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					        Licensed Screw Variants             Licensed Screw Variants (cont.)              Licensed Seal of Quality Variants                         Color Dreams Variants
10-Yard Fight [Green/Teal]          3   Mach Rider                            3   1943 (Old/New)                                  Baby Boomer*                                         Black
1942                                5   Mario Bros., The Original*            3   Anticipation (W/W'out Seal)                     Challenge of the Dragon*                             Black
3-D Battles of World Runner, The    3   Mega Man*                             5   Bases Loaded (Old/New) [Blue/Orange]            Crystal Mines*                                       Black
Alpha Mission*                      5   Metroid (Gray/Yellow Label)           5   Blades of Steel (Old/New, Gray/Red Label)       King Neptune’s Adventures*                           Black
Arkanoid                            3   Mighty Bombjack                       3   Blaster Master (Old/New)                        Menace Beach*                                        Black
Athena                              3   Mike Tyson's Punch Out!* (P.O.)       5   Bomberman (Old/New)                             Metal Fighter*                                       Black
Athletic World (W/W'out "FFF")      5   M.U.S.C.L.E. - Tag Team Match**       3   Bubble Bobble (Old/New)                         Operation Secret Storm**                             Black
Balloon Fight*                      3   Ninja Kid*                            3   Bump 'N Jump (Old/New)                          P’radikus Conflict*                                  Black
Baseball [Green/Teal]               3   Pinball                               3   Castlevania 2 (Old/New)                         Raid 2020*                                           Black
Breathru                            5   Popeye                                3   City Connection (Old/New)                       Robodemons*                                          Black
BurgerTime                          5   Pro Wrestling                         3   Cobra Command (Old/New)                         Secret Scount                                        Blue
Castlevania                         5   Rad Racer                             5   Contra (Old/New)                                Silent Assault*                                      Black
Chubby Cherub**                     3   Raid on Bungeling Bay                 3   DK Classics (W/W'out Seal) [O./Y.-O./Y.]                         Bunch Games Variants
Clu Clu Land**                      3   Ring King                             5   Friday the 13th (Old/New)                       Castle of Deceit*                                    Black
Commando                            5   Rush'n Attack                         5   Indiana Jones and the ToD (Old/New)             Galactic Crusader*                                   Black
Deadly Towers                       5   Rygar                                 5   Jackal (Old/New)                                Mission Cobra**                                      Black
Donkey Kong*                        3   Section-Z                             3   Jeaopardy! (Old/New)                            Moon Ranger*                                         Black
Donkey Kong Jr.*                    3   Sky Kid*                              3   Major League Baseball (Old/New)                 Tagin’ Dragon**                                      Black
Donkey Kong Jr. Math*               3   Slalom*                               3   Metroid (Old/New)                                                Wisdom Tree Variants
Donkey Kong 3                       3   Soccer* [Green/Teal]                  3   Millipede (Old/New)                             Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land**               Blue
Double Dribble                      5   Solomon's Key                         3   Robowarrior (Old/New)                           King of Kings: The Early Years**                     Blue
Duck Hunt                           3   Spelunker                             3     Major Licensed Cartridge & Label Variants             American Video Entertainment Variants
Elevator Action                     5   Spy Hunter                            5   3-D World Runner [Black/Gray]                   Krazy Kreatures**                                  Square
Excitebike                          3   Sqoon**                               3   Desert Commander [Orange/Tan]                   Puzzle**                                           Square
Ghosts 'n Goblins                   5   Stack-Up**                            3   Dick Tracy [White/Yellow]                       Pyramid**                                          Square
Golf                                3   Stadium Events***                     5   Dr. Mario [White/Yellow]                        Rad Racket**                                       Square
Goonies II, The                     5   Star Force*                           5   Dragon Warrior [Mustard/Yellow/B. Y.]           Venice Beach Volleyball**                          Square
Gotcha!*                            5   Star Voyager                          5   Gun.Smoke (Cartoon/Portrait Label)              Wally Bear and the NO! Gang**                      Square
Gradius                             5   Stinger*                              3   Ms. Pac-Man (Namco/Tengen Label)                                         Camerica
Gumshoe***                          3   Super Mario Bros.                     5   Pac-Man (Namco/Tengen Label)                    Ultimate Stuntman                                   Silver
Gyromite*                           3   Super Pitfall*                        5   Roger Clemens MVP Baseball                         No other confirmed variants based on cart color.
Hogan's Alley                       3   Tag Team Wrestling                    3   Shooting Range [Pink/Red]                           All others black & square are rare, respectively.
Ice Climber*                        3   Tennis* [Green/Teal]                  3   Star Voyager [Black/Gray]                           Exception: Bible Adventures, No Version #, Blue
Ikari Warriors                      5   Tiger-Heli (W/W'out Highlight)        5   SMB/DH (Nintendo Logo Middle/Bottom)                Check a better list for unlicensed label variants.
Jaws*                               5   Top Gun                               5   SMB/DH/WCTM (White Overalls: L.O. Bars, [D.O.]/L.O. Bars, [L.O.]…                 | NES Pocket Variant Guide
Karate Champ                        3   Track & Field                         5   Red Overalls: D.O. Bars & Text, [D.O.]/L.O. Text, [Y.]/D.O. Text, [O.]/L.O. Text)             | By Berserker
Karnov***                           5   Trojan                                3   Super Mario Bros. 3 (Bros Left/Right)                                  User Legend
Kid Icarus                          5   Urban Champion*                       3   Tecmo NBA B'ball (NBA W/W'out Border)           Rarity of 6 or higher.                            *
Kid Niki: Radical Ninja             5   Volleyball*                           3   Untouchables, The (Blue/Black Label)            Unconfirmed existence. May not exist.             **
Kung Fu                             3   Wild Gunman*                          3   W. Gretzkey Hockey (Jersey B./W./No Logo) Expected to exist in said form, but ???                 ***
Legend of Kage, The                 5   Winter Games                          5   Zelda II: The Adv. of Link (Gold/Gray Cart)     Denotes a Seal Variant Old/New.                   Italics
Legend of Zelda* (Gold/Gray Cart)   5   Wizards & Warriors*                   5     Beware of Canadian games. (CAN on label) Denotes a variant of the cart or label.                ()
Lode Runner*                        3   Wrecking Crew*                        3     Some like Gyromite (3S) are common CAN. Denotes an end-label variant.                           []
Lunar Pool*                         5   Zanac                                 5     But, Braveheart69 needs DK Jr. Math CAN! Usually colors or self-explanatory stuff.              Abbrev.

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