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									welcome to
This brochure has been prepared for      First and foremost, we have concen-
                                         trated on what Bærum has to offer
                                                                                  there is a map of Bærum on the
                                                                                  center pages. At which we have
those who want to find out a bit more    in the way of schools, the care of
                                         young and old, our technical services,
                                                                                  concentrated on showing what the
                                                                                  local community looks like and where
about the municipality of Bærum. It is   culture and leisure. we also take a
                                         little trip back in time and we look
                                                                                  you will find the most important
                                                                                  population centres and well known
not meant to be a complete overview,     at the issues facing the municipal-
                                         ity of Bærum in the future. we also
                                                                                  institutions. we suggest you refer to
                                                                                  this map as you read the brochure.
but a few words about what we think      present a brief summary of the           we hope you will find our brochure
                                         municipality’s executive and council     useful and we extend a warm wel-
is most important.                       for 2003-2007.                           come to Bærum.

2 | Welcome to Bærum

Welcome to Bærum ................................ 4            << Kolsåstoppen is a popular destination for
A little piece of Norway ........................... 4        climbers and walkers and offers some challenging
The people of Bærum .............................. 5          rock faces. There is a panoramic view of Bærum
A glimpse of our history ......................... 6          from the top.
New challenges ........................................ 8
Growing up and education ..................... 10               Bærum Kulturhus opened in autumn 2003.

Security for young and old ..................... 12           The building was designed by the architect company
                                                              Snøhetta AS.
Places in Bærum ..................................... 14
Map of Bærum ........................................ 16
Sandvika - Bærum’s town ...................... 18
Map of Sandvika ..................................... 19
Worth a visit .......................................... 20
Leisure in Bærum .................................. 22
A lively cultural scene ............................ 24
Municipal services ................................. 26
The governing system ........................... 28
Useful addresses .................................... 31

                                                                                                          | 3
                                WeLCOme TO Bærum! they say Bærum is Norway in miniature. Norway’s largest
                                local authority outside the cities, with a population of 106.000 and a landscape which
                                varies from beaches and fjord, to forests and hills. Just a few minutes drive from Nor-
welcome to                      way’s capital city lies agricultural land with a long farming tradition. many of the coun-
Bærum!                          try’s cornerstone companies have chosen to locate their head offices in Bærum and we
                                also have active service industries. the quality and development of the local authority’s
                                own services benefits all our residents. the municipality can offer all kinds of sports and
                                activities as well as a rich and lively cultural scene, while the meeting places and public
                                arenas provide for experiences and participation. our intention with this brochure is to
                                give a first impression of the municipality’s different services and qualities and we hope
                                you will find it useful.
                                                                                                               odd reinsfelt, Mayor

TOWN AND COuNTrY: they say                terrain, challenging rock faces and                              kilometres and is the capital city’s
Bærum is Norway in miniature.             deep forests. In other words, a place   ||||| Bærum IN fIgureS   nearest neighbour to the west.
In Bærum you will find most of what       to search for peace and quiet, but                               the area’s whole southern side from
                                                                                  > 56.1 % of Bærum is
nature has provided throughout            at the opposite extreme a place of                               oslo to Asker is one long, idyllic
                                                                                    productive forest
the rest of the country. It enjoys a      urban life.                                                      stretch of coastline. the border
                                                                                  > 9.3 % of the area is
tranquil setting, sheltered from the                                                                       with Asker to the south-west is
                                                                                    agriculture land
north by forests and hills and open       IDYLLIC COAST: Glitredammen near                                 characterised by steep hills. to the
                                                                                  > 32.9 % is built on
to the sun and sea in the south.          Bærums Verk is the geographical                                  north-west, over Sollihøgda and
                                                                                  > 1.3 % is water
we have most things to offer: fjord       centre of Bærum. Vidvangen at                                    Krokskogen, lies the border with
with thrilling islands and small          Krokskogen is the highest point,                                 Hole in Ringerike.
island communities, wide, open            some 552 metres above sea level.
and fertile valleys, arable land, hilly   Bærum has an area of 191.3 square

4 | Welkome to Bærum
||||| Bærum IN fIgureS
In 2004 there were:
> 27.5 % children and young persons
up to 20
> 25.9 % between 20 and 39
> 33.2 % between 40 and 66
> 13.5 % over 67

    ||||| Bærum IN fIgureS
    > 105.928 residents on 1 January 2006

                                                                              A jOURNEY
    > An average household of 2.4 persons
    > 106 different nationalities

reSIDeNTS: 106.000                who commute to neighbour-
people were living in Bærum      ing municipalities, especially
at the end of 2005. In pro-      oslo. About 20.000 people
portion to the overall area      commute into oslo every
this is a densely populated      day and just as many travel
municipality. the people of      in the opposite direction to
Bærum make up 21 per cent        work in Bærum. commercial
of the 500.000 total popula-     development in Bærum in
tion of Akershus county.         the coming years will be
the population increases a       strongly influenced by the
little each year and there are   development of Fornebu,
slightly more women than         ref page 15 which will cre-
men.                             ate many jobs. the largest
                                 employers include the local
hOuSINg: Housing within          authority, telenor, Asker
Bærum is fairly evenly di-       and Bærum Hospital, Det
vided between apartment          Norske Veritas and Kværner
blocks, terraced and semi-       engineering.
detached and detached
houses.                          TWIN CITIeS: Bærum is            Bærum has always had ties with          Sverre’s Saga. After olaf Haraldson
                                 twin with six municipalities     places near and far, with other ways    – the king and saint – was killed
INCOme: Average gross            abroad, mostly in Scandi-        of life. this has made its mark on      at the battle of Stiklestad in 1030,
income per person over 17        navia. cooperation between       our exciting history, which is not      many people set out on the pilgrim-
is 380.000 kroner.               the communities includes         just local but part of the history of   age to Nidaros. the old pilgrim’s
                                 the exchange of knowledge        Norway.                                 way went through Bærum and is
emPLOYmeNT: In 2004              and competence. Study                                                    now marked with information signs.
there were 52.526 people         tours are made to the twin       Bærum – mOuNTAIN COuN-                  Bærum has two medieval churches,
employed in Bærum. much          towns and Bærum in turn          TrY: Bergheim, the old name for         at tanum and Haslum.
of the area’s commerce is in     welcomes visitors, both          Bærum, tells of a place of hills and
the fields of technology and     political and administrative,    mountains. when the first people        The BAD YeArS: the black death,
shipping, trade in goods and     from its twins. exchange         came here, most of the area was         which raged from 1348 to 1350,
service industries. there are    visits are also made by          under water. when the ice melted        layed waste three quarters of all the
predominantly small and          schools, associations and        there grew forth a fertile area with    farms in Bærum. times were hard
medium sized businesses.         other organizations. the six     rich soil. Rock carvings have been      and for 200 years a quarter of the
out of the total number of       twin cities are Hafnarfjördur    found under Kolsåstoppen: figures       old farms remained untilled. During
businesses, 70 per cent are      in Iceland, Hämeenlinna in       of ships, heavenly bodies and bowl      the turbulent years around 1500,
in trading and service indus-    Finland, Frederiksberg in        shaped hollows from as far back as      the manor of Nesøya was moved
tries. even though the area      Denmark, tartu in estonia,       the bronze age, 1500 years B.c. on      to Kjørbo at Sandvika. the manor
has over 100 per cent job        Uppsala in Sweden and            Kalvøya there are traces of habita-     was an economic and cultural centre
coverage, there are many         Altea in Spain.                  tion from the bronze and iron ages.     for the whole country for several
                                                                  the name Bærum first appears in         hundred years.

