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16th Annual

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Optimise Number Portability success by ensuring tight stakeholder cooperation, meeting
regulatory and operational requirements and implementing an effective commercial strategy
Monday 19th – Wednesday 21st September 2011 • Hotel Meliá Avenida América, Madrid, Spain

  Compelling Reasons To Attend                Featuring 25+ global case studies, including:
 l Benefit from a fully interactive two day
   programme covering critical regulatory,          Victoria Ferrera Lopez,         Aarti Sharma,
                                                    Number Portability              Head of Acquisition
   commercial and technical issues                  Manager,                        (Mumbai),
   surrounding Number Portability                   Orange Spain                    Vodafone India
 l Network with NP professionals from
   countries that have successfully                 Jigo Van Haperen,               Jörgen Nilsson,
                                                    Manager, Number                 Commercial Advisor,
   implemented number portability and               Portability for Mobile, Fixed   Kuwait Telecom
   countries that are planning its                  and VOIP services,              Company - VIVA
   implementation                                   KPN

 l Question the experts directly and find           Silva Gertz,                    Corinne Fenech,
   answers to your Number Portability               Managing Director, OCH &        Manager - Customer
   challenges                                       Project Manager,                Experience, Back Office &
                                                    Telia Danmark                   Bill Query Support,
 l Meet the leading Number Portability                                              Go
   suppliers and learn about the latest
                                                    Sufian Hashmi,                  Werner de Rouck,
   solutions on offer                               Manager MNP,                    Program Manager,
                                                    China Mobile Pakistan           Mobistar
           Pre-Conference Workshop
          Monday 19th September 2011
          An introduction to                        Doruk Sardag,                   Ibrahim Dikko,
                                                    Marketing Senior                Director, Government and
          Number Portability                        Specialist,                     Regulatory Affairs,
            Led by Rabión Consultancy               Turkcell                        Etisalat Nigeria

    To register please call +44 (0)20 7017 7483 or email
16th Annual
                                                                             PR E -CO NF E R E NCE W O R KS H O P

