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									                                     FOR AGES 5 TO 14
Get the best introduction to Equine Education at the Palos Verdes Pony Camp!
Campers not only learn the fundamentals of safe riding skills, but also increase their self confidence as
they learn about the physical care of the horse. Camp is for riders of all levels and special attention will be
given to each individual’s level of experience. Each camp session has six campers with one adult instructor and
the assistance of camp graduates. Qualified award winning instructors will improve, increase and
enhance your childs skills daily. Camp is held in both the lesson barn and in the arena.

Summer Camp Fees:               Summer Camp Sessions:
Half-Day: $275 (Residents)      Run Tuesdays - Fridays for 11 weeks with a 1 week break in July.
$295 (Non-residents)            SESSION 1 June 15 Thru June 18      SESSION    6 July 27 Thru July 30
Summer Camp Hours:              SESSION 2 June 22 Thru June 25      SESSION    7 August 3 Thru August 6
Morning Session                 SESSION 3 June 29 Thru July 2       SESSION    8 August 10 Thru August 13
Tues - Fri 9:00am - 12pm        SESSION 4 July 6 Thru July 9        SESSION    9 August 17 Thru August 20
Registration:                   SESSION 5 July 13 Thru July 16      SESSION    10 August 24 Thru August 27
Call 310-634-8969               BREAK WEEK July 20 Thru July 23     SESSION    11 August 31 Thru Sept. 3

         4057 Via Opata, Palos Verdes Estates CA 90274
                                                          General Academic
                                                          Marine Science/Oceanography

                                                          Performing Arts

                                                          Special Interest
                                                          Music Theatre


                                                          Baseball/Softball             Surf, Ocean & Beach
                                                          Basketball                    Swimming
                                                          Sailing                       Volleyball

                                                          Multiple Activity
                                                          Enjoy a variety of sports and activities in one camp!

SCHOOL’S OUT is a “local” camp and activity directory serving the communities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach,
Redondo Beach, El Segundo, Torrance and the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The directory is intended to provide parents
an extensive and easy to read guide to the many wonderful camps and activities in our area.
Visit for additional camp information.                                                       3
    General Academic                                                     General Academic
    A+ SUPERCAMP                                                         ROLLING HILLS COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL
    Ages: 11-18                                                          Ages: K-8th Grade
    The best investment you can                                          Rolling Hills Country
    make this summer in your son or                                      Day School’s Summer
    daughter’s future is an enrollment                                   Programs offer both
    in SuperCamp. Whether your                                           academic and day
    student is struggling in school or                                   camp programs for
    just in need of a boost in self-                                     children entering
    confidence and motivation, we                                        kindergarten through
    will help. We are the world leader                                   eighth grade in the fall.
    in academic and life skills
                                                                         Our academic programs include a traditional summer school
    summer enrichment programs for
                                                                         curriculum for all grades and all levels of students. For
    middle school and high school students. Over 55,000
                                                                         students entering grades 3-5, we offer additional courses in
    students have attended SuperCamp since 1982 and the
                                                                         both science and computer. For students entering grades 5-8
    results have been phenomenal. This summer in Southern
                                                                         we offer outstanding courses in study skills, test taking,
    California we have 10-day programs at UCLA and Cal
                                                                         computer multimedia, literature and composition, and Spanish.
    State San Marcos for incoming 9th-12th graders and a
    7-day program at Loyola Marymount for incoming 6th-8th               Our camp programs are designed to be both fun and
    graders. The great thing about SuperCamp is that the kids            flexible for everyone. Country Day Camp includes activities
    have a great time, make new friends, reduce their stress,            such as swimming, sports, art, crafts, dance, carnivals, and
    and discover their own brilliance. And there’s the added             shows. We offer week by week camp options as well as 2,
    bonus of less tension in the home. Sign up today, as                 3, 4, and 5 day options.
    camps are filling up fast.
                                                                         Late Afternoon Camps available including: Drama Camp,
    Location: : UCLA (July 9-18) grades 9-12, Loyola Marymount
                                                                         Art Camp, Swim Camp, and Major League Soccer Camp.
    (July 22-28) grades 6-8, Cal State San Marcos (August 1-10)
    grades 9-12                                                          Offered in two week blocks, available throughout the summer.
    Dates: 10-day camps in July and August                               Location: Crenshaw and Palos Verdes Blvd. in Rolling Hills Estates
    Fees: $2,395 - $2,995 depending upon the length and location of      Dates/Times: Programs start June 21 and conclude on August 13
    the camp.
                                                                         Fees: Varies depending on length of camp options.
    Contact Info:
    (800) 285-3276                                                       Contact Info:                                                    Todd Gordon • 310-377-4848 x14                                         