6 | Welcome to Bærum
                                                                                 <<<< Haslum Church is one of our two medieval
                                                                                 churches from the 12th century which are still in
                                                                                 regular use.

                                                                                 <<< Malmskrivergården in Sandvika was built in
                                                                                 the 17th century when ore began to be shipped to
                                                                                 Sandvika for onward carriage to Bærums Verk.

                                                                                 << At Bærums Verk today there is a unique shopping
                                                                                 centre in the old factory buildings.

                                                                                 < The painter Christian Skredsvig lived at Fleskum
                                                                                 farm for many years and took his motif for
                                                                                 «Seljefløyten» from the area around Dælivannet.

LIme BurNINg: lime burning has          succeeded after his death by his         at various times, including Fritz              twilight of the summer evenings,
been an important industry in the       son-in-law count Herman wedel-           thaulow, christian Skredsvig, Har-             brought new tones into the realistic
area for several hundred years. the     Jarlsberg. the løvenskiold family        riet Backer, Kitty Kielland and otto           art of the 1880s. christian Skreds-
lime kilns were in operation as early   took over in 1902 and owns the           Sinding. Best known are the so called          vig’s «seljefløyten» is probably the
as the year 1300. the mortar was        factory to this day.                     lysaker circle, with eilif Pettersen,          circle’s best known painting. the
used for many large building projects                                            Gerhardt munthe and erik weren-                motif comes from the area around
around oslo: churches, monasteries      INDuSTrIALISATION: malmskriver-          skiold. Fridtjof Nansen was also a             Dælivann in Bærum.
and Akershus Fortress. the mortar       gården in Sandvika was built in the      member of the circle.
was shipped out from Sandvika and       17th century when ore for Bærums         the fleskum summer of 1886                     The Bærum COLLeCTION: the
Slependen. Bærum’s choice of a lime     Verk began to be shipped into Sand-      remains a unique event in Norwegian            Bærum collection in the main library
kiln as a symbol on its municipal       vika for onward carriage. Industriali-   artistic history. Six of our foremost          in Bekkestua has a special collec-
coat of arms has a solid historical     sation came early to Bærum. tullin,      artists stayed at the Fleskum                  tion of local historical literature, a
basis.                                  governor of christiania, built a nail    estate in Bærum. the hosts were                large picture collection, newspaper
                                        works, powder and starch factory         the painter christian Skredsvig and            clippings, maps, tape recordings
BærumS Verk: Industrial Bærum is        beside the lysaker river and lived at    his wife maggie. they had moved                and other archived items which il-
known for more than lime burning. In    Granfoss. An active little community     home from Paris and bought Fles-               luminate the history of Bærum. the
1603 iron ore was found and Bærums      gradually grew up here.                  kum, where they were frequently                collection also includes microfilm
Verk was established. In 1780 the                                                visited by other artists. this period in       of source material such as church
forge at Fossum was built. At that      ArTISTIC COmmuNITY: Besides              Bærum led to a turning point in Nor-           records and folk histories, as well as
time Bærums Verk had a marked in-       the industry, an exciting artistic       wegian art. the new romantic period,           the historical Budstikka. For more in-
fluence on the Norwegian economy.       community developed in Bærum;            the atmospheric musical pictures,              formation see the library’s website:
Peder Anker was one of the owners,      many Norwegian painters lived here       with their emphasis in the poetic              www.barum.

                                                                                                                                   | 7
QuALITY Of LIfe: we have excellent          a high level. During the last decade      jobs (2005) in the municipality and               this direction with the planned
living conditions in Bærum. Here you        the number of births has decreased        about 52.500 employed persons                     tunnel beneath the town for the e16
will find things to satisfy most de-        a little and is now around 1,350 per      living here. the service industries               and e18 highways.
mands. the municipality of Bærum            year. children and young people           (offices etc.) make up about half
wants you to have a good life.              represent 27% of the population. we       of the jobs. the local authority ac-              fOrNeBu AS A NeW PLACe
Bærum is an attractive area to live         have made it a priority to ensure the     knowleges the challenge of providing              TO LIVe: A new residential and
in. the housing stock is large and          right conditions for our young people     for establishment of new businesses               business area is in the process of
varied, but it is difficult to find hous-   to grow up in.                            and for the development of the                    development where the main airport
ing at prices to satisfy all home seek-                                               existing business community.                      used to be. the overall plan calls for
ers. Bærum has made it a priority to         the number of elderly Bærum resi-                                                          6.000 homes and 15.000 jobs in the
establish rented council housing to         dents, especially in the oldest age       urBAN DeVeLOPmeNT IN                              Fornebu area. Several new commer-
meet this challenge. other possible         group, will increase somewhat in the      SANDVIkA: the municipal council                   cial buildings are already in place,
solutions are under continual as-           coming years. even though Bærum           decided that Sandvika should                      with telenor’s head office the most
sessment. It will remain a challenge        is among the municipalities with the      have town status from June 2003,                  prominent.
to manage the building and develop-         best coverage of hospital beds in the     following comprehensive urban                     the residential area has been
ment in such a way as not to reduce         country, there is a need to find alter-   development since the end of the                  planned as five neighbourhoods,
or detract from the qualities which         native solutions. the main challenge      1980s. the town is a hub for bus                  each with its own centre. the first
make Bærum so attractive. Quality           will be to develop flexible housing for   and rail transportation systems. the              neighbourhood centre is being built
of life is a common responsibility          the very oldest, in which those who       shopping centre Sandvika Storsenter               at Hundsund and work commences
and a challenge for us all. In Bærum        are able to look after themselves         and several housing projects are in               in summer 2006. the neighbourhood
our vision is to create a commu-            can live outside institutions, with       place, and more are being planned                 centres will include such services as
nity which can increasingly enable          the help they need available. At the      and built. with the coming of the                 schools, day nurseries, health and
a better utilisation of people’s            same time, those who need nursing         council building, local administration            sports areas. A district centre is also
resources. the aim is to create a local     and are unable to remain at home          and other public service buildings,               being built at Fornebu with not only
community with higher quality and           must have good quality institution-       a cultural and social centre, cinema              shopping and other services but also
better provision for each individual.       alised accommodation, with the            and several places to eat and drink,              a library, church and cultural ele-
A development of this kind cannot           emphasis on co-determination and          Sandvika is being seen more and                   ments. this area will be under
have a deadline, but must be seen           freedom of choice.                        more as a town centre.                            development for several years
as an ongoing process.                                                                work is in progress in the planning               to come.
                                            COmmerCIAL DeVeLOPmeNT:                   of Sandvika itself as a town of inno-
mOre ChILDreN AND eLDerLY: the              commerce and industry in Bærum            vation and recreation. there will be
number of children is stabilising at        are diverse. there are over 60.000        further possibilities for growth in

                                                                                      <<< The development of Fornebu has begun
                                                                                      and in the next few years there will be plenty
                                                                                      of building activity in the area. Kåre Groven’s
                                                                                      sculpture ”Kast ” stands in one of the round-
                                                                                      abouts in Ny Snarøyvei at Fornebu.