                                                                           Monday 19th September 2011

                                                                           An introduction to
Dear Delegate,
                                                                           Number Portability
The success of Number Portability is largely dependent on how well         Led by Rabión Consultancy
operators and regulators are able to address the commercial,               Registration will start at 08.30 and the workshop will run from 9.00 until
regulatory and technical challenges associated with creating and           15.00 with appropriate breaks for lunch and refreshments
maintaining a competitive business environment. Whether you are            Workshop Objectives
currently planning or implementing Number Portability and eager
                                                                           This workshop will provide an introduction to Number Portability, giving an
to optimise the introduction, or simply interested in finding out how to   overview of Number Portability design and implementation as well as
comply with new regulatory requirements and leverage Number                explaining the terminology that is used for Number Portability. The business
                                                                           models for Number Portability (donor initiated or recipient initiated request
Portability to create new revenue opportunities, IIR’s Number              model) will be presented, including the basic porting procedures for these
Portability 2011 conference is the must-attend event for you.              models.
                                                                           In addition, the workshop will evaluate the regulatory issues for number
Now in its 16th year, this truly comprehensive, interactive event will     Portability, and define the regulatory framework that is required. Inter-
allow you to network, benchmark and exchange ideas with Number             operator solutions and inter-operator issues procedures will be explained, as
Portability professionals from around the world.                           well as the technical network solutions and challenges for voice as well as
                                                                           for SMS services. Delegates will also be able to learn how Number
Through in-depth case studies by operators and regulators, you will        Portability impacts business processes such as billing, interconnection,
                                                                           customer activation, network routing, etc., and deepen their understanding
be able to gain valuable and actionable advice from peers who have         of service levels and Key Performance Indicators.
already implemented Number Portability and those who are currently         An analysis will be provided as to how Number Portability is impacted to
developing or implementing it.                                             support NGN networks, as well as analysis of cost modelling and economic
                                                                           considerations. The workshop will conclude with the status of NP worldwide,
Join us in Madrid this September to further your understanding of the      with an example of an implementation scenario, NP country cases and best
                                                                           practice examples.
issues surrounding Number Portability!
Kind regards,                                                              An introduction to Number Portability
Katrin Peränen                                                             • Introduction and overview to Number Portability. The terminology used
                                                                           • The business models for Number Portability (donor initiated or recipient
Conference Producer                                                            initiated request model)
IIR Telecoms & Technology                                                  • Basic porting procedures (porting requests, request validation and
                                                                               approval, changes and cancel procedures, execution of the porting of
                                                                           • Regulatory issues for number Portability, the regulatory framework that
                                                                               is required
                                                                           • Number Management in relation to Number Portability
10 Compelling reasons to attend                                            • Inter-operator solutions (central solutions, decentralized solutions,
                                                                               central reference databases, clearing house functions) and inter-
                                                                               operator issues procedures
1   Learn from KPN how to establish and manage an effective inter-         • Technical network solutions and challenges (Onward routing, Call query
    operator group to ensure the successful deployment                         on release, All call Query).
                                                                           • Impact of business processes such as billing, interconnection, customer
2   Hear Go examine the operational and human resourcing aspects               activation, network routing etc.)
    of the Number Portability process                                      • Service levels (preparation time, porting time, handover time, out-of-
                                                                               service time) and Key Performance Indicators
3   Find out how Turkcell leveraged the introduction of Number             • Number Portability in NGN networks
    Portability to drive in-bound porting of new customer segments         • Cost modelling (inter-operator charging, end-user charging, and
                                                                               conveyance costs) and economic considerations
4   Discover how Vodafone India encourages customers to port in a          • Status of NP worldwide
                                                                           • Implementation Scenario
    multiple SIM, prepaid dominated market                                 • NP country cases, best practice examples
5   Learn from Kuwait Telecom-VIVA how to increase subscriber              About your workshop leader
                                                                           Rabión Consultancy is an independent consultancy firm in information and
    awareness to ensure a successful launch
                                                                           communications technology, started in 2000, based in Gouda in the
6   Hear Telefónica O2 Czech Republic address the challenges               Netherlands. We focus at the Telecommunication industry. Our clients are
                                                                           Telecom Operators, Service Providers, Telecom Regulators, Telecom
    associated with implementing and evolving your Fixed Number            solution/equipment suppliers.
    Portability solution                                                   Rabión Consultancy provides consultancy services and training services to
                                                                           the information and communication technology market, nationally and
7   Learn from China Mobile Pakistan how to optimise the porting           internationally. The company has worked on numerous projects in the field
    process for the subscriber and sale channels in order to encourage     of telecommunications both in network infrastructure (GSM, GPRS, UMTS,
    more subscribers to port                                               HSDPA, WLAN, IP) and in IT system implementations (billing&rating,
                                                                           provisioning, number management etc). We are knowledgeable and skilled
8   Discover Mobistar and Orange Spain are overcoming the                  on both business and technology issues. We assist our clients by providing
                                                                           the directives to deploy information and telecommunications technology as
    challenges of complying with the EU’s one day number porting rule      enablers to reach their business goals.
9   Find out from FICORA how changes to NP regulation in Finland           The main areas of expertise that we work on are:
    now enable number portability before the end of fixed contracts        • Mobile Communication (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, WLAN, WiMAX)
                                                                           • Telecom and Data Infrastructure (Mobile, ADSL, IP, VoIP)
10 Hear Etisalat Nigeria, ONE Macedonia and Telia Danmark                  • Number Portability and Numbering
                                                                           • Billing & Payments
   outline current number portability developments and discuss             • Interconnection
   lessons learnt                                                          • International Roaming
                                                                           • Mobile Virtual Network Operators
                                                                           Raymond Bouwman is the founder and director of Rabión Consultancy, and
                                                                           the leading consultant of the company. He is an expert in Number
“Networking was very good, as well as                                      Portability. He has been involved in the design and implementation of
                                                                           Number Portability with several mobile and fixed operators and service
meeting colleagues from other countries”                                   providers, and he has assisted Regulators of Telecommunication in the
                                                                           management op number portability design and implementation.
NP Manager, Vivo Brasil @ Number Portability 2010

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Conference Day One – tuesday 20th September 2011                                                 12.40 Networking Lunch