    KIDSART-REDONDO BEACH                                                PENINSULA ACADEMY SUMMER SESSIONS
    Ages: 4 and up                                                       Ages: K - 12th grade
    During the summer,                                                   Peninsula Academy has a wide
    KidsArt expands its                                                  variety of fun Summer Sessions,
    program to include a                                                 including: Kids’ S.M.A.R.T. Camp
    variety of summer workshops. These workshops are designed            (1st-8th) - Warning: Learning can be
    to broaden perception, abilities, and affinity for many different    addictively fun! Our counselors have
    media. This year, we are offering a NEW 4-6 year old                 not only prepared engaging math,
    STORYBOOK CLAY AND PAPER SCULPTURE WORKSHOP.                         reading and writing adventures but
    The child’s favorite characters from books, movies, and              also fun brain activities like chess, art
    television will be drawn, painted, and/or sculpted in a variety of   and engineering projects. Young
    mediums. Workshops for ages 7 and up include different medias        Writers Workshop (2nd-8th) - In
    each week. They are, CLAY SCULPTURE, where students will             conjunction with UCLA (grades 4-6),
    learn to sculpt and paint animals, landscapes, and a 3-d house;      our Writers Workshop takes students on an illuminating
    ANIMATION, where they will be taught to create their own             journey into the world of the written word. Sneak Preview
    figures and storyboards; ANIME, where they will learn to draw        Math/Science - Get acquainted with some of the toughest
    the most popular anime cartoons; FIGURE DRAWING, which               upcoming Fall classes: Math (all levels to Calculus), Bio
    teaches the fundamentals of drawing the human form and the           1/AP, Chem 1/AP, Physics. SAT Supercamp - Maximize your
    structure of the human head; and a PALETTE OF ART, which             score with this rigorous prep course that covers every
    offers a different media each day, which includes figure drawing,    concept and strategy. College Admission Boot Camp - Our
    clay sculpture, anime, cartooning, and cartoon paper sculpture.      UCLA-certified counselor guides students through the
    Call now to signup, as enrollment is on a first-come, first-serve    admission timeline, college selection, and application
    basis and seats are limited.                                         preparation (including essays). Also: Math Club for Kids,
    Location: 1802 S. PCH, Redondo Beach                                 Advanced Math Club, and Digital Art & Music Studio!
                                                                         Location: 550 Deep Valley Dr. Suite 277, RHE 90274
    Dates/Times: June 28th – September 3rd                               Above Abercrombie, across from J. Crew
    Weekly day camp 1/2 day from 8:30am - 11:30am (ages 4-6 and
                                                                         Dates: Full: June 21 - Aug 14, Half: June 21-July 17, July 19-Aug
    ages 7 and up) or 12:00pm - 3:00 pm (ages 7 and up) or full day
                                                                         14; Back-to-School: Aug. 16-28
    8:30am - 3:00pm
                                                                         Fees: Varies per grade and number of subjects
    Fees: $230 for 1/2 day or $450 for full day
                                                                         Contact Info:
    Contact Info:
                                                                         Lela • (310) 377-1297 • •
    Anjale Perrault • (310) 316-9331 •
Language                                                             Arts
Ages: 3-16                                                           Ages: 13-16
Foreign Language                                                     No lanyards made here! The
Camps - In French,                                                   Oxbow School offers a unique
Spanish, Italian,                                                    summer camp opportunity
Chinese (Mandarin) &                                                 for 13 to 16 year-olds who
Japanese. New this                                                   want to explore their creativity,
year: German!!!                                                      develop their artistic talent,
                                                                     make lifelong friendships and
Savoir Faire
                                                                     have FUN! Unlike the general perception of art camps, we
Language Institute has been offering
                                                                     don't do busy craft projects. Staff are professional artists,
outstanding summer camps since 1997. We
                                                                     teachers and graduates from some of the finest art schools
teach the target language to children 3 years
                                                                     around the country. They emphasize the conceptual as
old to 16 years old. In the summer we offer 1/2
                                                                     well as the technical aspects of art, encourage students to
day and full day schedules. In our immersion
                                                                     seek their personal artistic interests while learning at their
camps children learn to speak the target
                                                                     own pace and being challenged to broaden their horizons.
language by “doing”. Activity oriented, hands-on, full of field
                                                                     The Oxbow camp culture promotes self-discovery, self-
trips, cultural crafts, cooking and inspired language
                                                                     confidence, and creative expression. Respect of self,
activities. Your child will learn greetings, basic Q & A’s,
                                                                     others, and the environment; risk-taking; honesty, and a
vocabulary - while having a fabulous time! Now is the time
                                                                     nonjudgmental atmosphere are all highly valued.
to get your children involved in a foreign language.
                                                                     Location: Napa, California
Location: 322 Vista del Mar, Suite B, Redondo Beach                  Dates/Times: Session 1: July 3-19
Dates/Times: Weekly, from June 21st to September 3rd (9am -          Session 2: July 26 - August 10
3pm, 9am - 12pm or 1pm - 3pm - Extended day offered).                Fees: $3150
Fees: From $225                                                      Contact Info:
Contact Info:                                                        Barbara Bitner
Joelle Adkins or Caroline Buck                                       (415) 531-2151
(310) 378-1086                                                                                        

Marine Science/Oceanography                                          Music
MARINE SCIENCE                                                       DRUM INSTRUCTION
SUMMER CAMPS                                                         Ages: 4 and up
Ages: 8-17                                                           Peaceland Music provides
Located at Two Harbors on                                            experienced, professional
Catalina Island overlooking                                          instruction on guitar, piano, bass
the ocean, this camp                                                 and drums. With over 42 years
includes a beautiful sandy                                           experience, James Musser was
beach, hiking trails, beach                                          Nominated Best Guitar ’97 and
volleyball, basketball courts, great snorkeling and cool cabin       Best LA Band ‘96 at the LA Music Awards, Top 100 Unsigned
tents! Cooperative learning groups teach processes of field and      Bands in L.A. ‘99 - Music Connection, Best South Bay Band
marine biology as campers forge relationships with fellow            ‘97 - Rock City News, and also “Best in Show/NAMM 2005”
campers in an intimate learning environment. Field journals          for his Peaceland Guitar Ring Slide design
record data observed in numerous habitats and an appreciation        ( Additional instructors
for the environment and its protection expands. Mountain and         include Bob Fazio, World-Class Piano and Bass instruction;
Sea Educational Adventures (MSA) offers youth camps that             John Whitehead and Dennis McGarry, Peaceland Music
study field and marine biology in the most beautiful and             Program. Our program seeks to work with each individual to
complex ecosystems in Southern California. Character building        provide technique and direction in attaining your specific
and fun recreational activities are intrinsic to all MSA programs.   goals with your instrument. Lesson plans are individual, and
Location: Two Harbors, Catalina Island                               developed for each student according to their interests and
Dates: June 20 - June 25 Catalina Camp 1                             preferences. Students are encouraged to learn material
June 27 - July 2 Catalina Camp 2                                     they enjoy listening to. Annual recital is held each spring.
July 5 - July 9 Catalina Camp 3                                      Rental instruments are available.
July 11 - July 16 Catalina Camp 4                                    Location: 23706 Crenshaw Blvd., 105 A & B, Torrance
July 18 - July 23 Catalina Camp 5
August 1 - August 6 Catalina Camp 6                                  Dates: Instruction is ongoing 7 days/week by appointment.
August 8 - August 13 Catalina Camp 7                                 Fees: Guitar, bass and drum lessons are $85/125/165/mo for
August 15 - August 20 Catalina Camp 8                                30/45/60min/wk. Piano lessons are $95/135/175 for four lessons.
August 22 - August 27 Catalina Camp 9                                Quarterly discounts available for 3 months tuition on guitar, bass
Fees: $662 - $695 (Sunday-Friday)                                    and drum lessons.
Contact Info:                                                        Contact Info:
Ryan Gillingham • (310) 903-0320                                     James Musser • (310) 650-4021                                    •            5
    COOKING FOR KIDS                                                        SOUTH BAY SCHOOL OF COOKING
    Ages: 6-10 & 11-13                                                      Ages: 8-11 & 11-14
    Kids will learn how to cook their                                       "MOM I WANT TO BE A
    favorite meals while learning                                           CHEF!" - Make summer a fun
    nutrition and kitchen safety in our                                     way for your kids to focus on
    week long cooking camps.                                                delicious healthful eating and
    Everything is "hands on" in a non                                       fending for themselves in the
    competitive atmosphere. We offer                                        kitchen. Our experienced and
    two types of cooking programs.                                          enthusiastic staff provides
    The first is a week of cooking daily meals. Monday we cook              hands-on kids cooking class sessions for learning recipes
    breakfast, Tuesday lunch, Wednesday dinner, Thursday                    to try at home. Kids gain confidence using kitchen tools
    dessert and snacks, and Friday is creative theme day. Our               and gadgets while learning valuable food handling and
    second weekly program is International Cooking with each day            measuring skills. Each day children will make a complete
    featuring recipes from a different country. All of our foods are        meal for their lunch. The menus and skills learned are
    made from "scratch". Your kids will impress you with their              designed to appeal to the abilities of most children. Age
    home made bread, pastries, sauces, and dressings. Junior                groups are imposed based on the safety level of each age
    chefs will each receive their own embroidered apron and                 group and the teacher’s ability to create teamwork in the
    recipes daily. Recipes are not repeated from week to week so            kitchen. Located inside the Neptunian Women’s Club -
    you may sign up for more than one camp. Kids may attend                 Manhattan Beach. Cost includes apron, notebook with
    classes on a daily basis if reservations are made in advance.           recipes, handouts to take home, all food, utensils, and
    Ask us about our sibling and multi sign up discounts.                   lunch. We are a hands-on recreational cooking school
    Location: Hesse park [activity room] 29301 Hawthorne Blvd.,             providing a fun, social and educational experience.
    Rancho Palos Verdes 90275                                               Location: 920 Highland Ave., Manhattan Beach
    Dates: Mon through Fri, June through August 12:30-3:30                  Dates: Mon-Wed & Mon-Thurs 9:30am - 12pm, June - August
    Check website for dates and availability
    Fees: $275 per week This includes food, supplies, recipes, apron        Fees: $240 & $299 per child/week
    and enough food to feed the hungriest "Junior Chef"                     Contact Info:
    Contact Info:                                                           Annette Gallardo                                        