                                                                                      << Sandvika is a young town, which offers
                                                                                      culture, good shopping opportunities, hous-
                                                                                      ing, offices and many public services.

                                                                                      < The E18 highway through Bærum is one of
                                                                                      the busiest stretches of road in the country.
                                                                                      Putting the road through a tunnel has been
                                                                                      discussed for many years.

                                                                                                                                           | 9

                ||||| Bærum IN fIgureS
                > 5.919 children go to day nurseries
                > 146 day nurseries in the munici-
                > 20.315 students attend school
                > 40 primary and secondary schools
                > 8 upper secondary schools
                                          < The school of music and culture
                                          caters to almost 2.000 students.

                                          > The local health services organise
                                          maternity groups and other support
                                          groups for parents and children, in
                                          addition to the normal children’s
                                          health and development programmes.

                                          >> At Sjøholmen maritime centre,
                                          Bærum pupils are given maritime

SChOOLS: Bærum has long been             own secondary school and Steiner          leisure music scene. teaching in          for young people. there are school
in the forefront in education. many      School which covers all class levels      most instruments starts at age 7-8,       health services with health visitor at
exciting reforms have been carried       are alsoto be found i n Bærum.            but there are also special schemes        all schools in Bærum.
through. Quality, both profes-           Bærum’s municipal adult educa-            for 3 to 4 year olds and song groups
sional and social, has always been       tion centre offers teaching to those      for babies. there are about 1.800         INTerDISCIPLINArY
important. 14.500 pupils and 2.500       speaking minority languages, adults       student places at the music and           COOPerATION: children and young
employees work in Bærum Schools.         with difficulties in mathematics,         culture school, with about as many        people should be ensured a good and
the pupils are taught at 26 primary      reading and writing and mentally          again on the waiting list.                secure way of life by means of the
schools, ten lower secondary schools     handicapped adults.                                                                 coordination of municipal services
and one combined primary/sec-                                                      DAY NurSerIeS: In Bærum there             for children and young people in
ondary school. we also have three        SjøhOLmeN mArITIme CeNTre:                are 31 council run all-day nurseries      Bærum. By means of preventive
alternative schools and Haug school      Sjøholmen is a resource centre for        and 115 private nurseries, includ-        health and childhood measures, as
and resource centre. 6 per cent of       the schools in Bærum at which the         ing family nurseries. there are           well as the active participation of
the pupils at Bærum Schools belong       pupils receive swimming training as       altogether 5.519 places for children in   the child welfare authorities, the
to language minorities and mother        well as instruction in nature and the     the nurseries. Further day nurseries      municipality, in partnership with par-
tongue teaching is done in 45 differ-    environment in maritime surround-         are in the planning stage. there are      ents and young people themselves,
ent languages. Bærum also has an         ings near Sandvika. they receive sea      23 private parks in the area which        intends to create positive conditions
international school for foreign pu-     sense and the chance to try sailing,      give the opportunity for short-term       for childhood and adolescence in all
pils and a montessori School. there      canoeing and beach activities.            play and activities outdoors for small    areas. Public services, such as youth
are after-school care programmes                                                   children with adults.                     services, contact services, the police,
at all the primary schools. these are    The muSIC AND CuLTure SChOOL:                                                       the mediation board, pedagogical
open to all children from the first to   the municipality’s music and culture      heALTh CeNTreS: the municipal-            psychological service, child welfare,
the fourth classes.                      school provides teaching at all levels    ity of Bærum has ten health centres       health and school, often collaborate
 within the borders of the mu-           for children, young people and            which offer health services and ma-       with voluntary bodies to ensure
nicipality there are altogether eight    adults. A major part of the school’s      ternity groups for children aged 0-6      a secure and open childhood and
ordinary upper secondary schools,        activity is teaching music instru-        and their parents. the health centres     adolescent environment.
two of which are dedicated mainly to     ments. It is also a resource centre for   in Sandvika and Bekkestua also have
occupational and aesthetic subjects.     the primary and secondary schools         a midwife service and antenatal
A top-level sports school with its       as well as for day nurseries and the      classes as well as a health centre

                                                                                                                                | 11
||||| Bærum IN fIgureS
> 14.009 residents over 67 years old
> 8.064 people received nursing and care services in 2004
> 2.041 received financial social assistance

      < Lønnås residential and treatment centre is one of the municipality’s 16 institutions for the elderly.
        Home assistance is offered following application to the municipal Assignment Office.

     < <
        In addition to institutional places, the municipality has serviced housing, daytime services, home help schemes and its own security


      IN TheIr OWN hOmeS: the elderly                Spain. the centre offers short term            advice which can help in solving
      of Bærum should feel secure with               stays of six or twelve weeks for the           or preventing social problems.
      their way of life. It is our goal that         purpose of rehabilitation.                     the service can also give financial
      all our elderly should have the op-                                                           support to those who are unable to
      portunity to live in their own homes           ACTIVe eLDerLY: the 12 council-                provide for themselves or with other
      as long as possible. the municipal-            run centres for the elderly form               economic entitlements. the social
      ity is therefore providing services            the backbone of an active social               counselling service is part of the
      adapted for the individual user, such          fellowship for the elderly of Bærum.           social service and is an initiative for
      as home-visiting nurses, home help,            Based on these centres there is also           drug and alcohol abusers between 18
      security alarms, home care pay,                a comprehensive programme of help              and 40 years of age who want help in
      user-managed personal assistants,              with the motto: ”the elderly help the          changing their situation. the service
      support contact, daytime services for          elderly”. the centres are intended to          also offers counselling to close
      the elderly, serviced homes and stays          inspire activity and commitment - to           relatives. the contact service helps
      of longer or shorter duration in an            help provide a good social network             young people to seek work, school
      institution.                                   and better quality of life.                    places, housing and meaningful
      In Bærum there are 16 institutions                                                            leisure activities. the housing office
      with a total of 800 places for the             VOLuNTeer CeNTre: the volunteer                rents council housing to persons
      elderly. Nursing and care services are         centre is intended to help encourage           who are unable to meet their own
      assigned by the Assignment office.             voluntary commitment in the com-               housing needs on the open housing
      Bærum has also made available                  munity among private individuals               market. the office also offers young
      hospice places for seriously ill or dy-        and organisations. the centre can              people’s housing for those aged
      ing patients. the municipality has its         help with social contact and home              between 18 and 35 who are living on
      own security department, to help the           visits, supporting displaced persons,          their own for the first time, as well
      elderly who live in their own homes            creating help groups at institutions,          as overnight and daytime assistance
      and manage on a day to day basis,              homework help and adult contact for            for the homeless and drug abusers.
      but who for various reasons may feel           children and young people, transport,          the housing office offers loan and
      that life from time to time can be             help with shopping, straightforward            subsidy schemes for the improve-
      difficult.                                     practical assistance and creating              ment or purchase of property and
                                                     various hobby and interest groups.             gives advice to individuals regarding
      rehABILITATION reSIDeNCe: the                                                                 debt problems.
      municipality of Bærum operates its             SOCIAL SerVICeS AND heLP WITh
      own rehabilitation centre in Altea in          hOuSINg: the social service provides

                                                                                                        | 13

14 | Welcome to Bærum
                                         < Bekkestua is the hub of eastern
                                         Bærum, with good connections right
                                         across the area and into Oslo.
                                         Located here are the main library and
                                         the municipality’s largest sports arenas
                                         Nadderud Stadium and Nadderud Hall.

