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									Social Studies                    Grade 3
14 Benchmarks

SS.3.1.1        Describe how historical and cultural events led to the development of communities in the United
                      Describe how the history of a community helps us understand the people who live there
                      Identify the reasons why immigrants came to the United States
                      Compare and contrast holidays and traditions from different cultures
                      Sequence events on a timeline

Behavioral Sciences
SS.3.2.2        Investigate and explain what makes a community diverse.
                     Identify specific examples of cultural diversity in communities
                     Identify cultural contributions of diverse groups to our communities.

SS.3.2.3        Explain why all individuals share a responsibility for making their community a better place to
                       Research people who have made positive contributions and explain how their
                        contributions have affected their community and others

SS.3.2.4        Describe cooperation and interdependence among individuals and groups in various communities.
                     Identify issues and problems that affect communities
                     Describe how individuals and communities work together to solve global issues
                     Research an environmental problem and solution in the local community

Civics and Citizenship
SS.3.3.5        Explain the rights, responsibilities, and behaviors of a citizen in school and within communities.
                     Identify ways for people to have a voice in their community.
                     Describe a step-by-step process for preparing to vote responsibly in an election.

SS.3.3.6        Demonstrate good citizenship behaviors in the school and within communities.
                    Identify specific ways of taking personal responsibility for helping the global community
                            o Protecting the environment
                            o Helping wildlife
                            o Helping other people
                    Apply the behaviors of good citizenship in your school and community

SS.3.3.7        Identify the purpose, role and responsibilities of the government within communities.
                     Describe the offices of the community government and the responsibilities of the
                          individuals within them.

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SS.3.4.8    Recognize and locate a community in relation to the world.
                 Locate key geographic features on a map of earth:
                        o Equator
                        o Prime meridian
                        o Four hemispheres
                        o Four oceans
                        o Seven continents
                 Identify countries on a map of North America

SS.3.4.9    Identify and use the basic elements of maps and globes
                 Identify cardinal and intermediate directions and use a compass rose
                 Use map tools:
                          o Scale
                          o Grid
                          o Key (legend)
                          o Symbols
                          o Title

SS.3.4.10   Compare and contrast the physical features, climate, and natural resources of various geographic
            areas around the world.
                 Compare and contrast the physical features, climate, and natural resources of three
                     different cities in the United States
                 Identify the physical features, climate and natural resources of Milwaukee

SS.3.4.11   Compare how groups in different regions have adapted to their physical environment and used
            natural resources to meet basic needs.
                 Analyze artifacts from different regions around the world to identify the ways in which
                      people meet their needs
                 Identify how people in Milwaukee have adapted to their environment over time

SS.3.5.12   Explain why resources and products need to be shared between various communities.
                 Analyze a hypothetical pattern of global trade.
                 Describe how global trade has changed life in a world community.

SS.3.5.13   Describe the ways in which global trade affects communities.
                 Identify and describe the goods and services that contribute to the economies of local and
                    global communities
                 Describe a way in which global trade has changed life within a global community

SS.3.5.14   Determine the effects of supply and demand on local goods and services.
                 Explain the effects of supply and demand on prices and predict changes.
                 Hypothesize reasons for high and low prices on items in the local community.

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