    Performing Arts                                                         Arts
    CAMP FOR KIDS AND TEENS                                                 Ages: 8-18
    Ages: Kids 6-11 & Teens 12-18                                           The Second City
    Hollywood Jumpstart is a professional                                   Training Center in
    acting camp for kids and teens that                                     Hollywood offers
    are interested in acting and potentially                                Improv Summer
    transitioning to professional acting for commercials, television        Boot Camps! We offer a safe, supportive and FUN
    and motion pictures. Our mission is to prepare and package              environment for your child to learn improvisation, sketch
    our students for the professional acting industry. By the end of        writing and musical improv. Studies prove that kids who
    the week, students will be thoroughly prepared and confident            learn improvisation have improved language arts and
    to audition for talent agents at our agent showcase and casting         listening skills and improvisation gives kids a big boost in
    calls. Highlights of the week include...Scene study, on-camera          self-confidence! Our internationally renowned summer
    acting, monologue preparation, resume creation, headshots,              camps are for students ages 8-17. Each camp is 3 weeks
    improvisation skills, obtain a work permit, act in a student film       long and ends with a performance and pizza party! The
    (shown on You Tube) and Agent Showcase at the conclusion                Second City is the world’s premiere comedy theatre and
    of the week. We also offer modeling and film-making electives.          the world’s largest school of improvisation and sketch
    The counselors are bright and fun college students that have            comedy.
    been awarded scholarships in prestigious universities in New            Locations: The Second City Hollywood- 6560 Hollywood Blvd.
    York for their skills in the arts including acting, film, writing and   LA, CA 90028
    music. Unless you have a conflict...we recommend the full-              Dates/Times: June 28-July 16, July 19-August 6, August 9-27
    day camp as the students really bond and like to stick together.
                                                                            Fees: $750
    Extended morning and afternoon hours are available by
    reservation. Whether your child just likes to act for fun or            Contact Info:
    wants to make a career out of it...Hollywood Jumpstart has
    proven to be a camp favorite for kids and teens alike.
    Location: 1603 Aviation Blvd, Studio 15, Redondo Beach CA
    Dates/Times: Kid's Camp Sessions: 6/28, 7/5, 7/19, 8/2, 8/16
    Teen Boot Camp Sessions: 7/12, 7/26, 8/9
    Full Day 9:00-4:00 / Half-Day Camp 9:00-12:00 & 1:00-4:00
    Fees: $599 full-day; $399 half day
    Contact Info:
Arts                                                              Overnight/Resident Camp
Ages: 4-6 and 7-12                                                Ages: 5-16
• Play together in a positive                                     Crazzy’s Wasewagan
atmosphere and develop a sense of                                 Camp & Retreat
“team spirit”!                                                    provides a wholesome
• Develop strength, co-ordination,                                and natural
flexibility and power!                                            environment for kids of
• Learn basic rhythmic gymnastics                                 all ages to enjoy.
apparatus skills with beautiful ribbons,                          Originally established
balls, ropes and hoops!                                           in 1933, the camp is
• Put the skills together in beautifully                          located in San Bernardino Mountains, minutes from Big Bear.
choreographed creative routines to                                Activities may include River Rafting Trips, Riflery, Archery,
music!                                                            Ropes Course, Swimming, Fishing, Canoeing, Fencing,
• HAVE FUN PERFECTING THIS FAST                                   Hiking, River walks, Arts & Crafts and Volleyball. Other
GROWING OLYMPIC SPORT!                                            activities may include Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking,
Location: 1231 S Pacific Ave (at 13th Street),                    Climbing Wall, Tetherball, Basketball and much more.
San Pedro, CA 90731                                               Campers earn a trophy or ribbon for various activities and
                                                                  achievements. Summer camp runs June thru August.
Dates/Times: June 21 - 25 and July 19 - 23;
9:30 A.m. to 12:30 p.m.; one hr. classes are                      Weekends are also available for scout groups and retreats
offered for the ages 4 to 6; fees $20 per class                   during the school year. Call for a brochure and personal tour.
Fees: $225 per week                                               Location: 42121 Seven Oaks Road, Angelus Oaks
                                                                  Dates: June-August
Contact Info:
310.732.1861                                                      Fees: River rafting and surfing trips.                                           $740 1 week • $1450 2 weeks. Optional rafting trip $1720.
                                                                  Optional surf trip $1640.
                                                                  Contact Info:
                                                                  Craig Johnson
                                                                  (909) 794-2910