                                         > For many people Lysaker is a place
                                         of work, but in recent years many homes
                                         have also been built along the estuary
                                         of the Lysaker river.

BekkeSTuA: the centre of Bekke-          located in the area are several            a favourite meeting point for many       is on a hill. there is a branch library
stua is the natural hub of eastern       primary schools, a lower secondary         people.                                  here and a shopping centre close by.
Bærum. Here you find shops catering      school, sports hall and golf course.
to most needs, the wine and liquer       lommedalen also has the newest             STABekk: Stabekk is one of               kOLSåS AND The ruD/hAuger
store, post office, senior citizens’     church in Bærum - lommedalen               Bærum’s oldest transportation hubs.      AreA: Kolsås centre is a shopping
community centre and Bærum’s             church.                                    there are many good shops right          centre with a variety of outlets includ-
main library. Buses from oslo,                                                      beside the railway and good bus con-     ing a wine and liquer store, located at
Sandvika, eiksmarka and Bærums           rYkkINN: the Rykkinn area was              nections to oslo. Stabekk cinema, in     the end of the Kolsås railway. From
Verk stop here. the Kolsås railway is    developed at the beginning of              the old cinema premises, is now          here it is a short distance to the
closing for redevelopment from 1 July    the 1970s and many families with           a leisure and culture centre. Stabæk-    Rud/Hauger area, where there are
2006. when it reopens it will offer      children moved in. today the area’s        tunet residential and treatment          several schools and a large sports
improved transportation between          residents cover a wider age spread.        centre is beside the railway. A little   facility which includes skating rink,
oslo and west Bærum via Bekkes-          the area has two primary schools,          higher up towards Ramstad and            golf and tennis. the municipality’s
tua. Not far from here are Nadderud      a lower secondary school, church,          Høvik school lie Stabekk residential     implementation unit BK Bedrifter is
Stadium and Nadderud Hall with           health centre, leisure centre for          and treatment centre and Stabekk         located at Rud.
its swimming pool. Also located          young people, sports hall and swim-        Hospice.
here are lower and upper secondary       ming pool. most of the shops are at                                                 VøYeNeNgA AND SkuI: taking the
schools, the International School        Rykkinn centre, which has a good           LYSAker: lysaker is the first area       e16 from Sandvika, you soon come to
and Stabekk and Haslum primary           range of goods as well as a library.       you come to travelling west out of       Vøyenenga, which is being expanded
schools.                                                                            oslo on the e18. In recent years a       with a shopping centre and new
                                         eIkSmArkA AND øSTeråS:                     number of new offices have been          lower secondary school. Kirkerud-
BærumS Verk AND LOmme-                   eiksmarka and Østerås are two              built up here. lysaker Station is        bakken ski centre is also here - a
DALeN: the Bærums Verk shopping          shopping centres located close to          in the process of development to         popular place in the winter. Driving
centre covers everything from crafts     each other. Both are centrally located     become a central hub for trains from     further along the e16 you come to
and furniture, through gifts to food     close to the Østerås railway, with bus     east and west. From lysaker the          Skui primary school and Isi refuse
and clothes. It is a pleasant place to   connections to oslo and Sandvika.          road goes out to Fornebu, which is       reception facility, before driving up
shop, where care has been taken to       eiksmarka centre was the first             being developed into a medium sized      towards Sollihøgda, which is a popu-
maintain the historic buildings and      modern shopping centre in Norway.          town. large companies such as tel-       lar starting point for cross country
build new in harmony with the old.       A branch library, health centre and        enor, Norske Skog and - soon - Aker      skiing in winter.
Its history goes back to the founding    primary school are located here. At        Kværner have established their head
of the iron works in the 1600s. each     Østerås you find a lower secondary         offices at Fornebu.
year there is a performance which        school and close by both primary and                                                  mAP Of Bærum PAGES 16 & 17
presents some of the history of the      upper secondary schools. Østerås           høVIk: travelling along the e18 you        SANDVIkA     PAGES 18 & 19
works.                                   senior citizens’ community centre is       can easily spot Høvik church which

                                                                                                                                | 15
PLACeS IN Bærum (CONTd.)
                                                                                                                           Pharmacy (28)(32)
                                                                                                                           Aetat employment service (11)
                                                                                                                           Asker and Bærum housing cooperative (27)
                                                                                                                           Asker and Bærum district court (19)
                                                                                                                           Bathing beaches (1)(2)
                                                                                                                           library (10)
                                                                                                                           Housing office (14)
                                                                                                                           Brambanigården (14)
                                                                                                                           Bus terminal (26)
                                                                                                                           Bærum national register (30)
                                                                                                                           Bærum cultural centre (12)
                                                                                                                           Bærum arts association (29)
                                                                                                                           Bærum tax office (30)
                                                                                                                           Bærum chamber of commerce (21)
                                                                                                                           Bærum social security office (23)
                                                                                                                           Bærumshallen (3)
                                                                                                                           courthouses (19)
                                                                                                                           taxis (26)
                                                                                                                           Family counselling office (30)
                                                                                                                           FAS centre (31)
                                                                                                                           Refugee and immigrant office (44)
                                                                                                                           National register (30)
                                                                                                                           Public health office (18)
                                                                                                                           Peoples’ university (42)
                                                                                                                           conciliation board (23)
                                                                                                                           executive committee of local council (7)
                                                                                                                           Volunteer centre (37)
                                                                                                                           Health centre (18)
                                                                                                                           county court (19)
                                                                                                                           lost property office (23)
                                                                                                                           Hotel (35)
                                                                                                                           Inforama building (34)
                                                                                                                           Information, municipality of Bærum (9)
                                                                                                                           Railway station (26)
                                                                                                                           Kadettangen (2)
                                                                                                                           Kalvøya (1)
                                                                                                                           cinema (13)
                                                                                                                           church family counselling office (31)
                                                                                                                           municipal building (9)
                                                                                                                           municipal treasurer’s department (8)
                                                                                                                           council chamber (7)
                                                                                                                           cultural centre (12)
                                                                                                                           Police chief / bailiff (23)
                                                                                                                           tax office (30)
                                                                                                                           løkke bridge (39)
    SANDVIkA – Bærum´S TOWN:                development of Sandvika contin-         restaurants, cafes and bars a short    løkke park (38)
    once Sandvika used to be called         ues. For many people Sandvika           distance from buses and trains.        løkketangen centre (30)
    the “little white town in the cove”.    has long been the shopping centre       the country’s busiest stretch          løkkeåsveien 2 (36)
                                                                                                                           musikkflekken (15)
    Alongside the development of the        of choice and with olav thon’s          of highway, the e18, runs right        mølla resource centre (45)
    local community in Bærum and            expansion of Sandvika Storsenter        through Bærum. From Sandvika           court of seizure (19)
    the western region of Akershus          towards Inforama and thon Hotel         the e16 highway sets out towards       mayor (7)
                                                                                                                           Public guardian’s office (31)
    county, Sandvika has developed          oslofjord this trend can only con-      western Norway. Both these roads       Passport office (23)
    into a natural centre. Sandvika has     tinue. the number of homes in the       are also main arteries for local       Police station (20)
    always been Bærum’s “capital”, the      centre is increasing and the local      traffic and are heavily overloaded.    Police customer centre (23)
                                                                                                                           Post office (23)
    site of the municipal administra-       authority is keen to promote the        the building of the new e16 should     Psychiatric day centre (22)
    tion and town Hall. the govern-         development of an active cultural       be completed in 2007. Bærum’s          Psychiatric polyclinic (21)
    ment is also well represented with      and social scene. the many small        public transport network consists      Rigmor-/Rigfarbryggen, ferry quay (4)
                                                                                                                           town hall (7)
    institutions such as the state          and pleasant places to eat and          of buses and local and main line       municipal chief officer (9)
    employment service (Aetat), the         drink make Sandvika an attractive       railways, with Sandvika as an          Sandvika library (10)
    national register, tax office, social   town beside the oslofjord. the Kino     important rail hub. By 2011 a new      Sandvika health centre (18)
                                                                                                                           Sandvika quay (5)
    security office, district stipendiary   1 cinema sits shoulder to shoulder      stretch of double track line will be   Sandvika station (26)
    magistrate, courthouse and Asker        with the cultural centre and library.   completed from lysaker to Asker,       Sandvika Storsenter (33)
    and Bærum police station. the           there are several stages, shops,        with a new station at lysaker.         Sandvika theatre (16)
                                                                                                                           Sandvika theatre – ”lille Scene” (17)
                                                                                                                           Sandvika upper secondary school (40)
                                                                                                                           the house of income tax (25)
                                                                                                                           Social services office (9)

