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									Learn a New Skill and Earn Money

Calligraphy: a profitable business

Learning and mastering the skills of calligraphy wedding can be a profitable business. You can
use this enjoyable hobby into a way of earning money from home.

Calligraphy (or the art of "beautiful writing") is a popular style of handwriting used widely in the
wedding industry, especially in wedding invitations, guest cards, table cards, wedding
announcements and the like.

Professional calligraphers fee usually around $ 1.50 to $ 4 on each hand-addressed wedding
invitation envelope. The typical bride and groom mails, where each 100-200 invitations to their
wedding guests.

Hand-written and hand-addressed wedding invitations you can enjoy a 96% opening rate of those
who receive them. It is not only captures the attention of the recipient, but adds a touch of
personalization that they appreciate it.

Learning Calligraphy can be difficult?

Like any skill, the art of calligraphy can be daunting to some. Professional calligraphers spend
years trying to refine the skills by practicing the calligraphic precision, control - and patience.

On the journey of learning begins with the ability of calligraphy to the acquisition of good
instructional books or watch educational videos on art. Just like learning to write the alphabet, if
we were in elementary school, beginners start in the art of calligraphy by practicing basic strokes
and styles. Basic tools such as calligraphy marker, dip pens and fountain pens are used in
addition to calligraphy guide / paper practice to master the basics of calligraphy.

Fortunately, one can easily see progress in learning the skill. It takes practice and patience - but
the results are visible in a matter of weeks.

Remember, the art of beautiful writing only that, it's beautiful. It is not just writing how to write
a letter or report your check. In fact, it is the mastery of many calligraphic styles that are visually
appealing (or "fancy").

How to earn money with calligraphy skills

Writing can be used in calligraphy not only to meet, but be very profitable, because your skills in
many industries, not just the wedding can be marketed. The writer is professional calligrapher
awards (in calligraphy) corporate and educational materials, including business, letters of
recognition awards, graduation announcements and other formal and called material.

Once you are comfortable writing in one or two of the many popular calligraphic styles, you can
offer your calligraphy services, the world. The easiest market to penetrate the marriage market.
The demand for good calligrapher for wedding invitations and envelopes is certainly very high.
It is an evergreen market, which means there is no shortage of demand for wedding calligraphy

Earn money by sending your first client

The easiest way to your first customer is sure to provide your wedding calligraphy services to a
friend or family member. Offer to hand address their wedding invitations at a discounted price.
Make sure you do the best job. The bride and groom are the best advertisers. The guests in
personalized wedding invitations written in calligraphy marvel (by you!) And the bride and
groom are sure to speak a good word about your Calligraphy Services.

Focus on the wedding calligraphy niche until you come in. You can then use the profits of
adventure and offer your skills to businesses, churches, schools and other institutions could be
that you think will benefit from your services and calligraphy skills.

Above all, enjoy

Learning and practicing the art of calligraphy can be a joy. Take time to find new ways to
experience calligraphy writing research. Learn the basics - then move on to more complex
calligraphy. Discover the fresh styles to expand your repertoire of contemporary calligraphy.
Above all, enjoy the art of calligraphy!

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