA as
           The government on 11-8-2010 Wednesday said it was planning to bring a new
           legislation with stiffer penalties and punishments to prevent cruelty against
           animals. The proposed bill is expected to replace the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals Act 1960.

Replying to a query in Lok Sabha, environment and forests minister Jairam
Ramesh said Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and Animal Welfare
Board of India Act, 1962, were meant to promote animal welfare and for the
purpose of protecting animals from being subjected to unnecessary pain or

Responding to a question by BJP member Maneka Gandhi, the minister said, "We
want to come with a comprehensive animal welfare Act with steep penalties.
Because, as of today, it (penalty) is laughable." Maneka said the fine was as low as
Rs 50. Kudos to Jairam Ramesh but Maneka Gandhi did nothing during her tenure
in power.

On a related issue, Ramesh said his ministry would be issuing advisories to state
governments to emulate those governments that had banned animal sacrifice. He,
however, said the government would desist from asking for a ban as the issue was
a "sensitive one".

"As far as banning animal sacrifice is concerned, this is a sensitive issue and I
want to proceed with some caution," Ramesh said. "There are some states that
have banned animal sacrifice and we shall certainly send advisories to all states to
emulate those who have banned it," he added.

The minister also condemned games like bull fighting in some states. Jallikattu, or
taming of the bull, which is popular in Tamil Nadu, was nothing but animal cruelty,
the minister said while regretting the decision by the state assembly to recognize it.
"Even Spain has banned bull fights, I don't understand why can't Tamil Nadu do
so," Ramesh said.

Wildlife poachers can soon be jailed for a minimum of seven years and fined at
least Rs 30 lakh for killing endangered species, and the country will have two
bodies to regulate international wildlife trade. The law ministry on Tuesday
approved over 100 amendments in the Wildlife Protection Act,
1972, bringing it in tune with wildlife protection laws across the world by including
regulation of species not native to India, a requirement under a global convention
on wildlife.
Environment minister Jairam Ramesh said the bill, which strengthens the powers
of forest and enforcement agencies, will be introduced in the winter session of
Parliament after getting the cabinet's approval.

One of the biggest changes in the law is constitution of two bodies — scientific and
management — to implement its provisions and regulate trade.

The management authority will be responsible for issuance of permits for trade of
scheduled species on advice of the scientific body.

The two bodies will also be to enlist the exotic species found in India, which are not
covered by global wildlife convention, and ways to regulate them.

"Protecting the country's indigenous species would be another role of the
authority," an official said.
The proposed law for the first time speaks of using other laws such as Forest
Rights Act, 2006, and Biological Diversity Act, 2003, for conservation of wildlife

"It has been done to make wildlife laws compatible with each other," the official

To provide the highest degree of legal protection to the most vulnerable animals
against poaching, the amendments have put tigers, whose population is said to be
less than 1,411, in Category 1. Other endangered animals in this category include
lions, elephants, rhinos, crocodiles and antelopes.

Killing an animal in Category 1 could attract a minimum jail term of five years and
maximum of seven. The fine prescribed ranges from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 1 crore.

For species under Category 2, including endangered birds, the jail term suggested
is between three to five years and fine of up to Rs 3 lakh.

Teasing an animal will also be an offence.
Cheers!!!!!!!!!! and thanks to Naresh Kadyan for effective campaigning since 1998
till date and place the bill for amendment at once now.
Right to Information Act, 2005 :
* Who recommend who to get birth in Govt. Organizations, Board and
Corporations, detailed information required since 1995 onwards , reasons for
nominations along with performance during their tenure and why same persons
repeated again and again?
* Is there any proposal to amend above mentioned all legislation's and how much
time it will take?, How many questions raised in Indian Parliament by Smt. Maneka
Gandhi about amendment in the legislation's for animals since 1989 her first day to
till date?
* Camels and Elephants are not included in the rules made out for their
transportation either by rail, road, air, ship or on foot.
* Why Elephants are in captivities being an National heritage animal, Is there any
proposal to introduce legislation to rescue and rehabilitation, how much time it will
* Notifications are not yet issued to impose ban on peacock feathers trade, smooth
working of dog breeders, fish aquarium and owners as well, how much time it will
* How many Infirmaries set up u/s 35 of the PCA Act, 1960 are working in India,
SPCA's as well - please provide us complete details about both of them, if not set
up yet then what are the reasons behind?
* Let us the know the reasons behind to opt the members in AWBI by pick and
choose basis and many peoples gifted with out experience, affiliation to any
recognized AWO's, please indicate their contribution towards animal rights and
their welfare as well.
* HAWO are also nominated by AWBI, please provide complete list of all HAWO's /
Opted members along with their performance since 1995 onwards till date.
* Master Trainer / Trainer / Inspector list update since 1995 onwards till date and
how many peoples are blessed with Police powers u/s 34 of the PCA Act, 1960.
* How many FIR's of animal abused are lodged in India / peoples are convicted,
debar to be an owner, animals seized since 1995 onwards till date along with
present status of pending court cases all over India?.
* Please provide us a complete list of registration No's of all vehicles caught in
animal abuse all over India since 1995 onwards till date, First offense, second and
so on, whether vehicle driver was booked or owner?
* CPCSEA dropped many nominees and some new peoples are nominated,
please supply the list of dropped nominee along with the reasons and reasons for
new nominee.
* NIAW - List of people trained, amount spent to set up NIAW since beginning till
date, how many Organizations involved to manage NIAW, what facilities are there
for animals?
* How many state constituted Animal Welfare Board and Wildlife Advisory Board in
their respective area and nominated Hon. Wildlife Wardens?
* Do you considered Naresh Kadyan, Internationally renowned animal rights
activist in India, to appoint him Chairman / Vice Chairman to the Animal Welfare
Board of India / CPCSEA / Wildlife Advisory Board, nomination to Rajya Sabha -
Lok Sabha / Padama awards along with any other awards category to recognize
his contribution to raise voice for animal rights and their welfare?. It would be
pertinent to mention here that AWBI declared him STAR OF THE MONTH when he
showed his dedication toward cause in Nawab Pataudi black buck poaching in
Haryana, he is facing counter criminal FIR against him for no reasons, where as
Smt. Maneka Gandhi and Shri Ashok Kumar of WTI were not booked being an co
sharers of the act, Is there any proposal to reinvestigation ?.
* Do you know that Naresh Kadyan lodged maximum FIR's of animal abuse,
maximum rescue from Indian circuses, lodged FIR against cow smuggling via
cattle special trains on 10-12-2000 with GRP, Faridabad and on 28-12-2000 with
GRP, Gaziabad?
* Do you know that Naresh Kadyan played a key role to eliminate performing
animals abuse and he introduced rehabilitation scheme, which was successfully
adopted in dancing bear matter?

* Animal Welfare Board of India - AWBI be directed to supply us the copy of
correspondences between AWBI and other agencies related to Aligarh black buck
rescue from the AMU and FIR lodged with the Police against five officials.

* Inspection reports of Jumbo circuses since beginning till date along with the
progress reports submitted by Jumbo circus and transport permit issued by the
AWBI also be supplied, how many feathers chopped birds, docked tail animals are
registered by the AWBI?

* How many nominations received for Padama awards to animal rights activist?
* How much amount has been spent to protect Tigers since 1972 till date, Is there
any proposal to speed up trial of wildlife crime offenders?
* What steps you have taken to implement National Cattle Commission Report,
2002 recommendations?
* Why inbreeding allowed in case of White Tiger and how much amounts spent on
this white tiger project?

* Section 28 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 allowed animal
sacrifice for religion purpose, where as there are so many Supreme Court - High
Court verdict to ban animal sacrifice, Is there any proposal to delete this section
from the PCA Act, 1960, steps taken to prevent animal sacrifice for religion in
India? Is there any proposal to delete or amend section 28 of PCA Act, 1960?
* How many wild performing animals bears, lions, tigers, Panthers and Monkeys
were rescued since 1995 to till date, please indicate their present status alive or
dead with reasons and how many Monkeys are still on roads dancing in captivity
after wearing cloths, What legal action has been taken against all offenders?
* Indian citizens were given opportunity to declare Wild animals trophies in 2003,
all declarations might be verified by the concerned authorities. How many
declaration found bogus and what action was taken against offenders, if not
decided yet then what are the reasons behind?
* Feature films, TV serials, high profile offenders and documentaries are followed
by AWBI and high profile so called animal rights activist, where as they are not so
much serious about ABC, amendment in existed laws, treatment, care and shelter
for animals in distress, Why?
* CZA ban Elephants in Indian Zoo's, where as circuses are also covered under
zoo definition but Elephants are still suffering a lot, not yet rescued and
rehabilitated, Why?
* Mongoose hair paint brushes and Conchs are openly traded along with rare wild
species, Langur hired to keep monkey away by many Govt. Organizations, Why
and what steps you have taken?
* Stop killing of tiger, leopard, wild boar, monkeys, blue bulls, black buck, samber,
deer, rabbits etc in India and remove encroachments in forest land.
* Protect our marine life along with coastal area's.
* Why double standard for animals in Jammu and Kashmir due to 370?, Indian
legislation's for animals should be same all over the country.
* Foreign species - exotic birds and animals also be protected under strong
legislation cover not like toothless PCA Act, 1960. Offenses against animals should
be cognizable, non-bailable in legal terms.
* Govt. should clarify, amend, delete and make rules or regulations on these as
BSF shifting camels and Indian Army - Police moving horses for parade / band /
show in cruel manner from one place to another:
27. Exemptions : Nothing contained in this Chapter shall apply to -

(a) the training of animals for bonafide military or police purpose or the exhibition
of any animals so trained; or

(b) any animals kept in any zoological garden or by any society or association
which has for its principal object the exhibition of animals for educational or
scientific purposes.

28. Saving as respects manner of killing prescribed by religion : Nothing contained
in this Act shall render it an offence to kill any animal in a manner required by the
religion of any community.

40. Indemnity : No suit, prosecution or other legal proceeding shall lie against any
person who is, or who is deemed to be a public servant within the meaning of
section 21 of the Indian Penal Code in respect of anything in good faith done or
intended to be done under this Act.

The Ministry of Environment and Forests invites comments on the Draft Animal
Welfare Act, 2011. This legislation, which will replace the existing Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals Act 1960, will provide for enhanced penalties and clearer
definitions of animal abuse.
Let us know the present status of the following draft bills:

1. Animal Welfare Act, 2011.

2. Pet shop Rules.

3. Dog breeders Rules.

4. Rules for fish aquarium.

5. Ban on peacock feathers.
Name                            Location                                   Date

Abhishek Kadyan                 Delhi, India                               02/28/2010
Angel Warrior                   Jersey, United Kingdom                     02/28/2010
annie cowling                   danbury, CT                                02/28/2010
Kim Carter                      Van Wert, OH                               02/28/2010
Chris Vaughn                    Colfax, CA                                 02/28/2010
nicolette ludolphi              bremen, DE                                 02/28/2010
Gudrun D                        Gainesville, FL                            02/28/2010
Nadezhda Peneva                 Karlsruhe, Germany                         02/28/2010
Lisa Koehl                      Brooklyn, CT                               02/28/2010
Angela Crystal Ara              Manchester, United States Minor Outlying   02/28/2010
Christy Hill                    Oshawa, Canada                             02/28/2010
Cher Clarke                     London, Canada                             02/28/2010
Pamela Fargo                    Caldwell, ID                               02/28/2010
Kim Johnson                     Wyandotte, MI                              02/28/2010
Euleta Usrey                    Palmdale, CA                               02/28/2010
Judith Abbott                   Sanbornton, NH                             02/28/2010
massimiliano mariani            bologna, IA                                02/28/2010
Alexandra Marcella Manolesco-Ami Dunvegan        Ontario, Canada           02/28/2010
ines vasquez                    caracas, Venezuela                         02/28/2010
Graciela Patrón Mederos         León, Spain                                02/28/2010
Ruth S.                         Kiel, Germany                              02/28/2010
Julian Abbott                   FIrenze, Italy                             02/28/2010
Carol Dolan                     Monroe, NY                                 02/28/2010
Chris Drumright                 Murfreesboro, TN                           02/28/2010
Chris >^..^<                 Jersey City, NJ                            02/28/2010
Yulan Lawson                    BUDERIM, Australia                         02/28/2010
Jeanette Dovheden               Malmö, Sweden                              02/28/2010
Name                      Location                                 Date

sue matros                indio, CA                                02/28/2010
Ivona Parkaceva           Skopje, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav   02/28/2010
                          Republic Of
Jezreel del Rosario       Pacifica, CA                             02/28/2010
JOAN YIELDING             ST LOUIS, MO                             02/28/2010
kiki fotopoulos           athens, GU                               02/28/2010
Kellie Smith              Deering, NH                              02/28/2010
Marija Popovic            Belgrade, Serbia                         02/28/2010
Kari Dyrdahl              Mounds View, MN                          02/28/2010
Suze Harrison             London, United Kingdom                   02/28/2010
chris beal                louth, TX                                02/28/2010
Nicole Gössl              Würzburg, DE                             02/28/2010
Maria F.                  Verona, Italy                            02/28/2010
Ariadne Chokowski Jones   Louisville, KY                           02/28/2010
gail dair                 perth, Australia                         02/28/2010
dian wright               garland, TX                              02/28/2010
Laurie Brewer             Barberton, OH                            02/28/2010
Jason J Green             Spotsylvania, VA                         02/28/2010
cinzia caporali           Milano, ID                               02/28/2010
Andi Drummond             cumbria, United Kingdom                  02/28/2010
Red N.                    Plymouth, United Kingdom                 02/28/2010
Vegan Ryche               Bothell, WA                              02/28/2010
Manon Gauthier            Ste-Marthe sur le lac, CO                02/28/2010
Catherine Ritlaw          Kingman, AZ                              02/28/2010
Cristina Seica            Anadia, Portugal                         02/28/2010
barbara young             Three Oaks, MI                           02/28/2010
james m nordlund          Fargo, ND                                02/28/2010
Heather Wolf              Spokane, WA                              02/28/2010
Caroline Watembach        glade spring, VA                         02/28/2010
Name                   Location                             Date