08.30 Registration and Coffee                                                                                    SUCCESSFULLY MARKEtING NUMBER PORtABILItY
      A chance to get to know to your peers before the start of the conference and
      set a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.                                                        14.00 Number Portability in Guerilla Marketing
                                                                                                       • Leveraging NP to get more information about your market
09.00 Chair’s Opening Remarks
                                                                                                       • Understanding how to use NP to fine tune segmentation and pricing policy
             Carin Johansson, Managing Director and Senior Regulatory Expert,                          • Using Number Portability (NP) to address churn and acquisition
             BoCa Consulting                                                                           • Spicing up your communication with NP
                                                                                                            tor-Björn Fjellner, Independent MNP Consultant, Fjellner Development
09.10        Providing a global update on Number Portability
             implementations                                                                     14.30 Actively advertising Number Portability - increasing
             • Analysing the status of NP implementation around the world and highlighting                  subscriber awareness to ensure a successful launch
               current trends
                                                                                                            • Understanding how important public awareness of number portability is to its
             • Identifying the different approaches to NP and the key success factors in

                                                                                                              successful introduction
               different regions:
               subscriber awareness - number of ports - subscriber perception - porting                     • Assessing how to raise awareness of NP - educating the public by
               time - accessibility - increased competition - porting fee/cost to subscriber -                communicating the benefits of number portability
               ease of process                                                                                - what do subscribers need to know about number portability?
             • Comparing target porting periods in different countries and determining                      • Identifying and addressing potential concerns consumers may have in relation
               whether these targets are being met                                                            to the introduction of number portability
             • Examining how different countries are meeting the challenge of achieving                     • Examining how NP can be used as a marketing tool (with practical real life examples)
               cooperation between competing operators, suppliers and the regulator                         Jörgen Nilsson, Commercial Advisor, Kuwait telecom Company - VIVA
             Carin Johansson, Managing Director and Senior Regulatory Expert,
             BoCa Consulting                                                                                            OPtIMISING tHE PORtING PROCESS tO
                                                                                                                        ENHANCE tHE CUStOMER EXPERIENCE

09.40 Establishing and managing an effective inter-operator group                                15.00 Optimising the porting process for the subscriber and sale
             to ensure the successful deployment and continued                                              channels in order to encourage more subscribers to port

             fulfillment of Number Portability                                                              • Identifying and overcoming the potential obstacles to offering subscribers a
             • Understanding why the existence of an inter-operator group is essential for                    fast, simple cost effective and easy porting experience
               the proper implementation of number portability                                              • Ensuring that the porting process is easy to complete for sale staff so they will
             • Ensuring that all major operators are included in the group and that the                       actually port the subscriber instead of resorting to just issuing a new number

               group has the support of the regulator                                                       • Improving the data quality in billing and CRM systems to effectively
             • Outlining the main tasks of the group:                                                         streamline subscriber validation and reduce porting rejections
               - develop high level implementation plan                                                     • Overcoming the limited POS to handle customers’ port requests
               - determining a supported and effective decision model                                       Sufian Hashmi, Head, MNP Department, China Mobile Pakistan
               - negotiating and maintaining key processes and procedures
               - establishing methods for resolving potential disputes                           15.30 Afternoon Refreshments
               - agreeing charging principle
             • Governance of the group                                                           16.00 Understanding how to minimise porting times to achieve
             • Identifying the main technical, operational and commercial areas of                          excellent customer service
               negotiation between operators and understanding how to reach consensus                       • Examining the different porting times around the world: what are the
             Jigo Van Haperen, Manager, Number Portability for mobile, fixed and                              technical, legal and commercial constraints?
             VOIP services, KPN                                                                             • Understanding the drivers behind reducing porting times and the role of the
                                                                                                              regulator, service providers and customers in achieving this
10.10 Examining the operational and human resourcing aspects of                                             • Identifying the needs and the pre-requisites for enabling faster porting times
             the Number Portability process                                                                   for Fixed and Mobile Number Portability, prepaid and post paid customers,
             • Identifying the operational challenges which number portability poses to fixed                 and business and residential customers
               and mobile operators who are introducing NP for the first time                               • Determining how to minimize porting times in order to support business
             • Defining and developing a NP Project plan that is in line with regulatory                      objectives for attracting new customers and retaining existing ones

               requirements as well as strategic business goals                                             • Evaluating the influence of the (central) Number Portability solution on the
             • Setting up and running of a Number Portability Team, encompassing FNP and MNP                  ability to meet minimum porting times
             • Bringing it all together                                                                     • Learning from case studies and best practice examples of effective porting
             • Setting up of operational channels to liaise with other operators                              procedures and quick porting times
             • Embracing automation to reduce Human Resources and human error in
                                                                                                            Raymond Bouwman, Director and Managing Consultant,
               processing transactions
             • Preparing for what may come next                                                             Rabión Consultancy
             Corinne Fenech, Manager - Customer Experience, Back Office & Bill
             Query Support, Go                                                                                         ADDRESSING tHE MAIN PREREQUISItES
                                                                                                                      FOR A SUCCESSFUL MNP IMPLEMENtAtION
10.40 Morning Refreshments