    18 | Welcome to Bærum




                                                        39                                         28
                                                             38                                                  26

                                                                                                                               25                P
                                                                           30                                                   23
                                                   40                                             31

                                                                      32                                        16

                                                             33                                                 15
                                                                                                                      14                     8

                                                                  P                                                                          7



                                                                                    13                                                                                 P
                                                                                             12        9

                                                                                                                                                                   3           P


     community medicine polyclinic (21)                                                                                                                                                 P
     Social counselling service (9)
     Hospital (road to) (43)
     tanken activity centre (41)                                           34
     taxi (26)
     courthouse (19)
     Registry office (19)
     thon Hotel oslofjord (35)
     toilets (9)(26)(30)(33)                       P                                                                                                                                                1
     Social security office (23)
     tourist information (33)
     contact service (6)
     Vaccination office (11)                            35
     wedding chamber (town hall) (7)                                            P
     the wine and liquer store (24)
     weapons office (23)

                                                                                                                                                                  | 19
  Henie Onstad Art Centre at Høvikodden is our major tourist attraction. The area around it offers many bathing spots and good walking opportunities along the coastal path.
< < <

   Øvrevoll is the only (non-trotting) race course in the country.
  < <

    The Lommedal Railway gives you the chance to ride in old carriages.

heNIe ONSTAD ArT CeNTre:                     BærumS Verk: Bærum Iron works                 the late 1100s, Haslum and tanum              there is an exhibition showing the
Norway’s largest museum of                   was founded in 1610 and Norway’s              churches. During the restoration of           process of lime burning from the mid-
modern, international art is a lively,       first blast furnace for iron smelting         tanum church many original wall               dle ages to the present day.
cultural activity centre. Henie onstad       was built here. A hundred years later         paintings were discovered and these
Art centre was a gift from the               the iron works had become the coun-           are now protected. Both churches               LOmmeDAL rAILWAY: the lom-
Norwegian ice dance pioneer Sonja            try’s largest industrial company and          are still in use and are open to the          medal railway is an outdoor railway
Henie and her husband, the ship              the largest built up area in Bærum.           public.                                       museum where trains can be driven
owner Niels onstad.                          today the old buildings have been                                                           on the museum’s own tracks. Access
Since 1968 the artcollection has             restored and four of them are pro-            grINI muSeum: what is now Ila                 by bus 143 or 153 via Bærums Verk
grown from 300 to more than 7.000            tected. what was once housing for             prison and institution for custodial          to By.
works in the permanent collection,           the workers has been transformed              supervision was known during the
which includes the work of artists           into charming little shops and craft          second world war as Grini prison              SChOOL muSeum: evje school mu-
from Picasso and matisse to Beuys            workshops today. Also at Bærums               camp. the museum is open for                  seum recreates a classroom of the late
and christo. the centre has the larg-        Verk is Norway’s oldest existing inn,         guided tours by arrangement.                  19th century and has become a meet-
est coBRA collection in the world.           from 1640. there is also a museum                                                           ing place for the students of today.
Sonja Henie’s large collection of            containing artefacts from daily life          The LIme kILNS: the municipal coat
trophies and medals is displayed in          at the factory, such as pots, imple-          of arms of Bærum carries the symbol           øVreVOLL rACeCOurSe: Norway’s
its own room.                                ments and decorative items, as well           of a lime kiln. this reflects the fact        only racecourse (other than trot-
the art centre at Høvikodden is sur-         as a review of the factory’s history          that lime burning has been a major            ting courses) is in Bærum. It was
rounded by a large sculpture park.           in text and pictures.                         industry in the area since the 1300s.         constructed in 1932. Races are held
the Bølgen & moi restaurant is very                                                        today Bærum’s largest preserved               between 30 and 40 days each year,
popular and offers everything from           meDIeVAL ChurCheS: Bærum has                  lime kilns are found at Ringi and             many of them attracting competitors
a snack to a gourmet dinner.                 two medieval churches dating from             Slependen. At the Slependen kiln              from large parts of europe.

                                                                                                                                             | 21
                                                                LEISURE IN BæRUM
||||| Bærum IN fIgureS
> 42.000 members of sports clubs
> About 8.000 members of cultural organisations
> 236 clubs and associations received local authority support
  in 2004
> Average of 7 library book loans per resident per year
                                         < Bærum is perfect for leisure time

                                         in the countryside or by the sea - or
                                         at one of the many sports or cultural

                                            The municipality has two large

                                         swimming complexes: Nadderud-
                                         hallen at Bekkestua and Berger
                                         pool at Rykkinn.

                                              Kalvøya is Sandvika’s gem and

                                         also the location of Båtsporten for
                                         rowing and canoeing enthusiasts.

