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                              5th Generation

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Gen. Five
                                                                                            Magic's Auto Parts Ltd
Please Note:
• Some items not legal for sale or use in California on pollution controlled vehicles         • Not responsible for typographical errors
• Some items may be special order          • Additional freight charges may apply             • Prices are subject to change without notice.
Manufacturer                      Page
Airaid                                2
Baer Brakes                           2            Manufacturer                       Page                    Manufacturer                            Page
BBK                                   2             Eibach                              4                      K&N                                         6
Be Cool                               2             Fidanza                             2                      Magna ow                                    6
Belltech                              3             Flowmaster                          4                      Nitrous Express                             7
Borla                                 3             Hawk                                5                      Ram Clutches                                7
Centerforce                           2             Hellwig                             5                      SCT                                         6
Corsa                                 3             Hotchkis                            5                      SLP Performance                            7, 8
Diablosport                           3             Hurst                               5                      Sprint Booster                              3
Dynatech                              4             Hypertech                           5                      Superchips                                  4
Dynomax                               3             JBA Exhaust                         6                      Vortech                                     4

                                                                                                  Direct-Fit Radiator
                                                                                             Radiator is designed for
                                                                                         the 6.2L V8 (LS3 426HP or
                                                                                         L99 400HP) and has two
                                                                                         rows of one inch tubes, hand
                                                                                         fabricated tanks and billet
Intake Systems                                                                             ller neck with high capacity
  Systems are designed to take advantage of today’s vehicle             over ow tube. Uses factory mounting provi-
technology. Airaid uses the latest dyno-proven techniques and           sions and is compatible with factory electric fans.
innovative designs to improve intake system e ciency. The
greater the e ciency the greater the horsepower output!                   Part No.                      Description                               Price
                                                                          BEC62210     Natural Finish w/Standard or Auto Transmission           $799.99
         Part No.              Description               Price
                                                                          BEC63210     Polished Finish w/Standard or Auto Transmission          $899.99
        ARA250-242               3.6L V6             $335.99
        ARA250-243               6.2L V8             $345.99

                                                                        Tuned-Length Headers
                                                                          Tuned-length performance header systems use CNC mandrel
                                                                        bent 1-3/4" primary tubes for the best combination of horsepower
                                                                        and low-end torque. Headers are good for an additional 12-18
Extreme-Plus                                                            rear wheel horsepower. Available in chrome, polished ceramic or
   Massive six-piston, aluminum                                         304-stainless steel. Headers t V8 SS models only.
mono-block calipers and eye-
                                                                           Part No.                          Description                            Price
dazzling, cross-drilled 15" 2-piece
slotted rotors o er serious stop-                                          BBK4020                          1-3/4" Chrome                        $305.99
ping power and good looks.
                                                    Call For
                                                                           BBK40200                     1-3/4" Polished Ceramic                  $405.99
                                                                           BBK40205                      1-3/4" 304-Stainless                    $455.99
     Part No.           Description               Great Prices!
   BAE4301392R       Front, Extreme-Plus
   BAE4302246R       Rear, Extreme-Plus

                                                                        LS3 Twin Disc Clutch Kits
                                                                          Clutches are designed to provide OE quality and aftermarket
                                                                        performance. Kits include pressure plate, discs, throw-out bearing,
LS3 Dual Friction Assembly                                              aluminum ywheel and pilot tool.
CTFDF593010 $409.99 Each                                                   Part No.                           Description                           Price
  Increase holding capacity over the standard clutch on the                                 6.2L LS3 V8 w/Two Full Face Carbon/Organic Discs,
LS3 V8 powered Camaro. 12" assembly includes pressure plate               FID398575
                                                                                                         Torque Capacity 625lb-ft.              $1,099.99
and disc, but requires the purchase of CTF700142 Billet Steel or                                 6.2L LS3 V8 w/Two 6-Puck Ceramic Discs,
CTF900142 Billet Aluminum Flywheels (sold separately).                    FID398576
                                                                                                         Torque Capacity 900lb-ft.              $1,279.99
    2                                      (403) 362-8282         Prices valid through June 10, 2010
                                                                                                                                     Gen. Five
             Magic's Auto Parts Ltd

