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					                     WHAT TO BRING: THE ESSENTIALS
MONEY: The Greek currency is the drachma (), currently worth approximately 325
drachmas to the dollar. Your dollar will go far in Greece, and shops and restaurants vary widely
as to whether they will take credit cards (shops, virtually always; restaurants, less predictable).
There are two or three banks with foreign exchange in the baggage area in the airport that usually
have a good exchange rate. In addition, we will be staying near many major banks in Athens, and
they all have fairly competitive rates. There are ATM's in Athens that accept credit cards
(perhaps even NYCE ATM cards now) and all banks take travellers' checks. Included in the cost
of the trip are all transportation, hotels, breakfasts and four group dinners. You will need
sufficient funds for lunches (approximately $6/day), six dinners (approx. $15-20/day) and any
personal items.

LUGGAGE: We will be staying in four cities and as we move from place to place you will be
responsible for carrying your luggage to and from the bus. We recommend you bring no more
luggage than you can carry by yourself: we will change planes in London, and in Athens the
airport is notorious for leaving each passenger to his or her own devices - no porters in sight.
You might consider bringing in your luggage a small backpack to carry essentials for the day on
sites - camera, water, notebook, etc. - or at the beach - sandals, towel, etc.

CLOTHING: Greece can be hot in late May and early June and most of the sites we will visit
are uphill and paved with limestone or marble. Bring very comfortable and sturdy walking shoes
that are already broken in, a protective hat, sunblock and sunglasses. You might want to bring
your own small water bottle; the tap water in Greece is safe and blue plastic liter bottles of water
are ubiquitous but cumbersome to carry. Dress during the day is for hot weather: light shirts and
shorts (not bathing trunks); women should bring a skirt they can put on to visit a church (we'll
stop at one near Delphi). Evenings are very casual. Try to bring sufficient clothing for the 10
days; there are few laundries, and they tend to be expensive and slow. You might bring some
drip-dry clothing if you plan to handwash anything. We will visit the beach on at least three
occasions. You might want to bring beach shoes like Tevas® (some of the beaches are beautiful
white sand, but others can be very rocky) and a towel. The Greeks sell beach shoes ("jellies" and
fake Tevas®) and bamboo beach mats as alternatives.

FILM: Film (especially Kodak® but even Fuji®) tends to be expensive in Greece, so you might
want to bring a good quantity with you. You can also pick up a lead-lined bag for your film at
any camera shop, to protect the film through the xray machines (although they claim your film is
safe). Batteries can be purchased easily at kiosks all over Greece, but the better brands are
pricey, so you might want to bring your own supply.

MEDICATION: Although we will be on a ferry boat for only part of one day, if you are
susceptible to seasickness you will want to come prepared. There are a number of remedies
available, both by prescription and over-the-counter. For seasickness, we can recommend
Bonine®; if you think you might encounter problems on the ferry, check with your physician
before you depart. We will be moving through seven time zones, and have found that
Melatonin® works well for jet lag. The recommended dosage is 1/2 milligram the morning of the
day before you travel, and 1/2 each day for the next three days at the same real time you took the
first pill. Again, check with your physician before taking it. In general, if you require any type of
medication, bring a sufficient supply with you. Greek pharmacies do carry everything that you
can find in the US, but if you are dependent upon any medication especially in an emergency,
you do not want to discover that the one pharmacy open in Delphi on a Sunday does not
understand your prescription.

                         RESTAURANTS AND SHOPPING

Athens: Restaurants
Plaka: Moderate
 Eden Vegetarian, 12 Lissíou. No credit cards. From Adrianoú take Mnissikléos up 2 blocks
   towards Acropolis. Vegetarian. Non-smoking section.
 Platanos Taverna, 4 Dioyénous. No credit cards. Closed Sundays. From Adrianoú take
   Mnissikléous up 1 block towards Acropolis. Greek.
 Taverna Xinos, Angélou Yéronda 4. 322-1065. Reservations recommended. No credit cards.
   Closed Sat.-Sun. Classic Greek taverna.
 To Tristato, 34 Dédalou. No credit cards. Near Agíou Yéronda. Snacks/desserts. Tearoom,
   new age, healthful and homemade, good for late breakfast, afternoon tea, light supper, late-
   night desert.
 Others to consider: Tavernas - Avyssinia, Avyssinia Square; Diporto, 13 Theatrou; Kostos,
   116 Adrianou or Thanassis, 69 Mitropoleos (both for souvlaki only)

Syntagma: Moderate
 Diros, 10 Xenofóndos. Credit cards. One block south of Sýntagma. Greek, air-conditioned.
 Neon, 3 Mitropóleos. No credit cards. Southwest corner of Sýntagma. Sandwiches, salads,
 Kentrikon, 3 Kolokotróni. No credit cards. Closed Sat.? One block up Stadíou.
   Greek/international. Air-conditioned.
 Kafenion, 26 Koukaniou. Best for appetizers and ouzo.