                          CUStOMER ACQUISItION StRAtEGIES                                        16.30 Learning from the experience of others – understanding how
                                                                                                            to avoid the main pitfalls during your Number Portability
11.10 Leveraging the introduction of Number Portability to drive                                            implementation
             in-bound porting of new customer segments                                                      • Identifying the main pitfalls:
                                                                                                              - lack of public awareness

             • Identifying the leading drivers for subscribers to change their operator:
               price - quality of service - brand/reputation - customer service                               - insufficient regulation
             • Determining which segments are most likely to switch and why?                                  - high port fees
             • Developing targeted marketing campaigns and promotions that are tailored to                    - cumbersome and lengthy port process
               meet the needs of the specific segments you would like to attract                              - limited POS to handle customers’ port requests
             Doruk Sardag, Marketing Senior Specialist, turkcell                                              - no handset subsidies
                                                                                                            • What can the regulator do to avoid major pitfalls and ensure the success of
11.40 Understanding how Vodafone India is encouraging the in-                                                 the number portability implementation?
             bound porting of prepaid subscribers with multiple SIM cards                                   • Providing examples of less successful number portability implementations:
             • Providing an overview of the market structure in India                                         - what mistakes were made?
             • Examining the MNP process in India                                                             - what were the consequences?
               – port in, port out process                                                                    - how was the situation resolved?
               – issues with documentation/identity                                                         Guillermo Fernández Castellanos, Consultant, Analysys Mason
               – UPC replaces identity

               – prepaid structure – low entry cost, no exit barrier                             17.00 Identifying the key points for a successful Number
               – characteristic of the subscriber going in for MNP                                          Portability implementation
               – influence of retail on MNP                                                                 • Addressing the organisational issue (process institutionalisation)
             • Customer speak – why would a subscriber port out?                                            • Developing the top down approach - from business/regulator flows to system
             • How do you make it work?                                                                       implementation
               – involvement in retail                                                                      • Conducting a Global Impact Analysis on:
               – maximising postpaid gain                                                                     - network and real time elements
             • Segmented targeting and fulfillment                                                            - systems ( Legacy and BDO)
             • Educating sales and customers on MNP process                                                   - VAS’s and non-real time elements
             Aarti Sharma, Head of Acquisition (Mumbai), Vodafone India                                     • Putting it all together - getting to the final architecture
                                                                                                            • Lessons Learned – outlining the implementation and testing process
12.10 Addressing the challenges of getting customers to port in                                             José Antonio Hernández González, Number Portability and Sales
             multiple SIM, prepaid dominated markets                                                        Support System Manager, Indra
             • Understanding the particular challenges of introducing number portability in                 Luis Fernando Esteban Arranz, Number Portability and Sales Support
               prepaid dominated markets                                                                    System Expert, Indra
               - how relevant is number portability to highly price sensitive prepaid users
                  who are already ‘portable’ by virtue of multiple SIM cards?                    17.30 Roundtable Discussion Session: Implementing a future proof
             • Identifying the main reasons why prepaid customers may be unwilling to port
               their number:                                                                                Number Portability solution that meets your requirements
               - high porting fees
                                                                                                 18.00 Chair’s Closing Remarks
               - loss of mobile banking services tied to a certain network
               - tariff transparency                                                             18.10 End of Conference Day One
             • What incentives can operators offer prepaid subscribers in order to get them
               to port?                                                                                     Networking Reception
             • Will number portability be able to reduce the multiple SIM phenomenon?
                                                                                                            All speakers and delegates are invited to a complimentary
             tom Kershaw, Senior Vice President and General Manager,
                                                                                                            drinks reception to discuss the day’s issues.
             Interconnection Solutions, telcordia

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Conference Day two – Wednesday 21st September 2011
                                                                                                LEARNING NUMBER PORtABILItY LESSONS FROM AROUND tHE WORLD
08.30 Registration and Coffee
                                                                                               12.40 MNP implementation in Nigeria – update and lessons learnt
                                                                                                           so far
09.00 Chair’s Opening Remarks                                                                              • Update on status of implementation
            Carin Johansson, Managing Director and Senior Regulatory Expert,                                 - the journey so far, an update
            BoCa Consulting                                                                                • The competitive landscape