Ages: 5-11                                                        Ages: 7-17
Our 4 week program is                                             YMCA of San Diego County operates
bursting with scientific                                          three distinct camps. All of our camps
adventure, like building                                          are mission driven, focused on the
robots, designing                                                 four core values of the YMCA; Caring,
inventions & soaring                                              Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility.
into the solar system.                                            Your child will enjoy our safe and
Campers participate in                                            nurturing environment, all while
20 exciting hands-on science activities each week, plus           having fun and making friends at our
bring all of the projects home with them.                         ACA accredited camp. Action packed
                                                                  days are followed by our legendary
Our camp boosts science confidence & includes creative
                                                                  camp fires and skit nights. No matter
challenges, character building, artistic design and outdoor
                                                                  what your child enjoys the YMCA has
games. 2010 Camp Themes: Busting Myths with Cool
                                                                  something for everyone. Join us at
Science!, Robots Versus Aliens!, G-Force Rockets & Moon
                                                                  YMCA Resident Camp, the experience that lasts a lifetime.
Blasters!, Fizz, Bang, Pop, Flash!
                                                                  YMCA Camp Marston is an activity based camp. Your
Location: Locations: Rancho Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach,
El Segundo, Santa Monica, LA & More
                                                                  child can choose from the 40’ climbing tower, archery,
                                                                  drama, arts & crafts, swimming, mountain scooters, and
Dates: Early Bird Savings - Enroll by June 4th & Save Up To $80
                                                                  much more. YMCA Camp Surf is located near Coronado
9am - 3:30pm Extended Care is optional                            where water sports are supplemented with traditional camp
Fees: For schedules, fees & to enroll visit:                      activities. YMCA Raintree Ranch allows campers to learn                                            many aspects of horsemanship while also enjoying dips in
Contact Info:                                                     the pool, nature hikes, and arts & crafts.
888.909.2822                                                      Location: 4761 Pinehills Road, Julian                                        Dates: June 20th thru August 20th (Sunday - Friday)
Mention Promo Code SciMay10 & Save an Additional $20/week!        Fees: $515 – $1,070
(Expires 6/4/10)
                                                                  Contact Info:
                                                                  Amy Pisott
                                                                  (760) 765-0642
    SOCCER CITY                                                       SOCCER CITY
    Ages: Boys and Girls                                              Ages: Boys and Girls
    ages 8-12                                                         ages 11-14 with club
    Our Soccer City                                                   soccer experience.
    Futsal Camps run                                                  Our Brazilian Futsal Camp will
    weekly from July 5th through                                      teach you the skills that make
    August 20th and targets 8 to 12                                   Brazilian players magicians on the
    year old players with varying skill                               pitch. Our coaches have designed
    levels looking for a Day Camp, a                                  a curriculum that will elevate your
    Half Day/Full Week Camp or a                                      ball skills and overall play. Open to
    Full Day/Full Week Camp. The                                      players between the ages of 11 to
    Day Camp and Full Day/Full Week                                   14 with Club level experience with
    Camp runs from 9 am to 4 pm                                       camps running over four weeks
    with five hours of Futsal training each day. The Half             from July 5 through July 29. Each
    Day/Full Week Camp runs from either 9 am to 12 noon or            week-long, half day camp is limited
    1 pm to 4 pm. Each day will be broken up into skills              to 24 participants and includes 15
    training portions as well as team-strategy and scrimmages.        hours of elite instruction with a 12:1 participant to instructor
    15:1 participant to instructor ratio. All Full Week camp          ratio. Camp fee includes a Nike Dry Fit Camp jersey.
    participants get a Nike Dry Fit camp jersey.                      Location: South Coast Soccer City, 540 Maple Avenue, Torrance
    Location: South Coast Soccer City, 540 Maple Avenue, Torrance     CA 90503
    CA 90503                                                          Dates/Times: July 5-9 from 9 a.m. to noon; July 12-16 from
    Dates/Times: July 5-9; July 12-16; July 19-23; July 26-29;        9 a.m. to noon; July 19-23 from 9 a.m. to noon; and July 26-29
    Aug. 2-6; Aug. 16-20.                                             from 9 a.m. to noon.
    Fees: $275 for Full Day/Full Week, $175 for Half Day/Full Week    Fees: $275 per participant.
    and $65 per day for the Day Camp.                                 Contact Info:
    Contact Info:                                                     888-576-2237

    CITY                                                              Ages: 4-12
    Ages: Boys and Girls                                              In an atmosphere of
    ages 14-18 with                                                   organized learning
    advanced playing                                                  and fun, Mr. Soccer
    experience.                                                       Camps offer
    The only camp dedicated to                                        comprehensive soccer
    elite players and focused on                                      instruction focusing on
    ball skills. Our Cobi Jones                                       proper technique and
    Elite Camp is run by MLS and                                      skill development. Mr. Soccer Camp offers Fundamental,
    US Soccer star Cobi Jones                                         Plus and Elite Club level sessions, suitable for the
    and a personally selected and                                     beginning through advanced player. All sessions are under
    trained group of Soccer City                                      the direction of Coach Marine Cano who holds the US
    coaches. This camp is                                             Soccer advanced “A” license and is a NCAA College Coach,
    intended for elite players                                        former 9-year former pro, & ODP Coach, and are staffed
    between the ages of 14 and 18. Each week-long, half day           by experienced soccer Players, Coaches, and an Athletic
    camp is limited to 24 participants and includes 15 hours          Trainer. Early bird discount rates apply through 5/31/09 -
    of elite instruction. Camp fee includes a Nike Dry Fit            Regular Rates apply from 6/1/10 postmark and after.
    Camp jersey).                                                     Locations: Alta Vista Park, Redondo Beach & Foxborough Park,
    Location: South Coast Soccer City, 540 Maple Avenue, Torrance     Aliso Viejo
    CA 90503                                                          Dates/Times: ALL Sessions 9:00 AM - 12:30 pm
    Dates/Times: July 5-9 (Boys), July 12-16 (Girls) and July 19-23   Alta Vista Park, Redondo Beach July 12-16 and Aug 2-6
    (Boys), all camps are from 1-4 p.m.                               Foxborough Park, Aliso Viejo July 26-30

    Fees: $300 per participant.                                       Fees: Early Bird w/postmark by 5-31-10 - $105.00
                                                                      Regular Rate on/after 06-01-10 - $130.00
    Contact Info:                                                     Walk-up Fees on 1st day of camp - $140.00
    888-576-2237                                              Contact Info:                                             Julie Cano
                                                                      (310) 325-9305 or (949) 461-9397

Soccer                                                              Swimming
FLANAGAN SOCCER ACADEMY                                             PENINSULA BAY CITIES DAY CAMP
Ages: 3-12                                                          Ages: 3-14
FSA The Flanagan Soccer Academy                                     We are excited about our
offers comprehensive instruction                                    16th season of Day Camp
focusing on teaching fundamental                                    Fun and Friends and we
skills and proper techniques for                                    invite your family to
dribbling, collecting, passing, heading,                            Celebrate Summer with us.
and shooting. We strive to create a fun
                                                                    The “PBC” Experience
and competitive environment that will
instill a love for the game of soccer in                            means providing Campers
each camper. Open to all levels.                                    with a variety of closely guided activities that are
Locations: Malaga Cove School Palos Verdes Estates, CA
                                                                    interesting, fun and exciting. And there is much more!
Dates/Times: August 2nd-6th and August 9th-13th. 3-4 year olds      Each child enjoys a daily swim lesson and Fun Based
9am-10:30am 5-12 year olds 9am-12. Open to all levels.              instruction in a wide variety of activities, sports, and
Fees: $150.00                                                       programs that inspire and encourage young people to
Ages: 8-14 AYSO Select and/or club soccer player                    succeed. This year we will introduce our “Polliwog” _ day
FSA ELITE offers a higher level of instruction focusing on team     program for three year olds. Again, we will offer Traditional
tactics, including attacking runs, attacking with numbers,          Day Camp for 4 years through 8th grade, Sports Specialty
creating space, how to show for the ball, 1 V 1 attacking and       Camps 2nd - 8th grade, Golf at Trump National, and
defending. All training includes age-appropriate, high level,       Horsemanship Camp 2nd - 8th grade, Academic
physical conditioning and training. Our coaching staff is lead by   Enrichment K – 4th grade, and AdventureTrek for Tweens
Head Men’s and Women’s Soccer Coach at Cal State                    5th through 8th grade. Accredited by the American Camp
University Dominguez Hills and Division II National Coach of        Association.
the Year Joe Flanagan as well as former college and                 Location: Miraleste Intermediate School, Rancho Palos Verdes
professional players.
                                                                    Dates/Times: June 14 - August 13 2010
Locations: Malaga Cove School Palos Verdes Estates, CA
                                                                    9:00am - 3:30pm - Extended Day and Transportation Available
Dates/Times: 9am-12:00
                                                                    Fees: $375 - $2835 (1 - 9 weeks) Polliwogs $200 per week
Fees: $175.00
                                                                    Contact Info:
Contact Info:
Julie Flanagan                                                      (310) 541-3664                                              Enroll online at

