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         Definition of ‘network’:
any system of interconnected components.
Networks consists of nodes and links.

       Nodes        Links
       People       Friendship
       Computers    Cables
       Cells        Chemical reactions
       HTML pages   <a> tags
Networks everywhere!
Art influenced by, and engaged,
with networks:
         a. Mapping Networks
         b. Creating Networks
         c. Hacking Networks
a. Mapping Networks
Mapping The Internet/Web
The Internet 1998, Bill Cheswick [not presented in an art context]

               Visualization made with Webstalker, I/O/D (1997)
Infome Imager Lite (2002-2005)
          Lisa Jevbratt
Mapping Social Networks
             Facebook Network

Facebook Friend Wheel
Facebook Friend Wheel
Trace Encounters, W. Bradford Paley and Jefferson Y. Han (2004)
Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin: Listening Post (2001-2002)
Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin: Listening Post (2001-2002)
Mapping Political/Power Networks
Mark Lombardi (1951-2000) “George W. Bush, Harken Energy and Jackson Stephens, ca. 1979-90" (1999)
They Rule, Josh On (2001-2004)
Angie Waller, Data Mining the Amazon (2002)   Conservative   Liberal
            b. Creating Networks
Creating and/or facilitating communities and/or communication.
The Furtive Ear, Bernie Lubell (1996)
Why Words Fail, Bernie Lubell (1998)
Jabber Wocky, Eric Paulos/Urban Atmospheres (2004)
                    The upper scaleshows the current number of people
                    with the same fear or phobia in your proximity.

                   The lower scaleshows the overall number of anonymous
                   encounters with people having the same fear or phobia
                   currently as you.

                    The fear buddy is constantly checking for the number
                    of available devices with the same fear or phobia in
                    your proximity.

Fear Buddies, Daniel Goddemeyer (2006)
Kings X Phone In, Heath Bunting (1994)
Dialtones – a Telesymphony, Golan Levin et al. (2001)

   NPR Radio Interview
Untitled 1992 (Free), Recreated at David Swirner Gallery 2007
Video from installation at David Swirner Gallery (2007)

                         Rirkrit Tiravanija                     Untitled (Apartment 21) (2005)
                                              Flash Mobs

The first flash mob organized in Manhattan in May
2003, by Bill Wasik, senior editor of Harper's

More than one hundred people converged upon the
ninth floor rug department of Macy's department
store, gathering around one particular very
expensive rug. Anyone approached by a sales
assistant was advised to say that the gatherers lived
together in a warehouse on the outskirts of New
York, that they were shopping for a Love Rug, and
that they made all their purchase decisions as a
Grand Central Station Freeze
 Improv Everywhere (2008)
WoW   Aram Bartholl 2006   WoW Video
Message in a Bottle, Layla Curtis (2004)
 c. Hacking Networks
“Misbehaving” Creatively in Networks/Communities
Propagating (Mis)information in Networks
“Misbehaving” creatively in Networks/Communities
Velvet Strike, Anne-Marie Schleiner (2002)
Synthetic Performances: Marina Abramovic's Imponderabilia,
               0100101110101101.ORG (2007)
Second Life Dumpster
2007, eteam and Adam Gay
Double Happiness Manufacturing
   Jeff Crouse and Stephanie Rothenberg   video [8.15]
          Dirt Party

2007, David Jimison and Jeff Crouse
       Add Art

Steve Lambert et al (2008)
                Ebay Art („auctionism‟)

Important Artist Demographics for Sale, Jeff Gates (1999)

Blackness for sale, Keith Obadike (2001)

Use Cary Peppermint As medium, Cary Peppermint (2000)

Art Gallery Space 4Rent - 73,440 min of fame!, AKSHUN (1999) (2001)

Rtmark (2000)

      (Read about „auctionism‟ in Galloway‟s text.)
the Surveillance Camera Players (1996->)
iSee, Institute for Applied Autonomy (2001)
Propagating (Mis)information in Networks
Jam Echelon Day, Global collaboration of Hactivists
   and the Electronic Disturbance Theatre 1999

              Echelon trigger words, 0100101110101101.ORG (2001)
Re-Code, The Conglomco Media Network (2003)

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