The Top Ten REasons to Love School Lunch

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1. Children should have a healthy balance of fruits, vegetables,
   protein and calcium to help them be better learners. Fayston
   Elementary Foodservice strives to provide a balanced lunch,
   breakfast and snack based on guidelines provided by the National
   School Lunch Program. With a healthy and balanced breakfast or
   lunch your child can be at their best while at school.
2. Moms and Dads need a break too!! The early mornings
   are always rough! I have two school age children so I know how it
   goes. Fayston Elementary Foodservice will take the ease away.
   Send your child to have school lunch. You will be surprised at
   what they like.
3. A variety of vegetables, fruits and calcium choices are provided
   daily. Your child will have certain items that we are required to
   serve. However, they are given choices. Requirements are based
   on the National School lunch program to help children stay at a
   healthy weight.
4. School lunch is affordable!!! Your children will receive a healthy
   breakfast for the low cost of $1.50. Lunch is STILL $2.85. To
   put together your child’s lunch from home could cost more than
   $3.00 per day. A Lunchable averages around $2.99-4.99 and has
   a very small amount of nutritional value. For $2.85 your children
   will receive a balanced lunch.
5. Fayston Elementary Foodservice uses organic, fresh and local
   foods whenever possible. Each year we continue to provide local
   vegetables from local farms and our school gardens. We also
   continue to purchase Flint Brook Farm Beef whenever it is
   available. Again, for $2.85 your children would be getting local
   beef, carrots and Vt. Based Yogurt! Not a bad deal.
6. Your child could be eligible for Free/reduced (.40) Lunch and
   breakfast. Don’t be shy – this is an asset to our school. Each
   child that is part of the Free/reduced increases our entire school
   for more funding. All information is confidential and remains at
             the district office. Children that are part of the free/ reduced
             program will be treated as if they are a full price child. You can
             then receive all the above for FREE!!
         7. Menus choices are chosen with your children in mind. We try to
             incorporate fun events and activities to help your children try new
             things. Your children will miss out on these fun activities if they
             do not participate in the school lunch program.
         8. Your school lunch agents are trained professionals. Our newest
             assistant, Gail Hotchkee, comes from the Fletcher Allen Health
             Care ………………. She has excellent communication skills and
             promises to bring a different spin to our program. Cheryl Joslin
             returns with now eight school years at Fayston Elementary and
             has a Culinary Arts Degree from Newbury College. Two chefs on
         9. Fayston Elementary has a NEW kitchen. In the past we have
             always maintained a 97% or higher health inspection report. Our
             new kitchen might give us 100%. You can be sure that food is not
             mishandled and our facility is always at it’s cleanest.
         10. It is just plain good! Parents can join for just 3.75! It’s a great
             way to check on your child mid day. You can dine with your child
             and their friends and see how their day is going. Head back to
             work and see them at the bus stop. They always love to see you
             and we love to have you. So Please JOIN US!

         Fayston/Waitsfield Elementary School Lunch Program

We will again be using Power Lunch. This is a computerized system that will
keep track of lunches eaten and money paid/owed. We realize that for many
parents it is hard to figure out how many lunches your child will be eating
ahead of time, or if you do count them up and prepay, oftentimes
circumstances occur such as absences, field trips or snow days that lend to the
confusion. That said, we would like to remind you that we have an ADVANCE
payment plan. This plan will help both the staff and the parents to have a good
sense of meal tallies.

1. A child’s parent will prepay a whole dollar amount to be put towards what
   your child will be receiving. This payment will be put into our computerized
   system. Each child will be receiving a card with a barcode and their name on
2. Each school day, when the classroom teacher takes the lunch count, the
   child’s card will be set into either a COLD, HOT or MILK stack with all the
   other classroom children’s cards. These cards will then be given to the
   administrative assistant to be counted for us to know how many we are to
   cook for.
3. These cards will be returned to me to scan into our system for each service
   they have received for that day.
4. When your child’s card hits the $10 left, we then send a notice home with
   your child requesting another prepayment. There is an average of 40
   lunches, breakfasts etc. that can be purchased during a menu cycle. It is
   helpful to us that when a menu is dispersed you could recognize a need for
   more monies to be sent in for that cycle.

*These cards will have no dollar amount written on them, so each child will
merely have meal item amount, thus maintaining privacy for all families. *

The price of school lunch this year will remain $2.85 per lunch. Adult lunches
will be $3.75. Breakfast, snacks and milk prices will also remain the same.

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