                                                                                                             - new entrants, changes in the competitive landscape
                                                                                                             - drivers for competition
09.10 Addressing the challenges of Number Portability in the light                                           - MNP as a catalyst for competition
            of the new EU regulation                                                                       • The role of the regulator in the success in MNP implementation
                                                                                                             - critical success factors
            Stefano Nicoletti, Principal Consultant, Ovum
                                                                                                             - next steps
                                                                                                           Ibrahim Dikko, Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs,
                  COMPLYING WItH REGULAtORY REQUIREMENtS                                                   Etisalat Nigeria

09.40 Examining how Orange Spain has managed to reduce its                                     13.10 Networking Lunch
            porting time to the one day set out in EU legislation
            • Describing the regulatory solution approved by Spanish NRA to implement the
              one day number porting rule for:                                                 14.30 Addressing MNP challenges associated with subscribers,

              - mobile numbers                                                                             operators and regulation in Pakistan
              - fixed numbers-coordination with unbundling procedure                                       • Providing a brief overview from the MNP Launch in March 2007 to the present
            • Adapting internal procedures to the new regulation – understanding how to                    • Defining NP success criteria:
              optimise operational procedures                                                                - subscribers - freedom of choice: service, tariff and incentive factors
            • Addressing the main concerns arising from the reduction of the porting time                    - operators - commercial KPIs (ARPU and number of subscribers)
              on distance sales                                                                              - regulator - formulating, updating, implementing regulation and
            • Examining the implementation of the new solution within the Spanish market                       safeguarding subscriber interests
              - schedule and coordination with other operators                                             • Lessons learnt from:
            Victoria Ferrera Lopez, Number Portability Manager, Orange Spain                                 - addressing the challenges:
                                                                                                               ∞ retention (invalid rejections, porting delays)
                                                                                                               ∞ sales channel abuse: porting without consent, cyclical porting
10.10 Overcoming the challenges of complying with the EU’s one                                               - finding possible solutions:
            day number porting rule                                                                            ∞ agree on “fair-play”, given the commercial considerations
            • Analysing new EU legislation on number porting - what is meant by porting in                     ∞ rationalise sales channel incentives to prevent non-genuine and cyclic porting
              one day?                                                                                         ∞ implement effective monitoring and control of sales channel activities
            • Assessing the impact the one day porting rule has on fixed and mobile                            ∞ consider moving control of porting acceptance and rejections to a
              operators:                                                                                          neutral third party

              - is one day porting achievable in a fixed line environment and for business                     ∞ increase minimum subscription period
                 customers?                                                                                Zahid Minhas, CEO, Pakistan MNP DB (G) Ltd
            • Examining how porting processes are affected and will have to change in
              order to comply with EU legislation
            • What role should the regulator play in ensuring operators are able to comply     15.00 Examining the lessons learnt from the introduction and
              with the law?                                                                                development of Number Portability
            • Outlining the obligations to provide compensation to end users in the case of   OPERAtOR     Dragan Chepujnoski, Regulatory Manager, Regulatory Department,
              delay or abuse of porting
                                                                                                           One Macedonia
            • Evaluating how successful European operators have been in complying with
              the one day number porting rule
            Werner de Rouck, Program Manager, Mobistar
                                                                                               15.30 Examining Number Portability developments in Denmark
                                                                                                     • Establishing an inter-operator group to ensure successful deployment of NP
10.40 Morning Refreshments                                                                           • Optimising the porting process for the subscriber to encourage more
                                                                                                       subscribers to port
                                                                                                     • Overcoming the challenges for the Danish operators of complying with the
                                                                                                       EU's one day number porting rule
11.10 Examining how changes to NP regulation in Finland now
                                                                                                     • Future impact of M2M communications on the Danish numbering plan
            enable Number Portability before the end of fixed contracts                                    Silva Gertz, Managing Director, OCH & Project Manager,
            • Understanding the implications of a regulatory decision in 2004 allowing
                                                                                                           telia Danmark
              operators to restrict the right to port numbers in the middle of a fixed