PCH SK8 CAMPS                                                       AUSTRALIAN SWIM SCHOOL
Ages: 5-14 Private Skate Camps for Girls &                          Ages: 3 months - adult
Boys Manhattan Beach • American Martyrs                             “EXPLORE THE WONDER DOWN
School Redondo Beach • Carden Dominion                              UNDER”, through our award winning
School Weekly June 28 to August 30                                  aquatic programs. Our programs are
• Mon-Fri Join instructors Nick Weekly and                          designed to teach aquatic skills using age
Chris Lippi for structured SK8 instruction,                         appropriate developmental teaching
team skate games, Wednesday is beach &                              methodologies. We provide our students
surf trip day, lunch and snack time.                                with a comfortable, safe, environment to
Learn Ollies, Kick flips, Rails, Boxes,                             experience a sense of accomplishment as they progress
50/50 Grinds, Fakes and Ramps.                                      through our levels. We take pride in our extensive staff
Safety Gear Required.                                               training, and child development philosophy. Our
AM Full Day 9:00am – 2:00pm $260                                    knowledgeable instructors guide, assist, and encourage
AM Half Day 9:00am – 12:00 $210                                     them every step of the way. This consistent and relaxed
Three Day Camp Tue, Wed, Thur                                       exposure to the water in our warm, clean, indoor pools is
Half day $155.00 or Full Day $210.00                                the key to making swimming an enjoyable and beneficial
Official PCH SK8 CAMP T-Shirt is Included                           part of your family’s life. A swimmer of any age and ability
Register online today!                          can enter our program at any time as we are a year round
Indie SK8 Camp                                                      facility. Join us as we celebrate our 33rd year!
Monday - Fri                                                        Locations: Inside Bally Total Fitness
10:00am-10:45am or 11:0am-11:45am                                   28901 South Western, Rancho Palos Verdes
$59.00 per 45 minute session
                                                                    Fees: Monthly Tuition
SK8 CAMP GEAR!                                                      1 time per week: $69.00 per month
Add to your registration a set of:                                  2 times per week: $121.20 per month
Helmet and Pads $30.00                                              One time Registration Fee of $25.00 per family
Skateboard, Helmet & Pads $60.00
                                                                    Contact Info:
Bring Your Own Gear No charge
                                                                    Kendall Knighton – Site Manager
Contact Info:                                                       (310) 221-6399
Jack Tingley                                              
(310) 372-2202                                            
     Multiple Activity Camps
     SOUTH END JR. SUMMER SPORTS CAMP                                     PENINSULA SPORTS CAMPS SUMMER 2009
     Ages: 5-13                                                           Ages: Boys and Girls 6-14
     When School’s out, get your                                          The Peninsula Sports Camps,
     child involved in a program                                          founded in 1972 has conducted
     that’s fun and rewarding.                                            basketball, soccer and baseball
     JAWS is the Junior Athletic                                          camps for over 50,000
     Workshop for children ages                                           youngsters. Tom Maier, the camp
     5-13, which runs in a safe                                           director is one of the South Bay’s
     and fun atmosphere. This successful spring and                       most prominent basketball coaches with over 600 wins & 4
     summer program has been held at South End                            CIF titles. He is a certified teacher with a master’s degree
     Racquet and Health Club since 1982. Camp                             from USC in sports administration. He has been running
     runs Monday thru Friday, 9am to 3pm, with                            summer sports camps for over 37 years and his number one
     before and after care available. Campers                             goal is self-improvement for every camper. Camp features
     participate in several sports such as: tennis,                       include: Fundamentals, Games (everyone plays), Guest
     paddle tennis, swimming, racquetball, basketball                     Speakers, Outstanding Coaching Staff, Camp T-Shirt,
     and many other fun games. Each weekly camp is divided into           Awards & Contests, Certificate of Participation, Player Profile,
     age groups and the ratio is about 8 campers to 1 counselor.          Swimming, & more! Transportation Available ($35 weekly).
     INCLUDED IN THE FEE:                                                 Location: Palos Verdes High School, 600 Cloydon Rd. PVE.
     • Group participation in tennis, swimming, Racquetball, basketball   Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday
     and paddle tennis.                                                   Dates: 38th Annual Peninsula Basketball Camp - July 26-30,
     • All sports equipment                                               August 2-6, August 9-13
     • All arts and crafts supplies                                       33rd Annual Peninsula Baseball Camp - July 26-30
     • Lunches and snacks provided (Prepared fresh daily by our very      33rd Annual Peninsula Soccer Camp - August 2-6, August 9-13
     own South End Café.)                                                 Fees: $225
     Dates: Summer Camp begins: June 14 thru Sept. 3                      Location: Hess Park, Rancho Palos Verdes
     FEES: Members $235 per week, Non-Members $260 per week.              Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm, Monday - Friday
     Daily rates $75/day.                                                 Dates: 14th Annual Day Peninsula Soccer Camp - June 14-18,
     ADDITIONAL FEES: (optional): Swim Lessons (group)- $30/wk,           July 26-30, August 23-27
     B/A Care - $5/hr                                                     6th Annual Day Peninsula Baseball Camp - Aug 2-6
     Applications are available at the front desk or online.              2nd Annual Day Peninsula Softball Camp - Aug 2-6
     Contact Info:                                                        Fees: $110
     Hoosh Nader                                                          Contact Info:
     (310) 530-0630                                                       Tom Maier • (310) 377-0690 •               

