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									                                ORGANIZATIONS FOR
                       YOUTH SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP (“YSE”),
                                  LIST AS OF 5.5.06

ORGANIZATION          MISSION                                TEACHES   ADVOCATES   MENTORS   FUNDS
                                                             YSE?      YSE?        YSE?      YSE
1. Youth Venture      “Youth Venture believes that           Yes.      Yes.        Yes       Yes.
++                    every young person has the ability
                      to improve their community.
                      Have a solution to a problem in
                      your community? Want to start a
                      club or business? We're here to
                      help make your community-
                      benefiting idea a reality.”
2. Students for the   SAGE’s mission is to advance           Yes.      Yes.        Yes       Yes.
Advancement of        ethical business practices, social
Global                responsibility, civic engagement
Entrepreneurship      and environmental awareness
                      worldwide through high-school
                      level youth participation in
                      entrepreneurship and community
3. Junior             “We believe there's a lot that's       Yes.
Achievement           right with today's kids. Kids crave
                      opportunity. Kids want to be
                      successful. And kids dream big
                      about the future. Really big. We
                      like that.” USA
4. National           “NFTE’s mission is to teach
Foundation for        entrepreneurship to young people
Teaching              in the USA from low-income
Entrepreneurship      communities to enhance their
**                    economic productivity by
                      improving their business,
                      academic and life skills.”
5. Virtual            “A Virtual Enterprise is a
Enterprise **         simulated business that is set up
                      and run by students to prepare
                      them for working in a real business
                      environment. …the students
                      determine the nature of their
                      business, its products and services,
                      its management and structure, and
                      engage in the daily operations of
                      running a business. …”
6. Future Business    “Future Business Leaders of                      Yes.
Leaders of            America-Phi Beta Lambda
America               (FBLA-PBL) is a nonprofit
                      educational association of students
                      preparing for careers in business
                      and business-related fields in the
                      USA. …Encourage members in
                      the development of individual
                      projects which contribute to the
                      improvement of home, business,
                      and community.”

8. Youth              “The YES Campaign (USA)
Employment            brings together diverse
Summit **           stakeholders, and works with them
                    to (1) develop the capacity of
                    youth to lead employment
                    initiatives; (2) promote youth
                    employment to address key
                    development challenges; and (3)
                    build in-country coalitions to
                    develop national strategies
                    addressing youth unemployment.”
9. Youth Social     “YSEI aims to catalyze a global       Yes.   Yes.   Yes   Yes.
Enterprise          movement of young social
Initiative of the   entrepreneurs by working in
Global Knowledge    developing countries to cultivate a
Partnership ++      set of young leaders who will
                    pursue social entrepreneurship--
                    and serve as role models in their
                    societies. The initiative will
                    achieve its mission by promoting
                    the concept of social
                    entrepreneurship in developing
                    countries, developing locally
                    relevant knowledge tools and
                    resources to support young social
                    entrepreneurs, mentoring youth
                    who choose social
                    entrepreneurship, building
                    community networks in academia,
                    civil society, government and the
                    private sector to support their
                    work, and providing financial &
                    non-financial resources to help
                    them get started.
Taking IT Global    an online community                   Yes    Yes    Yes
                    that connects youth to
                    find inspiration, access
                    information, get
                    involved, and take action
                    in their local and global
Futureleaders       Encourages youth throughout           Yes    Yes
                    Bangladesh to choose SE as a
Net Impact          Net Impact’s mission is to            Yes    Yes
                    improve the world by
                    growing and strengthening a
                    network of new leaders who
                    are using the power of
                    business to make a positive
                    net social, environmental,
                    and economic impact. MBA
                    and graduate level students.
Eonfire             Eonfire (USA-Canada) is a new                Yes
                    student-driven (undergraduate
                    level) network for future social
                    entrepreneurs and emerging
                    business and citizen sector
                    leaders. Comprised of youths who
                    are determined to use their
                   creativity, passion and
                   entrepreneurial prowess to tackle
                   social problems, Eonfire develops
                   their potential as young
Echoing Green      Echoing Green (USA) provides                            Yes
                   first-stage funding and support to
                   visionary leaders with bold ideas
                   for social change. As an angel
                   investor in the social sector,
                   Echoing Green identifies, funds
                   and supports the world’s most
                   exceptional emerging leaders and
                   the organizations they launch.
Challenge &        Program of the Girlscouts (USA)       Yes         Yes
Change             teaches teen girls in rural America
                   to be social entrepreneurs.
Young Social       Engages over 200 high schools         Yes   Yes   Yes
Innovators         across Ireland for social awareness
                   projects and competitions
Suas               Promotes leadership and social        Yes   Yes
                   engagement, and provides
                   developing world internships,
                   through college chapters.
StartingBloc       Trains undergraduates and young       Yes   Yes   Yes
                   professionals in SE. Located at
                   300 Universities and 100
                   corporations around the world.
Triskeles          First, we offer high impact                             Yes
                   youth programs where we
                   seek to engender hope as
                   well as to build skills,
                   capacities and character.
                   Second, Triskeles has
                   developed integrative
                   philanthropic educational
                   programs, and it manages
                   Donor Advised Funds that
                   focus on innovative
                   investing and gifting.
                   Third, Triskeles advises,
                   supports, and helps
                   incubate small, emerging
                   not for profits.
Working for Good   Working for Good is                   Yes   Yes   Yes
                   designed to inspire and
                   support entrepreneurial
                   initiative in service to
                   society. We invite students
                   throughout the world to
                   receive rare business
                   insights and personal
                   guidance from an esteemed
                   group of professional role
Shift Foundation      The Shift Foundation is                                                             Yes
                      an international
                      foundation that engages
                      outstanding young
                      leaders aged 16-35 to
                      progress thinking and
                      action on some of the
                      planet's most critical
                      global challenges.

Unlimited             UK based organization                 Yes               Yes                         Yes
                      that supports youth
                      social projects through
                      its “Big Boost” program

++ Associated with Ashoka.

** This organization, arguably, is involved in YSE, insofar as the organization helps low-income youth.

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Type “youth social entrepreneurship” in Google for other local projects.

This Chart was compiled by Paul Lamb, Curtis DeBerg and Van Ajemian.

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