Nancy Goolsby          Abingdon, VA                         02/28/2010
krisztina kallai       brooksville, FL                      02/28/2010
SANDRA HESS            Ontario, OR                          02/28/2010
Blue Ape With A Drum   Plymouth, United Kingdom             02/28/2010
sherry przybylski      north riverside, IL                  02/28/2010
JUNE DENOMIE           CABOT, AR                            02/28/2010
Raja G                 Mysore, KS                           02/28/2010
Sunny Kim              clifton, VA                          02/28/2010
Ho-Sun Kim             clifton, VA                          02/28/2010
Melissa Buchanan       Kingsport, TN                        02/28/2010
Darlene Davis          Detroit, MI                          02/28/2010
Casey Cox              Three Rivers, MI                     02/28/2010
laura raforth          rochester, NY                        02/28/2010
madan pal pal          panchkula, HI                        02/28/2010
Judy Snyder            Genesee County, MI                   02/28/2010
Sara Thomas            Mesa, AZ                             02/28/2010
Caroline Sévilla       Seine-et-marne, France               02/28/2010
Marianne Good          Hudiksvall, Sweden                   02/28/2010
Amala Akkineni         Hyderabad, A.P., India               02/28/2010
magali poli-riviere    montpellier, France                  02/28/2010
Joanne Cannon          Liverpool, United Kingdom            02/28/2010
Bryan D. Freehling     Lahaska, PA                          02/28/2010
sophia dalle           nyc, NY                              02/28/2010
amalric rosine         sarrola carcopino, FL                03/01/2010
tortiller jean-luc     biches, FL                           03/01/2010
Mia Huolman            Vasa, Finland                        03/01/2010
gerlinde palsingh      vienna, WY                           03/01/2010
Anne Thompson          Lancashire,England, United Kingdom   03/01/2010
Julie van Niekerk      South Africa, SD                     03/01/2010
Name                     Location                   Date

Mary Foley               cork, Ireland              03/01/2010
stuart underhill         bridgend, United Kingdom   03/01/2010
Savina Veselinova        Sofia, Bulgaria            03/01/2010
Elaine Cole              wisbech, CA                03/01/2010
Vasumathi Krishnasami    Bangalore, IN              03/01/2010
Patricia Neskavich       Shelby Twp., MI            03/01/2010
Fabie For President!     Limburg, Netherlands       03/01/2010
Jennifer Martino         Dixon, CA                  03/01/2010
Paola Ghidotti           Vigevano, Italy            03/01/2010
Anneke Hut               Amersfoort, Netherlands    03/01/2010
Lashitha Sanjeev         Hyderabad, India           03/01/2010
Wendy Benay Watson       Sanford, FL                03/01/2010
Asli Gedik               Amsterdam, Netherlands     03/01/2010
L. Swa_                  central, FL                03/01/2010
Bernie Campbell          Gainesville, FL            03/01/2010
Edward Miller            Johns Creek, GA            03/01/2010
Kimberly Tilley          Pelham, NH                 03/01/2010
Lori korunka             mount olive, IL            03/01/2010
julie StaffySi           london, United Kingdom     03/01/2010
Michael Masley           Manville, NJ               03/01/2010
Kay HelpSaveAnimals      Sax., Germany              03/01/2010
Paul Weiss               Fort Lauderdale, FL        03/01/2010
kathleen wissenz         warminster, PA             03/01/2010
Ellen G                  Sussex, WI                 03/01/2010
Linda London-Burzynski   Roswell, GA                03/01/2010
Pastor Tim Redfern       Dryden, VA                 03/01/2010
Penny Magnin             Savannah, GA               03/01/2010
Sofia Goncalves          Cascais, Portugal          03/01/2010
Connee Robertson         Heber Springs, AR          03/01/2010
Name                       Location              Date

Iris Chynoweth             Midpines, CA          03/01/2010
Kevin on Vacation Silvey   Seminole, FL          03/01/2010
trishula sanjeev           hyderabad, AL         03/01/2010
Melissa Harris             Salem, MA             03/01/2010
winona wright              Port Henry, NY        03/01/2010
marissa abramovic          Edenton, NC           03/01/2010
Najia Arrihani             Chicago, IL           03/01/2010
Howard Foote               Sanford, FL           03/01/2010
S Faurie                   Lincoln, CA           03/01/2010
Alex Kolenoff              Ontario, Canada       03/01/2010
sara gaspar                lisbon, Portugal      03/01/2010
Audrey Andrews             West Palm Beach, FL   03/01/2010
ivonne carlson             Bonita Springs, FL    03/01/2010
Deborah Smith              Bristol, TN           03/01/2010
Carol Leuenberger          San Carlos, CA        03/01/2010
Joy Bergstrom              Wake Forest, NC       03/01/2010
Nehha Josshi               Mumbai, India         03/01/2010
Tiffany C                  newton, KS            03/01/2010
Patricia Long              Indianapolis, IN      03/01/2010
Jennifer Perugini          Folsom, CA            03/01/2010
Gaye Gamble                La Quinta, CA         03/01/2010
George Martin              Loule, Portugal       03/01/2010
Barbara West               Boulder City, NV      03/01/2010
Gisele Chandran            Cincinnati, OH        03/01/2010
Cristi Sturgill            Mount Vernon, KY      03/01/2010
DOMINIQUE LANDIS           Northern CA, CA       03/01/2010
Dr.A. Khan                 Kissimmee, FL         03/01/2010
Corinna fuerstenberg       Gulfport, MS          03/01/2010
Jaime Cammarata            Philadelphia, PA      03/01/2010
Name                          Location                         Date

Visvesh Seshadri              Brooklyn, NY                     03/01/2010
Taylor Brown                  Haverhill, MA                    03/01/2010
annmarie devine               the rosses co donegal, Ireland   03/01/2010
Lorene Rowland                Billings, MT                     03/01/2010
Cherry Marrone                Medford, OR                      03/01/2010
Filomena Viana                melksham, NY                     03/01/2010
robin savin                   brmerton, WA                     03/01/2010
ida mahieu                    queenborough, AL                 03/01/2010
Pamylle Greinke               Peconic, NY                      03/01/2010
Allison Pinney                Fayetteville, NC                 03/01/2010
jake wolfhart    Peace Dude   Capitan, NM                      03/01/2010
Lilac Alfke                   San Antonio, TX                  03/01/2010
Rain For Change               Mayberry, MD                     03/01/2010
Brook Jackson                 Brooklyn, NY                     03/01/2010
VIRGINIA LIONATTO             buenos aires, Argentina          03/01/2010
kenneth knoppik               boca raton, FL                   03/01/2010
Penni Norman                  Des Moines, IA                   03/01/2010
Milica Ristic                 Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia        03/01/2010
Cecelia Furman                Burnsville, NC                   03/01/2010
mia wyatt                     ellicott city, MD                03/01/2010
carole wesley                 england, IN                      03/01/2010
Ann Cawley                    Saint Joseph, Afghanistan        03/01/2010
Julia Burwell                 Bellevue, WA                     03/01/2010
Elaine Chaffers               Mashpee, MA                      03/01/2010
karen lyons kalmenson         allenwood, NY                    03/01/2010
Pam Fioretti                  Adelaide, Australia              03/01/2010
Coleen Tew                    Burlington, Canada               03/01/2010
Jane Warshaw                  New York, NY                     03/01/2010
Britt Camacho                 Hollywood,, FL                   03/01/2010
Name                    Location                  Date

Tiffany Arnold          Lorain, OH                03/01/2010
Mervi Rantala           Tampere, Finland          03/01/2010
Denise L.               Fords, NJ                 03/01/2010
Catherine Garrigus      Ashland, OH               03/01/2010
DEBRA WARRENS           WATERLOO, IA              03/01/2010
Bev Brewis              Victoria, Canada          03/01/2010
Manfred AshBoar         LA, AL                    03/01/2010
Kathryn Thompson        Philadelphia, PA          03/01/2010
Blanche A               Dallas, TX                03/01/2010
rebecca curran          Hobart, AZ                03/01/2010
Bikesh Shrestha         Kathmandu, Nepal          03/01/2010
Mary Ann Smale          Steuben, ME               03/01/2010
vera schreuders         purmerend, ND             03/01/2010
gwenn meltzer           ridley park, PA           03/01/2010
susan webb              finksburg, MD             03/01/2010
Jennifer Hall           Greeneville, TN           03/01/2010
marilyn miller          San Diego, CA             03/01/2010
Karen Sheaffer          Vandergrift, PA           03/01/2010
Amy A.                  New York, NY              03/01/2010
John Stewart            Redway, CA                03/01/2010
mitzi dawalt            Albuquerque, NM           03/01/2010
Judith Embry            Florida, MA               03/01/2010
mary strobridge         Elmira, NY                03/01/2010
Judy Boone              Forest Hill, TX           03/01/2010
Debb Lovett             Confidential, Australia   03/01/2010
Henriette Matthijssen   Boyle, Alberta,, Canada   03/02/2010
leslie smith            san marcos, TX            03/02/2010
Roswitha von Heissen    Tutzing, Germany          03/02/2010
Ceci M                  FL City, FL               03/02/2010
Name                      Location               Date

sanja lalic               z, NY                  03/02/2010
Laura Tatti               Oristano, Italy        03/02/2010
Alan Kardoff              Palm Bay, FL           03/02/2010
Connie Ashbaugh           Placitas, NM           03/02/2010
Shelby Behrens            Skokie, IL             03/02/2010
Ineke Jansen              beverly hills, CA      03/02/2010
Julie Gengo               Richmond Annex, CA     03/02/2010
Yrna Miryana              Jakarta, Indonesia     03/02/2010
Roisin Shanahan           Hollis, NY             03/02/2010
Theodore Spachidakis      piraeus, Greece        03/02/2010
reita newkirk             santa fe, NM           03/02/2010
lisa norman               madison, AL            03/02/2010
Francine Dolins           Ann Arbor, MI          03/02/2010
Andrea Da Costa           Melbourne, Australia   03/02/2010
katelyn fields            muncie, IN             03/02/2010
Annie McMahon             Clarkdale, AZ          03/02/2010
CherokeeGirl for Change   Sacramento, CA         03/02/2010
Alain De Coessemaeker     Brugge, AL             03/02/2010
Kelly Cleveland           Denver, CO             03/02/2010
karen brozek              OOB, ME                03/02/2010
Angelina Joseph           Cooper, TX             03/02/2010
Jennifer Cross            Mill Valley, CA        03/02/2010
bernie wright             Dublin, IA             03/02/2010
Judy Coleman              Omaha, NE              03/02/2010
Lindsey Bradford          Downey, CA             03/02/2010
Denise Cygan              New Britain, CT        03/02/2010
Ashley M                  Bay Area, CA           03/02/2010
Susanne Dawn Plumb        Ojai, CA               03/02/2010
NANETTE M. RUTH           Lakeport, CA           03/02/2010
Name                         Location                 Date

