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									                          Ferguson-Florissant School District
                                          BOARD AGENDA ITEM
Meeting Date: 4/13/2011                                                                      Agenda Item:         3 (a)
Agenda Item Title:     District Students Spell Success
Action Requested:     For Board Information
Program:              Board of Education/Local
Work Area:            Student Performance

District Goal:

Descriptive Paragraph:
The Board commends the 2011 Ferguson-Florissant School District Spelling Bee participants. The first-place grade level
winners from each elementary and middle school competed for the title of "Spelling Bee Champion." The first-place
elementary school winners include the following: Kelsey Johannsen, a fourth-grader at Combs, Abdullah Brown-El, a fifth-
grader at Commons Lane, and Timara Williams, a sixth-grader at Johnson-Wabash. The first-place middle school winners
include the following: Brittany DeSha, a seventh-grader at Cross Keys Middle School and Jared Williams, an eighth-
grader at Berkeley Middle School. Last but not least, the District's Spelling Bee Champion is Isaac Orbin, a fifth-grader at
Wedgwood Elementary School. Each winner received a trophy in honor of the achievement. In addition, Isaac's name will
appear on a plaque in the board room that lists previous champions.
Person(s) responsible:             Tangie Oglesby
Number of employees:
Number of students enrolled/participating in program:
Costs: (If Applicable)
   Funding Source:


Evaluation Criteria:
Procedures used to evaluate the collected data:
   Who collects the data?
   Who reports the data?
   Who analyzes the data?
Types of data used to evaluate the overall goals and
objectives of the program or service:
Strengths of the Program (for program reports only):

Plans for Improvement:

Improvements during the
last two years:
For Board Information                      A Scheduled Program Report
For Board Action                           A Scheduled Non-Program Report

Board of Education/Local

Student Performance
Highly Qualified Staff
Facilities/Instructional Resources
Parent/Community Involvement

1:   Ensure that all of our students read at or above grade level setting expectations for high achie
2:   Support the recruitment and selection of a diverse staff helping to achieve even higher expect
3:   Ensure fiscal stability through sound practices and incorporate green technologies where app
4:   Prepare all students for life, creating an environment where staff, family, and community deve
5:   The Board of Education will continue to engage in professional development and training to p
xpectations for high achievement.
 hieve even higher expectations for our District.
n technologies where applicable.
mily, and community develop positive relationships through the appreciation of diversity.
lopment and training to provide effective leadership.

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