              contract period:
              - increase in fixed term contracts
                                                                                               16.00 Afternoon Refreshments
              - increase in rejected porting requests (in MNP)
            • Outlining how the regulator together with operators and the consumer
              authorities have managed to established new procedures concerning number
                                                                                                                         tHE FUtURE OF NUMBER PORtABILItY
              portability and fixed term contracts
            • Assessing how successful the change in regulation and its implementation
              have proved since the new provision came into force on 25 May 2011               16.30 Examining how technological advances will shape the future
            Sanna Hughes, Legal Counsel, FICORA                                                            of Number Portability
                                                                                                           •   Will smart phones accelerate or decelerate number portability?
                                                                                                           •   Does NP have a future if regulator keeps control of numbers?
                   IMPLEMENtING AND OPtIMISING GNP AND FNP                                                 •   Could IP convergence and VoIP eventually make NP obsolete?
                                                                                                           •   What’s next for number portability?
11.40 Introducing GNP (Geographic Number Portability) into an                                              For speaker updates please visit
            existing MNO operation as the regulatory landscape changes
            • Describing how GNP was introduced into the existing MNO operation –
                                                                                               17.00 Wrap Up Session:
              outlining the challenges
                                                                                                     Take this opportunity to discuss the key themes to have emerged from this
            • Understanding how to cope with many small new GNP entrants plus a new
                                                                                                     year’s conference and to share the practical ideas and insights that you will
                                                                                                     take back to the office.
            • Examining the services that are being offered
            • Refreshing the existing solution
            • Outlining how to handle on-going new entrants
                                                                                               17.30 Chair’s Closing Remarks
            • What about VOIP and ENUM?
            Clive Fagan, General Manager, Number Portability Company
            (South Africa)                                                                     17.40 End of Conference

12.10 Addressing the challenges associated with implementing and
            evolving your FNP (Fixed Number Portability) solution
            • Outlining the key obstacles to the effective implementation and management
                                                                                               “The best and probably the only way
              of FNP:
                                                                                               to get a full update on NP worldwide”

              - network modifications
              - costs                                                                          Product Manager, TDC @ Number Portability 2010
              - incumbent with SMP
            • Understanding how to integrate FNP with the existing MNP solution
            • Managing the difficulties associated with LLU in order to implement FNP
            • Establishing the role of the regulator in ensuring the successful                “Informative, useful and great for
              implementation and management of FNP
            • Determining how to ensure consistency when implementing FNP in terms of:
              - regulations
                                                                                               picking up new ideas “
              - porting times and costs                                                        Director of Regulatory Administration, National Communication Agency Ghana
            tomáš Prokopík, Senior Consultant for Strategy and Operations,                     @ Number Portability 2010
            telefónica O2 Czech Republic

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      WHO WILL YOU MEET?                                                                           PREMIUM SPONSORSHIP AND
       Based on analysis from our previous Number Portability
       events, we expect the following delegate profile:
                                                                                                   EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITIES
    INDUS TRY BR EAK DOW N                                                                         Sponsorship at IIR’s Number Portability conference will provide
                                                                                                   you with unlimited exposure to meet and engage with
                                             50% |            Operators
                                                                                                   operators and regulators from around the world. Regardless of
                                                                                                   your budget we can develop a tailored package that meets
                                             25% |            Regulators                           your marketing and sales objectives in this sector.

                                             10% |
                                                                                                   Our comprehensive marketing campaign will reach out to an
                                                              Consultants                          extensive group of our existing database and new delegates all
                                             15% |            Vendors
                                                                                                   over the world. Involvement in this campaign will showcase
                                                                                                   your solutions and corporate profile in prominent locations
    GEOGR APHICAL SPL IT                                                                           through various channels.
                                                                                                   For more details on sponsorship and
                                             22% |            Western Europe                       exhibition opportunities contact:
                                             24% |            Eastern Europe                       Daniel Burridge,
                                              9% |            Northern Europe                      Business Development Manager,
                                             18% |            Africa
                                                                                                   IIR Telecoms & Technology
                                                                                                   Tel: + 44 20 7017 7098
                                             13% |            Asia                                 Email:
                                              7% |            North America
                                              4% |            Middle East
       Source: Number Portability 2010        3% |            La n America
                                                                                               DELEGATE FEEDBACK FROM IIR’S PREVIOUS
                                                                                               NUMBER PORTABILITY EVENTS
              “Good experiences and best
                 practices will help us”
              Telecom Systems Engineer, CITC @ Number Portability 2009                         “Gained good knowledge of
                                                                                               different operators with MNP issues
                                                                                               and action plans they have used”
                                                                                               Application Support Section Head, Nawras @ Number Portability 2009