Lowering System                                                                Sprint Booster Throttle Control
                                                                                  Sprint Booster overcomes throttle response delay by providing
Components                                                                     crisp, on-tap acceleration for whenever the driver demands it.
  Bell Tech’s Suspension Lowering Kits will improve
the looks, stance, and handling of any car. Include                               Part No.       Applications               Price
hardware and instructions.                                                      SBPSBCH0021S Manual Transmission        $329.99
                                                                                SBPSBCH0022S Automatic Transmission     $329.99
                              Desired Lowering
 Part No.     Description    Front        Rear           Price
 BLL5846     Coil Spring Set   1.4"       1.4"        $265.99
 BLL12051     Coilovers F/R 1" To 2.5" .8" To 2.4"   $1,049.99
 BLL5481     Front Sway Bar     –           –         $204.99
 BLL5581     Rear Sway Bar      –           –         $195.99
                                                                               Cat Back Exhaust Systems
                                                                                  Some manufacturers use per-
                                                                               forated tubes with packing
                                                                               material, or ba es, to
                                                                               reduce noise. CORSA uses
                                                                               a straight through design
                                                                               coupled with RSC–
                                                                               Re ective Sound Cancellation–to reduce low frequency resonance
Performance                                                                    and minimize backpressure so the engine can make more power
                                                                               and torque. Systems are made of 304 stainless steel and have 4"
Cat Back Exhaust Kits                                                          tips with a robust, aggressive “Sport” sound level.
  Exhaust systems are made from T-304 aircraft quality stainless
steel. All hardware included, split rear exit.                                   Part No                      Description                    Price
                                                                                COR14951        6.2L w/6-Speed Manual Transmission Only   $1,319.99
  Part No.                Description                   Tips           Price                         6.2L w/Automatic Transmission
                                                                                                    And Active Fuel Management Only       $1,319.99
 BOR140280     6.2L V8, AT/MT, RWD, 2DR, “S-Type”    S RD RL AC    $1,299.99
 BOR140281          6.2L V8, AT/MT, RWD, 2DR         S RD RL AC    $1,329.99
 BOR140282          3.6L V6, AT/MT, RWD, 2DR         S RD RL AC    $1,309.99
S-Type denotes a style of mu er that is used. It is a smaller, round mu er
with center in/out that creates a more aggressive sound and higher ow

Footnotes:   Tips
             AC: Angle Cut
             RL: Rolled
                                   RD: Round
                                    S: Single
                                                                               Trinity Performance Programmer
                                                                               DBLT1000 $626.99 Each
                                                                                  The Trinity T-1000 is a virtual gauge monitor, a performance
                                                                               programmer and a diagnostic code reader all in one unit. Feature
                                                                               a color touch screen, advanced data acquisition and a slim easily
                                                                               installed module. Use a pre-set gauge layout, or custom design an
                                                                               entirely new one. Log up to 5 gauges per page (9 pages) for a total
                                                                               of 45 real time gauges and many hours worth of log time.
Stainless Steel Axle-Back                                                      Fits 6.2L LS3/L99 Camaro.

Dual Exhaust Systems
   Durable, long-lasting exhaust systems are constructed from                  Predator Flash Tuner
mandrel bent stainless steel tube for superior ow. Each kit
includes stainless steel Ultra Flo mu er, stainless steel AccuSeal             DBLU7194 $376.99 Each
clamps and 304 polished stainless steel tips. Covered by a limited                Unlike other ash tuners, the Predator’s pro-
lifetime warranty and 90-day performance and sound guarantee.                  gramming is performed in very small increments
The 2.5" systems have 4" PSS tip and Ultra Flo welded mu ers.                  throughout the entire RPM range for a smoother,
                                                                               wider and more predictable power delivery. You
         Part No.                    Description                    Price      can also view changes through your PC with
         DYN39493                      3.6L V6                    $409.99      DiabloSport’s interactive free software download.
         DYN39494                      6.2L V8                    $409.99      Fits 6.2L LS3/6.2L L99 V8 Camaro.