Sugar Bouche                 Florida, FL              03/02/2010
Manuela .                    Atlanta, GA              03/02/2010
Colin Rajah                  San Leandro, CA          03/02/2010
Destiny Sherry               McCaysville, GA          03/02/2010
Eduardo Yeh                  Torrance, CA             03/02/2010
Paul Greatrix                Winthrop, MA             03/02/2010
Sandra Ferreira              Pelotas, RS, Brazil      03/02/2010
D Richmond                   Newport, WA              03/02/2010
Jade Golden                  San Francisco, CA        03/02/2010
Nora Jones                   Newcastle, Australia     03/02/2010
Wilson Saavedra              Delray Beach, FL         03/02/2010
john649 lopez                reno, NV                 03/02/2010
Michael Paone                Brooklyn, NY             03/02/2010
Thomas Sandman               Denver, CO               03/02/2010
MJ Mathisen                  Desert Hot Springs, CA   03/02/2010
Ancil Smith                  Hattiesburg, MS          03/02/2010
Pamlynn Montgomery/Tillett   norcross, GA             03/02/2010
Rosemary Graham-Gardner      Manhattan Beach, CA      03/02/2010
Melissa Elliott              Fremont, CA              03/02/2010
Damian McDonnell             Bridgewater, MA          03/02/2010
maria eugenia Escobedo       `Mèrida, ME              03/02/2010
Debbie Geno                  Grover, MO               03/02/2010
David Wiltsee                Applegate, CA            03/02/2010
Alex McDill                  Chicago, IL              03/02/2010
Allan Haseltine              Putnam, CT               03/02/2010
Robyn Lamoreux               San Pedro, CA            03/02/2010
Michelle van Soelen          Pretoria, South Africa   03/02/2010
Diana Arikane                cork, Ireland            03/03/2010
Soodle Billy                 Co.Dublin, Ireland       03/03/2010
Name                          Location                                    Date

Fred Longhenry                Baltimore, MD                               03/03/2010
tarun kumar                   faridabad, IN                               03/03/2010
Branislava Milicevic          Vracev Gaj, Serbia                          03/03/2010
sandy valencour               auburn, WA                                  03/03/2010
Arild Warud                   Ericeira, CA                                03/03/2010
Lauren Mackinnon              Paisley, United Kingdom                     03/03/2010
Mary Ann Clark                Weatogue, CT                                03/03/2010
Gillian Miller                NY, NY                                      03/03/2010
Mary Acosta                   Baldwin park, CA                            03/03/2010
Cathy Greer                   Daytona Beach, FL                           03/03/2010
anja cabral                   fall river, MA                              03/03/2010
Ellaine Lurie-Janicki         West Haven, CT                              03/03/2010
Simone Duffin                 Australia, Australia                        03/03/2010
Joan Mackie Ochoa             Oxnard, CA                                  03/03/2010
martin kleino                 ypsilanti, MI                               03/03/2010
'MAXIMILLIAN' F O GUTIERREZ   DALLAS, TX                                  03/03/2010
Joanna Modrzejewska           Watford, United Kingdom                     03/03/2010
Nancy Trottier                Howell, MI                                  03/03/2010
Deborah "Dusty" Debandi       Greensboro, N.C. USA, United States Minor   03/03/2010
                              Outlying Islands
Rose Sharpe                   Cortland, NY                                03/03/2010
David Ceely                   Franklin Springs, NY                        03/03/2010
Laura Broenink                Wageningen, Netherlands                     03/03/2010
Gloria Sappier                Pikeville, TN                               03/03/2010
Carol E McCormick             Rockville, MD                               03/03/2010
Laura Moderni                 milano, AL                                  03/03/2010
Ashley Farrell                thornton, CO                                03/03/2010
Rita Kerkhofs                 Antwerp/BE, AL                              03/03/2010
Lucky Newton                  Seguin, TX                                  03/03/2010
Name                               Location                       Date

Samantha L                         Chicago, IL                    03/03/2010
Jocelyn Koopmann                   Kangaroo Flat, Australia       03/03/2010
Chuck Gregorio                     Honolulu, HI                   03/03/2010
Alicia Armstrong                   Scotland, United Kingdom       03/03/2010
Adam Izak-Sunna                    Rotterdam, Netherlands         03/03/2010
Sanja Lali_ Vale_i_                Zagreb, LA                     03/04/2010
michelle edds                      apo, Japan                     03/04/2010
Michael Owens                      Pound, VA                      03/04/2010
Turi Stevens                       Gainesville,, FL               03/04/2010
debbie gosselin                    new gloucester, ME             03/04/2010
annie laurie                       dracut, MA                     03/04/2010
Kenna & Marina Wolf Spirit         Lincolnshire, United Kingdom   03/04/2010
martha leahy                       winchester, MA                 03/04/2010
Rajna Tosic                        Herceg Novi, ME                03/04/2010
Anjie Pham                         Honolulu, HI                   03/04/2010
Candice Lynn                       Brunswick, ME                  03/04/2010
Kelly Owens                        Milwaukee, WI                  03/04/2010
Keth Luke                          New Port Richey, FL            03/04/2010
Emily Musgrave                     Capitola, CA                   03/04/2010
Dr. Surendra pathak                mumbai, India                  03/05/2010
Nan Bongiovanni                    Carlsbad, CA                   03/05/2010
LoVegan _ Loredana Versaci         Torino, Italy                  03/05/2010
Cheree M.                          Dade, FL                       03/05/2010
Tierney Grinavic                   Huntingtown, MD                03/05/2010
Jennifer Kilgore                   pine bluff, AR                 03/05/2010
audra raulinaitis                  Romeoville, IL                 03/05/2010
Scott, Beth and Vicky Our Family   Stratford, Canada              03/05/2010
Albert Tahhan                      Quincy, MA                     03/05/2010
dave cannon                        wilkes barre, PA               03/05/2010
Name                    Location                    Date

erin reese              houston, TX                 03/05/2010
Von D                   Aurora, IL                  03/06/2010
Susan Holmes            Wales, United Kingdom       03/06/2010
Michael T. Tiedemann    Poughkeepsie, NY            03/06/2010
Liz Allmark             Penzance, Cornwall, ENG     03/06/2010
laila afsoon            studio, CA                  03/06/2010
pete giacca             warminster, PA              03/06/2010
Anne Padilla            Santa Fe, NM                03/06/2010
Biggi H.                Bitburg, Germany            03/06/2010
Susan Hall-Amado        Oakbank, Manitoba, Canada   03/06/2010
Angela Yearian          Desoto, IL                  03/06/2010
Dylan Benson            Gloucester, MA              03/06/2010
Eric Smith              Kingston, MA                03/06/2010
Sourav Roy              Kolkata / Mumbai, India     03/06/2010
Natasa Moulou           THESSALONIKI, GA            03/06/2010
Cecilia Agüero          Irapuato, WA                03/06/2010
David Romportl          St Louis Park, MN           03/06/2010
Bruce Combs             Williamsburg, VA            03/06/2010
Erin Foley              Sullivan, WI                03/06/2010
Mrs M                   - -, NY                     03/07/2010
Tom Stilwell            Franklin, NC                03/07/2010
Jen Dowdy               Paducah, KY                 03/07/2010
Darlene Schueler        Estill Springs, TN          03/07/2010
Meredith Clayton        Arlington, VA               03/07/2010
Panagiotis Rigopoulos   Patra, Greece               03/08/2010
Jamie Scott             McKinney, TX                03/08/2010
De Andre Nickens        Los Angeles, CA             03/08/2010
Nina Valecic            Zagreb, NY                  03/09/2010
Sanjeev Rai             Ranchi,, India              03/09/2010
Name                   Location            Date

Isabella Nicolaides    Coatesville, PA     03/09/2010
Michelle Christenson   Mason City, IA      03/09/2010
kathy mallette         auburn, ME          03/09/2010
Antonia Manthos        washington, DC      03/09/2010
Joe Klebosky           chicago, IL         03/09/2010
john pasqua            escondido, CA       03/09/2010
lee ang                nyc, NY             03/09/2010
Tanwi Sandelwood       Onbekend, NE        03/10/2010
Julia Tawyea'          Lake Ariel, PA      03/11/2010
katrina goodwin        hyattsville, MD     03/12/2010
Caleb Laieski          Phoenix, AZ         03/12/2010
Rachel Mahoney         LAKE STEVENS, WA    03/12/2010
Mandi T.               Saratoga, CA        03/12/2010
Marietta W.Alfaro      Sacramento, CA      03/12/2010
genete bowen           santa maria, CA     03/13/2010
Darcel Kashmark        Moorhead, MN        03/13/2010
Christianna Skoczek    Kittery Point, ME   03/14/2010
Ryan M.                Chicago, IL         03/14/2010
Isobella Merritts      Nashville, TN       03/15/2010
Elena Valdameri        San Clemente, CA    03/15/2010
Eva Lowe               North Olmsted, OH   03/15/2010
John Doe               Afghanistan         03/17/2010
James Neagley          Leesburg, NJ        03/18/2010
Terri Ybarbo           Lumberton, TX       03/19/2010
frank cartwright       taunton, MA         03/19/2010
Sanja Lalic            Zagreb, NY          03/19/2010
david belcher          victoria, AL        03/21/2010
Helena Miller          Stanford, CA        03/22/2010
Tommy Tanko            Tulsa, OK           03/22/2010
Name                   Location                             Date

Edward Laurson         Denver, CO                           03/23/2010
carrie luhta           Ottawa, ON, CA                       03/24/2010
Graham Smith           Sarasota, FL                         03/26/2010
Selva Iris Carnevale   Villa Gobernador Galvez, Argentina   03/28/2010
Caitlin Schmedlin      Monroe, CT                           03/29/2010
Airian Lithe           Athens, Greece                       03/30/2010
kim johnson            Greenfield, WI                       03/30/2010
carole hagen           warrenton, OR                        03/30/2010
Geno Rossi             Henderson, NV                        03/31/2010
michelle carter        san jose, CA                         03/31/2010
Fenia Yfandi           Athens, Greece                       03/31/2010
Marshall Garvey        Sacramento, CA                       03/31/2010
Joel Myrick            Morgan Hill, CA                      04/01/2010
heidi wollum           goteborg, Sweden                     04/04/2010
Sherry Watts           Petrolia, CA                         04/04/2010
Net-Hetep Ta'Nesert    DALLAS, TX                           04/09/2010
Terrie C. Williams     Vidor, TX                            04/09/2010
Connie Miller          Danville, KY                         04/09/2010
marlene koski          georgetown, KY                       04/09/2010
lisa salazar           Foster City, CA                      04/09/2010
Charlene Kaput         Schaumburg, IL                       04/09/2010
kym olson              lake mary, FL                        04/12/2010
Mary Zimmerman         Capitola, CA                         04/13/2010
joelle coudriou        paris, France                        04/16/2010
Maria Borremans        Brussels, Belgium                    04/17/2010
Miwa Kunz-Kuwahara     Heddesheim, Germany                  04/17/2010
Johanna Operschall     Grass Valley, CA                     04/17/2010
christina doyle        pinckney, MI                         04/17/2010
Sara Thomas            Arlington, TX                        04/17/2010
Name                         Location                   Date

Erica Borremans              Brussels BELGIUM, MI       04/17/2010
heather brown                fort bragg, CA             04/18/2010
Marie-Paule Rombaut          Cagnes sur Mer, France     04/18/2010
Paul Hester                  Neptune Beach, FL          04/18/2010
Andrea Geist                 Grapevine, TX              04/18/2010
Ginger Geronimo              Birmingham, AL             04/18/2010
charles mclachlan            none, United Kingdom       04/18/2010
Karen Herwig                 Portage, WI                04/18/2010
dan saunders                 skowhegan, ME              04/18/2010
HannahNoInvites H.           Happy, TX                  04/18/2010
Anna Drummond                Grass Valley, CA           04/18/2010
morgan connery               Lampasas, TX               04/18/2010
Julie Uelman                 Buena Park, CA             04/18/2010
torrie gooch                 wasilla, AK                04/18/2010
Action for our Planet .com   Ludlow, United Kingdom     04/19/2010
KD Haferkamp                 Garland, TX                04/19/2010
Joan E Loza Mobry            Madison, WI                04/20/2010
Sanja Lalic                  Zagreb, AS                 04/21/2010
Cindy Donica                 Playa Del Rey, CA          04/22/2010
Bhanu Lohumi                 Karnal, IN                 04/23/2010
Deb Brown                    Raleigh, NC                04/23/2010
D. Kutter Windsor            North Richland Hills, TX   04/23/2010
William Lowe                 goleta, CA                 04/23/2010
nicole l                     las vegas, NV              04/24/2010
Cynthia Woodcock             Nunya, NC                  04/29/2010
FORT Laurent                 lomme, AL                  05/01/2010
Jessica Myracle              Atascadero, CA             05/01/2010
Lynn Miller                  Glens Falls, NY            05/08/2010
Dawn Trimble                 dallas, TX                 05/10/2010
Name                      Location                          Date

