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Thank you for your interest in NPS and the MOVES Institute. We hope that you received useful information about the
many projects we are involved in as well as our academic programs. We are unique in our commitment to education and
research for the Warfighter, with students from the US Navy, US Army, US Marine Corps, and US Air Force, as well as
many coalition countries. Our students and faculty stand ready to address your research challenges.

There are two principle ways to do business with us. First, relatively small research questions requiring 6-12 months of
effort can often be addressed through student thesis research. Generally, a small amount of funding is provided to support
faculty guidance to the work and requisite travel by the faculty advisor or student (conferences, data gathering,
consultations, etc.). Students at NPS do not need external funding. Such efforts are often performed for $10K-$20K and
can be defined through a brief description of the research problem. The second method is for larger research efforts
requiring one or more researchers together with one or more students. These efforts require a more carefully negotiated
Statement of Work (SOW) between you and the MOVES Institute researcher who will serve as the Principal Investigator
for the work. The SOW describes specific tasks to be performed, deliverables, period of performance, and other pertinent
details as needed.

To provide funding to the MOVES Institute, government agencies can fund work through MIPR (DD Form 448 Military
Interdepartmental Purchase Request), purchase order, or check to our Comptroller:

                                         President, Naval Postgraduate School
                                                   1 University Circle
                                   Code 21, Room 141, Attn: Funds Receipt Division
                                                      Building 220
                                                 Monterey, CA 93943
                               Financial POC: Sola Leao, 831-656-7644 (funds@nps.edu)

Educational and Commercial organizations must work with our Director of Research and Sponsored Programs Office to
prepare a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA):

                                            Ms. Danielle Kuska, Director
                                        Research and Sponsored Programs Office
                                               Naval Postgraduate School
                                          699 Dyer Road, Room 222, Code: 91
                                                 Monterey, CA 93943
                                                 Phone: 831-656-2099
                                               Email: DKuska@nps.edu

A CRADA can be set up for short term or long term working relationships between NPS and outside organizations, with
particular work governed by individual SOWs written and appended to the CRADA as the work progresses. The method
of funding the work is stated and agreed upon through the CRADA process.

Our labor rates and costs are very competitive with industry. We will provide you a detailed cost breakdown during
negotiation of any SOW.

Thank you again for your interest in the MOVES Institute. Please feel free to contact us for additional information or to
discuss opportunities to work together.

                                              CDR Joe Sullivan, Director
                                                The MOVES Institute
                                                 FAX: 831-656-7599

700 Dyer Road, Room 265 • Monterey, California 93943-5001 • http://movesinstitute.org • Fax: 831.656.7599

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