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Investing in Notes Using your Self-Directed IRA-401(k)


									       Investing in Notes Using your Self-Directed IRA/401(k)
While notes are one of the most common investments, no two notes are ever alike. The terms of the note
are completely up to you to decide, and there are several guidelines you must keep in mind.

You may not lend to any disqualified person or company.
Disqualified persons include yourself, your parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, spouse or any of
their IRAs as well as any company that they own a significant portion of. (See: Prohibited Transactions)

The notes must be real economic transactions
Your IRA must benefit from this note, which means the interest rate must be realistic. A common question
is, “My brother is not a disqualified person, can I lend him money to buy a new car at 0% interest?” No,
because your IRA is not benefiting from this transaction.

Note Requirements:

Lender Address: 5 Valley Square Ste.103, 512 Township Line Road, Blue Bell, PA 19422-0119
Client Approval: The notes must be signed as “read and approved” by the client. This may be
                  handwritten in the margins by the client.
Original Note:    The original note MUST be sent to us for safekeeping immediately after funding and
Loan Service:     We are not loan servicers; this is the client’s responsibility.

Documents required prior to funding (must be received at least 48hrs prior to funding)
1. Asset Purchase Directive                   (Promissory Notes/Real Estate Note)
2. Original Loan Notes                       (Must meet above requirements)
3. Promissory Note Acknowledgement            (Completed by Borrower)

Additional Documents:
Real Estate Note:     4. Certificate of ownership of Deed of Trust
                      5. Preliminary Title Report of Commitment
                      6. Buyer/Borrower’s closing statement
                      7. Servicing agreement
                      8. Evidence of hazard insurance

Secured Note:                 4. Certificate of ownership
                              5. Buyer/Borrower’s closing statement
                              6. Servicing agreement

                                            CAMA Self-Directed IRA, LLC
                     5 Valley Square Ste. 103, 512 Township Line Road, Blue Bell, PA 19422-0119
                                      Phone: 215-283-2868 Fax 973-302-8622

CAMA Self-Directed IRA, LLC
5 Valley Square Ste.103, 512 Township Line Road, Blue Bell, PA 19422-0119
Phone (215)283-2868 Fax (973) 302-8622 Website
                                          Promissory Notes Acknowledgement

Name of Borrower                                              Date

Borrowers Address

RE:                                                           Tax ID Number if secured by real property

Lender                Client Name

CAMA Self-Directed IRAs has received instructions for the above referenced IRA holder concerning his or her intent
to lend IRA fund

As this asset is to be held in an Individual Retirement Account, the following instructions must be followed to ensure
compliance with both IRS requirements and CAMA Self-Directed IRA policy. Please initial all items in the spaces
provided showing your intent to comply.

___ Vesting is to be: Lender “CAMA SDIRA LLC FBO CLIENTS NAME ACCT #____________________”
                      Address: 5 Valley Square Ste. 103, 512 Township Line Road, Blue Bell, PA 19422-0119
                      Tax ID: 20-1307892

___The original note showing the proper vesting is to be held by CAMA Self-Directed IRA

___ All payments, income distributions and/or payoffs for this holding must be sent to CAMA. Under the Internal
    Revenue Code, it is never acceptable to send funds directly to an IRA holder or and IRA holder’s nominee.
    Should this happen, you agree to indemnify CAMA Self-Directed IRA against all liability concerning IRS

___ If an IRA holder has any questions concerning the IRA, such as, but not limited to, payments, distributions or fees,
     you agree to inform the IRA holder to contact CAMA Self-Directed IRA directly. Under no circumstances will
     third party inquiries be answered.

___ You agree to honor all written instructions for CAMA Self-Directed IRA concerning changes in asset registration

___ You agree to inform the IRA holder that you have referred CAMA Self-Directed IRA as an accommodation and
    that CAMA Self-Directed IRA neither endorses your product nor has received consideration from you

___ You agree to inform CAMA Self-Directed IRA promptly of any changes in address, telephone number, or
    company status (such as bankruptcy filings, regulatory agency investigations or litigations).

___ If an IRA holder is subject to required Minimum Distributions, you agree to provide a written plan detailing how
     this requirement is met

You acknowledge and agree to inform the IRA holder that CAMA Self-Directed IRA will not record principal
balance changes unless amortization numbers are provided with each payment

Signature                                                             Date

Principal name of Authorized Signer of Borrower

CAMA Self-Directed IRA, LLC
5 Valley Square Ste.103, 512 Township Line Road, Blue Bell, PA 19422-0119
Phone (215)283-2868 Fax (973) 302-8622 Website
Asset Purchase Directive