                                      (403) 362-8282                Prices valid through June 10, 2010                                               3
Gen. Five
                                                                                                 Magic's Auto Parts Ltd

Header System
   With Dynatech’s                                                               American Thunder
new 2010 Camaro
V8 stainless steel                                                               Cat-Back System
header system, 30%                                                               FLO817481 $759.99 Each
more ow translates                                                                 American Thunder will deliver an aggressive tone and out-
into an increase of 36                                                           standing performance. 3" system is 409 stainless steel with dual
horsepower and 25 ft.lbs. of torque. Mandrel                                     out the rear exit. Won’t t with GSX ground e ects package. Fits
bent 1-7/8" primaries and CNC laser machined port                                6.2L V8.
matched anges assure perfect t and excellent ow characteris-
tics. Headers t 6.2L engines and are available with original equip-              Force II Axle -Back Exhaust System
ment style 2.5" or 3" intermediate tubes for the X-pipe. “Catted”
and “non-catted” systems are available.                                          FLO817483 $455.99 Each
                                                                                    System will provide plenty
    Part No.                 Description                        Price            of Flowmaster tone under accel-
 DTH115-739300A              Headers Only                     $859.99            eration, but will produce lower
 DTH115-739300B    Catted Intermediate Section 2.50"          $439.99            sound levels while cruising.
                                                                                 2-1/2" system is 409 stainless
 DTH115-739300C   O -Road (Non Catted) Section 2.50"          $339.99            steel with dual out the rear exit.
 DTH115-739350B    Catted Intermediate Section 3.00"          $439.99            Fits 3.6L V6.
 DTH115-739350C   O -Road (Non Catted) Section 3.00"          $339.99

                                                                                 Flashpaq Tuner
                                                                                 SCI2865 $349.99 Each
                                                                                    Monitor engine and transmission parameters,
                                                                                 tuning options for improved control over modi cations, multiple
                                                                                 performance enhancing calibrations, adjustable vehicle speed lim-
Pro-Kits                                                                         iter and engine rev limiter, speedometer calibration for di erent
   The Eibach Pro-Kit dra-                                                       tire heights, internet updateable and diagnostic trouble code de -
matically improves a vehicle’s                                                   nitions and information. Fits 6.2L V8 with Auto or Manual Trans.
performance and appearance.
Often, the huge fender-well gap, inherent from the factory, or perfor-
mance wheels and tires will give a lifted look. The Pro-Kit reduces the
fender gap for a lower, sportier stance. Pro-Kits o er aggressive good           Cortex Programmer
looks and enhanced vehicle handling without compromising safety or               SCI2950 $389.99 Each
ride quality.                                                                      Programmer is Internet updateable, logs perfor-
    Part No.         Description            Front      Rear        Price         mance times and speeds, displays and stores PID data
                                                                                 and diagnostic library retrievals and displays and clears
  EIB38143140     Camaro, LS, LT, 3.6L V6    1.0"      1.3"    $259.99           DTC’s. Built-in MSDP-Link supports sensors and dash mounted
  EIB38144140      Camaro, SS, 6.2L V8       1.0"      1.0"    $259.99           display. Fits 6.2L V8 with Auto or Manual Trans.

                                                                                 Supercharger System
                                                                                   A complete system with V-3 Si-Trim self-lubricating super-
                                                                                 charger can add up to 47% more horsepower at 6.6-7.5 PSI boost
                                                                                 and at the stock redline. Available in satin or polished nishes.
                                                                                     Part No.                 Description                   Price
                                                                                  VOR4GE218-010L V-3 Si-Trim Complete System, Satin      $6,402.99
                                                                                  VOR4GE218-018L V-3 Si-Trim Complete System, Polished   $6,678.99
    4                                       (403) 362-8282                 Prices valid through June 10, 2010
                                                                                                                      Gen. Five
              Magic's Auto Parts Ltd

                                                                          Sport Sway Bar Kit
Tubular Sway Bar                                                          HOT22109 $459.99 Each
  Reduced body roll means                                                   Lightweight 1.25" tubular front bar is 210% sti er than the
better vehicle control and                                                stock SS version and 1" adjustable rear bar is +80, 120, 170% sti er
greatly improved traction                                                 than the stock SS bar. Bar has durable powder coated nish and
for cornering. Hellwig Sway Bar is a fast, easy bolt-in installation      includes greasable polyurethane bushings and mounts.
that’s made of high strength DOM steel with polyurethane bush-
ings installed. Rear bar has 3-point adjustability.
           Part No.              Description                   Price      Chassis Brace
           HEL55730          Front 1-1/4" Sway Bar          $245.99       HOT20104 $489.99 Each
           HEL55830             Rear 1" Sway Bar            $125.99         Strong, lightweight elliptical aluminum
                                                                          tubing reduces sub-frame ex and wheel hop.
                                                                          Direct bolt-on brace is powder coated and
                                                                          includes laser CNC aluminum brackets.