     Ages: 5-10 Boys and Girls                                            Ages: 5-12
     Aqua Arcade Camp is a place                                          "Spring Training" is back for its
     for children get wet, if not                                         fifth summer of sports fun! Our
     soaked, in fun water games and                                       goal is for all campers to have a
     team challenges. They will                                           fun and safe experience while
     participate in exciting g water                                      focusing on team play and
     games like “Sponge Bomb Toss”                                        individual skill development.
     and “Waterfall Catch”. Getting wet couldn’t be more fun              Baseball and Softball camp will concentrate on throwing &
     and a great way to cool off on those hot summer days.                catching drills and techniques, specialty position practice
     Basketball Camp will teach the children the basic                    (pitching, catching, infield, and outfield), base-running, live
     fundamentals of basketball. They will learn how to dribble,          hitting, hitting drills, and daily live games). Our brand new
     shoot, and play basketball games on outdoor courts. The              "All-Sports" camp will feature a different sport each day
     skills they learn at camp will help them with hand-eye               (baseball/softball, soccer, flag football, lacrosse, and Friday
     coordination, speed, and ball handling through fun                   Fun Day). Attitude, effort, teamwork, leadership, and
     Basketball games.                                                    sportsmanship will be stressed throughout each week
     Soccer Camp is a fun filled day of learning and developing           while campers learn correct fundamentals from
     the skills to play Soccer. With a ball for every child, these        professional coaches. Baseball Camp directors Dan Spring
     young athletes will get the most “hands on”, or should I say         (Brown '03, Tigers, Cardinals) and Sean Flikke (Stanford
     “feet on” experience around. Your child will learn dribbling,        '96), Softball director Julienne Kane (Claremont '08) and
     shooting, goal stopping and trapping the ball. We’ve                 All-Sports director Marissa Hewitt (Brown '03, Palos
     developed fun and challenging games to help them                     Verdes High Varsity Lacrosse coach) have a combined 30
     understand the offense and defense of Soccer.                        years youth coaching experience and hope your athlete
     Locations: Ladera Linda Community Center                             will join us for a memorable summer. Space is limited - last
     32201 Forrestal Drive Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca                        year's camps sold out.
     Dates/Times: June-August (please visit web site for exact dates      Location: Palos Verdes
     and times)
                                                                          Dates/Times: June - August (Please visit websites for exact
     Fees: $105 (Per Camp)                                                dates, times, and tuition)
     Contact Info:                                                        Contact Info:
     Ken Howard (310) 982-1098                                            Dan Spring • (310) 529-5112                                           
Surf, Ocean & Beach Camps
VOLLEYBALL CAMPS                                                      BEACH VOLLEYBALL CAMPS
Ages: 7-18                                                            Ages: 5-15 Weekly Beginning June 28,
The pros are passing on their                                         2010 BeachSports Surf & Beach Camps
winning knowledge, techniques                                         were created in 1995 by Jack Tingley, a
and skills to our future                                              retired Los Angeles County Ocean
generations! Participants will                                        Lifeguard. BeachSports coaches have
learn the skills and techniques that made Sinjin and Randy            taught beach and ocean safety, surfing,
the most dominant team in beach volleyball history. Receive           body boarding and many other great
instruction from coaches who have personally trained with             ocean skills. Learning and using these
Sinjin and Randy to learn and understand their methods                fun skills are the focus of BeachSports Surf
and philosophy of the game. Plus, the duo will make                   and Beach Camps. Five camps are offered
appearances throughout the summer!                                    including: Surf Camp, Indie Surf Camp,
Locations: Manhattan Beach*, Hermosa Beach*, Redondo                  Beach & Surf Camp, Beach Volleyball
Beach, Long Beach, Dockweiler Beach                                   Camps and our Junior Lifeguard Program.
*only available as week long sessions                                 With safety in mind our camps are located
Dates/Times: June 21 - September 3                                    at these Lifeguard Tower locations: Manhattan Beach, 14th
(9am - 12pm or 12am - 3pm or 9am - 3pm)                               Street, Redondo Beach, Avenue I, and Redondo Beach, Vista
Fees: $150/$175 (5 Sessions) or $50 (1 Session)
                                                                      del Mar. Register online today! Official
                                                                      BeachSports Rashguard is included.
Elite Beach Volleyball Camp - Ages: 14-18                             Location: Manhattan Beach, 14th St. Redondo Beach, Ave. I,
An advanced beach volleyball camp for juniors who have                Redondo Beach, Vista del Mar
experience playing for their club team, high school team or
                                                                      Dates: June 28 to September 3, 2010
who already play in beach volleyball tournaments. Receive
valuable instruction from Sinjin, Randy and staff.                    Times: Full Day: 9:00am - 2:00pm, 12:00noon - 5:00pm
                                                                      Half Day: 9:00am - 12:00noon, 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Locations: Manhattan Beach - Aug. 3-7 (12-4pm)
Long Beach - Aug. 10-14 (9am-1pm)                                     Fees: Full day $260.00, Half Day $210.00,All Season Pass $1,099

Fees: $200 / week                                                     Contact Info:
                                                                      Jack Tingley
Contact Info:                                                         (310) 372-2202
Dennis Marlow • (310) 940-7166                                                             

Ages: 7-18                                                            Ages: 6-15
Beach Cities Volleyball is offering a variety of                      The team at P.V. Surf
indoor volleyball camps and clinics for boys                          recognizes the
& girls of all ability levels. Camps/clinics are                      importance of leading
coached by excellent volleyball coaches who                           active and healthy
serve as strong role models. Great student to                         lives, and there is no
coach ratio, groups matched based on age &                            better place to be
experience. Have fun and build volleyball skills! Financial           active than in the
assistance available for children/players with financial needs.       ocean. Our goal is to teach the principles of surfing and
Camps: 10 week-long Beginning Camps (ages 7-11) for those             develop the full potential of every participant. We will reach
starting up and 10 Intermediate Camps (ages 11-16) for those with     this goal through the teaching of surfing technique, ocean
some experience.                                                      safety, surfing etiquette and an appreciation for the power
Clinics: 6 week-long Advanced Clinics for serious high school &       and beauty of the ocean. Camps are led by knowledgeable
Club players with strong school, beach &/or Club experience and       instructors whowater skills, multiple years of s u r f i n g
with Division 1 Club level, High School CIF Playoff and/or College    experience, and are trained in CPR. Lowest ratio (4:1) of
careers volleyball careers in their aspirations. 6 week-long
Intermediate Clinics for serious players with the same aspirations
                                                                      instructors to students in the South Bay. Director, Leith
but a little less experience.                                         Emery has been an avid surfer for over thirty years and
Locations/Dates:                                                      enjoys a large variety of ocean activities. Leith grew up in
Week 1: July 19-23 Westchester Park or Christ Lutheran Gym (PV)       Palos Verdes and currently lives in Redondo Beach. He
Week 2: July 26-30 American Martyrs Gym (Manhattan Beach)             and his wife Nicole both teach in the Palos Verdes school
Week 3: August 2-6 Rolling Hills Prep Gym (Torrance)                  district.
Week 4: August 9-13 Rolling Hills Prep Gym (Torrance) or
                                                                      Location: “RAT Beach”, Palos Verdes Estates
           Westside Neighborhood School (Playa Vista)
Week 5: August 16-20 Vistamar High School (El Segundo)                Dates/Times: June 14 - Aug 20 (am 8:30-12:30 / pm 12:30-4:30)
Fees: Full Day (1pm to 9pm) Clinics $400, dinner provided, half-day   Fees: $250 per week
Clinics: (1pm to 4pm or 6pm to 9pm) $200                              Contact Info:
Full Day (8:30am to 4pm) Camps $400, lunch provided, half-day         Leith Emery
Camps: (8:30am to 11:30am or 1pm to 4pm) $200                         (310) 908-8164
Contact Info:                                               
(310) 546-9150                                                                                                                                                                11
     Surf, Ocean & Beach Camps                                         Sailing
     LEARN TO SURF LA                                                  SOUTH BAY SAILING YOUTH SUMMER DAY CAMP
     Ages: 7-17                                                        Ages: 7-17
     Surf Camp gives kids                                              Learn to sail while having fun
     confidence, skill and a greater                                   in the sun. The South Bay
     respect and appreciation for the                                  Sailing Youth Summer Day
     ocean. We provide foam                                            Camp is open to all youth 7
     surfboards for safety, as well as                                 to 17 years of age and
     bodyboards and full length Rip                                    beginning thru advanced skill
     Curl wetsuits. Our professional                                   levels. First time sailors are welcome. South Bay Sailing is
     CPR certified instructors ensure                                  an American Sailing Association Affiliate School.
     top quality instruction. We also                                  Location: 181 North Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach
     provide snacks, drinking water
                                                                       Dates: 2 week Sessions run from June 28 - August 27
     and sunblock, and pop-up                                          Session 1 June 28 - July 9   $460.00
     canopies to provide shade.                                        Session 2 July 12 - July 23 $460.00
     Beach games are optional between surf sessions. Our               Session 3 July 26 - Aug 6    $460.00
     lesson plan is designed to get your child up and surfing on       Session 4 Aug 9 - Aug 20     $460.00
     their own - guaranteed!!!                                         Racing/Advanced Session 5 Aug 23 - Aug 27 $255.00 (1 week only)
     Location: Dockweiler (El Segundo) and Venice Beach                Times: 2 week sessions run Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm
     Dates/Fees: June 21st through September 3rd                       Contact Info:
     1 Week - Full Day Camp (Mon - Fri, 10am to 3pm) $375              South Bay Sailing
     1 Week - Half Day Camp (Mon - Fri, 10am to 1pm) $300              (310) 937-3180
     Trial days are available for $90 (Mondays only)         
     Multiweek and sibling discounts available               
     Contact Info:
     (310) 663-2479
     Book online with promo code So10 to receive a 5% discount on a
     full day week booking!

