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									                                      ICT ACTIVITY


Knowledge is gained through students exploring hands on experience activities.

Learning takes place when students engage in activities with a focus on increasing their

ICT will be used to help facilitate the students learning and further their knowledge.


I will approach the teaching in both an instructional and facilitating manner.
The learning will be organised around the students accessing a Multimedia Lab in which
they will use ICT’s to complete a given task.

The given task is a problem solving task that promotes higher-order thinking – students
need to design and create a creature that could survive in an Antarctic environment.


The children will be using a mini multimedia lab to use ICT’s as an integral part of their


With the use of ICT’s students will be able to create, present and reflect on their own
work, creating a rendered 3D animation

ICT’s will enhance student learning as they will be using ICT’s as a tool to complete their
given project based activity.


ICT will be an integral part of the students work for this activity.

Learning Context

My role as a Head of Curriculum allows me to allocate students an hour a week working
on their learning in a multimedia lab. Together with year 6 teachers we came up with this
extension task for students to complete, as they had been studying clay animation earlier
this year and were very keen to try 3d rendered animation. This was a very exciting
activity as it was a ‘first’ for the school and was a good opportunity for students to apply
their knowledge on a topic they had been studying throughout the semester. We had a
choice to either have the students create and animate an already existing Antarctic
creature or design and create their own. Teachers and myself felt it would be more
interesting to allow students to create their own creature, with the set parameters of
having the design of the creature relevant to Antarctic conditions.

Students will engage in an ICT based activity as a direct link to a class theme the class is

As the children are studying Antarctica the task is relevant and is problem solving based.
The task is aimed at higher order thinking as the students need to present an animated
creature that would/could survive within an Antarctic environment.

This task is focused around middle phase of learning.

Circumstances will be based around access to the MM lab and knowledge students have
already accumulated through previous work on the class theme.


Learning Focus

The project based task is outlined as follows: - Students are to investigate and research
what is needed for a creature to survive within an Antarctic environment. Once
established, the student is to design a creature that could operate and survive within this
environment. Students will create a 3D rendered/animated creature to present to the class.

Students will learn to use the Internet as a source of information and participate within an
online learning community to help gain information on how to successfully complete this
project activity.

Students will also learn how to use applications such as Cosmic Blobs – to create a 3D
animated object, i-Movie to sequence/edit an animation and i-DVD to create a class DVD
of animations displaying their Antarctic creature designs.

The central focus of the learning is based around 3D animation.

Curriculum Links

This project-based task strongly links into the SOSE and The Arts Media strand syllabi.

Students will need to have a sound understanding of the Antarctic environment and an
understanding of using Cosmic Blobs to create a 3D rendered animation. Students will
need to know how to use the Apple applications of i-Movie and i-DVD.
Students will need to be able to use the internet for accessing information and on-line
content such as blogs to become part of an on-line 3D animating community.

Outcomes to be obtained are as follows : -

   Science - 3.1 Students draw conclusions about the relationship between features of living
    things and the environments in which they live.
   Arts - ME 4.2 Students select media forms and apply technologies to construct and present
    media texts to target an audience.

Student needs and Interests

Students already have displayed a keen interest in animation, this project based task will
help to give them a hands on experience as creating their own 3D animation.

ICT’s will provide the tools necessary for the students to actively participate within this


Once completing the animation the children will organise a class DVD which will display
the students work for staff, fellow students and community to view at a celebration day.

Teaching Approach

Students will be using ICT’s as an integral part of their learning. Providing ‘hands on’
experiences for them through the use as ICT’s being ‘tools’ for their creations. Instruction
will be guided until the students are confident with using the selected software. Students
will be given time to explore possibilities with the selected software.

Students will work individually on the task and then also time to share in a group for
reflection. We will also come together as a class to discuss various aspects of the project.

Students will also access on-line content and animation blogs which focus on trouble
shooting using the program to over come similar problems.


Resources involve Apple computers, Cosmic Blobs, i-Movie and i-DVD
Students will access support from,, and Blender supports an on-line community of
fellow animators where students can post questions about animations. Cosmic blobs also
offers an education section for support also.

These resources are what are needed for students to complete their given task



ICT used will be Apple computers with the i-Life 06 suite and Cosmic Blobs.

Students will access a mini Multimedia lab to achieve the given outcomes. Students will
attend this lab for 1 hour a week for either a term or semester.

As the project is theme based, the task is already strongly linked to both the Science and
The Arts syllabi.


Student progress will be monitored by saving work for submission and viewing by the
teacher at various stages throughout the project activity and reflection from the student,
their peers, the teacher and the online animating community.

Students learning and understanding will be assessed through the students explanation
about how they used ICT’s to complete this task.

Success will be measured from the finished DVD at a celebration day to be held by the



To teach this task I needed to become familiar with the application Cosmic Blobs and the
online tutorials offered from the developers of Cosmic Blobs. By accessing the tutorials
and speaking to people who has used the application I was able to learn how to help
students use it also.

Problems encountered so far have been related to animating the creature eg how to make
it walk correctly. I am currently overcoming the problem by discussing it online with
fellow animators.

Students have used ICT as an integral part of their learning as ICT’s were needed to
complete the whole project activity. Students are able to use ICT’s to compose and create
an animation. By completing this activity students have become skilled in working in a
3D environment. They have also used ICT’s to research information about animation and
designing a creature that could survive in an Antarctic environment. Further, students
have been able to combine various aspects of media – combining moving images to
create their own meaning and understanding. Students have been able to apply new
learning by using animation as a presenting tool to present information to a target


My main goal for this task was to have students design and create a creature that could
survive in an Antarctic environment. I wanted students to apply new knowledge and
understanding through using tutorials with Cosmic Blobs to animate their own blob

I learnt how to become a successful 3D rendered animator.

I have been giving in-service on how to use the applications used for this activity to staff
in the hope that they to might take on a similar task integrated into the themes that their
classrooms are doing.

This task can be easily transferred to any other KLA or unit a class is doing. You are only
limited by your own imagination. By showing and empowering teachers with this
technology can they begin to see what implications and uses it could have within their
own classroom.

If I could go back and do the lesson again I would allow more time for exploration of the
application Cosmic Blobs, not just for the students but for myself as the program itself
has a lot of potential to create some excellent work. As a resource I believe this
application has a lot of potential for both teachers and students alike.

I would also like to be more involved with the online community as it is a valuable tool to
create some very good networks not just in Australia but across the world. I would really
like to learn more about 3d animation and get more primary level students involved in
animation. If you think about the level of work students can produce now, think about
how much more skilled they could be by the time they are finished school. However to be
able to help students I need to have better understanding as the teacher to be able to help
students. So I will continue to stay connected and learn more as I go along.

This activity uses ICT’s only to complete this task.

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