                                                                          Sport Coil Springs
                                                                          HOT19110 $299.99 Each
                                                                             Cold wound high tensile steel
                                                                          springs have a durable powder coated
Brake Pads                                                                  nish and are higher rated than stock;
                                                                          front–210 lbs/in., rear–440 lbs/in. Sport
Performance Ceramic – Compound Code “Z”
                                                                          springs lower car 1".
   Specially formulated ceramic composite matches the low dust,
low noise performance of OE ceramic brake pads. A fade resistant,
linear friction pro le produces improved braking over OE with
smooth engagement characteristics.
HPS Performance Street – Compound Code “F”
   Unique Ferro-Carbon compound combines motorsports
braking technology with the qualities of an OEM pad. Expect a
little more brake dust than Performance Ceramic, but a touch
better braking performance.
                                                                          Manual Billet/Plus Shifter
HP Plus Autocross – Compound Code “N”
                                                                          HUR391-6030 $365.99 Each
  The perfect pad for the enthusiast who wants to drive to the
                                                                            Billet/Plus Shifter incorporates high ratio pivot mechanics for
race track, race, drive home and not have to change brake pads.
                                                                          reduced throw and are sturdily constructed for a more positive
This pad gives superb stopping performance but with a trade o
                                                                          feel when shifting (high strength steel, not a casting). Fits V6
of higher rotor wear, pad wear and brake dust than a street pad.
                                                                          and V8 Camaro with TR-6060 or AY6 transmission (also ts TR56
Not the pad for everyone, but possibly the perfect pad for the rest
                                                                          Magnum). Chrome stick is supplied with 3/8"-16 threaded knob.
of them. This is recommended for Autocross, Solo II and track day
When ordering please insert the compound code
in place of the “x” in part number.
Brake Pad         Compound Code     Insert The Compound Code Here
Performance Ceramic      Z
HPS Performance Street   F
HP Plus Autocross        N                           HAWHB245x631
                                                                          6.2L Max Energy
                                                                          HYT32006 $379.99 Each
Camaro SS Brake Pads                                     Call For           Max Energy Power Programmer is the “no compromise” per-
       Part No       Description
                                                       Great Prices!      formance tuner that delivers maximum power and performance
    HAWHB453x585*     Front Pads                                          with optimized tuning over the entire RPM band. Features include;
    HAWHB194x570*      Rear Pads                                          proper transmission shifting, improved fuel mileage, raise top-
* Insert compound code in place of “X” in part number.                    speed and rev. limiter, diagnostics and many other adjustable
                                                                          features. Internet updateable.

                                 (403) 362-8282                Prices valid through June 10, 2010                                       5
Gen. Five
                                                                                                         Magic's Auto Parts Ltd

Long Tube Headers                                                                        F.I.P.K.
   Long Tube Headers have mandrel-                                                          The Fuel Injection Performance Kit
bent stainless steel primary tubes,                                                      allows engine to “inhale” a larger volume of
3/8" thick laser-cut anges. Headers                                                      air, and more air means more usable power and
  t V8 models only. Includes hardware, gaskets and O2 extenders.                         torque throughout the RPM range. FIPK’s replace
Includes Firecone merge collector.                                                       the original air lter case without jeopardizing
                                                                                         important emission standards. 50 states legal.
 Part No.                             Description                            Price
 JBA6812S                  1-3/4", 3" Collector, Stainless Steel          $829.99            Part No.          Description            Price
JBA6812SJS                 1-3/4", 3" Collector, Silver Ceramic          $1,109.99          KNE63-3074           6.2L V8         $359.99
JBA6812SJT                1-3/4", 3" Collector, Titanium Ceramic         $1,109.99          KNE63-3075           3.6L V6         $324.99
 JBA6813S                  1-7/8", 3" Collector, Stainless Steel          $829.99
JBA6813SJS                 1-7/8", 3" Collector, Silver Ceramic          $1,109.99       Replacement Air Filter
JBA6813SJT                1-7/8", 3" Collector, Titanium Ceramic         $1,109.99       KNE33-2434 $53.99 Each
                                                                                           Drop-in replacement for the stock lters
                                                                                         on 3.6L or 6.2L. Instantly realize better
                                                                                         performance and economy.

