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									Overview                                                                                HIGHLIGHTS
Aquincum Institute of Technology (AIT Budapest) provides an English             http://www.ait-budapest.com/
language study abroad experience for undergraduates majoring in computer
science, software engineering, and related disciplines. Faculty are drawn     SEMESTER AVAILABLE: fall
primarily from Budapest University of Technology and Economics                and spring

Hungary has a proud tradition of creativity in computing: John von            ELIGIBILITY: at least a B
Neumann, who developed the principles of stored-program digital               average in the year preceding the
computers; Andy Grove, longtime leader of Intel; and Charles Simonyi,         semester abroad. Also, AIT students
father of Microsoft Office, all got their start in the schools of Budapest.   are expected to have computational
                                                                              and mathematical sophistication
Following in this tradition of innovative education, AIT brings together      including at least one course that
globally-acclaimed scholars, designers, and entrepreneurs to provide an       involves programming (in any
inspiring academic program with small classes that emphasize interactivity    modern language), exposure to
and creativity.                                                               concepts in data structure, a college
                                                                              mathematics course beyond
The University                                                                calculus (e.g. linear algebra,
                                                                              discrete mathematics, etc.)
AIT was established in 2007 by the successful Hungarian software
entrepreneur Gábor Bojár to provide an exceptional study abroad               COURSES: Creative computer
experience to undergraduates in IT fields. AIT’s curriculum integrates        engineering, design, discrete
design, entrepreneurship, and foundational courses in computer science        mathematics and theoretical
with advanced applications in computational biology and computer vision       computer science, advanced
for digital film post-production as well as humanities courses related to     applications in computational
Hungary’s rich cultural heritage.                                             biology and medicine
AIT’s distinguished faculty includes Ernő Rubik (inventor of Rubik’s          ACCOMMODATION:
Cube), András Falus (Professor of Genetics and Immunology and member          apartments
of the Hungarian Academy of Science), and software entrepreneur Gábor
Bojár (founder of Graphisoft, the most successful global software company     FINANCIAL AID: Students who
from Central Europe).                                                         attend AIT Budapest for Princeton
                                                                              credit may use university financial
The Setting
                                                                              aid to meet expenses.
AIT Budapest is located on the banks of a picturesque branch of the
                                                                              APPLICATION DEADLINE:
Danube River in the city of Budapest, next to the remains of the ancient
                                                                              April 1 for fall; November 1 for
Roman town Aquincum, at the cultural crossroads of Europe. A vibrant
                                                                              spring (Princeton deadline). Early
city of two million people with many cultural offerings, Budapest is also
                                                                              applications are encouraged.
known as one of Europe’s most affordable cities. Budapest also offers easy
access to the rest of Europe by rail and air.
The AIT Budapest campus is adjacent to a state-of-the-art industrial park whose tenants include Microsoft, SAP,
Servier, Canon, Sybase, and Graphisoft. Sports facilities, a shopping mall, recreational opportunities, and public
transportation are nearby.

Academic Program

Classes are taught in English by eminent Hungarian professors, most of whom have had teaching experience in
North American universities. The academic program is based on a philosophy of small and intimate classes, close
collaboration of students and faculty, and hands-on work through group projects. Considerable time is devoted to
problem solving and encouraging student creativity.

AIT courses are organized in the following areas:

    •   Creative design and entrepreneurship
    •   Foundational courses in computer science
    •   Advanced applications including computational biology and computer vision for digital film post-
    •   Humanities courses related to Hungary’s rich cultural heritage

Prior to the academic program a two-week intensive Hungarian language course (not for credit) is also offered.
This intensive language course is organized by a language school, which charges a separate fee.

In addition, a diverse range of extracurricular activities are offered for exploring the historic heritage and
contemporary cultural life of Budapest and the region.

Academic Calendar

                               Spring 2012                                 Fall 2012
Arrival for participants of    January 14- 17                              August 17-19 (August 20 is a national
optional language course:                                                  holiday in Hungary)
Optional language course       January 18-February 3                       August 21-September 6 (tentative)
Regular arrival:               January 31-February 2                       September 3-5
Orientation period:            February 3-5                                September 7-9
Classes begin:                 February 6                                  September 10
First half-semester:           February 6- March 23 (March 15:             September 10-October 26
                               national holiday in Hungary – no
Recess:                        March 24-April 1                            October 27-November 4
Second half-semester:          April 2-May 18 (April 9: Easter             November 5-December 14
                               Monday – no classes)
Exams begin:                   May 21                                      December 17
Program ends:                  May 23                                      December 19

Living Arrangements

No later than two weeks after acceptance, students should complete the Room Match Form electronically on the
AIT website. AIT tries to find the most suitable accommodations, usually in the city center where students can
take advantage of Budapest’s cultural offerings and vibrant night life. Living downtown is more convenient for
evening programs and on weekends, but entails a 40-50-minute commute to the AIT campus.

Apartments are equipped with linens, sheets, washing machine (clothes dryers are rarely used in Hungary),
kitchen equipment, and Internet connection.
After collecting all housing requests, apartments will be assigned randomly by ballot. Generally, two or three
students will share a two-three bedroom apartment. Housing options will be specified on the Room Match Form.

If you decide to make housing arrangements on your own, please notify the Budapest office.

Application Procedure

Fill out the AIT Budapest online application form at http://ait-budapest.com/node/add/electronic-application-
form. You will be asked to give the names and e-mail addresses of two computer science, mathematics, or
engineering professors who will write letters of recommendation for you. When you submit your application,
these professors will automatically receive an e-mail telling them how to submit their letters, so it is important
that you have already received consent to list their names.

Princeton Approval Form

In addition to completing the AIT Budapest application, you must submit the Princeton approval form, due
November 1. The approval form requires upperclass students to secure the approval of their departmental
representative for departmental courses and independent work that they plan to undertake as part of the
departmental program. Elective courses are approved by the Office of International Programs. The Princeton
approval form is available at www.princeton.edu/oip/sap/forms/approval/.

Estimated Costs

Tuition is $13,000 per semester, which covers participation in AIT courses with individual mentoring by faculty
and personal attention by the AIT staff (such as airport pick-up, orientation, housing assistance, etc.). Costs listed
below assume a four-month stay.

Accommodation in AIT-arranged apartments                    $1,260-$1,680
Meals                                                       $1,680-$2,240
Miscellaneous (local transport, utilities, phone,           $1000-$2,000
Mandatory health insurance                                  $170
Round-trip airfare from New York                            $1,000-$1,300

Passport: Students are responsible for ensuring that their passports are valid for their entire stay in Hungary. U.S.
passport fees are $110 (application fee) plus a $25 execution fee. Fees are $110 to renew your passport. For more
information, please consult the U.S. State Department passport website at

Visa: Foreign nationals requesting entry to Hungary with a purpose of a long stay (more than 90 days) must
submit a residence permit application. See

Health Insurance: All Princeton students are required to carry health insurance. Student health insurance that is
valid overseas may be purchased through Princeton University for $810 per semester. Students who are covered
by other insurance plans must verify that they will be covered while studying aboard and that the coverage is
equivalent to the Princeton plan.

Financial Aid

Students who are approved to study abroad at AIT Budapest for Princeton credit may use financial aid to meet
expenses. Students need to complete a budget form, available from the Undergraduate Financial Aid Office. The
Financial Aid Office will review the budget and adjust the student’s financial aid award as appropriate. The
budget should include tuition, room, board, travel, books, and personal expenses.

The contents of this brochure are subject to change without notice. Last updated on 9/16/11

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