     Ages: 8-16, co-ed                                                 Ages: 6-18 Boys and Girls
     “Providing unforgettable                                          Advantage Basketball Camps
     summer memories since                                             were named by Sports Illustrated
     1943!” The Academy by the                                         for Kids as one of the top camps
     Sea/Camp Pacific provides                                         in the country and Advantage
     academic and recreational                                         Basketball Camps are
     boarding programs for                                             recognized as one of the Top ball
     youth ages 8-16.                                                  handling camps in the world. Your child will
     Academy by the Sea offers the following programs:                 learn a work ethic and life lessons that they
     Enrichment Classes (7/6-7/31):                                    will carry with them for the rest of their lives.
     Enjoy four-weeks of exciting classes such as media producation,   Come meet one of the top coaching staffs in
     computer journalism, math, science and more! Plus, recreational   the world that will motivate and inspire your
     activities in the afternoons.                                     child. Learn from the pros. Our students will
     Credit Classes (6/28-7/31): Five-week program. Make-up for        build on their ball-handling skills by learning lightning-quick,
     defficient grades or get ahead! Call us for a complete list of    one-handed moves off the dribble. Our methods and our
     classes offered this summer. Day options available.
                                                                       reputation clearly sets Advantage Basketball Camps at the
     Leadership Camp (6/28-7/31): Experience five-weeks of             top and our camps have become a ‘must do’ on coaches
     JROTC Leadership-Educational-Training.
                                                                       lists around the world.
     Band Camp (6/18-6/24): Learn about smart music, perform in
                                                                       Locations: Aviation Sports Sports Complex, 1935 Manhattan
     a live concert and more!
                                                                       Beach Bl. Redondo Beach, CA 90278.
     Camo Pacific offers the following programs:                       (Note: We have many other locations and cities throughout California -
     Recreation Camp (7/5-7/24): Spend three-weeks in the sun and      including Los Angeles (STAPLES Ce nter), Santa Monica, Anaheim, Agoura
     enjoy activities including surfing, volleyball, art, and more!    Hills, Moreno Valley, Lake Elsinore, Rocklin, San Carlos, Santa Barbara,
     Surf Camp (S1 6/27-7/3, S2 7/25-7/31): Learn about wave and       Santa Clarita, Rancho Cucamonga, and Victorville, so tell a friend)
     equipment selection, technique and more! All levels welcome.      Dates/Times: August 16-20, 9 am to 5 pm
                                                                       August 21,22, 9 am to 1 pm.
     Dates/Times/Fees: : Varies by program. Please visit our website
     for details.                                                      Fees: $125 - $265. ($30 early bird discount and team and group
     Contact Info:                                                     discounts available on 2-5 day camps)
     (760) 434-7564                                                    Contact Info:                                                   Coach Gil Llewellyn                                                      310 903 6473 or 425 670 8877
                                                                       Or visit our web site at
RAWHIDE RANCH                                                       JAMESON RANCH CAMP
Ages: 7-15                                                          Ages: 6-15
Rawhide Ranch has been a                                            JRC is a private, coed
Southern California summer camp                                     children's camp, limited to
tradition since 1963. Overnight                                     80 campers, on a self-
program with one-week or multiple                                   sufficient mountain ranch.
week sessions available.                                            The program is non
Campers learn to ride in our                                        competitive and campers
accredited western riding program.                                  get to choose their own
Our riding program is geared for beginner and intermediate          activities daily. Programs include horse riding, lakefront with
riders. The daily schedule features western riding & vaulting       kayaks, canoes, fishing and rope swing, drama, mountain
(gymnastics on horseback) lessons, animal care time, animal &       bikes, mountain boards, crafts, archery, swimming, horse
horse science classes along with a variety of electives to choose   vaulting, rock climbing, riflery, small animals,etc. Our horse
from such as roping, archery, intro to rodeo, ranch life, line      program offers all levels of western and bareback riding.
dancing as well as swimming/water slide. New electives coming       Come fly off the rope swing into the lake! It is fun to milk the
this season include Cowboy Photography, Wild West Drama &           cow, gather eggs, and help bake bread in our outdoor oven
Stunts, Country Music and Tomahawk Throwing.                        or harvest vegetables from the garden. Our carefully
A summer ranch camp experience will provide a lifetime of           selected staff are excellent role models from around the
memories along with a new sense of independence,                    world and create a close supportive atmosphere where kids
accomplishment, and pride as new skills are learned, new            can adventure into new experiences. We are “green” and
friendships are made, and a chance to joy a slower pace of life.    offer solar hot water and electricity Friendships that are
                                                                    lasting and experiences that nurture growth promote quality
Rawhide Ranch is proud to be accredited by both the American
                                                                    fun on this real ranch.
Camp Association and the Certified Horsemanship Association
assuring our camp families we meet the highest camp and             Location: 5760 Highway 155, Glennville, CA 93226
safety standards in the industry today. Member of Western           Dates: Session 1 June 20 - July 3
                                                                    Session 2 July 4 - July 17
Association of Independent Camps.
                                                                    Session 3 July 18 - July 31
Location: 6987 W. Lilac Road, Bonsall (near Fallbrook)              Session 4 Aug.4 - Aug 14
Dates: June 20-August 21 (Sun-Sat, overnight)                       Fees: $2100 per two week session, discount for more than one
                                                                    session. Family Camp starting August 16th.
Fees: $865 per weekly session
                                                                    Contact Info:
Contact Info:                                                       Erica Jameson-805-889-1869 or
(760)758-0083 x0                                                    Ross and Debby Jameson 661-536-8888 •              