Dean Leh                  Albuquerque, NM                   05/10/2010
Chantal Buslot            Hasselt, Belgium                  05/11/2010
Ron Avila                 San Francisco, CA                 05/11/2010
neha tandon               Pune, India                       05/11/2010
SHARON TRUAX              SMYRNA, DE                        05/12/2010
Peggy Acosta              Womelsdorf, PA                    05/15/2010
Gail Costic               Bushkill, PA                      05/15/2010
Karolina Lisewska         New York, NY                      05/17/2010
Emma GAILLARD             Quatre Bornes, Mauritius          05/17/2010
Brian Blatch              Black River, ID                   05/17/2010
Fabrice Blatch            Petite Riviere Noire, Mauritius   05/17/2010
Jean Marc PIAT            Curepipe, Mauritius               05/17/2010
Kristy Mitchell           Stephenville, TX                  05/18/2010
Anne Pismont              Plaine M, Mauritius               05/18/2010
rachel taikie             quatre-bornes, Mauritius          05/18/2010
Sheila Ray                Philpot, KY                       05/18/2010
Ella Chernovian           Rockford, GA                      05/18/2010
J.P. Portelli             New York, NY                      05/18/2010
Alyssa Clement            Anniston, AL                      05/18/2010
Ewa Lisewska              New York, NY                      05/18/2010
Karen Satterfield         Germantown, WI                    05/18/2010
Brianne Sweeney           Hendersonville, TN                05/18/2010
cc king                   London, United Kingdom            05/19/2010
Susan Armistead           Key LArgo, FL                     05/19/2010
Mike Schena               parkcity, IL                      05/19/2010
Donna Charlap             Groton, MA                        05/19/2010
matt washam               calabasas, CA                     05/21/2010
Christopher David Moore   West Chester, PA                  05/23/2010
Patrizia Scally           Houston, TX                       05/28/2010
Name                     Location                     Date

Sydney Bent              Redlands, CA                 05/30/2010
Beatrice Baxter          Ilford, United Kingdom       05/31/2010
LiLi Rasekhi             Ashburn, VA                  06/06/2010
Joe Park                 Portland, OR                 06/08/2010
Jennifer Hagens          Amsterdam, Netherlands       06/10/2010
Wendy Forster            Manchester, United Kingdom   06/18/2010
Yasiu Kruszynski         Chicago, IL                  06/20/2010
carmen vasile            triuggio, Italy              06/20/2010
Lucas Farrell            Hamburg, Germany             06/20/2010
Natasha Leite de Moura   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil       06/20/2010
Deana Palmer             Burton, MI                   06/20/2010
Thomas Cole              Hastings, MN                 06/20/2010
holly timlin             perth, WA                    06/20/2010
Bobbie Murray            Raleigh, NC                  06/20/2010
Beth Patterson           Sparks, NV                   06/20/2010
liz bradshaw             dayton, OH                   06/20/2010
tortiller jean-luc       biches, FL                   06/21/2010
James Graf               Perth Amboy, NJ              06/21/2010
Julie Goldman            Chesterfield, MO             06/21/2010
Susan Esposito           Staten Island, NY            06/21/2010
Anita Clemmer            Jessup, MD                   06/21/2010
Ann Stephens             Bethune, SC                  06/21/2010
Amber Thrasher           Port Orchard, WA             06/24/2010
Pearl Gilman             Seattle, WA                  06/25/2010
Barbara McNamara         Joppa, MD                    06/25/2010
Reba Smith               Charlotte, NC                06/25/2010
Richard Hollister        Tucson, AZ                   06/25/2010
Emeral Baxter            Lyndhurst, OH                06/25/2010
veronica pankiw          toronto, Canada              06/26/2010
Name                 Location                    Date

Maria Lipi_ska       Ostrowiec _w., Poland       06/26/2010
Sophia Mosconi       Brooklyn, IA                06/26/2010
Patrick Taylor       San Francisco, CA           06/27/2010
Melissa Wise         Benbrook, TX                06/28/2010
Gabriele Martinec    Wien, Austria               06/28/2010
Susan Bell           Las Vegas, NV               06/29/2010
Chelsea Madison      Oakand, CA                  06/30/2010
jamie greer          west orange, NJ             06/30/2010
vivian lombardozzi   hicksville, NY              06/30/2010
Christina Jones      Wichita, KS                 07/01/2010
Stephanie Keirn      Dallastown, PA              07/02/2010
Stephen Greene       Medford, OR                 07/03/2010
Pam Johnson          Lake Village, IN            07/04/2010
Joanna Kara          Sofia, Bulgaria             07/04/2010
Kurt Frees           Cincinnati, OH              07/04/2010
Sky Sunday           Emmaus, PA                  07/05/2010
Katie Taylor         Little Rock, AR             07/06/2010
Mackenna Carr        Fayetteville, NC            07/06/2010
Pamela Pourreyron    Bath, ME                    07/07/2010
Jorgen Deman         Menen, Belgium              07/07/2010
Carin Zellerman      New york, NY                07/11/2010
Leslie Baker         Fort Worth, TX              07/12/2010
Traci Newcomb        Nashville, NC               07/12/2010
karen ericson        bothell, WA                 07/13/2010
Fulvia Marino        Torre Annunziata, Italy     07/14/2010
CINDY COLLIER        WAKEFIELD, United Kingdom   07/14/2010
Laura Herndon        Burbank, CA                 07/15/2010
Fred Paulson         Rochester, NY               07/15/2010
Jessie Humphrey      Paulden, AZ                 07/16/2010
Name                               Location                    Date

angela fazzari                     portland, OR                07/17/2010
Eliette Bozzola                    St MARTIN de CRAU, France   07/18/2010
Dillon Burroughs                   Chattanooga, TN             07/18/2010
*C* .                              Greeneville, TN             07/19/2010
Esther Wolk                        Medford, MA                 07/20/2010
Mary Truelove                      Martinsville, IN            07/21/2010
Lilo Prinz                         Au/ZH, AL                   07/22/2010
Ariel Hill                         Newnan, GA                  07/30/2010
Magdalena Mazurek                  Marco Island, FL            07/30/2010
Stephen Bross                      Boulder, CO                 08/02/2010
patricia myers                     ancramdale, NY              08/03/2010
Karen Tucker                       Pensacola, FL               08/03/2010
Caleb Laieski                      Phoenix, AZ                 08/04/2010
Laurie Sudol                       Clarkdale, AZ               08/04/2010
cathala corine                     Pierrelatte, France         08/05/2010
darius dirzinskas                  london, United Kingdom      08/06/2010
Lee Rowell                         Richardson, TX              08/06/2010
Erin Hope Blitz                    Boca Raton, FL              08/06/2010
Melissa Webber                     Koddak, TN                  08/07/2010
Valerie Hildebrand                 Winnipeg, MB., Canada       08/10/2010
Lorri Makela                       Angel Fire, NM              08/10/2010
sue Schümmer                       Ulm, DE                     08/11/2010
Naresh Kadyan Rep. OIPA in India   Delhi, India                08/11/2010
Stephanie Vitt                     Woodstock, GA               08/11/2010
Edward S. Gault                    Berlin, MA                  08/11/2010
Agastya Kapoor                     Mumbai, MH                  08/11/2010
Paige Harrison, R.N.               New York, NY                08/11/2010
karen hill                         new bern, NC                08/11/2010
Eleni Michaels                     Sydney, Australia           08/12/2010
Name                        Location                      Date

Anne-Marie Monarovic        Melbourne, Australia          08/12/2010
Gene Yakub                  Treviso, Italy                08/12/2010
Carina Eriksson             Billesholm, Sweden            08/12/2010
Kavitha Vasan               Dubai, United Arab Emirates   08/12/2010
AnimalSpirit Diana Martz    Shelbyville, IN               08/12/2010
Judy Penna                  Holiday, FL                   08/12/2010
Timmi Sommer                Dana Point, CA                08/12/2010
Benjamin Johnson V          bremen, GA                    08/12/2010
Lena Rehberger              Grebenhain, Germany           08/13/2010
Eva Zaharieva               Sofia, Bulgaria               08/13/2010
elena tripatzi              Rafina, AL                    08/13/2010
Vanditta Diwakar            Suva, HI                      08/15/2010
Jean Greene                 Ellerbe, NC                   08/15/2010
Tatiana Torres              Bogota, Colombia              08/17/2010
Michele Mercer              Casa Grande, AZ               08/18/2010
lydia wrench                jackson, NJ                   08/18/2010
Andrea Dorazio              ashburnham, MA                08/19/2010
sharon collette             Athens, GA                    08/21/2010
OIPA in India               Delhi, IN                     08/22/2010
Jean Lord                   Cliffwood Beach, NJ           08/23/2010
Mary Alexander              Glen Allen, VA                08/23/2010
Denise Bell                 Moreton, AL                   08/23/2010
Margaret Bussa              Brunswick, ME                 08/23/2010
michael o'leary             wichita, KS                   08/23/2010
Colleen Klaum               Allentown, PA                 08/23/2010
Michelle McCaulley          Corrales, NM                  08/23/2010
Suanna Antoinette Andrews   Athens, AL                    08/23/2010
Leticia Frutos              Santa Cruz, CA                08/23/2010
Kelly Garriott              Lampasas, TX                  08/24/2010
Name                           Location                 Date

Bettina Lorenz                 Rhede, Germany           08/24/2010
kristin carden                 rehoboth, MA             08/24/2010
Danièle TRANCHANT              CASTELSARRASIN, FM       08/24/2010
Jacqueline S.                  Pembroke, NC             08/29/2010
Elisabeth Emma Lehner          Wels, Austria            08/29/2010
Sarah Confer                   Franklin, PA             08/30/2010
Echo G.                        Ashland, OH              08/31/2010
Arlene Mercer                  Casa Grande, AZ          08/31/2010
elisabetta rossi               savona, Italy            09/01/2010
Jimmy Armstrong                Poplarville, MS          09/01/2010
andrea steinke                 london, AL               09/02/2010
Kristin Marshall               Fillmore, NY             09/02/2010
Dennis Hull                    boone, NC                09/02/2010
SJ Champ                       Los Angeles, CA          09/02/2010
Judith Abel                    Basel, Switzerland       09/04/2010
andrea connelly                Montreal, Canada         09/04/2010
Dianne Hillier                 London, United Kingdom   09/05/2010
Maria Lobo                     Catamarca, AR            09/05/2010
carlee trent                   springfield, OH          09/05/2010
CAROL HANDRAS                  Belvidere, NJ            09/06/2010
C. Pipkin                      Chicago, IL              09/08/2010
Desirree Marlena Clonch-Huff   Vale, NC                 09/09/2010
Marta Correia                  Lisboa, Portugal         09/10/2010
deb baird                      cranberry twp, PA        09/10/2010
julie wiencek                  seven hills, OH          09/11/2010
ryan mckenzie                  CA                       09/11/2010
Angie Starling                 Hickory, NC              09/11/2010
alicia vázquez                 Madrid/Spain, AL         09/12/2010
Nicole Weber                   Pasadena, MD             09/16/2010
Name                Location                       Date

Tom Maxwell         Los Angeles, CA                09/17/2010
Olga Abella         Robinson, IL                   09/17/2010
Jens U. Loehner     Hof, Germany                   09/19/2010
Kathy Kahn          Lake Mills, WI                 09/19/2010
Christiane H        Weissenfels, Germany           09/19/2010
christine harbo     berkeley, CA                   09/20/2010
Peter Scott         Knox, IN                       09/20/2010
Melissah Chadwick   Melbourne, Australia           09/20/2010
Amanda Baldwin      Mount Joy, PA                  09/23/2010
Hege Marit Hostad   Elnesvågen, Norway             09/23/2010
Deb J               Newprague, MN                  09/23/2010
Corinna Morton      Salt Lake City, UT             09/24/2010
Roxanna Musteata    Tauranga, New Zealand          09/24/2010
Veronica Hayes      Ferndale, MI                   09/24/2010
paula b             johnstown, PA                  09/24/2010
David Tsosie        Phx, AZ                        09/25/2010
BINDI THATCHER      lower morden, United Kingdom   09/26/2010
Dianne Berings      Deurne, Belgium                09/28/2010
Scott Burbridge     Takoma Park, MD                09/29/2010
Per Ingebrigtsen    Bergen norge, Norway           10/03/2010
Jennifer Rogers     Newport, NH                    10/03/2010
Dana Hershkowitz    Brooklyn, NY                   10/03/2010
Marina Asher        Brooklyn, NY                   10/03/2010
Ron Clark           Willits, CA                    10/03/2010
Dan(iel) Metzger    Allentown, PA                  10/04/2010
Francisco Morato    Lisbon, Portugal               10/04/2010
Sheila Gredzinski   Atglen, PA                     10/04/2010
Luis Zuñiga         Guayaquil, Ecuador             10/04/2010
sherri garner       grand island, NY               10/04/2010
Name                   Location                       Date

