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									4 Scentsy Success Tips That Will
Drastically Increase Your Income
Scentsy is a fantastic company that has
 been around for some time now. Being a
 distributor with Scentsy can be very
 lucrative if you know how to take
 advantage of modern day marketing and
 recruiting methods.

I wanted to give you a few tips that will
 drastically increase your Scentsy success.
Scentsy success tip #1: Give yourself
 enough time to be successful. One of the
 biggest downfalls of people that start out
 in the home based business industry is
 that they quit too fast.
Some quit for good, while others jump
 from company to company every 1-2
 months. I would say give yourself at least
 12 months of good solid work with the
 company. There is a learning curve. Go
 through it...it is completely normal.
Scentsy success tip #2: Be aware of the
 fact that in Scentsy, you only make
 money 2 ways regardless of what others
 think. You make money from selling
 products and from your organization's
 volume (aka recruiting distributors).
While working your business, don't spend
 time doing anything that doesn't help you
 do these two things.

This is so simple, but I am amazed at how
 many distributors waste their time doing
 things in their business that doesn't make
 them money.
Scentsy success tip #3: Understand that
 network marketing is an industry of
 marketing that is full of people that have
 no clue how to market their business

 Learn a few key marketing skills (offline
 and online) and you will easily stand out
 from the crowd.
Learn to put your opportunity and
 products in front of people that are
 ALREADY LOOKING for what you have and
 you will become a magnet for new
 distributors. Learn how to get prospects
 calling and chasing you, instead of chasing
 your friends and family.
Get an attraction marketing system! It
 will change your business (aka put a lot
 more money in your pocket)...believe me!
Scentsy success tip #4: Develop a
 system for duplication in your
 organization. Yes, I said a "system"!
Once you start sponsoring 3-8 people a
 week into your Scentsy organization, you
 will not want to spend 10 hours on the
 phone with all your new distributors.
 Develop some kind of a system that will
 help your new people get started quickly.
You can easily create a Youtube video
 series, or a website, that will answer most
 of the frequently asked questions that
 your new people will have. By using some
 simple tools, you can create a system
 once and just give it to your team.
Your system should teach people how to
 market, generate leads, follow up with
 prospects, and sign up new distributors.
 Learn to use technology to your
 advantage and your life will be much
 easier. You will be on your way to
 massive Scentsy success.

 http://wilsonmarketinglabs.com/scentsy-success-tips/

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