Ages: 5-15
Do you love to sing, dance,
act or play with a rock
band? Come join us in our
12th year of summer fun,
and create a lifetime
memory. The two week musical theater camp will produce
Disney’s "Alice in Wonderland", the classic story filled with
favorite characters madcap adventure, all tied together with           YOUR CAMP NOT LISTED?
great songs. The Music “Jamfest” Camp will produce a rocking
original revue called, "The Glee Club" where the entire musical
accompaniment is a live professional band! Favorite highlights
                                                                           Contact us at: (310) 378-6085
include fabulous art projects, bingo, water balloons, giant hide        to find out how you can have your
and seek, ice cream social, cast party and a complete
performance for family and friends. Fantasia Family Music is a
                                                                      camp listed in the next School’s Out
nonprofit corporation dedicated to the belief that all children      Summer Camp and Activity Directory.
have a performance potential that should be developed to its
fullest. We provide in-school programs, after school programs,
band opportunities and summer camps.
                                                                                 School’s Out is published each
Location: St. Andrew’s Church Theatre Hall                                     spring and we offer camps year-
301 Avenue D, Redondo Beach
Dates: Alice in Wonderland: M-F; June 28-July 9. 9 AM to 3 PM
                                                                              round exposure through our web
Show at 5 PM on July 9.                                                       site,
The Glee Club: M-F; July 26-August 6. 9 AM to 3 PM
Show at 5 PM on August 6.
Fees: $495. 10% discount if registered by June 15. Garage Band
Half Day $325. Sibling and Double Camp Discounts of 10%.
Mention this ad for $25 off.                                           Disclaimer: “School’s Out Publications” does not endorse nor recommend
                                                                      any one business, camp and/or activity in this directory. This directory is for
Contact Info:                                                           informational purposes only. It is up to you to conduct proper research to
John Brown, Director and Staff • (310) 792-1122                        verify that the information listed in this directory is accurate and to ensure •            that a particular camp or activity is safe and appropriate for your child.   13
     ID TECH CAMPS- SUMMER TECH FUN!                                         PALOS VERDES STABLE PONY CAMP SUMMER 2010
     Ages: 7-18                                                              Ages: 5-14
     Experience North America's                                              Get the best introduction to equine
     most reputable summer                                                   education at the Palos Verdes Pony
     technology program. Over                                                Camp! Campers not only learn the
     100,000 students worldwide                                              fundamentals of safe riding skills, but
     have learned to create video                                            also increase their self confidence as
     games, websites with Flash®,                                            they learn about the physical care of
     digital movies, iPhone® apps,                                           the horse, his attitudes and different
     robots, 3D models and animations with products experts                  learning processes. Each camp
     use in their professions. Ages 7-17 enroll in these                     session has six campers with one
     weeklong, day and residential summer camps, located at                  adult instructor and the assistance of
     60 universities in the U.S. and Canada. This includes                   camp graduates. Camp is for riders of
     UCLA, Cal Lutheran, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, Stanford,                  all levels and special attention will be
     Harvard, Princeton and more. Additional programs include                given to each individual rider and that
     Surf &Tech at UC San Diego. Year-round learning with iD                 rider’s level of experience. Camp is
     365 free online workshops. Special Teen programs for ages               held in both the lesson barn and in the
     13-18: iD Gaming Academy, iD Visual Arts Academy and iD                 arena.
     Programming Academy.                                                    Location: Palos Verdes Stables
     Locations: Held at 60 prestigious universities in the U.S. and          4057 Via Opata, Palos Verdes Estates
     Canada including UCLA, Cal Lutheran, UC Irvine, UC San Diego,           Dates/Times: June 15-18; June 22-25;
     Stanford, Harvard, Princeton and more!                                  June 29- July 2; July 6-9; July 13-16;
     Dates: Week long, day and overnight sessions from June – August         July 27-30; Aug 3-7; Aug 10-13; Aug 17-20; Aug 24-27;
     (varies by location)                                                    Aug 31- Sept 3. 9am - 12pm
     Fees: Tuition varies, please visit for details.   Fees: Half-day $275 (residents), $295 (non-resident)
     Contact Info:                                                           Contact Info:
     Client Services                                                         Erin Isom
     (888) 709-8324                                                          (310) 634-8969                                        
     Mention promo code CAD27 and save

     KID ZONE SUMMER CAMPS                                                   SMART TECHNOLOGY SUMMER CAMP 2010
     Ages: K-5th Grade                                                       Ages: 5-13
     RHUMC Kid Zone offers an                                                SMART: Science, Math,
     exceptional After School                                                Architecture, Robotics and
     Program, Monday through                                                 Technology Students
     Friday, 1:00 - 6:00 p.m., for                                           participate in challenging
     children from Kindergarten                                              team projects to explore,
     through 5th grade. With bus                                             discover and learn the
     transportation from schools                                             FUNdamental principles, concepts and terminology of
     to our private facility, Kid                                            Science, Mathematics, Architecture, Robotics and
     Zone strives to provide a                                               Technology using LEGO®, fischertechnik and other
     safe, fun and nurturing place for your child to grow.                   construction kits.
     Kid Zone also hosts week-long Summer Camps for                          Three Camp Levels + Saturday Workshop:
     children from Kindergarten through 5th grade - sign up for              SMARTech I: Beginner Level, ages 5-7 or Grades K-2nd
     all 8 weeks, 1 week, or on a daily basis. In addition, Kid              SMARTech II: Intermediate Level, ages 8-10 or Grades 3-5
     Zone coordinates two week-long Vacation Bible Camps in                  SMARTech III: Advanced Level, ages 11-13 or Grades 5-7
     August and during Spring Break for preschool and                        SMARTech Workshop: a three-hour crash course that
     elementary-age children, age 3 to 5th grade.                            prepares students for a camp of their choice. Open to all
     Locations: Rolling Hills United Methodist Church                        ages, Saturdays only.
     26438 Crenshaw Blvd. Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274                    Locations: Location 1: Ryan Park, 30359 Hawthorne Blvd, Rancho
     Dates: June 14 - August 6, 2010                                         Palos Verdes, CA 90275.
                                                                             Location 2: Durham Hall, Saint Mark’s Church, 24027 Pennsylvania
     Fees: Call for details                                                  Ave. Lomita, CA 90717
     Contact Info:                                                           Dates: RPV: June 21-25, July 5-9, Aug. 9-13 Lomita: July 12-16 &
     Lisa Williams, Kid Zone Director                                        19-23 & Aug. 2-6
     310-377-7302                                                            RPV: June 19 (am only), July 3rd (am & pm) Lomita: July 17 (am & pm)
                                                                             Fees: $180 per camp payable in advance ($190 after June 30th).
                                                                             Contact Info:
                                                                             Sign up:
                                                                             Email: registrar@GoBabyLearn.Org
                                                                             Info: Learnwell@GoBabyLearn.Org

Palos Verdes, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and El Segundo

School’s Out Publications
P.O. Box 1161
Palos Verdes, CA 90274

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