SPOrTS: Nature has provided                                                      with a wide spectrum of recreational      Beside Nadderud Stadium is Arena
Bærum with perfect conditions for                                                possibilities - walking, swimming,        Bekkestua with an indoor skating
active leisure. the municipality has                                             activity areas and a naturist beach.      rink. Youth services also offers finan-
350 sports facilities catering for                                               the island used to be known for its       cial support and guidance to private
team sports and individuals. well                                                annual music festival; in more recent     clubs, youth activities organised by
over a third of Bærum’s residents                                                years it has become better known for      parents, parent-school associations,
- about 40.000 - are members of                                                  the children’s cultural festival and      the church and voluntary children’s
one or more sports clubs. Fully 60                                               the Kalvøya cup for football. A sum-      and young people’s organisations.
different sporting disciplines are or-                                           mer club for children from 9 to 13 is
ganised through Bærum’s 140 sports                                               organised on the island every year,       PeOPLe LOVe TO reAD: Bærum
clubs. the best known public sports                                              in recent years by the YmcA/YwcA.         library consists of five library outlets
facilities include Nadderudhallen,                                               the island is also used for open-air      - the main library at Bekkekstua and
Nadderud Stadium, Gjønnes Sports                                                 concerts and other events by and for      branches at Sandvika, eiksmarka,
Hall, Berger pool and Rykkinnhallen,                                             young people. the annual floating         Høvik and Rykkinn. In 2004 the
Hauger sports park, Kadettangen                                                  boat exhibition in the sea at Kadet-      libraries had 673.310 visitors with a
and Kalvøya.                                                                     tangen has become a great tradition       total of 740.204 book loans, 264.691
                                                                                 every September, attracting over          of which were to children. During
NATure: For those seeking recrea-                                                10,000 visitors.                          the year the libraries organised 119
tion and activity, both countryside                                                                                        events, 98 of which were for children.
and sea are invitingly at hand. Here                                             LeISure CLuB AND rAmPLAND:                these included concerts, opportuni-
too everything has been made ready                                               Youth services operates the munici-       ties to meet authors and children’s
for our residents, with car parking,                                             pality’s leisure centres. these offer     theatre. It is the goal of the library
a network of paths and trails and                                                a variety of intoxicant-free activities   service to promote reading compe-
bathing spots. Several nature paths                                              for children and young people from        tence and reading pleasure, with
have been set up and one can also                                                10 to 18 at eight different places        a special responsibility for children
follow the coastal path along most                                               in Bærum. tanken activity centre          and young people. each summer the
of the coastline. those who love                                                 in Sandvika offers music rehearsal        library organises a reading competi-
angling may like to know that the                                                rooms, sound studio, stage and            tion for children in which they must
Sandvik river is one of the country’s                                            media workshop. At Rud the motor          read at least five books. In summer
best salmon rivers.                                                              centre for young people provides          2005 over 600 children took part.
                                                                                 various motor sport activities for        Bærum library also has its own
kALVøYA: Kalvøya is Sandvika’s                                                   young people up to the age of 25.         website:
own open-air area – a gem in the                                                 Rud Rampland for practising skate-
innermost reaches of the oslofjord                                               boarding skills is also located here.

                                                                                                                             | 23
                                                                                                                            <<< Blowing it in Bærum! The school
                                                                                                                            bands make a big contribution to life in

                                                                                                                            << In the cultural centre you can see
                                                                                                                            international guest artists, such as Cirkus
                                                                                                                            Cirkör from Sweden.

                                                                                                                            << In 2005 Sandvika organised a Christ-
                                                                                                                            mas market for the first time.

                                                                                                                            > Happy Feet are fine representatives
                                                                                                                            of the active local cultural scene.

VArIeD: Bærum has a lively and           ranging programme of local, national      and sales outlets. ornamentation         the story is based on events from
varied cultural scene with about 140     and international performers. the         of schools, public buildings and         the everyday life of those who have
cultural organisations, which offer      more intimate foyer stage in the          the sculpture parks at Høvikkod-         lived and worked at the factory.
a wide variety of theatre, dance,        cultural centre makes an attractive       den, Strand and Bærums Verk bring        In 2005 Sandvika held a christmas
choirs, bands and other cultural         and exciting setting for perform-         art into daily life. local organisa-     market for the first time. this is
themes for children, young people        ances and presentations in a slightly     tions and associations like Bærum        intended to become an annual tradi-
and adults. many of these organ-         smaller format - lectures, exhibi-        Arts and crafts, Pictorial Artists in    tion. A stroll around town becomes
ise performances to delight young        tions, theatre, dance and concerts.       Bærum, Bærum Home craft Associa-         an adventure combining culture with
and old alike. the diversity of this     musikkflekken has more of a “rock”        tion and Bærum Painting club reflect     christmas shopping.
local activity has fostered many big     profile and is the musical meeting        the high level of quality and activity   each year on 17 may the traditional
names which have gone on to na-          place for the young and the young         in pictorial art, arts and crafts and    constitution Day parade is organised
tional and international stages, with    at heart. Here you will find the best     home crafts.                             in Sandvika, followed by celebrations
music, dance and theatre.                of pop, rock, big band and jazz.                                                   in Bærum cultural centre. A tradi-
                                         Skiltverkstedet has music rehearsal       feSTIVALS: the big band festival         tional flower parade is organised in
DISSImILIS: the national Dissimilis      rooms and sound studio.                   has been a big attraction for Nor-       Bekkestua on the afternoon of the
association works towards enabling       Sandvika theatre is the cultural          way’s big band scene for many years.     same day.
people with various learning diffi-      centre for children and young people,     Here enthusiasts from all over east       Beside the sea at the Henie onstad
culties to take part in musical and      while lille Scene is a “black box”        Norway enjoy local, national and         Art centre, midsummer’s eve is
cultural activities based on their own   stage - a smaller format for great        international names. this annual         celebrated with a large bonfire and
situations.                              experiences.                              festival is held in Sandvika. Brock      a programme of dance and play
                                                                                   brings together new names in rock        for all, whether they wish to watch
Bærum CuLTure AreNA: the                 PICTOrIAL ArT: Bærum is rich in           every autumn. A big festival for         proceedings or join in the dancing
municipality of Bærum operates the       possibilities for enjoyment and           school bands brings together about       themselves.
four venues Bærum cultural centre,       activity in art, with the Henie onstad    a thousand young musicians every
Sandvika theatre, musikkflekken          Art centre as the big attraction.         year in Sandvika’s town park.             children’s Island is a festival which
and lille Scene under the joint iden-    Galleries in Sandvika include Bærum                                                caters for activities and experiences
tity of Bærum culture Arena. the         Art Association and Bærum cultural        OTher ANNuAL eVeNTS: the                 for children and families on Kalvøya.
cultural centre is one of the major      centre. throughout the area there         Bærums Verk performance is a his-        children’s Pattern of culture is part
venues in the oslo area for dance        are also many outlets for visual art in   torical presentation which is held in    of this festival.
and acoustic music, but has a widely     the form of private galleries, studios    an outdoor setting every year.

24 | Welcome to Bærum
||||| Bærum IN fIgureS
> 200 kilos of rubbish per resident per year
> 20.255 tons of household waste in all
> 1.400 building applications
> 150 complaints
                                                                                                                           <<< Most of the municipality´s administration
                                                                                                                           is located in the Municipal Building in Sandvika.
                                                                                                                           The information desk will help you find the right
                                                                                                                           person or service.