                                                                                               “It has informed my decision on the
                                                                                               steps my country would require”
                                                                                               Strategic & Transformation Project Advisor, Namibia Communications
                                                                                               Commission @ Number Portability 2009

Who will you meet at IIR’s
Number Portability 2011?
The conference is specifically designed for Directors, Head of Departments
and Managers representing fixed, mobile and convergent operators as well as
regulators with responsibility for: Number Portability, MNP, Regulation, Roaming,
Product Management, Churn Management, Retention, Numbering, Regulatory
Affairs, Regulatory Operations, Regulatory Strategy, Legal, Interconnection,
Strategic Planning, Services Planning, Commercial Operations, Marketing,
Product Marketing, CRM, Telecommunications

    IIR Telecoms suppoRTs
                    Télécoms Sans Frontières was created in 1998 and is now the leading        ASSOCIATE SPONSOR
                    NGO spesialized in emergency telecommunications. With bases in
                    France, Thailand and Nicaragua, TSF is ready to respond to breaking
                    emergencies anywhere in the world within 48 hours. Since its creation,
                    the NGO has intervened in over 55 countries, serving millions of victims
                    and over 500 NGOs and UN agencies. A member of the Emergency
   Telecommunications Cluster, TSF is a designated 'First Emergency Telecoms Responder',
   and is supported by some of the biggest telecommunications companies and foundations        Telcordia is the global leader in number portability solutions with proven deployments
   worldwide.                                                                      in over 15 countries servicing over one billion end users. Telcordia’s extended
                                                                                               product portfolio also helps regulators, operators and content providers optimize the
                                                                                               routing and delivery of SMS and mobile content traffic, control fraud and security with
                                                                                               centralized device registries and accelerate the deployment of mobile value added
   MEDIA PARTNERS                                                                              services. Telcordia’s vast experience, combined with its best-in-class products and
                                                                                               technology, provides customers with a superior number portability solution as well as
                                                                                               a host of other revenue generating services. Examples of countries who have
                                                                                               selected Telcordia’s market leading number portability customers include: United
                                                                                               States, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, UAE, Lithuania, India,
                                                                                               Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan and Mexico. For more
                                                                                               information or to schedule a meeting, contact:

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                                                                                                                                                               19-21 September 2011, Madrid, Spain

                                                                                                                                                                     I322E CW
                                                                                                                                                               Venue & Accommodation Details
                                                                                                                                                                Hotel Meliá Avenida América
                                                                                                                                                                Calle de Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 36, 28027, Madrid SPAIN
                                                                                                                                                                Tel: (34) 91 4232400 - Fax: (34) 91 3201440
                                                                                                                                                                To book your accommodation for the Number Portability 2011 and take advantage of the IIR discount, please complete the hotel
                                                                                                                                                                booking form that will be sent to you with confirmation of your conference booking. Alternatively, you can download it from the
                                                                                                                                                                website at

                                                                                                                                                                 Unable to attend?
                                                                                                                                                                 Nothing compares to being there - but you need not miss out.
                                                                                                                                                                 Simply tick the box, send the form along with payment. Your Online
                                                                                                                                                                 Docs will be sent to you within 4 weeks of the event being held.
                                                                                                                                                                 n Online Docs @ €499 (excl VAT)
                                                                                                                                                                 Visit the website for samples and other available documentation.
                                                                                                                                                                 Fax the form to : +44 (0)20 7017 7825
                                                                                                                                                                 We regret that we can only accept payment by credit card.                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                                                Your VIP number is on the address label. If there is no label, please quote
                                                                                                                                                                A      B      C D            E      F G            H I          J K L M                      N O P Q R                             S T           U      V      W        X      Y      Z

Step 1                    Decide what you want to attend                                   For more than one delegate please photocopy this form.

          Title                                                 Date                                                                                             Code                                                                 SIGNIFICANT GROUP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE!
   n Full Event                                                 Monday 19th to Wednesday 21st September                                                          I322E CW                                                                     Please contact Sofiane Guerni
   n Two Day Conference Only                                    Tuesday 20th to Wednesday 21st September                                                         I322E C                                                                          +44 (0)20 7017 4595

Step 2                    Work out the package

   Visas: If you need a visa to attend, please book early.