Natasa Delic           Belgrade, Serbia               10/05/2010
Iwona Janeczko         Warsaw, Poland                 10/05/2010
Kurt Valentine         Den Haag, WV                   10/05/2010
Jennifer Bates         Corning, NY                    10/05/2010
Levin Manabat          Portland, Afghanistan          10/05/2010
Sarah Oswald           Melbourne, FL                  10/05/2010
Dar Woo                RDS, NC                        10/06/2010
Deanna Mok             Singapore, Singapore           10/06/2010
Victor Escobar         Midlothian, VA                 10/06/2010
Julie Lafferty         boise, ID                      10/07/2010
Claudia Wegman         palm desert, CA                10/07/2010
Carl Nylund            Grandview, MO                  10/09/2010
Elisabeth Bechmann     St. Pölten, Austria            10/09/2010
Ayah Alfawaris         Irbid, Jordan                  10/09/2010
James Sullivan         Chicago, IL                    10/10/2010
Elmarie Fourie         Cape Town, South Africa        10/11/2010
maria mcbride          Englewood, CO                  10/11/2010
Isabelle Roeland       Waterloo, Belgium              10/11/2010
Claudia Yeo            Playa Del Rey, CA              10/12/2010
narender sihag         ........, India                10/15/2010
Slavica Vukelic        Belgrade, Serbia               10/15/2010
Sézille Mathilde       Vélizy-villacoublay, France    10/15/2010
Tanya Willis           Lewes, DE                      10/15/2010
marie perthuisot       La Garde, UT                   10/16/2010
Constanta Elvira       Bucarest, Romania              10/16/2010
Lucinda Jane Burdett   Sanlucar de Barrameda, Spain   10/16/2010
CATHALA Corine         26700, France                  10/16/2010
Faith Campbell         Ontario, Canada                10/16/2010
Diana Ferreira         Paços de Ferreira, Portugal    10/17/2010
Name                   Location                 Date

Ewa Piasecka           Warsaw, Poland           10/17/2010
colin Quinn            Libertyville, IL         10/17/2010
Elisabeth Kelly        Washington, DC           10/18/2010
MacKenize Daniels      Decatur, IL              10/19/2010
Theory Madison         Birmingham, MI           10/20/2010
Leslie Fox             Bedford, NH              10/21/2010
PRIYANKA KAPOOR        NOIDA, India             10/22/2010
desiree haney          west newton, PA          10/22/2010
Sarah Panullo          Waymart, PA              10/22/2010
Ramona Thompson        Birmingham, AL           10/23/2010
Abbas Shamael Rizvi    New Delhi, India         10/24/2010
Sharon Connors         Woodbine, GA             10/24/2010
Helen Bertrand         New York, NY             10/24/2010
Michael Carney         Runnemede, NJ            10/25/2010
Priy_ S_'bl_           Pune, India              10/27/2010
Michela Messineo       Roma, Italy              10/28/2010
Brenda Hixenbaugh      Great Falls, MT          10/29/2010
jennifer chin          menifee, CA              10/29/2010
Kit Blumenstein        Lewisville, TX           10/30/2010
Viktoria Misinszki     Bacska Topolya, Serbia   11/01/2010
Ritva Janhonen         Jyväskylä, Finland       11/01/2010
Anthony Ehredt         Chicago, IL              11/03/2010
Jinny Lee              Melrose, FL              11/05/2010
Sukanya Kadyan         Delhi, India             11/05/2010
Rachel Mangan          North Olmsted, OH        11/06/2010
Arwen Jones            Kenner, LA               11/11/2010
Lori Kegler            San Pedro, CA            11/12/2010
Sudershan Dhandharia   Kolkatta, India          11/13/2010
sarah vanbelle         bruxelles, Belgium       11/13/2010
Name                     Location                         Date

Anupama Dawson           Mississauga, Canada              11/13/2010
ANN LAFAVE               Bloomfield,Ont., CA              11/14/2010
Steven I                 Jensen Beach, FL                 11/15/2010
Carol Hupp               JACKSONVILLE, FL                 11/15/2010
Anjali Sharma            Noida, IN                        11/16/2010
Patricia Austin-Puccio   Rowayton, CT                     11/16/2010
Cindy Brower             Chicago, IL                      11/16/2010
Dawn Edwards             chicago, IL                      11/16/2010
Linda Alvarez            Albuquerque, NM                  11/16/2010
Sarah Robin              Minneapolis, MN                  11/16/2010
Bernard jean luc         gennevilliers, France            11/16/2010
Pauline Cousins          chepstow gwent, United Kingdom   11/16/2010
elizabeth findlay        tenbury wells, United Kingdom    11/16/2010
Susannah Kegler          San Pedro, CA                    11/16/2010
Rita Ross                Indian Valley, VA                11/16/2010
fabienne roudaire        lyon, VI                         11/17/2010
Sandra Hudson-Knapp      Poultney, VT                     11/17/2010
Debra Olech              Williamsburg, VA                 11/17/2010
Betty Jean Herner        Strongsville, OH                 11/17/2010
Elena Diamanti           Tessaloniki, Greece              11/17/2010
Karen Joy Choate         Lakeview, AR                     11/17/2010
franzoi elisa            cossato, Italy                   11/17/2010
France Dombrowski        Quebec City, Canada              11/17/2010
LAZAR GABRIELA           BUCURESTI, IA                    11/17/2010
Sara Gonçalves           Lisbon, PW                       11/17/2010
Sami Signorino           Kokomo, IN                       11/17/2010
Sonia Trimboli           Catania, Italy                   11/17/2010
clare howell             salisbury, United Kingdom        11/17/2010
Ginger Slayton           Vincennes, IN                    11/17/2010
Name                 Location                             Date

Glaucia Lolli        Northford, CT                        11/17/2010
Holly Brileya        Brandon, VT                          11/17/2010
Jamie Halkyard       Auckland, New Zealand                11/17/2010
Joan Syck            Indianapolis, IN                     11/17/2010
Sydney Colvin        Austin, TX                           11/17/2010
sanja cvijanovic     rijeka, Croatia                      11/18/2010
Tina Nostadt         Frankfurt, DE                        11/18/2010
Ramona Herrmann      March, Germany                       11/18/2010
Beate Michl          Nandlstadt, DE                       11/18/2010
Lina Santos          Lisbon, Portugal                     11/18/2010
Lesley Dove          London, UK, NY                       11/18/2010
Lucy Bradford        Stroud, IN                           11/18/2010
Ramona Schönhofer    Spiegelau, Germany                   11/18/2010
Dr. Kerstin Huf      Ingelheim, Germany                   11/18/2010
lory tinker          bologna, Italy                       11/18/2010
Silvia de la Prada   Alicante, Spain                      11/18/2010
ally Vena            ny, NY                               11/18/2010
Isabella Duffy       Deutsch Evern, Germany               11/18/2010
Zuzana Kajanova      Surany, Slovakia                     11/18/2010
Carla Vieira         Somerville, MA                       11/18/2010
suzanne unthank      manchester, MA                       11/18/2010
Simona Lalic         Maribor, RI                          11/18/2010
lulu liza            los angeles, CA                      11/18/2010
kimberly wolf        new york, NY                         11/18/2010
dessy kalapothakoy   peiraias, Greece                     11/18/2010
Sonia Fey            Deroche, Canada                      11/18/2010
Vivienne Ben-Shir    London, United Kingdom               11/18/2010
deirdre mahon        nutley, NJ                           11/18/2010
Monika Holikova      Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic   11/18/2010
Name                 Location                      Date

Paula Forssén        Bromma, IN                    11/18/2010
Robin vigfusson      Nutley, NJ                    11/18/2010
caroline raward      georges hall, MN              11/18/2010
Martin Labz          Wolfenbüttel, Germany         11/18/2010
Geoff Knight         Truro, United Kingdom         11/18/2010
Marina Markl         Kitzbühel, Austria            11/18/2010
Claudia Zumtobel     Innsbruck, Austria            11/18/2010
Ulrike Stahl         Siegen, Germany               11/18/2010
Kellie Sentance      Derby, United Kingdom         11/18/2010
DAVE BEARD           PERSHORE                      11/18/2010
Anne Holmberg        Copenhagen, Denmark           11/18/2010
Jan Thompson         Chorley, United Kingdom       11/18/2010
Angela Kimbro        Vancouver, WA                 11/18/2010
Jasmine Zdravkovic   wildon, Austria               11/18/2010
michelle strudwick   dorset, United Kingdom        11/18/2010
Corina Khan          Timisoara, Romania            11/18/2010
martin morgan        ASHELDHAM, United Kingdom     11/18/2010
Natalia Esposito     London, United Kingdom        11/18/2010
Lucy Bradford        Stroud, IL                    11/18/2010
wanda jackson        Pinnacle, NC                  11/18/2010
Danielle Cormier     Rancho Santa Margaurita, CA   11/18/2010
Elin Filipsson       Stockholm, Sweden             11/18/2010
irena kleiner        SCHWEIZ, SC                   11/18/2010
Brittney Kraus       st. louis, MO                 11/18/2010
Ischel Bianco        Houston, TX                   11/18/2010
tracey marie         brussel, Belgium              11/18/2010
Kelly McNulty        Boca Raton, FL                11/18/2010
Susan Polk           Olean, NY                     11/18/2010
Mary Bell            Oakland, MD                   11/18/2010
Name                    Location                       Date

Nancy Sasko             Fort Wayne, IN                 11/18/2010
Janet Nelson            Mack, CO                       11/18/2010
debi kaufmann           denver, CO                     11/18/2010
Alex Scanlan            Carpentersville, IL            11/18/2010
lisa rees               whittlesea, CA                 11/18/2010
Jodie Logan             Sunbury, AL                    11/18/2010
ALISON HALM             arlington heights, IL          11/18/2010
Margie Geeb             Chillicothe, OH                11/18/2010
Vladimir Tarlo          Toronto, Canada                11/18/2010
lisa graham             manchester, United Kingdom     11/18/2010
Patti McNeill           Big Hill, Australia            11/18/2010
vladimir tarlo          Toronto, AL                    11/18/2010
Luzia Fletcher          APO, NY                        11/18/2010
Stephanie Schützinger   Hamburg, Germany               11/18/2010
Albert Mah              Como, Australia                11/19/2010
grosjean audrey         wolfisheim, FL                 11/19/2010
HENRIETTE Ring          Blomsterdalen, Norway          11/19/2010
Bonnie Snider           Atlantic Beach, FL             11/19/2010
Kat Knapp               penfield, PA                   11/19/2010
Milla Öst               Eskilstuna, AL                 11/19/2010
Megan Anne Metzelaar    Easton, PA                     11/19/2010
Vivian Seckold          =, LA                          11/19/2010
Liz Dealey              Altona North, Australia        11/19/2010
Jasen Anderson          Brisbane, Australia            11/19/2010
Doniscia VEYSSIERE      Labourse, France               11/19/2010
Olivia Schlosser        Mansfield Center, CT           11/19/2010
Reneta Petrova          Sofia, CA                      11/19/2010
Cordelia Stollberg      Port Elizabeth, South Africa   11/19/2010
Inge von Jaduczynski    Unterschleissheim, Germany     11/19/2010
Name                            Location                 Date

Sharon Fischer                  Granville, NY            11/19/2010
Daniela Baer                    Freiburg, Germany        11/19/2010
Klaus Ruppert                   Freiburg, AL             11/19/2010
Hv                              Hoofddorp, Netherlands   11/19/2010
Marely Rios                     Spring, TX               11/19/2010
issenlor melinda                lautenbach zell, FL      11/19/2010
Sandra Martinho                 Chaves, Portugal         11/19/2010
Chrissy VanderHeide-Stolarski   Windsor, MI              11/19/2010
Violet Beasley                  Raytown, MO              11/19/2010
Stephanie Humphries             Virginia Beach, VA       11/19/2010
EDWARD G. MRKVICKA              LAS VEGAS, NV            11/19/2010
Annika Pettersson               Boden, NY                11/19/2010
Mark Dinkel                     Salina, KS               11/19/2010
Marianne Hatfield               Mishawaka, IN            11/19/2010
anita mahdessian                san diego, CA            11/19/2010
Paulina Hoppel                  Poznan, Poland           11/19/2010
Kirsty Scott                    Queretaro, Mexico        11/19/2010
Kate Kenner                     Jamaica Plain, MA        11/19/2010
Manwah Lee                      Chicago, IL              11/19/2010
Arthur Liles                    China Grove, NC          11/19/2010
Dana Giordano                   Philadelphia, PA         11/19/2010
Megan Speight                   Kenora, Canada           11/19/2010
Megan Hausmann                  Samford, Australia       11/19/2010
Judith Wisboro                  Worcester, MA            11/19/2010
Deborah Downs                   perth, WA                11/19/2010
Jill Vickerman                  Yzerfontein, TX          11/20/2010
Shizuka Takahashi               Poznan, Poland           11/20/2010
Kathryn Agel                    Dunnellon, FL            11/20/2010
Sonja Nielsen                   Glostrup, Denmark        11/20/2010
Name                   Location                  Date