                                                                                                                           << There is a well developed road network in
                                                                                                                           Bærum including pedestrian and cycle paths.
                                                                                                                           Standards of road maintenance, including
                                                                                                                           snowploughing and gritting, are high.

                                                                                                                           < All waste is sorted at Isi refuse reception
                                                                                                                           facility. The facility has about 100.000 visits
                                                                                                                           per year.

muNICIPAL INfOrmATION:                 eNVIrONmeNT: environmental                 the municipality. the Salvation Army     to the district heating system.
municipal information appears in       protection in Bærum covers a broad         and UFF Second Hand also collect         the plant is one of the most
the newspaper Bæringen which is        spectrum, from the traditional             clothes at 18 of these points.           advanced in europe.
distributed free to all households     concerns such as water quality and
in Bærum every fourth Friday. the      renovation to combating noise and          WATer AND SeWAge: the people of          Bk BeDrIfTer: BK Bedrifter looks
paper brings you up to date informa-   pollution from motor traffic. this         Bærum draw water from three sepa-        after Bærum municipality’s opera-
tion about council decisions, local    work is given a high priority.             rate sources: Holsfjorden, Aurevann      tional and service functions and
authority services and offers.                                                    and Sollihøgda. Drinking water in        carries out its activities as com-
You can find more information at       At Isi refuse reception facility, sorted   Bærum is of high quality and satisfies   missioned by buyers. BK Bedrifter                 refuse from private households and         all the requirements of both Norwe-      consists of self-financing business
                                       small businesses may be disposed           gian regulations and eU standards for    areas. Income is dependent on the
ADmINISTrATION: local ad-              of. Designated areas have been set         good drinking water. Regular tests are   agreements contracted with buyers.
mini-stration is mostly located in     up for different types of waste, such      taken at 14 different places around      Services in some areas are put out to
Sandvika: in the municipal Building,   as glass, cardboard, paper, white          the municipality. Bærum water has a      tender, whilst in others BK Bedrifter
Brambanigården and the town Hall,      goods and metals. Special cat-             low level of hardness. costs are cov-    is the sole supplier of services to the
where the elected representatives of   egory waste may also be disposed of.       ered by water and sewage charges.        local authority. BK Bedrifter can also
the municipality conduct their meet-   Garden waste goes for composting.                                                   take on commissions from other
ings. the municipal Building has its   Bærum has a regular monthly collec-        ADVANCeD DISTrICT heATINg:               buyers. the business areas within BK
own information desk; the nursing      tion of plastic and paper. As well as      Bærum District Heating has the con-      Bedrifter are Administration, Build-
and care services and the planning     the main facility at Isi, 36 recycling     cession for district heating in the      ing, Data, Parks and Sports, Projects
section which handles building and     points for glass/metal, cardboard/         Sandvika, lysaker and Fornebu ar-        and Development, cleansing, Hire
regulation cases also have their own   paper, dangerous waste and plastic         eas. New buildings in these areas are    and transport, VA-nett and BK Vikar.
reception for the public.              have been located around                   generally obliged to be connected

                                                                                                                              MORE INFO:

                                                                                                                                | 27
                            Folkevalgte i Bærum 2003-2007

                Bærum municipal council

                                           23                               Henning
                                                                            Kolstad        Bjørn Røtnes

                  Sven-Even                                                                    20

                                      Vibeke Limi
                                                            Helge Høva
                                           37                             Marthe Runden
                                                                                            Bjørn Erik
                                                                36                           Deverill-

                                       Yngve Ulf
                      52                Bjerke
                                                            Jens Petter
                                           51                              Liv Skrede
                                                                                          Suhail Mushtaq
                Morten Larsen
                 (settemedlem for
                Cathrine Gehrken)

                                       Stig Olai
                                                            Hans Petter
                                                                           Tore Bough-
                                                                             Jensen        Ole Kristian
  Bilag til Bæringen nr 13 - 2003                    Folkevalgte i Bærum 2003-2007                                                                 Bilag til Bæringen nr 13 - 2003

                                                     Folkevalgte i Bærum 2003-2007                                                              Bilag til Bæringen nr 13 - 2003

                                                                                                                                                                the Progress Party
                                                                                                                                                                 Sosialistisk Venstreparti
                                                                                                                                                                Sosialistisk Venstreparti
                                                                                                                                                                the Socialist left Party
                  Randi Lie
                Randi lie                                                      Elisabeth
                Secretary of                                                     Enger
                                                                                  enger                                                                         Venstre
                                                                                                                                                                the liberals
               the executive                                                  Elisabeth
                                                                              chief officer                                                                      Arbeiderpartiet
                committee                                                       Enger
                                                                              rådmann                                                                           Arbeiderpartiet
                                                                                                                                                                the labour Party
                                                                                                                                                                the Pensioners´Party
                                                        Kari Langeland                                                                                           Kristelig Folkeparti
                                    Odd Re
                                                          Deputy mayor
                                                        Kari Langeland
                                       mayor                                                                                                                    Kristelig Folkeparti
                                                                                                                                                                the christians Democratic Party
                                         einsfelt                                                                                                                Senterpartiet
                                                         Varaordfører                                                  2                1
                                                                                                     3                2
                                                                                                                                                                Senterpartiet Party
                                                                                                                                                                the centre
      7                                                                       4                                                                                  Høyre
                          6                               5                                         3
                                                                             4                                                                                  Høyre
                                                                                                                                                                the conservative Party

                                                                                                                                   Terje Akerhaug                                  11
                                                                                                                   Anne E.        Terje Akerhaug
                                                                                                  Åsmund          Anne E.
 Torill Hodt                                                               Brit Moe            Grøver Aukrust     Braathen
                   Hårek Elvenes                    Halvdan Skard                                Åsmund                                 13
  Heggen                                                                  Brit Moe            Grøver Aukrust
                                                    Halvdan Skard
                                                                                                                      14               13
     19                                                                       16                                     14                                                      Anne C. Brox
                         18                              17                                         15                                                                        Brodtkorb
                                                                             16                                                                                             Anne C. Brox
                                                         17                                                                                                                  Brodtkorb
                                                                                                                                                        Anja Corinna
                                                                                                                                                       Anja Corinna
                                                                                                                                      Anders              Boos                    25
                                                                                                                 Marit Handal        Anders                  26
                                                                                                  Kristen                            Ekeland
                                                                                                                Marit Handal                                26
Lars Magne                                                                Anne-Marie            Damsgaard
 Sunnanå            Liv Benthe                       Kari Brodin          Hognestad
                                                                                                 Kristen                                 27
                                                                         Anne-Marie            Damsgaard
                     Runden                            Seljelid                                                                         27
                                                     Kari Brodin         Hognestad                                    28
                                                      Seljelid                                      29
     33                                                                                                              28                                                      Stig Jenssen
                         32                                                   30                   29
                                                         31                                                                                                                 Stig Jenssen
                                                                                                                                                          Nils Inge
                                                                                                                                                         Nils Inge
                                                                                                                 Peter F. Hjort
                                                                                               Jens-Kristian    Peter F. Hjort
Anne Lene W.                                                          Halfdan Hegtun              Borgan
   Hojem             Vibeke                                                                   Jens-Kristian
                 Landmark Backe                                      Halfdan Hegtun              Borgan
                                                       Astrid                                                         42
                                                     Ramnefjell                                     43               42
     47                                                                       44                   43
                         46                              45                  44

