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									2011-2012 Calendar Proof

The *L notation indicates that labs are held on alternate weeks.

INFO 1003                 Foundations of Information Systems                            3 ch (3C 1T)
This course is designed to introduce students to contemporary information systems and demonstrate how these
systems are used throughout global organizations. The focus of this course will be on the key components of
information systems – people, software, hardware, data, and communication technologies, and how these
components can be integrated and managed to create competitive advantage. This course also provides an
introduction to systems and development concepts, technology acquisition, and various types of enterprise
information systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer
Relationship Management (CRM), and decision support systems. Prerequisites: None. Note: Normally intended for
first-year BISys students and interested students from other degree programs. Credit is not given for both INFO 1003
and ADM 3713.

INFO 1103                 Data and Information Management                                 4 ch (3C 2L)
Topics include: History and motivation of information systems; database system components; relational data model;
relational algebra; SQL language; data integrity, security and privacy; data modeling and logical database design;
indexing and physical database design; rapid application development; user interface design; data validation and
exception handling; accessing a database using an API (such as ADO.NET and JDBC); stored procedures and triggers;
introduction to web development, three-layered architecture, and XML. Note: Credit is only given for one of CS 2513,
CS 2533, INFO 1103 and INFO 2103. Prerequisite: CS 1073.

INFO 3103                E-Business Software Development                                3 ch (3C)
Software technologies, methods, and processes for developing Internet-based e-business and enterprise applications.
Internet standards and protocols, distributed objects and components, and client-server computing. Distributed
software design for functionality and quality. Evaluation and implementations of e-business processes and
technologies. Prerequisite: (INFO 1103 or INFO 2103) and CS 2043.

INFO 3303                 Enterprise Information Systems                               4 ch (3C 2*L)
Topics include: Information systems within an enterprise environment; Decision support systems; data warehousing;
reporting systems and OLAP; data mining applications; e-Business models and strategies; information privacy and
security policy; enterprise resource planning; customer relationship management; supply chain management;
collaboration systems. Prerequisite: (INFO 1103 or INFO 2103) and 60 ch. Note: Credit will not be given for both CS
3513 and INFO 3303.

INFO 3403                 Information System Administration                              4 ch (3C 2*L)
Topics include: internal database structure; query evaluation and optimization; transaction management and
concurrency control; database recovery; distributed and parallel database architectures; physical database design;
performance tuning and capacity planning; database administration; technical architecture design and systems
integration. Prerequisite: (INFO 1103 or INFO 2103) and 60 ch (CS 3413 recommended).

INFO 4403                 Information Security                                            4 ch (3C 1L)
This course is an introduction to information security. Topics normally covered include: Critical Infrastructure
Protection, the Corporate Security Policy, Threat Risk Assessment, Security Models, Mandatory and Discretionary
Access Control, the Security Development Lifecycle, Secure Coding, Shannon’s concept of Perfect Secrecy, Symmetric
and Asymmetric Cryptography, Message Authentication, Message Digests, Trusted Databases. Prerequisite: (INFO
1103 or INFO 2103), (MATH1833 or equivalent) and 60 ch.

INFO 4900                Information System Design Project
                                                                                    6 ch (6L) [W]
An information design and implementation experience involving a medium to large group. Students prepare
requirements, specification, analysis and design documents as a team toward development of an information system
and use the documentation to implement and test the system. Students manage their projects professionally, present
2011-2012 Calendar Proof

their design work orally, and demonstrate formally that the product meets its requirements. Prerequisites: CS 3503,
INFO 3103 and INFO 3303. Students may not take both SWE 4040 and INFO 4900 for credit.

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