 Part No.                             Description                             Price
                                 2.5" O -Road Mid-Pipe
                      (For Use With JBA1812S or Factory Manifolds)        $259.99
                                 2.5" O -Road Mid-Pipe
                      (For Use With JBA1812S or Factory Manifolds)        $489.99        2.5" Stainless Exhaust Kits
                                                                                            Magna ow combines OEM installation technology with straight-
 JBA6812SD                  3" O -Road Mid-Pipe (3" To 2.5")              $259.99        through ow to produce a smooth, deep tone outside the vehicle,
JBA6812SDC             3" O -Road Mid-Pipe with Cats (3" To 2.5")         $489.99        minimal intrusion inside the vehicle and unparalleled ease of
 JBA6813SD                   3" O -Road Mid-Pipe (3" To 3")               $259.99        installation. Wide open, polished mu ers and mandrel-bent pipes
JBA6813SDC              3" O -Road Mid-Pipe with Cats (3" To 3")          $489.99        with OEM barbed hangers can be installed with no modi cations.
                                                                                         Kits include hardware and a polished, stainless steel double-wall
                                                                                         tip to prevent long term discoloration.
Cat4ward® Headers
  Stainless mandrel bent tubing open                                                      Part No.                         Year/Model                     Tip      Price
up the exhaust for increased performance                                                  MAG16583      3.6L V6, Cat-Back, Split Rear, Standard Mu ers    4"    $1,226.99
and e ciency without compromising the fac-                                                MAG16584     3.6L V6, Axle-Back, Split Rear, Standard Mu ers    4"     $720.99
tory emission equipment. Extra thick 3/8" CNC laser-cut                                                         6.2L V8, “Street Series” Cat-Back,
 anges ensure a tight seal and trouble free-performance                                   MAG16579
                                                                                                                    Split Rear, with Mu ers
                                                                                                                                                          4"    $1,226.99
without leaks from warping. Each kit includes hardware, gaskets,                                            6.2L V8, “Competition Series” Cat-Back,
custom length ignition wire and instructions. Bolt-on installation.
                                                                                                                     Split Rear, w/o Mu ers
                                                                                                                                                          5"    $1,011.99
  Part No.                          Description                           Price
                                                                                          MAG16581       6.2L V8, “Street Series” Axle-Back, w/Mu ers     4"     $720.99
  JBA1812S                 6.2L V8, 1-3/4" Stainless Steel              $535.99           MAG16582   6.2L V8, “Competition Series” AxleBack, w/o Mu ers   5"     $514.99
 JBA1812SJS             6.2L V8, 1-3/4" Silver Ceramic Coated           $709.99
 JBA1812SJT           6.2L V8, 1-3/4" Titanium Ceramic Coated           $709.99

Exhaust Systems
   Part No.
6.2L LS3 and L99 V8
                                     Description                           Price         Pre-Loaded Flash Programmer
  JBA40-3112            2-1/2" Axle-Back w/4" Dual Wall Tips            $509.99          SCT3416-2010C $379.99 Each
  JBA40-3113      3" Cat-Back System w/4" Dual Wall Tips (3" To 3")     $705.99            Add 16 horsepower and 22 ft.lbs. of torque
                                                                                         throughout the RPM curve without visiting a tune-
  JBA40-3114      3" Cat-Back System w/4" Dual Wall Tips (2.5" To 3")   $705.99          up shop. Programmer installs in minutes and is pre-loaded with
3.6L V6                                                                                  performance tunes. Return to stock at any time thanks to the pro-
  JBA40-3116                2-1/4" Axle Back w/4" Dual Tips             $509.99          grammers backup. Stores up to three custom tune les, allowing
                                                                                         the device to grow as you add modi cations to the car.

