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					                       BADM 611 - Business Information Systems
                                      Fall 2008

Instructor:                  Carol A. Henry, Ed.D.
                             Director of Information Technology, College of Business and

Telephone:                   304-293-7934 office
                             304-599-8946 Home - Any day after 10 AM and before 9:30 PM

                             Students are responsible for checking email routinely.

Office:                      368 B&E Building

Office Hours:                All evenings and most weekend days, by appointment. Specific
                             on-line office hours will be set after consultation with students.
                             Please do not hesitate to email or call me if you have a question.
                             Usually, I will be able to schedule a time to talk with you on the
                             day you contact me.

Instructor Web     
Class Web Page               WVU eCampus      

                             Temporary website will be available as of 8/1/08 until all students
                             have access to eCampus, which should be during the first week of
                             our class.


Required                     Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm,
Materials:                   Laudon and Laudon, 10th Edition, Prentice-Hall, 2006.

                             (You do NOT need the multimedia pack.)


   Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
       Describe the basic components of Information Systems (IS), how they work, and how
          they interrelate.
       Give examples of the various types of IS used in organizations and describe how these
          can be used to further organizational objectives, particularly to obtain competitive,
          strategic advantage.

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        Describe the many organizational consequences resulting from the use and misuse of IS
         in a business.
        Give examples of the challenges faced by those managing the operation, development,
         deployment, and utilization of IS.
        Utilize the components of Microsoft Office to complete basic business tasks.

Course Activities
Class meetings will be comprised of a combination of lectures, class discussions, and team work.
Each student will be required to participate in one major team presentation and participate in
discussions about IS-related topics from the Wall Street Journal and other sources. Some
discussions will be on-line via eCampus.

The plan is to spend the last hour of each class session (other than the first and last session)
working on Microsoft Excel and Access.

Course grades will be determined from the following components. Details for each component
will be posted on the course eCampus site.

        Assignments – Three “technical skills” assignments (e-mail with attachment, Excel, and
         Access) will be given. In order to receive full credit, you must submit the assignment
         electronically by 5 PM on the due date.
        One Tech Update Group Project. (Details on eCampus site)
        Active participation in course activities, especially professional input during in-class and
         on-line discussions. You will submit a Personal On-line Discussion Portfolio as part of
         this requirement. (Details on eCampus site)
        The final exam will be comprised of two parts. The first part will be a take home exam.
         The second part will be given during the last regularly scheduled class meeting. If you
         cannot take the exam at the specified time, you must contact the instructor at least one
         week prior to the exam to make alternate arrangements. If you miss exam and have not
         contacted the instructor prior to the exam, you will receive a "0" for the exam.

In Summary, the points used for determining your course grade will be distributed as follows:

           Assignments                                            35%
            Email 25 pts
            Excel 50 pts
            Access 30 pts

           Tech Update Project 45 pts                             15%

           Final Exam 90 pts                                      30%

           Class participation & professional input 10 pts;       20%
           On-line discussions & Personal On-line
           Discussion Portfolio 50 pts

Final grades will be determined using the following scale:

    90% and up               A

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    80% to 89.5%             B
    70% to 79.5%             C
    60% to 69.5%             D
    Below 60%                F

Attendance is not required but is strongly encouraged. In-class participation plays a significant
part in your grade, and there will be material covered during class discussions that is not in the
text but will be included on the final exam.

Grades of Incomplete
A grade of incomplete may be assigned if course material is not completed on time due to serious
illness or other unavoidable important events as approved by the instructor. In no case will a
grade of incomplete be issued without prior notification by the student of the reason for the grade.

Academic Dishonesty
Working in groups is encouraged, but ultimately the work that you hand in must be your own,
except for the one team project. Cases of academic dishonesty, including copying the work of
other students and plagiarizing published works can result in a failing grade for the class.
TurnItIn may be used to check for plagiarism. Please read the WVU student manual on issues of
student integrity. There are no variations to this policy by this instructor.

Social Justice
I concur with the commitment of West Virginia University to social justice and expect to maintain a
positive learning environment based on open communication, mutual respect, and freedom from
discrimination of any type. Any suggestions for furthering such an environment will be welcomed.
Persons with disabilities should advise me of any special accommodation that might be required
and contact the WVU Office for Disability Services (293-6700.)

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       Course Schedule
       The following schedule is an overview of what will be covered in the course. A detailed schedule,
       which will be updated routinely, will be kept on the course eCampus site. Any major changes
       such as a change in an exam date or change in a project due date will be announced in class
       and/or emailed to you depending on the timing of the announcement.

       NOTE: If a class is cancelled due to inclement weather or instructor’s illness, an email will be
       sent. However, the work to be done for that class will be due as scheduled. Please watch for
       email and eCampus posting for makeup details. When in doubt call or send me an email!

                       BADM 611 - Business Information Systems – Fall 2008
                                 Course Schedule - Overview

       The Detailed Course Schedule is posted on the eCampus site(and the temporary
       website ) and will be updated as needed.

                                                                                     Last Revised 7/22/08
Date            In-class Topics                                          Related Chapters         Assignments &
                                                                         In the Text              On-line Discussions
                                                                                                  Due at 5PM
Class          Introduction: IS in Global Business Today                Chapters 1, 2, & 3
Session        Global E-Business:How Businesses Use IS
1              IS, Organizations, & Strategy

               eCampus, MIX, Master ID, E-mail, file types,
               and Office 2007
Class          Ethical & Social Issues in IS                            Chapters 4 & 5           DUE -
Session        IT Infrastructure & Emerging Technologies                                         Assignment 1 - E-mail

               Hands-On Excel
Class          Telecommunications, the Internet, & Wireless             Chapters 7&10
Session        Technology                                                                         On-line discussion #1
3              E-Commerce: Digital Markets, Digital Goods                                        closes

               Hands-On Excel
Class          Managing Knowledge                                       Chapter 11,12
Session        Enhancing Decision Making
               Tech Update Presentations

               Hands-On Excel
Class          Foundations of Business Intelligence:                    Chapter 6                On-line discussion #2
Session        Databases and Information Management                                               closes
               Tech Update Presentations                                                          DUE-
                                                                                                  Assignment 2 - Excel
Class          Securing Information Systems                             Chapters 8 & 9

       D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e713af7c-c7e4-41cd-a8d6-3460cbb7aa5a.doc               11/6/2011 11:02:51 AM
6           Achieving Operational Excellence and
            Customer Intimacy: Enterprise Applications

            Tech Update Presentations

            Access and HTML
Class       Building and Managing Systems                            Chapters13,14 &       On-line discussion #3
Session     Project Management: Establishing the                     15                    closes
7           Business Value of Systems and Managing
            Change                                                                          DUE-
            Managing Global Systems                                                        Assignment 3 - Access

            Tech Update Presentations- Makeups Only

Class       Final Exam In-class portion                                                     Take-home part of final
Session                                                                                     due within 48 hours
                                                                                            On-line Discussion
                                                                                            Portfolio due within 48

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