Klara Bruemmer         Geldern, Germany          11/20/2010
Anouk Van Damme        Heusden                   11/20/2010
Irene Lercher          Bruck, AS                 11/20/2010
Jerilyn Capaccione     Aliquippa, PA             11/20/2010
Tina Nikolovska        Belgrade, Serbia          11/20/2010
Samantha Acland        Hull, United Kingdom      11/20/2010
James Walker           janesville, WI            11/20/2010
Nadja Boethin          Baeretswil, Switzerland   11/20/2010
Nadja Böthin           Bäretswil, FM             11/20/2010
isabelle leveillard    los angeles, CA           11/20/2010
Raluca Keskin          Bucharest, Romania        11/21/2010
Dawn Gemme             Stanfield, AZ             11/21/2010
Pia Mustonen           Tampere, Finland          11/21/2010
andreas stein          leipzig, DE               11/21/2010
Ivana Grmoja           zagreb, FL                11/22/2010
NANCY PIERCE           Denver, CO                11/22/2010
Cynthia Henley         Houston, TX               11/22/2010
Mary Rausch            Lynnwood, WA              11/22/2010
Dr Manolas             Queens, NY                11/22/2010
Chase Gentry           Old Hickory, TN           11/22/2010
Andrea Barlow          Bournemouth, UT           11/23/2010
ana-maria sourmelis    NY, Cyprus                11/23/2010
leveillard geraldine   new york, NY              11/23/2010
joyce waldie           moyock, NC                11/23/2010
MARIA CHORATTA         NICOSIA, Cyprus           11/25/2010
Ashley Roberts         Rome, GA                  11/25/2010
Lisa Zarafonetis       Dallas, TX                11/25/2010
Amish Mehta            ........, IN              11/27/2010
Ira Mak                Jerusalem, Israel         11/27/2010
Name                  Location                           Date

monica russo          torre annunziata(na), IA           11/27/2010
Kim Bigley            Houston, TX                        11/27/2010
Denise LaChance       Los Angeles, CA                    11/28/2010
Kate Macdonald        Wendouree, Australia               11/28/2010
Laverne Wallace       Charlotte, NC                      11/28/2010
Nationalspca Nepal    Kathmandu, Nepal, Nepal            11/28/2010
Mahesh Aggarwal       Agra, India                        11/29/2010
Charles Muehlhof      Danville, PA                       11/29/2010
Vahana Hilke Eitner   Hoofddorp, Netherlands             11/29/2010
Rohit Ossum Dahiya    Delhi, India                       11/29/2010
Larry D. Grazier      Lexington, TX                      11/29/2010
Christine Blake       Yellville, AR                      11/29/2010
Brinda Davis          McCleary, WA                       11/29/2010
Daiane Silva          DURHAM, NC                         11/30/2010
Kelly Butler          Essex, United Kingdom              12/02/2010
sebastien vigne       albi, France                       12/04/2010
Marco Gazzola         New York City, NY                  12/05/2010
laurence auffret      caudan, France                     12/05/2010
didem coban           istanbul, Turkey                   12/05/2010
dupas patricia        bagneux, FM                        12/05/2010
Eva Fidjeland         Orrefors, Sweden                   12/05/2010
Becky Coop            Banbridge, United Kingdom          12/05/2010
Saakshi Tanwar        Mumbai, India                      12/06/2010
Vijay Somany          Rewari, India                      12/07/2010
DONNA MOCK            MEDFORD, OR                        12/07/2010
Jim Mock              Medford, OR                        12/07/2010
Sajjan Singh          Bikaner, India                     12/08/2010
Social Activist       Mumbai, IN                         12/08/2010
Annie May             Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom   12/08/2010
Name                         Location                     Date

zelime matthews              colorado springs, CO         12/09/2010
Kitty Autumn                 Catopia, United Kingdom      12/12/2010
GRANT AND MARY EVANS         NORTH PALM BEACH, FL         12/12/2010
Cia Jackson                  Aurora, CO                   12/12/2010
Rebecca Lynn Mayo            Bridgewater, NH              12/12/2010
Laura Marinelli              Clifton, NJ                  12/14/2010
Jace Kai                     Middle Village, NY           12/14/2010
Debra Nacovsky               Toms River, NJ               12/14/2010
Fran M                       brooklyn, NY                 12/14/2010
Brian LaRoche                Grand Island, NE             12/14/2010
Sharon Prymaka               Gloucester, United Kingdom   12/15/2010
Katharine Noble              Marietta, GA                 12/15/2010
GINA PARISI                  Staten Island, NY            12/16/2010
Patty Antonucci              tinton falls, NJ             12/16/2010
Susan Sinotte                Kelowna, BC, Canada          12/16/2010
Jackie Tryggeseth            Sauk City, WI                12/16/2010
Madhu Goyal                  New Delhi, India             12/16/2010
Abhishek Kadyan Journalist   Delhi, IN                    12/17/2010
Penelope Ryan                Tucson, AZ                   12/20/2010
enrico miolli                settimo torinese, Italy      12/21/2010
Ricardo Moreira              Porto, Portugal              12/22/2010
Caleb Laieski                Phoenix, AZ                  12/23/2010
marie elaina rago            allentown, PA                12/24/2010
Henri De Decker              Tisselt, NE                  12/24/2010
Rani Rubdi                   Pune, India                  12/26/2010
vignesh kartik               Chicago, IL                  12/26/2010
june bullied                 toronto, CA                  12/26/2010
Cyndi Mears                  Chicago, IL                  12/26/2010
Judith King                  Oakville, CT                 12/26/2010
Name                      Location                         Date

Irena Gabut               Krakow, Poland                   12/26/2010
Yvette Tapp               Santa Fe, NM                     12/26/2010
Sharda Kadyan             Delhi, India                     12/26/2010
Danielle Tran             Calgary, CA                      12/27/2010
Amit Deol                 SIROHI,RAJASTHAN STATE, India    12/27/2010
Susan Pernot              Cortez, CO                       12/27/2010
Rochat Sylvie             La Sarraz, Switzerland           12/27/2010
Dr. Michael Blott         poway, CA                        12/27/2010
terezia ildiko fogarasi   oradea, Romania                  12/28/2010
Jerry Mayeux              Hattiesburg, MS                  12/28/2010
patricia m lasek          barneveld, NY                    12/28/2010
Esther Zamora             Hesperia, CA                     12/28/2010
JR                        Buzet, Croatia                   12/28/2010
V Sherrill                Boardman, OH                     12/28/2010
ALEXANDRA PAZ             S.Clarita, CA                    12/28/2010
Melissa Slack             Newburgh, NY                     12/28/2010
Evelyn Badeau             Calgary, Canada                  12/28/2010
Danuta Watola             Kalety, Poland                   12/29/2010
marleen geudens           westerlo, Belgium                12/29/2010
Nancy Roussy              Ste-Florence, Canada             12/29/2010
Olja Kaludjerovic         Kotor, WA                        12/29/2010
Eva Ahl                   Arvika, Sweden                   12/29/2010
Manuel Marin              aberdeen, United Kingdom         12/29/2010
janelle graham            Seaton, Australia                12/29/2010
Martina Schoppe           Golmbach, AL                     12/29/2010
Linda Bescript            Tucson, AZ                       12/29/2010
Ángel Marina              Palma de Mallorca, Spain         12/30/2010
Lindsey Powell            Essex, United Kingdom            12/30/2010
Jessica Nyquist           Colton, Oregon, United Kingdom   12/30/2010
Name                    Location                     Date

Katherine Whitson       Prairie Village, KS          12/30/2010
carol crunkhorn         Auckland, New Zealand        12/31/2010
Nancy Heintz            Chandler, AZ                 12/31/2010
Ruth Bescript           Tucson, AZ                   01/01/2011
Eileen McKay            New York City, NY            01/02/2011
Jeremy Combs            allegan, MI                  01/04/2011
Ella Reeves             Vancouver, CA                01/06/2011
Lise Vandal             Alma, CA                     01/06/2011
Andreia Capelo          Funchal, Portugal            01/07/2011
Selena Nunez            Tucson, AZ                   01/07/2011
gail harris             damascus, MD                 01/07/2011
Genoveva M              Tucson, AZ                   01/07/2011
Rachael Pahl            Lake Villa, IL               01/07/2011
Max Bustos              Concord, VA                  01/08/2011
Rachael Pahl            Chicago, IL                  01/08/2011
Joyce O'Malley          Lake Forest Park, WA         01/08/2011
Derek Waldmann          Cincinnati, OH               01/09/2011
J Colon                 Columbus, OH                 01/10/2011
Howard Calvert          Reno, NV                     01/10/2011
Dana Hoffman            Grand Rapids, MN             01/12/2011
Elle Simpson            Doylestown, PA               01/12/2011
gini denbeste           las vegas, NV                01/13/2011
rhonda conway           San Antonio, TX              01/13/2011
Ryan Lewis              Roanoke, VA                  01/15/2011
Sharon Poore            Port St. Lucie, FL           01/16/2011
Suzanna van der Voort   Maastricht, Netherlands      01/16/2011
Natasia Coote           manchester, United Kingdom   01/16/2011
RC H                    Montreal, AK                 01/16/2011
Klaudio Negric          Rijeka, Croatia              01/18/2011
Name                   Location                     Date

Andrew Fraser          Cootehill, Ireland           01/18/2011
nancy sands            brooklyn, NY                 01/18/2011
Gloria Monroe          Grants Pass, OR              01/18/2011
Carla Leonette         Aurora, TX                   01/19/2011
kristen davies         Chicago, IL                  01/19/2011
MaryFaye Godwin        Hillsborough, NC             01/19/2011
Thomas Chadwick        Gastonia, NC                 01/19/2011
Kristina Golemanova    Gabrovo, Bulgaria            01/20/2011
Ruth Stefano           San Jose, CA                 01/20/2011
Carol Krena            Pittsburgh, PA               01/21/2011
John Miller            portland, OR                 01/21/2011
Brenda W               port colborne, CA            01/21/2011
Constance Franklin     Los Angeles, CA              01/22/2011
Madhumathy Sugavanam   San Diego, CA                01/23/2011
Alicia Ogburn          Philadelphia, PA             01/23/2011
angie tommey           columbus, GA                 01/23/2011
Reynaldo Alcantara     Orange Park, FL              01/24/2011
Olga D                 fremont, CA                  01/24/2011
Ashley Hunsberger      Philadelphia, PA             01/25/2011
Ginny Messier          Falling Waters, WV           01/26/2011
Carol Appel            los Angeles, CA              01/26/2011
Mariana Zuniga         Canoga Park, CA              01/26/2011
Holly Crawford         Peachtree City, GA           01/26/2011
Katherine Jin          NYC, NY                      01/26/2011
tortiller jean luc     nevers, France               01/27/2011
Sally McIntyre         Evergreen, CO                01/27/2011
Marilyn Martin         Rockville, MD                01/28/2011
Sharon S Bailey        Richardson, TX               01/28/2011
Kerry Woodham          Manchester, United Kingdom   01/31/2011
Name                  Location                        Date