                                                                                    PRICE AVAILABLE FOR REGISTRATIONS                                                                 PRICE AVAILABLE FOR REGISTRATIONS                                                                                         PRICE AVAILABLE FOR REGISTRATIONS
                                                                                    BEFORE 25/06/2011                                                                                 BETWEEN 23/07/2011-20/08/2011                                                                                             AFTER 20/08/2011
  (Tick box)

  FULL EVENT                                                                       n €2295 + 18% VAT = €2708,10                                                                       n €2695+ 18% VAT = € 3180,10                                                                                             n €2895 + 18% VAT = € 3416,10
  2 DAY CONFERENCE                                                                 n €1595+ 18% VAT = €1882,10                                                                        n €1795 + 18% VAT = € 2118,10                                                                                            n €1895 + 18% VAT = € 2236,10

 The conference fee includes 3 course lunch, refreshments and full course documentation. It does not include travel or hotel accommodation. Please photocopy this form for multiple bookings.
  Personal details                         Mr/Mrs/Ms                First Name                                   Last Name                                                               Job Title                                                                           Department
  1st delegate
  2nd delegate

 To assist us with future correspondence, please supply the following details:
                                            Mr/Mrs/Ms                First Name                                   Last Name                                                               Job Title                                                                           Department
   Head of Department:
   Booking Contact:

 Company: .........................................................................................................Address (if different from label above) ..........................................................................................................................................
 .........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Postcode: ..................................................................
 Tel: .....................................................................Fax: ..........................................................................Email: ....................................................................................................................................................
 No. of employees on your site: 1) n 0-49 2) n 50-249 3) n 250-499 4) n 500-999 5) n 1000+ Nature of your company’s business: ....................................................................................................................................

 n YES! I would like to receive information about future events and services via email.
 Our statement of integrity can be found on our website at                                                                        Signature .....................................................................................................................................................................................................

Step 3                    Easy ways to pay                    All registrations must be paid in advance of the event.

Billing address if different from above:
n Cheque. € .............. Enclosed is our cheque in favour of IIR Ltd. Please ensure that the Conference Code I322E CW is written on the back of the cheque.
n Credit Card. Please debit my: n Visa n Amex n Eurocard n Mastercard                                                  Card No: .......................................................................................................................................................................
CCV Number: ......................................(three digit number on the back of most credit cards/front of American Express)
Expiry Date: ........................................ Signature: .......................................................................................... Please note that cards will be debited within 7 days of your registration on to the conference
n Bank Transfer. Full bank transfer details will be sent with the invoice
Delegates are kindly requested to bring confirmation of payment with them to the event. Staff at the registration desk will request a credit card payment from delegates when payment has not yet been received.
Step 4                     Five easy ways to register
                                                                                                                                         Data Protection - The personal information shown on this form, and/or provided by you, will be held on a database and may be shared with other
Telephone: – +44 (0)20 7017 7483 Please remember to quote I322E CW                                                                       companies in the Informa Group in the UK and internationally. If you do not wish your details to be available to other companies in the Informa Group please
E-Mail –                                                                                                  contact the Database Manager at the above address, Tel +44 (0)20 7017 7077, Fax +44 (0)20 7017 7828 or email: Occasionally your
                                                                                                                                         details may be obtained from, or made available to, external companies who wish to communicate with you offers related to your business activities. If you do
Web –                                                                                                            not wish to receive these offers, please tick the box n .
By Fax – Complete and send this registration form to: +44 (0)20 7017 7825                                                                What Happens If I Have to Cancel? - Confirm your CANCELLATION in writing (letter or fax) before 05/09/2011 and receive a refund less a 10% + VAT
                                                                                                                                         service charge. Should you cancel between this date and 12/09/2011 then you will receive a refund less a 50% + VAT service charge. Regrettably, no
Post – Complete and return the registration form together with payment to: Customer Service                                              refunds can be made for cancellations received less than one week prior to the conference. A substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge.
Manager, IIR Ltd, Cyan House, 1 Canada Road, Byfleet, Surrey, KT14 7BF                                                                   Incorrect Mailing - If you are receiving multiple mailings or you would like us to change any details or remove your name from our database, please
                                                                                                                                         contact the Database Manager at the above address, Tel +44 (0)20 7017 7077, Fax +44 (0)20 7017 7828 or email: - quoting the
Confirmation of your booking will only be sent when FULL PAYMENT is received. All posted registrations                                   reference number printed on the mailing label.
must be accompanied by a cheque or credit card details. Please treat this form as our request for payment.                               Additional Requirements - Please notify IIR at least one month before the conference date if you have any additional requirements e.g. wheelchair access, large print etc.

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