     6                                             (403) 362-8282                  Prices valid through June 10, 2010
                                                                                                                             Gen. Five
            Magic's Auto Parts Ltd

                                                                                                                       SLP On
                                                                                                                       Pg. 7, 8

                                                                                 V8 Camaro “Blackwing” Cold-Air
V6 and V8 EFI System                                                             Induction Package (Tube and Filter)
NXS20930-10 $755.99 Each                                                         SLP21126A $199.99 Each
   An Autolearn TPS switch activates nitrous only at full throttle                  Pioneered many years ago
and the direct plug-in fuel line adapter greatly simpli es installa-             on SLP’s third and fourth gen-
tion. The system includes Lightning series fuel and nitrous sole-                eration F-car based Camaro’s. The
noids, the Shark nozzle and adapter, a 10 lb. nitrous bottle with                Blackwing package is now available
the Lightning 45 valve, stainless braided N2O line, stainless bottle             for the 2010 V8 Camaro with a high-
brackets, arming switch, relay with harness and hardware. Jetting                 ow, drop-in, reusable Blackwing air-
for 35, 50, 75, 100, 125 and 150 horsepower is included.                          lter and an OEM quality black- nished,
                                                                                 polypropylene high- ow air-intake tube with
                                                                                 a raised SLP Blackwing logo. Expect up to a 10 horsepower gain.
                                                                                 All hardware and instructions included. SLP25017 lter cleaning kit
                                                                                 required when cleaning/re-oiling lter.

                                                                                 V8 Camaro Cold-Air Induction System
                                                                                 SLP21128 $349.99 Each
LS3 Street Dual Clutch System                                                       Each induction system includes an
                                                                                 OEM quality black- nished polypro-
RAM90-2100 $1,275.99 Each                                                        pylene high- ow upper air-intake tube
   Clutch (1-1/8"-26) has incredibly smooth engagement yet holds                 with a raised SLP Blackwing logo and
some of the highest horsepower. The Street Dual is a must for cars               an integrated MAF housing, a new
using big power adders or blowers, or just a moderate powered                    lower air-intake tube which connects
street car that wants smooth engagement. System includes pres-                   to a round conical reusable Blackwing
sure plate, discs, oater plate and aluminum ywheel. Made in                      air- lter, increasing the overall volume
the USA. Ram slave cylinder RAM78165 and/or adjustable clutch                    of air for a 15 horsepower gain.
master cylinder RAM510 recommended for pedal height adjust-                      Includes a unique new washer uid container. All hardware and
ment. Release bearing not included in kit.                                       detailed installation instructions included. SLP25017 lter cleaning
                                                                                 kit required when cleaning/re-oiling lter.

                                                                                 V8 Brake-Control Package
                                                                                 SLP25005 $199.99 Each
                                                                                   Fits all 2010 V8 Camaro’s. Press the brake
                                                                                 pedal and ip the brake-control solenoid
Exhaust Components                                                               switch. Remove pressure from the pedal,
 Part No.                           Description                         Price    and the solenoid maintains line pres-
Header Packages, 1-3/4" Long Tube                                                sure to the front brakes until the switch is
 SLP30211 V8 w/Installation Kit/High Flow Cats; Use w/Stock H-Pipe   $1,399.99   released. Each package includes a waterproof electrical solenoid,
                                                                                 an activation switch, plug-in wires, CNC-bent steel lines with OEM
 SLP30212 V8 w/Installation Kit/High Flow Cats; Use w/SLP30220       $1,449.99   compatible ttings, mounting hardware, and detailed installation
                V8 w/Installation Kit/High Flow Cats/Power                       instructions.
                         Flo-X Cross Over Pipe Assy.                 $1,999.99
PowerFlo-X Crossover Pipe Assembly                                               NOTE: Designed for racing only.
 SLP30220              V8 Use w/Stock Exhaust Manifolds              $699.99
 SLP30221       V8 Use w/SLP Headers SLP30211 Header Package         $724.99     6.2L V8 Handheld
Mu er Delete Kit
 SLP30222           V8 Use w/SLP30220, SLP30221 Crossover Pipe        $99.99     DiabloSport Programmer
Axle-Back Exhaust
                                                                                 SLP27022T $489.99 Each
SLP31200A                     V6 PowerFlo w/4" Tips                  $699.99        In addition to its dyno-proven perfor-
 SLP31201                    V6 Loud Mouth w/4" Tips                 $449.99     mance programming, this portable, easy-to-
 SLP31202                   V6 Loud Mouth II w/4" Tips               $599.99     use programmer allows you to ne-tune a
SLP31210A                     V8 PowerFlo w/4" Tips                  $699.99     wide range of computer-controlled power-
                                                                                 train functions for maximum power (up to
 SLP31211                    V8 Loud Mouth w/4" Tips                 $449.99     20 hp) and drivability.
 SLP31212            2010 V8 Camaro “Loud Mouth II” W/4" Tips        $599.99
                                        (403) 362-8282                Prices valid through June 10, 2010                                      7
Gen. Five
                                                                                       Magic's Auto Parts Ltd