Please use this form for the following:                                       B. For Notes:
When purchasing a new asset with your IRA.                                         a) Check whether this is a new or existing Note
Example: purchasing Real Estate, investing in a Note or                            b) Is the Notes secured? Yes or No
a Private Placement.                                                               c) Interest Rate%: Rate of the note
                                                                                   d)Maturity Date: Date the Note ends
                                                                                   e) Borrower Contact Information: name,
INSTRUCTIONS                                                                       address and phone number of the borrower.
Please complete the Asset Purchase Directive and send                         C. Other Assets:
to CAMA Plan, along with all required documentation to                             a) For LLCs, Partnerships, Mutual Funds, etc.
make the investment. Refer to our checklists on our                                     Indicate the number of shares being
website, under “Buy and Asset” in the “Forms” tab.                                      purchased as well as the purchase price. If
                                                                                        there is no share price for your investment,
HOW TO FILL OUT THE FORM                                                                then assume $1 per share, and the number
                                                                                        of shares is the purchase price.
1. General Information                                                    Transaction Fees to be paid: Include whether your
   Participant: Client’s Name                                             fees will be paid from your account, a check or by credit
   Account Number: Client’s CAMA account number                           card.
2. Investment Information
                                                                          How would you like to fund the investment?
   Asset Description: Describe the Asset                                        Check – Please fill in “Check Payable To:”
       a) If purchasing real estate, provide the                                and “Mail Check To:”
           address(or legal description) of the                                 Wire – Please attach wiring instructions
       b) If executing a Promissory Note, list the
           name of the borrower.                                          FEES
       c) Private Placements - provide the name of
                                                                             •      $30.00 FOR A WIRE TRANSFER
           the entity(e.g.: LLCs, Partnerships,
                                                                             •      $10.00 FOR CHECK
           Structured Settlements, etc.)
   Percentage of Ownership: provide the percentage
   of ownership your IRA has with the investment.
                                                                          PROCESSING TIME
    Total Purchase Price: Total price of Investment
                                                                          NORMAL PROCESSING TIME IS 48 HOURS FROM THE
                                                                          TIME COMPLETE DOCUMENTS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED.
   If You Are Purchasing: Fill in appropriate section
   depending on the type of asset purchase.
                                                                          For a list of required documentation for each
   A. For Real Estate:
                                                                          investment type refer to our website at:
        a) Indicate if a deposit is required.
                                                                 under Investment Options.
        b) If you are taking a non-recourse loan to
           finance the property, check the box
           indicating there will be a mortgage on the

     5 Valley Square, Ste 103 ~ 512 E. Township Line Road ~ Blue Bell, PA 19422 ~(p) 215.283.2868 ~ (f) 973.302.8622 ~
                                                                (revised 9-1-11)
                                                                                                                                                CAMA Self Directed IRA, LLC
                                                                                                                                                5 Valley Square, Ste. 103
                                                                  ASSET PURCHASE DIRECTIVE                                                      512 East Township Line Road
                                                                                                                                                Blue Bell, PA 19422


 Participant:                                                                                                             Account No.:

  Asset Description:

  Percentage of Ownership:                                                                                                 Total Purchase Price:

       REAL ESTATE                 IS THERE A DEPOSIT?             YES       NO       AMOUNT:$_____________
                                   IS THE PROPERTY TO BE MORTGAGED?                        YES      NO

       Contact Information:

        NOTES               THIS IS A        NEW NOTE           EXISTING NOTE
                            IS THIS A SECURED NOTE?               YES       NO
                            INTEREST RATE:__________%             MATURITY DATE:_________________

        Contact Information:

        OTHER ASSETS                 No. of Shares_______________                   Price Per Share_______________

 Transactions Fees to be paid:              Account         Check                    How would you like to fund the investment:                  Check         Wire

    Credit Card                 Card Type:_____________________                      Check Payable To: _________________________________________________________

 Card Number:_______________________________________________                         Mail Check To: _____________________________________________________________

 Expiration Date:___________               Security Code:_________                                     _____________________________________________________________
 Name on Card: __________________________________________
  By signing below, I hereby acknowledge having been advised by Administrator to seek the advice of independent legal, tax and/or investment counsel prior to executing this
  Directive. I further acknowledge that neither Administrator nor Custodian hereunder offer legal, tax or investment advice with respect to the subject matter hereof and it is incumbent
  upon me to obtain such advice from qualified third parties prior to initiating the instant directive. I understand and agree that I have the sole responsibility for the investment of
  the assets held within the account established hereunder and c ompliance with the legal requirements pertinent thereto. I further acknowledge that the only responsibility
  Administrator and/or Custodian have under this directive, or otherwise, is to follow my appropriate written instructions (upon forms supplied by Administrator). Administrator and/or
  Custodian are not fiduciaries with respect to me or the subject account and will not determine the suitability of such investment or its compliance with applicable law. I understand
  and acknowledge that it is my responsibility to determine whether any activity undertaken within the subject account may constitute a Prohibited Transaction pursuant to IRC §4975
  and/or may give rise to any tax c onsequences (e.g.– Unrelated Business Taxable Income, etc.). I hereby release, indemnify and hold Administrator and Custodian harmless from
  any and all liability of any nature whatsoever that may arise as a consequence of Administrator and/or Custodian carrying-out the directives I am providing hereunder.

  PARTICIPANTS SIGNATURE: _______________________________________________________________________ DATE: _____________
                      CAMA Self-Directed IRA, LLC ● Toll Free: (866) 559-4430 ● Fax: (973) 302-8622 ●
                                                                                                                                               Asset Purchase Directive—page 1

CAMA Revised 6-8-11

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