Tony Menechella       Frankfort, KY                   02/01/2011
Kathleen Basiewicz    Dana, NC                        02/02/2011
Robert Scott Wolfe    Cranston, RI                    02/06/2011
Pepucho Lengualarga   Key Biscayne, FL                02/06/2011
ashley perez          NY, NY                          02/06/2011
Teresa Barbour        Taylorsville, NC                02/09/2011
Debbie R              Post Falls, ID                  02/10/2011
Michelle Sibinovic    Temple City, CA                 02/12/2011
LISA COOK             FORT WORTH, TX                  02/13/2011
isabel esteve         igualada, Spain                 02/13/2011
"Maureen North"       Shortsville, NY                 02/14/2011
Jay Thomas            Miami, FL                       02/15/2011
Paulette Crystal      Bradley, FL                     02/16/2011
Christina Truog       Ostermundigen, AL               02/17/2011
shruti raheja         delhi, IN                       02/17/2011
inu gupta             bhopal, india                   02/17/2011
andrzej adam kopec    melksham, United Kingdom        02/18/2011
Colette Marshall      Uckfield, United Kingdom        02/19/2011
Krithika Srinivasan   London, United Kingdom          02/20/2011
Meher Toorkey         London, United Kingdom          02/22/2011
Karine Michel         Bruxelles, Belgium              02/24/2011
Julie Cavalca         Newark, DE                      02/26/2011
Naresh Kadyan         Delhi, IN                       02/26/2011
Jane Burgess          West Bromwich, United Kingdom   02/27/2011
Ann Rigby             Totnes, United Kingdom          02/27/2011
Stewart Goodman       Brisbane, Australia             02/28/2011
Michael Dontas        Lancaster, PA                   03/01/2011
Julie Hopkins         Doubleview, Australia           03/01/2011
Sandra Seiça          Aveiro, Portugal                03/02/2011
Name                       Location                       Date

Angelica Schnyder          New Florence, MO               03/06/2011
Margaret Rigsby            Hazel Green, AL                03/06/2011
Naresh Kadyan              Delhi, India                   03/07/2011
Inge Lewis                 Conway, SC                     03/15/2011
Elena Villarrubia Andres   Madrid, Spain                  03/19/2011
Adrienne Kehr              Massillon, OH                  03/21/2011
Sara E.                    arlington, VA                  03/22/2011
janine Campbell            Zimmerman, MN                  03/23/2011
Dyan Domoslai              Newport Beach, CA              03/23/2011
Amanda Bordelon            Cypress, TX                    03/25/2011
Kirrilee Stone             Adelaide, Australia            03/27/2011
Saurabh Tiwari             Raipur (C.G.), India           03/30/2011
Suzie Gordon               Claremont, NH                  04/03/2011
michele b                  burleigh, NJ                   04/03/2011
louise dale                ferndale, South Africa         04/05/2011
KIMBERLEY HAMILTON         San Jose, CA                   04/05/2011
Kristen Schmitz            Viera, FL                      04/05/2011
Annelies Craig             Nambour, Australia             04/05/2011
Sherri Rannow              Chaska, MN                     04/06/2011
Amla Ramsaran              Cunupia, Trinidad and Tobago   04/06/2011
Bamboo Britney             Round Rock, TX                 04/06/2011
Elizabeth Bona             Burnley, United Kingdom        04/09/2011
CR                         New York, NY                   04/09/2011
Goldie Phillips            ocala, FL                      04/12/2011
Alicia Russell             Peoria, AZ                     04/13/2011
Amy Burrows                Guelph Ontario, Canada         04/13/2011
debra wormald              pahrump, NV                    04/14/2011
Shirley Elliott            Co Dublin, Ireland             04/14/2011
Janice Geller              Aguanga, CA                    04/15/2011
Name                   Location                      Date

Abha Thapliyal         PUNE, India                   04/16/2011
Alison Smith           Las Vegas, NV                 04/16/2011
Deanne Swinehart       East Liverpool, OH            04/18/2011
victoria bas           buenos aires, Argentina       04/18/2011
Deborah Houston        Minneapolis, MN               04/20/2011
Melissa Liquet         Briarwood, NY                 04/20/2011
Mary Brown             Pando, Uruguay                04/21/2011
Mara Bisio             Montevideo, Uruguay           04/21/2011
Tabatha Fugate         Clearwater, FL                04/21/2011
Janet Chase            Bend, OR                      04/21/2011
Pérès Etienne          Paris, France                 04/22/2011
Tracey Cooke           egg harbor township, NJ       04/23/2011
Chella Buch            Canton, OH                    04/23/2011
Mary Ann giacometti    garden city, NY               04/24/2011
holly conway           highland, CA                  04/25/2011
Marion Pena            Montevideo, MI                04/25/2011
rhonda costello        miami, FL                     04/26/2011
Merryweather Taylor    Lee Center, NY                04/26/2011
Josh Alfonso           Deerfield Beach, FL           04/27/2011
Taylor Svete           MARIETTA, GA                  04/28/2011
molly walters          Henderson, NV                 04/30/2011
Devin Del Gallo        Myrtle Beach, SC              05/01/2011
Chelsea Steffenhagen   Sparta, NC                    05/01/2011
Amber Williams         North Charleston, SC          05/03/2011
Alice Leech            Waringstown, United Kingdom   05/03/2011
PATRICIA GAMA          AMADORA LISBOA, Portugal      05/04/2011
Michele Reichwein      Cincinnati, OH                05/04/2011
Lotty Parker Bone      Graca, Portugal               05/04/2011
Paulette Finnegan      Northlake, IL                 05/06/2011
Name                  Location                            Date

marlen telle          bergen, Norway                      05/07/2011
Yvonne Wise           San Diego, CA                       05/07/2011
Paul Haider           Chicago, IL                         05/08/2011
Delia Schamsai        Hamburg, DE                         05/09/2011
Tracey Smith          Lumberton, NC                       05/09/2011
Christian Rodriguez   Deerfield Beach, FL                 05/10/2011
Machaela Youngblood   Woodland, CA                        05/10/2011
Stephanie Larsen      Rosemont, IL                        05/11/2011
SANDRA ROCHA          OPORTO, Portugal                    05/13/2011
Dana Stano            Atlanta, GA                         05/13/2011
sandra noti           allentown, PA                       05/13/2011
ELIZA CLASS           Miami, FL                           05/14/2011
Shani Drake           Seattle, WA                         05/16/2011
Conner Leoncini       Chico, CA                           05/19/2011
Michele Wilkinson     Ashton Under Lyne, United Kingdom   05/22/2011
Ashley Buerkett       Chicago, IL                         05/24/2011
Joey Svetly           Prescott, AZ                        05/24/2011
Emily Dykes           Murfreesboro, TN                    05/24/2011
Miriam O'Brien        Wappingers Falls, NY                05/26/2011
Catherine Worley      Lynn, MA                            05/26/2011
Michelle Elliott      Sydney, Australia                   05/26/2011
Faith Atkinson        Spring Arbor, MI                    05/27/2011
Tina Clarkson         Charlotte, NC                       05/28/2011
Nancy Brown           Puyallup, WA                        05/28/2011
Robin Kivett          Webb City, MO                       05/28/2011
Cindy Kanny           Pittsburgh, PA                      05/29/2011
valérie DISLE         SAINT LEU LA FORET, France          05/30/2011
olivier GOMES         SAINT LEU LA FORET, France          05/31/2011
Nora Singleton        cleveland, OH                       05/31/2011
Name                      Location                  Date

Sylvia K Crossposter      Covina, CA                06/06/2011
Kim Garside               Las Vegas, NV             06/06/2011
Eryn Sperry               Phoenix, AZ               06/09/2011
Rcha h                    seattle, WA               06/10/2011
Val H.                    PARIS, France             06/11/2011
DENISE C                  BRUXELLES, Belgium        06/11/2011
Lotta Stenfelt            Malmoe, Sweden            06/13/2011
Colleen Maranda           Darwin, Australia         06/15/2011
Christina Muni            Wyckoff, NJ               06/15/2011
Lucinda Mackenzie         Australia                 06/15/2011
Cynthia Henley            Houston, TX               06/16/2011
Kayla Robinson            sparta, NC                06/17/2011
Mary Hubbard              Detroit, MI               06/17/2011
Manuela arioli            Milano, Italy             06/19/2011
Samantha Phillips         Singapore, Singapore      06/19/2011
Jain Parsons              Sydney, Australia         06/20/2011
Krysta Potocki            Mississauga, Canada       06/21/2011
megan michaud             mississauga, Canada       06/21/2011
María Jimena Santivañez   Buenos Aires, Argentina   06/22/2011
Lauren Gilmore            Lafayette, IN             06/22/2011
Thalita Arias             Miami, FL                 06/24/2011
annette webster           spencer, MA               06/25/2011
Paul Egan                 Framingham, MA            06/25/2011
Michele Vernet            Garland, TX               06/27/2011
Talia Fisher              new york, NY              06/27/2011
Cassandra Alayon          Staten Island, NY         06/27/2011
Rebecca Lee               County Clare, Ireland     06/29/2011
Ashley Duperreault        vancouver, Canada         06/29/2011
Reidun Carstens           Oslo, Norway              07/02/2011
Name                               Location                        Date

Terje Solheim                      Oslo, AA                        07/02/2011
Naresh Kadyan, Representative of   Delhi, IN                       07/02/2011
OIPA in India
Christine Pinehill                 Brisbane, Australia             07/02/2011
Ioana Mitu                         Bucharest, Romania              07/03/2011
NOELLE FAVREAU                     GAILLAC, France                 07/03/2011
Sian Anaisa                        Chester, United Kingdom         07/03/2011
Antonio Delgado Fenoy              Torre del Mar, Spain            07/03/2011
Eduardo Campos                     Santiago, Chile                 07/03/2011
Daniel Martins                     Figueiros, Portugal             07/03/2011
Marleen Paulus                     Hoegaarden, VI                  07/04/2011
Save The Animals organisation      brisbane, Australia             07/04/2011
Leticia Frutos                     Asuncion, Paraguay              07/05/2011
connor wixom                       colorado springs colorado, CO   07/05/2011
Ashley Sypolt                      kingwood, WV                    07/05/2011
Brittany Furr                      monroe, NC                      07/06/2011
Jessica Jacobson                   Minneapolis, MN                 07/07/2011
Payton Peck                        Lewisville, TX                  07/08/2011
christina syverson                 Wasilla, AK                     07/08/2011
Katherine Sims                     Mocksville, NC                  07/08/2011
Lindsay Hughes                     w springfield, MA               07/08/2011
Lyle Lanes                         Great Falls, MT                 07/09/2011
Debbie Cordera                     Jeannette, PA                   07/09/2011
Lorrraine Cummins                  tazewell, VA                    07/09/2011
kailey beausoleil                  woonsocket, RI                  07/09/2011
Kylie Johnson                      Buena Park, CA                  07/09/2011
Aria Langton                       Phoenix, AZ                     07/09/2011
Brittney Obrien                    Temple, TX                      07/09/2011
T M LaBrie                         Englewood, CO                   07/10/2011
Name                        Location                   Date

Linda Marasco               Ocala, FL                  07/11/2011
maria iannarilli            veroli, Italy              07/12/2011
ivonne reyes                chihuahua, ME              07/12/2011
Nicole Letson               westerly, RI               07/14/2011
Ricardo Delgado Rodríguez   Benalmádena, Spain         07/14/2011
Sarah Perillo               White Plains, MD           07/15/2011
Mark Noble                  Los Angeles, CA            07/16/2011
Aim'ee A. Abington          Rock Island, Afghanistan   07/17/2011
Suni Ibarra                 Rohnert Park,, CA          07/17/2011
Jan Garen                   Swansea, United Kingdom    07/17/2011
Lilian Williams             Bethesda, MD               07/17/2011
Dawn Mason                  Pottsville, PA             07/17/2011
Ruth Johnston               Marion, IL                 07/17/2011
Veronica Belous             Kharkov, Ukraine           07/18/2011
Karse Viechec               Gulf Breeze, FL            07/18/2011
John Nathan Contrea         Boulder, CO                07/18/2011
Kate Matthews               Spokane, WA                07/18/2011
Jess Gill                   garden city, NY            07/20/2011
Rowan O'Connor              oakdlae, NY                07/25/2011
Faija Ahmed                 Parsippany, NJ             07/28/2011
Tasha Young                 Clinton, OK                07/31/2011
Maria Salazar               Miami, FL                  08/01/2011
Sruthi A                    Tulsa, OK                  08/01/2011
Sherry Bendall              Aliso Viejo, CA            08/05/2011
Ericka Lepe                 Buín, Chile                08/06/2011
Caroline Williams           Adelaide, Australia        08/06/2011
John Richard Young          Norristown, PA             08/06/2011
Dr.Shenita Etwaroo          New York, NY               08/06/2011
Andrea Nemec                Osijek, Croatia            08/10/2011
Name                    Location                              Date