Kolonaki: Moderate
 Dimokritos, 23 Dimókritou. No credit cards. Four blocks NW of Kolonaki Square on Skoufa,
   turn right on Dimokritou off Skoufa. One block up, up one floor, with “Taverna” on the
   doors. Overlooks Church of Áyios Diónysos. Very good game, fish (esp. swordfish
   souvlaki), lamb.
 Rodiá Taverna, 44 Aristíppou. No credit cards. Closed Sun. Below street level, at the foot of
   Lykavitós Hill. Octopus, beef, bourékis (vegetable pastries), fresh halvá.

The city of Athens is full of inexpensive tavernas, souvlaki stands, restaurants with an
international cuisine and places that cater both to Greeks and tourists. Try to avoid restaurants
that display "tourist menus" and restauranteurs who hustle business outside the entrances of their
establishments. Any decent taverna will allow you, and even encourage you, to come in and look
at the dishes on the menu for the evening. This is traditional practice and a good way to learn
about Greek cuisine.

Athens: Shopping
Main shopping area is in the triangle between Athinás, Ermoú, and Stadíou. Upscale shopping on
Ermoú (Sinanis, Tsandilis for women; Marks and Spencer’s towards Monasteráki). Plaka is
largely for tourists, but there are some good jewelry/antique stores and a good sweater store on
 Antiques: Pandróssou St. in Monasteráki (the last block before Monasteráki Square); try
    Orpheus at 28B Pandróssou for accurate museum copies.
 Bookstores: Compendium, Nikis 28 near Plaka; Eleftheroudákis, 17 Panepistimíou near
 Clothes: On Ermoú; also in Kolonaki on Kanári, on Anagnostopoúlou, on Sólonos, on
    Heródotou, etc.
 Crafts: Center of Hellenic Tradition, 3 Mitropóleos and 36 Pandróssou (Plaka, arcade); Greek
    Women’s Institution, 3 Kolokotróni (embroideries).
 Jewelry: high quality (and prices) at Lalaounis and Zolotas, both shops near Syntagma.

Nauplion: Restaurants
 Ta Phanaria, Staikopoulos 13. Credit cards. Greek. Attractive setting, excellent food.
 The Pharos, Akti Miaoulis by the children’s playground. This and other places along the
   waterfront, for ouzo and snacks.
 Savouras Psarotaverna, Leoforos Bouboulinas 79. Fish by the kilo. Credit cards. Very good
   though crowded.
 Ice cream: Pink Panther (Staikopoulou), Fantasia (Staikopoulou), Napoli di Romania (Akti

Nauplion: Shopping
 Aeolis, 4 Vas. Konstantinou. Jewelry.
 To Enotion, Staikopoulou. Museum-quality reproductions of shadow theater.

Delphi and Arachova: Shopping
 Delphi: one good antique store, up one level in the village, not far from the Zorba Taverna.
 Arachova: Anemi (weavings), Katina Panagakou (crafts).

