National Geothermal Collaborative

					National Geothermal
      An Overview
    January 20, 2004

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            WHO WE ARE
The National Geothermal Collaborative
 (NGC) is a group of stakeholders
 interested in geothermal energy
 development. The Steering Committee is
 made up of supporters of geothermal
 energy development, as well as those who
 see potential for efficient, environmentally
 and economically sound use of the
 resource, if specific concerns are
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    NGC: Steering Committee
 SteeringCommittee membership includes
 representation from the Western Resource
 Advocates, (formerly Land and Water
 Fund),White House Task Force on Energy
 Project Streamlining, Industry, GRC and
 GEA, utilities, academia, state and
 Western Governor’s Association,
 Departments of Interior and Energy, and
 the National Conference of State
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 The purpose of the NGC is to ensure the
 responsible development of geothermal
 power in the U.S. The NGC will identify
 issues that impact the use of geothermal
 power, establish dialogue with key
 stakeholders, and catalyze appropriate
 activities. Our vision is an environmentally,
 economically and politically sustainable
 commercial market for geothermal power.
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         Where are we now?
           WORK GROUPS
   Impediments to Siting on Federal Lands
   Renewable Portfolio Standards, and
   Issue Papers.

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             Impediments to Siting
The Work Group has drafted and will finalize soon a Findings report.
  This will serve as the basis for convening a workshop or series of
  workshops to explore identified problems with the goal of refining the
  options for improving the permitting process (looking specifically for
  options that advance all interests).
Focal points for the work group:
   Tribal lands
   Native & tribal values on Federal lands
   Environmental issues
   Workshop(s) to build NGC recommendations
    In the works: partnering with the Council of Energy Resource Tribes
    on a number of their Indian Energy Conferences where geothermal
    is a viable resource, and where there is interest in exploring that

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       Workshop Outcomes
 Ifthe workshop(s) produce consensus
  recommendations that serve the interests
  of all stakeholders, the Work Group will
  compile those recommendations and
  submit them to the NGC for full
  membership adoption. The NGC will
  disseminate consensus recommendations
  and reports to policy-making bodies and
  all interested stakeholder groups.
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 Questions          needing answers:
 How state renewable portfolio standards work; What works and doesn’t work in
 existing RPS systems; How RPS ought to work; Information from states that have
 considered and rejected RPS; What principles should guide decision makers
 considering adoption of a renewable portfolio standard; How geothermal power
 should fit into a renewable portfolio standard

 Report:Creating Geothermal Markets:
 Evaluating Experience with State
 Renewable Portfolio Standards

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                      Issue Papers
Purpose: To inform decision-makers about the geothermal resource
  (development potential), technologies and policies.

      Benefits of Geothermal Energy
      Common Questions
      Direct Use
      Economic Development
      Environmental Impacts
      Resource Location
      State Policies
      Technology and Costs
      Siting Geothermal Power Plants and Electricity Transmission Lines

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         Decision Making
Members of the NGC are committed to
working by consensus. The organization
and its members recognize that the
credibility and authority of the NGC’s work
products derive from the fact that they
were developed through the cooperative
efforts of a wider range of concerns and

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Decision Making - Documents
Each Work Group will seek first to educate its own
members, the members of the NGC Steering Committee
and the full membership of the Collaborative. If the
Steering Committee determines that the product is
acceptable as a resource document (a document with no
consensus recommendations), the NGC staff will
disseminate the report to NGC members and other
interest groups. If this effort produces a consensus
report the NGC will use the recommendations to
communicate with the Federal Interagency Task Force,
state and federal policy makers, agency officials, the
geothermal industry, utilities and advocacy groups.

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