Aleasha Casaretto       Collyeville, TX                       08/11/2011
Shakira Tambu           Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                08/11/2011
Rachel Hayes            Wigan, United Kingdom                 08/14/2011
LUCY BEACH              JOHNSTOWN, PA                         08/17/2011
Brandon Winters         south milwaukee, WI                   08/20/2011
Lauren Macura           palm bay, FL                          08/20/2011
Christopher Huang       Sacramento, CA                        08/21/2011
Grainne OCarroll        Blackrock, Ireland                    08/22/2011
Deborah Burgio          Southgate, MI                         08/24/2011
Emily Dudow             Meriden, CT                           08/25/2011
gro ottesen             stavanger, NV                         08/28/2011
fiona munro             darlington, United Kingdom            08/28/2011
Jo Frey                 Russell, KY                           08/28/2011
Dianne Bentley          CAPE CORAL, FL                        08/28/2011
ingrid Padmos           Brijdorpe, Netherlands                08/28/2011
JiYoung Chung           Bundang, Korea, Republic of           08/28/2011
Melissa Werbiski        Winnipeg, 0                           08/28/2011
Sue McGuey              BRAMPTON, Canada                      08/28/2011
Lisa Guerin             Elliot lake, Canada                   08/28/2011
adina ionescu           bucuresti, Romania                    08/29/2011
Kate Cassidy            London, United Kingdom                08/29/2011
Mirella Stok            Amsterdam, Netherlands                08/29/2011
M.A. Gansevoort-Buijs   De Weere, Netherlands                 08/29/2011
K O'Donnell             Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands   08/29/2011
Chris Maez              Yankton, SD                           08/29/2011
vanne hanisch-godoy     victoria, AK                          08/29/2011
Sharon Box              Mason, MI                             08/29/2011
katella ting            alhambra, CA                          08/29/2011
Pilar Rowlette          Minneapolis, MN                       08/29/2011
Name                            Location                        Date

Irma Fleischeuer                Sittard, Netherlands            08/29/2011
carolyn hayton                  evandale, Australia             08/30/2011
Marco_ Baracca                  Milano, Italy                   08/30/2011
MANUELA GAMBOLO                 mojacar, SC                     08/30/2011
adriana bellè                   cori, Italy                     08/30/2011
Sharon Goodman                  Wayne, PA                       08/30/2011
Marguerite Blake                TAMPA, FL                       08/30/2011
leticia jarman                  lynnwood, WA                    08/30/2011
Jackie Cote                     Canton, OH                      08/30/2011
jamie igoe                      torrance, CA                    08/30/2011
Amy Fox                         Columbia, MD                    08/30/2011
Giovanna Lucarelli              Milan, Italy                    08/31/2011
Jeannine Barrett                Oakhurst, Australia             08/31/2011
R Ray                           Wichita, KS                     08/31/2011
Monica Esteve                   Vilanova del Camí, Spain        09/02/2011
Gabriella Serafino              ALTAVILLA VICENTINA, Italy      09/04/2011
Berissa Bubic                   Frankfurt, Germany              09/04/2011
Jo Hampstead                    Milton Keynes, United Kingdom   09/12/2011
Kathie Eberhard                 Pineville, NC                   09/12/2011
victoria womack                 rockford, IL                    09/15/2011
Jennifer Bahmgartner            New Haven, CT                   09/17/2011
Rosalie Cortez                  Tulare, CA                      09/17/2011
don and irene fewell and koch   silver spring, MD               09/20/2011
Enrico Porotti                  Palermo, Italy                  09/23/2011
Melissa Menasian                Cary, NC                        09/24/2011
David Chiasson                  Sarnia, Canada                  09/24/2011
Lukas Martinelli                Pleasant Hill, CA               09/24/2011
Alexis Gerson                   Boynton Beach, FL               09/26/2011
Jessi Cole                      Irving, TX                      09/27/2011
Name                    Location                  Date

Tabitha Coffin          Plano, TX                 09/27/2011
Delliana Ofthesea       Manitou Springs, CO       09/27/2011
Adrienne Kneis          Krefeld, Germany          09/29/2011
Judi Plouffe            Columbia, CT              10/03/2011
Elena Antoniou          Nicosia, Cyprus           10/04/2011
Carol Morriss           Boise, HI                 10/05/2011
Joan Braun              Garfield Heights, OH      10/05/2011
Christa DeWaele         linwood, FL               10/06/2011
Christine Abel          Anchorage, AK             10/08/2011
Facheris Karin A.       Switzerland, DE           10/09/2011
Edgar Guhde             Duesseldorf, Germany      10/09/2011
Bianca Wittkowski       N-Vluyn, DE               10/09/2011
Thomas Wittkowski       N-Vluyn, RI               10/09/2011
Ute Misscho             Duisburg, DE              10/09/2011
Annette Bader           Meerbusch, Germany        10/09/2011
Hartmut Bader           Meerbusch, AL             10/09/2011
Diana Hinkelmann        Wuppertal, Germany        10/09/2011
Dietrich Schwägerl      Ottobrunn, Germany        10/09/2011
viviana ankova          sofia, Bulgaria           10/09/2011
Antonietta Tumminello   Germany, DE               10/09/2011
petra kuppinger         mainz, Germany            10/09/2011
Irene Broßeit           Herford, OR               10/09/2011
Klaus Braunert          Kropp, Germany            10/09/2011
Noah Heinz              Eppelborn, Germany        10/09/2011
Christin Luhmann        HH, DE                    10/09/2011
Doris Mundinger         Offenburg, DE             10/09/2011
Craig Kubacki           Blue Lake, CA             10/09/2011
Marco Glauser           Wolfhalden, Switzerland   10/09/2011
Tanja Hoepker           Bielefeld, DE             10/09/2011
Name                         Location               Date

Daniela Buchholz             Loehne, Germany        10/09/2011
Kerstin Dietholm             Glattbach, Germany     10/09/2011
Rosi Zang                    Alzenau, Germany       10/09/2011
Gabriele Berg                Bielefeld, Germany     10/09/2011
Martina Patterson            Zülpich, Germany       10/09/2011
Elisa Francesca Lorenzetti   Muenchen, Germany      10/09/2011
Alice Goddard                Winchester, NH         10/09/2011
H. Stümges                   KR, NY                 10/09/2011
Regina Milano                West Haven, CT         10/09/2011
Ingrid Fechner               Annaberg, Germany      10/09/2011
babs simon                   heidelberg, Germany    10/09/2011
Kenny Vaher                  NYC, NY                10/09/2011
karin weiss                  reichenbach, Germany   10/09/2011
Ludger Wilp                  Bottrop, Germany       10/09/2011
Cynthia Brower               chicago, IL            10/09/2011
Sandra Campbell              Brenham, TX            10/09/2011
astrid suchanek              Mannheim, Germany      10/09/2011
helgard böhme                mannheim, Germany      10/09/2011
Elke Jacobi                  Hamburg, NY            10/09/2011
Meghan Burns                 Delta, Canada          10/09/2011
marianna pour                wien, AK               10/09/2011
Kimberly Locke               Austin, TX             10/09/2011
Gabriele Shultz              North Hollywood, CA    10/09/2011
Elizabeth Aphessetche        Santa Ana, CA          10/09/2011
Stefan Ziegler               München, Germany       10/09/2011
Olivia Fahl                  Meylan, France         10/09/2011
Brigitte Omlin               Bern, Switzerland      10/10/2011
Daggi Hild                   xxx, Germany           10/10/2011
Claudia-Susann Berg          Hamburg, Germany       10/10/2011
Name                               Location                    Date

Edmund Braun                       Speyer, Germany             10/10/2011
alecsandra moufarrege              düsseldorf, Germany         10/10/2011
peter jansen                       duesseldorf, germany        10/10/2011
ion surdu                          medias, romania             10/10/2011
oana sava                          medias, Romania             10/10/2011
cornelia sava                      medias, Romania             10/10/2011
Manuela Albrecht                   Wutöschingen, Germany       10/10/2011
RoPro GmbH Rosi Zang               Mainaschaff, Germany        10/10/2011
Silke Schmidt                      Ogrosen, Germany            10/10/2011
Schlachttiere in Not- aktive Tierhilfe Kemmern, Germany        10/10/2011
vera kamp                          köln, Germany               10/10/2011
Ernst Henrich                      Staad, Switzerland          10/10/2011
Iris Hochstätter                   Erlenbach ZH, Switzerland   10/10/2011
Tatjana Plieschke                  Beckum, DE                  10/10/2011
Jean-Luc Dancy                     Strausberg, Germany         10/10/2011
Regina Jobelius Regina Jobelius    Trier, Germany              10/10/2011
Sina Harms                         Bad Gandersheim, Germany    10/10/2011
Dora Hardegger                     Zuerich, Switzerland        10/10/2011
Elisabeth Richter                  Wiener Neustadt, Austria    10/10/2011
Helene Beck                        Beder, Denmark              10/10/2011
Patricia Gollnick                  Duisburg, NC                10/10/2011
Elisabeth Ritter                   Pasadena, CA                10/10/2011
margareta radeschnig               Wr.Neustadt, Austria        10/10/2011
Angelika Patzak                    Zellingen, AL               10/10/2011
petra hugl                         Augsburg, Germany           10/10/2011
susan perna                        Augusta, ME                 10/10/2011
Gabriele Lendle                    Korntal-Münchingen, DE      10/10/2011
Deborah Shillam                    Keighley, United Kingdom    10/10/2011
Name                         Location                   Date

Ewald und Maria Tange        München, DE                10/10/2011
elke mosch                   rees, Germany              10/10/2011
Nedelcu Doru                 constanta, Romania         10/10/2011
Ana Melero                   Gijon, Spain               10/10/2011
Ute Bach                     Tegernheim, DE             10/10/2011
Fiona Munro                  Buais, France              10/10/2011
Petra Paleocrassas           Surbiton, United Kingdom   10/10/2011
Mollie Davis                 Norman, OK                 10/10/2011
Elke Winkler                 Berlin, Germany            10/10/2011
Douglas Fritz                St.Paul, MN                10/10/2011
billy williams               rochester, NY              10/10/2011
Fritzi Holzinger             Friedberg, Germany         10/10/2011
betty buchanan               bakersfield, CA            10/10/2011
Anke Günther                 97723 Oberthulba, GA       10/11/2011
Sarap Palermo                Helsinki, Finland          10/11/2011
Anja Kögel                   Fürth, AK                  10/11/2011
Maria Schneider              Munich, BY                 10/11/2011
Katrin Lotta Carell          Heidelberg, Germany        10/11/2011
rumi becker                  furth, Germany             10/11/2011
Fam. Rens Hanke              Wolfsburg, DE              10/11/2011
Richard Sherman and family   Berkeley, CA               10/11/2011
Georgina Hill                Wigan, United Kingdom      10/11/2011
Laura rayner                 chestermere, Canada        10/11/2011
Thavy Lor                    Newport Beach, CA          10/12/2011
Tanja Rieger                 NMS, Germany               10/12/2011
Regina Kubiak                Felsberg, Germany          10/12/2011
Angelika Burgard             Saarbrücken, Germany       10/12/2011
michael harris               new york, NY               10/14/2011
Shell Schmidt                Aberdeen, SD               10/14/2011
Name                  Location                                       Date

maria lange           mühlhausen, DE                                 10/15/2011
Jocelyne Lehmann      Miami, FL                                      10/15/2011
Doris Daugherty       Washington, PA                                 10/17/2011
Hind Samy             Cairo, Egypt                                   10/17/2011
Belinda Bowes         Montreal, Canada                               10/17/2011
savannah smith        berlin, DE                                     10/20/2011
Adam Jones            Avon, IN                                       10/20/2011
sierra lee            pikeville, TN                                  10/20/2011
Veronica Montes       miami, FL                                      10/20/2011
Katherine Wozniak     Redford, MI                                    10/21/2011
Tatiana Bobko         Delta, Canada                                  10/23/2011
Beth C                galt, CA                                       10/24/2011
Jennifer White        Cortland, NY                                   10/24/2011
Brandy Rummel         Palmer, United States Minor Outlying Islands   10/24/2011
mitzi koehl           mt airy, NC                                    10/24/2011
Melissa Ann Fewlass   Riverside, OH                                  10/26/2011
Lynn Greenhut         Clarksburg, WV                                 10/26/2011
julian morley         london, United Kingdom                         10/28/2011
Caitlin Stocker       San Francisco, CA                              10/30/2011
Michelle Simpson      Albertville, AL                                10/31/2011
Beverley Campbell     Liverpool, United Kingdom                      10/31/2011
Jean Johnson          Holmen, WI                                     11/04/2011
Patrick Sch.          Koblenz, Germany                               11/06/2011

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Description: Replace the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 with the Animal Welfare Act, 2011. OIPA in India Media Adviser Abhishek Kadyan and Director Events of PFA Haryana Sukanya Kadyan wants to know the present status of the following: 1. Animal Welfare Act, 2011. 2. Dog Breeding Rules. 3. Pet Shop Rules. 4. Fish Aquarium Rules. 5. Ban on peacock feathers trade.