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									What are radiometric     What are relative    List 6 characteristics
dating techniques?       dating methods?           of primates.

Distinguish between
                            List three              List five
                         characteristics of     characteristics of
  brachiation, and
                           Hominoidea.             Hominids.

      List seven                              List four differences
                       List three differences
differences between                            between the pelvis
                       between the teeth of
the skull of a human                           and backbone of a
                         a human and the
 and the skull of an                          human and that of an
                          teeth of an ape.
         ape.                                         ape.

List three differences List three differences List three differences
between the legs of a between the feet of a between the chest of
human and that of an human and that of an a human and that of
         ape.                   ape.                  an ape.
List eight advantages          List three        List seven general
  of bipedal upright       disadvantages of        features of the
       walking.            upright walking.      Australopithecines.

                                                Cultural evolution of
                                                humans led to an
                                                improvement in food
  List seven general                            supply and quality of
                           List five specific
features of the genus                           diet. List five
                             uses of fire.
        Homo.                                   specific
                                                developments that
                                                contributed to this

                                                 The movement into the
                                                  open plains by man’s
   Classify humans                              ancestors is believed to
                                                  have helped with the
from the super-family         Explain why
                                                   development of the
  Hominoidea to the       bipedalism evolved.     brain, especially the
   tribe Hominins.                              cerebral cortex. List five
                                                    results of a larger
                                                     cerebral cortex.

  There are two main
   theories about the
 dispersal of hominids                               Six general
 around the world: the    Compare physical      evolutionary features
      multiregional         evolution with              of the
(continuity) theory and   cultural evolution.     Australopithecine
    the ‘out of Africa’                             group are .....
 (replacement) theory.
 Explain both theories.
    Describe six             Describe the
                                                      Describe six
 biological and six           biological
                                                   biological and six
cultural evolutionary   evolutionary features
                                                  cultural evolutionary
   features of the         and the cultural
                                                     features of the
       species          evolutionary features
                                                     species Homo
 Australopithecus        of the Paranthropus
      afarensis.                genus.

    Describe six
                            Describe six               Describe six
 biological and six
                         biological and six        biological and six
cultural evolutionary
                        cultural evolutionary     cultural evolutionary
   features of the
                           features of the           features of the
   species Homo
                           species Homo              species Homo
 erectus and Homo
                          heidelbergensis.            neanderthalis

    Describe six        Explain why having a
 biological and six       home base has      List five key features
cultural evolutionary    contributed to the       of advanced
   features of the          evolutionary      communication as
   species Homo           development of     exhibited by humans.
      sapiens.            modern humans.

List ten key features   List in a series of key    List in a series of
of the hunter/gather          stages the               stages the
  stage in human             evolutionary            evolutionary
    evolutionary           development of           development of
    development.              agriculture.            technology.
                    Distinguish between          Describe the
 Explain what a
                    autosomes and sex          functional role of
  karyotype is
                       chromosomes                nucleotides

  Distinguish          Describe why the
  between the           consequence of         Describe the role of
                       degeneracy of the
template strand     genetic code to the likely
                                                Helicase in DNA
 and the coding          effect of point           replication
 stand of DNA.             mutations.

                                              Distinguish between
Describe the role    Describe the role of    the role of the leading
of gyrase in DNA     DNA polymerase in       strand and the lagging
   replication.       DNA replication          strand during DNA

Describe the role
                    Describe the role of
     of DNA                                       What is a
                    DNA polymerase II in
 polymerase I in                             polypeptide chain?
                      DNA replication.
DNA replication.
                                                Explain the
                    Describe the steps
    What is a                              difference between
                      involved in the
  transcription                               a primary RNA
                       formation of a
      unit?                                   transcript and
                    functional protein.
                                           processed mRNA.

                                              Explain the
Describe the role What is the difference      differences
 of mRNA, tRNA     between a triplet, a         between
   and rRNA in       codon and an          transcription and
protein synthesis.    anticodon?             translation in
                                           protein synthesis.

What are okazaki   What is a replication   What is a metabolic
  fragments?              fork?                pathway?

                   Explain how control         Describe the
Describe how the
                   of gene expression       essential features
  Lac Operon
                     occurs through        of gene expression
                       repression.            in Eukaryotes.
  Describe the
                      Explain the     Describe the effect
 importance of
                        genetic        of linkage on the
crossing over in
                    significance of     inheritance of
 the process of
                    crossing over.           genes.

                                         Explain how
    Explain how
                   Describe the effect recombination
linkage decreases
                    of recombination    increases the
   the amount of
                   on the inheritance amount of genetic
  variation in the
                        of genes.        variation in

  Explain how
                   Explain how Co-      Explain what sex
                     dominance        linkage is and give
                       occurs.           and example.
                                                 Explain the
  Explain what
multiple alleles are    What are lethal
                                             between polygeny
   and give an            alleles?
                                               and pleiotropy,
                                              giving examples.

    How does               What are
                                                 What are
  epistasis differ       collaborative
 from pleiotropy?           genes?

                                                What is the
                          What are              difference
What are epistatic
                        complementary        between gametic
                           genes?              and somatic

    What do the            What do the
  following terms      following refer to:
  mean: missense                             What do the terms
    substitution,                             Aneuploidy and
     nonsense               inversion,
 substitution, frame     translocation,
   shift mutation.         duplication.

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