                                              SLP On
                                              Pg. 7, 8

Grille Insert w/Landing Pad                                             Composite High-Lip
  SLP’s Grille Insert is an injection                                   Rear Spoiler
molded part that provides a landing
pad for the RS or SS Badges. The grille insert                          SLP100041 $299.99 Each
replaces the GM Bowtie emblem and is easy to install using 3M             OE-quality composite, high-lip rear spoiler is a wider, taller, more
double-sided tape and includes detailed installation instructions.      aggressive design while still maintaining many of the design fea-
                                                                        tures of the stock spoiler. The spoiler easily attaches to V8 models
    Part No.                  Description                 Price         using the stock bolt holes. Requires drilling holes in the deck-lid
   SLP100032A      Grille Insert Used with SS Badge      $37.99         on V6 models not equipped with GM’s RS package.
   SLP100033A      Grille Insert Used with RS Badge      $37.99         NOTE: Trial t all spoilers BEFORE prepping and painting.

SS and RS Badges
  The heritage-style SS and RS
                                                                        Rear Gloss Black-Out Panel
Badges are o cial licensed products                                     3-Piece Graphics Kit
of GM and have the same style lettering                                 SLP100043A $37.99 Each
found on earlier generation Camaros. The
badges are painted white with a chrome                                     Three-piece rear black-out panel
surround and are ready to apply using supplied transfer tape.           graphic kit comes in a gloss black nish
Includes one badge for the SLP front grille insert part (above) and     and is easy to apply. This feature was
one for the rear panel.                                                 part of the early Camaro heritage, signi-
                                                                        fying that the car had the larger engine
    Part No.                Description                   Price         option. Detailed installation instructions
   SLP100042A      SS Badge For SLP100032A Insert        $37.99         are included.
   SLP100062A      RS Badge For SLP100033A Insert        $37.99
                                                                        Gloss Black/Fade Rear Quarter
Hood Only with Grille                                                   Gill Graphics Kit
SLP100035 $1,095.99 Each
   RTM hood with functional
                                                                        SLP100046A $59.99 Each
heat extractor scoop pro-                                                  Rear quarter panel gill insert graphics fade
vides a more aggressive                                                 from clear to gloss black giving the rear quarter
performance image and                                                   panels the appearance of functional vents.
is constructed of high-                                                 Includes driver and passenger side graphics.
quality OEM composite
materials. It’s manufactured
from an OE-quality RTM (Resin-Transfer                                  Hockey Style Graphics Kits
Mold) process making it stronger and more                                 Heritage-style hockey stick stripe
durable then hand-laid or chopper-gun berglass hoods. It’s the          graphics are a single-piece design. Part
same weight as the stock hood and includes many factory hood            of the early Camaro heritage, these
design features including crush initiators and attaching hardware.      hockey style stripe graphics comple-
The functional scoop allows cold, fresh air to enter the engine         ment new generation Camaros with
compartment, forcing hot, under-hood air out.                           the classic appearance of the rst
                                                                        generations styling. Includes driver and
NOTE: Trial t all hoods BEFORE prepping and painting.                   passenger side graphics and detailed
                                                                        installation instructions. Non-metallic
                                                                        gloss nish and sold in pairs.
V8 Front Fascia Close-Out Panel
SLP100038A $149.99 Each                                                         Part No.              Description                  Price
  Close-out panel insert is an injection-molded part                           SLP100054A              Black Stripes          $113.99
that lls the non-functional opening in the front fascia                        SLP100055A              Silver Stripes         $113.99
on V8 Camaro models. Easily installs with pre-                                 SLP100056A             White Stripes           $113.99
applied, 3M double-sided tape.
                                                                               SLP100057A             Orange Stripes          $113.99
NOTE: Trial t Close-Out Panel
BEFORE prepping and painting.

    8                                        (403) 362-8282       Prices valid through June 10, 2010

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