                            ESSENTIAL GREEK VOCABULARY
ENGLISH                       GREEK                            ENGLISH                       GREEK
Airport                       Aerodrómio                       Water                         Neró
Bank                          Trápeza                          Bread                         Psomí
Breakfast                     Próino                           Wine                          Krasí
The bill, please              Tón logaryazmó, parakaló.        Retsina                       Retsína
Cheap                         Ftinó                            Beer                          Bíra
Closed                        Klistó                           Coffee                        Kafé
Coffeehouse                   Kafenío                          Tea                           Tsaí
Dinner                        Vradinó                          Sugar                         Záchari
Do you speak English?         Miláte angliká?                  Orange drink                  Portokaláda
Excuse me                     Signómi                          Marmelade                     Marmeláda
Glad to meet you              Chéro polí                       Cheese                        Tirí
Good                          Kaló                             Eggs                          Avgá
Goodbye                       Adío                             Fork                          Piroúni
Good evening                  Kalispéra                        Spoon                         Koutáli
Good health to us/Cheers      Yá mas                           Knife                         Macheíri
Good health to you            Yássas                           Dish                          Piáto
Good morning                  Kaliméra                         Glass                         Potíri
Good night                    Kaliníchta                       Napkin                        Petséta
Hello                         Yássas                           Salt                          Sál
Here                          Edó                              Pepper                        Pipéri
Hotel                         Xenodochío                       Yogurt dip with garlic        Tzatzíki
How are you?                  Tí kánete?                       Potatoes                      Patátes
How do you say …?             Pósse léne …?                    Red mullet (grilled)          Barboúnia
How far?                      Pósso makría?                    Shrimp                        Garídes
How much is it?               Pósso káni?                      Squid (fried)                 Kalamarákia
I am from the US              Íme apó tin Ínomenís Politeías   Octopus                       Oktapódi
I am lost                     Ego chathí                       Swordfish                     Xifías
I am sorry                    Lipáme                           Lamb                          Arní
I don't speak Greek           Dén miláo elliniká               Lamb (skewer)                 Souvlaki
I don't understand            Dén katalavéno                   Lamb chop                     Paidákia
It is hot                     Káni zésti                       Pork chop                     Brizóla chriní
It is cold                    Káni krío                        Beef/veal chop                Brizóla moschári
I want                        Thélo                            Stuffed grape leaves          Dolmádes
I want to go to the hotel     Thélo ná páo stó xenodochío      Meatballs                     Keftédes
I want a glass of beer        Thélo éna potíri bíra            Chicken                       Kotópoulo
Left                          Aristerá                         Sausage                       Loukaniká
Lunch                         Messimerianó                     Meat and eggplant casserole   Moussaká
Map                           Chártis                          Macaroni and meat casserole   Pastitsío
Market                        Supermárket                      Spaghetti with meat sauce     Makarónia me kimá
More                          Perissóteros                     Phyllo, custard and honey     Galaktoboúriko
Mr.                           Kýrios                           Phyllo, nut and honey         Baklavá
Mrs.                          Kýria                            Ice cream                     Pagotó
My name is …                  Onomázome …                      Rice pudding                  Rizógalo
New                           Kenoúrios                        Ice                           Págos

ENGLISH                  GREEK                      ENGLISH   GREEK
No                       Óchi                       0         Midén
OK                       En dáxi                    1         Éna
Old                      Paleós                     2         Dío
Open                     Anichtó                    3         Tría
Patisserie               Zacharoplastío             4         Téssera
Pharmacy                 Farmakío                   5         Pénde
Please                   Parakaló                   6         Éxi
Post office              Tachidromío                7         Eftá
Restaurant               Tavérna                    8         Októ
Restroom                 Toualétta                  9         Ennéa
Right                    Dexiá                      10        Déka
Shore                    Paralía                    11        Éndeka
Square                   Platía                     12        Dódeka
Stop!                    Stamátiste                 13        Dekatría
Street                   Odós                       20        Íkosi
Telephone                Tiléfono                   30        Tríanda
Thank you                Efcharistó                 40        Saránda
Today                    Símera                     50        Penínda
Tomorrow                 Ávrio                      60        Exínda
Too expensive            Pió akrivó                 70        Evdomínda
Very much                Pára polí                  80        Ogdónda
Very nice                Polí oréos                 90        Enenínda
What?                    Tí?                        100       Ekatón
What time is it?         Tí óra íne?                200       Diakóssia
What is your name?       Pós onomázete?             300       Triakóssia
Where?                   Poú?                       400       Tetrakóssia
Where is …?              Poú íne …?                 500       Pendakóssia
Why?                     Yatí?                      600       Exakóssia
Monday                   Deftéra                    700       Eftakóssia
Tuesday                  Tríti                      800       Oktakóssia
Wednesday                Tetárti                    900       Enneakóssia
Thursday                 Pémpti                     1000      Chília
Friday                   Paraskeví                  2000      Dío chiliádes
Saturday                 Sávato                     5000      Pénde chiliádes
Sunday                   Kiriakí                    10,000    Déka chiliádes

                     Pronunciation guide:
                     "a"               father
                     "ch"              German ich
                     "d"               then
                     "e"               egg
                     "i" and "y"       machine


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