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Leadership 2011-2012 Roles and Contact Info


									Role                         2011-2012 Leader
Bible Study                  Leader                 MUSIC
Bible Study Leader           Macey Angadicheril     UNT Mass Music Coord
Bible Study Leader           Jordan Beardslee
                                                    Thursday Mass/ (Fri P&W?)
TOB                                                 TWU Mass Music
TOB 2                        Kristen Grammas
TOB 2                        Martin Aucoin          MASS COORDINATION
                                                    Thursday Mass Coord
TOB Intro                    Clarissa Christenson   TWU Mass Coord 1
TOB Intro                    Austin Bray            TWU Mass Coord 2
                                                    UNT Mass Coordinator
Social Coordinator           Kendall Cherry         Knights and CDA
Social Co-Coord                                     Knights Liason
                                                    CDA Liason
Peagle Awakening
Coordinator                  Melissa Ranck          C-Servants
Coordinator                  Jerin Thanyan          C Servant
                                                    C- Servant
Prayer Coordinator           Jacqueline Flusche

Advertising Lead             Erin Haney

Service Coordinator
Service Coordinator

TWU Women's Group            Kendall Cherry
                             Erin McKeogh

UNT Women's Small Group      Melissa Antony
                             Geovanni Garcia

Women's Group                Katy Stewart
                             Steph Wilke

Men's Group
Men's Group Student Leader
Eric Tangko
Martin Aucoin
Matt Lewis
Jacqueline Flusche

Melanie Burr
Melanie Burr
Elizabeth Seidemann
Chase Fowler

Patrick Russel
Melanie Burr

Melanie Burr
Martin Aucoin
                                                Spring 2011 Leader Information
Role                               2011-2012 Leader       E-Mail
Food for the Soul                  Macey Angadicheril
Food for the Soul                  Jordan Beardslee
TOB 2                              Kristen Grammas
TOB 2/UNT Music/C-Servant          Martin Aucoin
TOB Intro                          Clarissa Christensen
TOB Into                           Austin Bray  
Service Coordinator
Service Coordinator
Social Coordinator/Women's Group   Kendall Cherry
Social Co-Coord
Prayer Coordinator/TWU Music       Jacqueline Flusche
Advertising Lead                   Erin Haney   
TWU Women's Group                  Erin McKeogh 
UNT Women's Small Group            Melissa Antony
UNT Women's Small Group            Geovanni Garcia
Women's Group                      Katy Stewart 
Women's Group                      Steph Wilke  
Men's Group Student Leader
Knights Liason                     Patrick Russel
C-Servant/Mass Coord./CDA          Melanie Burr 
TWU Mass Coord 2                   Elizabeth Seidemann
UNT Mass Coordinator               Chase Fowler
UNT Mass Music Coordinator         Eric Tangko  
Thursday Mass/Friday P&W           Matt Lewis   
Awakening Coordinator              Melissa Ranck
Awakening Coordinator              Jerin Thanyan
Director of Campus Ministry        Luisa Martini
     Phone Number      Graduation Date     School
     817-269-8459                May-12    UNT
     972-948-1054                 Dec-11   UNT
     713-295-0495                May-12    UNT
     919-450-0205                May-14    UNT
     979-578-1701                May-12    TWU
     214-957-2454                May-14    UNT

     512-968-7818                May-14 UNT
     940-736-6385                Dec-11 UNT
     469-744-6590                May-13 UNT
     214-364-3824                       TWU
     214-205-3597                       UNT
        214-455-4169             May-12 UNT
        214-502-7556             Dec-12 TWU
        281-761-4026             May-14 UNT

     903-780-0311                May-12 UNT
     512-657-7357                May-12 TWU
     214-532-2193                Dec-12 TWU
     903-870-6562                May-14 UNT
     586-891-4250                May-11 UNT
     281-386-9943                Dec-12 UNT
     469-233-3099                       UNT
     214-458-0184                May-13 UNT
     940-566-0004                       The C

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