                                                                                                                  Odd Roar
                                                                                                Olav Asbjørn      Kristensen
                                                                                                                 Odd Roar
  Eivind H.                                                            Kristine Skolt          Olav Storli
                                                                                                    Asbjørn      Kristensen
  Kjerstad           Dag Sørlie                        Yngve              Grosås
                                                                      Kristine Skolt               Storli
                                                       Yngve             Grosås
                                                                                                                                                          | 29
The gOVerNINg SYSTem

                                                                           muNICIPAL COuNCIL                                 CONTrOL COmmITTee

                                                                         eXeCuTIVe COmmITTee                                 COmPLAINTS COmmISSION

     BOArD fOr eLDerLY
      PerSONS AffAIrS

     BOArD fOr hANDI-              PLANNINg AND                                                                    ChILDreN AND
     CAPPeD PerSONS                eNVIrONmeNT                  PrOCeDureS               AID AND CAre              YOuNg PerSONS             LIVINg CONDITIONS
     AffAIrS                       COmmITTee                    COmmITTee                SuB-COmmITTee             SuB-COmmITTee             SuB-COmmITTee

     YOuNg PerSONS

                                                                     ChIef OffICer / ADmINISTrATION

    muNICIPAL COuNCIL: the overall            the council. the executive commit-      SuB-COmmITTeeS: the council has         the regulations for these commit-
    management of activities in the           tee’s areas of activity are deter-      set up three sub-committees: chil-      tees. the cases to be discussed by
    municipality occurs through the           mined by the council. the executive     dren and Young Persons Sub-com-         the committees named are sent out
    elected bodies. the municipal council     committee consists of 13 members.       mittee, Aid and care Sub-committee      from the office of the executive com-
    is the highest governing body in          Bærum’s executive committee has         and living conditions Sub-commit-       mittee. Documentation regarding
    Bærum and is elected by the voters        two working committees, each con-       tee. each committee consists of 11      individual cases is published on the
    resident in the municipality accord-      sisting of 5 members: the Planning      members.                                Internet and can also be accessed by
    ing to the rules laid down by national    and environment committee and the                                               applying to the office of the execu-
    legislation. Bærum municipal council      Procedures committee.                   OffICe Of The eXeCuTIVe                 tive committee on the first floor of
    consists of 51 representatives. the                                               COmmITTee: the political secretariat    the town hall, at the information
    council is elected for a four year        mAYOr AND DePuTY mAYOr:                 covers practical secretariat func-      desk in the municipal Building or in
    period.                                   these are elected by the council from   tions for the council, the executive    the libraries.
                                              among the members of the execu-         committee, the sub-committees,
    eXeCuTIVe COmmITTee: the ex-              tive committee. the mayor chairs        planning and environment commit-
    ecutive committee is elected by the       the meetings of both the council        tee, procedures committee, working
    council. members and deputy mem-          and the executive committee. He         environment committee, the
    bers are elected for a four year period   is the legal representative of the      representative committees and the
    by and from among the members of          municipality.                           complaints commission according to

    30 | Welcome to Bærum
                   IMPORTANT AddRESSES
                   Aetat (state employment service) | the municipal Building in Sandvika, tel. 67 57 42 00
                   Trains and buses | For timetables see or telephone 177
                   Child welfare on call in Asker and Bærum | Sandvika police station, tel 67 57 62 89
                   Bærum library | Bekkestua library - (main library) tel. 67 11 69 00
                   Bærum Cultural Centre, Bærum culture arena | tickets: tel. 815 11 777, other information: tel. 67 50 49 60
                   Bærum tax office | løkketangen centre, Sandvika tel. 815 81 735 or 67 52 38 00

USEFUL AddRESSES   Bærum police station | malmskrivervn. 2/4, Sandvika, tel. 02800 or 67 57 60 00
                   Bærum social security office | Sandvika, tel. 67 80 77 00
                   Taxi | tel. 06710
                   Volunteer Centre | Red cross Building, løkke Gård, Sandvika tel. 67 80 84 24
                   Isi waste disposal facility | Skui tel. 67 17 43 30
                   Crisis centre for women in Asker and Bærum | tel. 67 17 46 50
                   Doctor on call in Asker and Bærum | Sykehusvn. 40, Gjettum, tel. 67 52 20 20
                   Asker and Bærum hospital | Sogneprest munthe-Kaas vei 100, 1346 Gjettum, tel. 67 80 94 00
                   home Care Service | the municipal Building in Sandvika, tel. 67 50 46 26
                   Safe house for elderly | Dønski residential and treatment centre, tel. 67 80 78 16/ 07
                   Tourist Information | Sandvika Storsenter tel. 67 52 23 00
                   Contact service | Kadettangen i Sandvika tel. 67 55 10 20
                   Water and sewage network | 24-hour tel. 67 50 60 60 / 95 10 60 60

                   hOTELS ANd GUEST hOUSES
                   eikeli guest house | Nordveien 39, eiksmarka, tel. 67 16 53 00
                   emma guest house | Høyrabben 4, emma Hjorth-area, tel. 67 13 06 59
                   Lommedalen holiday house | Burudvn. 53, lommedalen, tel. 67 56 04 64, mobile: 905 82 354
                   Oslo Youth hostel | Holtekilen michelets vei 55, lysaker, tel. 67 51 80 40
                   radisson SAS Park hotel Oslo | Fornebuparken, lysaker, tel. 67 82 30 00 / 02525
                   Thon hotel Oslofjord | Sandviksveien 184, Sandvika, tel. 67 55 66 00
                   Scandic hotel høvik | Drammensvn. 507, Høvik, tel. 23 15 53 00

                   MUNICIPAL INFORMATION
                   Internett |
                   Newspaper | the municipality’s own information newspaper Bæringen is delivered to all households
                   every month
                   more information | Information desk, the municipal Building, Arnold Haukelands plass 10, Sandvika,
                   tel. 67 50 40 69, e-mail:

                   OThER BROChURES
                   Turkart med sykkelveier i Bærum – (map of pedestrian and cycle paths in Bærum) – 2004
                   Opplev Asker og Bærum – (experiencing Asker and Bærum) – 2003
                   Kultursti i Sandvika – culture trail in Sandvika) – 2003
                   KulturBærum – cultural programme delivered to all households three times a year
                   the brochures may be obtained from the information desk in the municipal Building.

                   editorial | trine Hamre Bendixen > Kristin Bjelke
                   Photo | Kristin Bjelke > marius morstøl Jenssen > trude Jerijervi > Pål Storrusten > Yvonne wilhelmsen
                   map of Sandvika | tone Groseth map of Bærum | Gro Selvik
                   Design | Rune Valle tangen Trykk | Hestholm Circulation | 1.000

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