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					       PI                Department              Total ($K)   05-06 ($K)
Artenstein, Andrew            Medicine              1290          100
Artenstein, Andrew            Medicine              1000          500
Artenstein, Andrew            Medicine               100          100
    Baylin, Ana         Community Health            1200          400
Carpenter, Charles            Medicine              2300          329
Carpenter, Charles            Medicine              7550         1500
 Cu-Uvin, Susan      Obstetrics and Gynecology      2800          571
 Cu-Uvin, Susan      Obstetrics and Gynecology       684          132
 Cu-Uvin, Susan      Obstetrics and Gynecology       14            7
 De Groot, Anne               Medicine               716          358
 De Groot, Anne               Medicine              3060          612
 De Groot, Anne               Medicine              1027          514
 De Groot, Anne               Medicine               610          305
 De Groot, Anne               Medicine               251           34
Flanigan, Timothy             Medicine               270          147
Flanigan, Timothy             Medicine               106           35
Flanigan, Timothy             Medicine              4800          678
Flanigan, Timothy             Medicine              2100          416
Flanigan, Timothy             Medicine               246          118
  Foster, Andrew             Economics               59            59
  Foster, Andrew             Economics               251          251
Friedman, Jennifer            Pediatrics             153           76
Friedman, Jennifer            Pediatrics             225          101
Friedman, Jennifer            Pediatrics            3100          620
 Harwell, Joseph              Medicine               106           34
  Hogan, Joseph         Community Health             250           15
  Hogan, Joseph         Community Health             776          250
  Hogan, Joseph         Community Health             63            63
  Hogan, Joseph         Community Health             179           35
   Hogan, Joseph           Community Health             439   132
   Hollos, Marida             Anthropology              70     70
   Kertzer, David             Anthropology              671   197
  Kurtis, Jonathan Pathology and Laboratory Medicine    610   208
  Kurtis, Jonathan Pathology and Laboratory Medicine    537   537
  Kurtis, Jonathan Pathology and Laboratory Medicine    119   119
  Kwara, Awewura                Medicine                635   127
    Luke, Nancy                 Sociology               303   101
    Luke, Nancy                 Sociology               25     12
     Lurie, Mark           Community Health             664   133
  Mayer, Kenneth                Medicine               3300   638
  Mayer, Kenneth                Medicine                556   176
  Mayer, Kenneth                Medicine                39     39
  Mayer, Kenneth                Medicine                41     41
McGarvey, Stephen T.       Community Health            2400   600
  Morrow, Kathleen   Psychiatry and Human Behavior      388   194
  Morrow, Kathleen   Psychiatry and Human Behavior     1640   344
   Munshi, Kaivan              Economics                303   101
      Pitt, Mark               Economics                214    27
      Pitt, Mark               Economics               1800   414
   Pugatch, David               Pediatrics              147    74
   Pugatch, David               Pediatrics              424    53
   Pugatch, David               Pediatrics             2100   420
 Ramratnam, Bharat              Medicine                503   108
 Ramratnam, Bharat              Medicine                216   108
 Ramratnam, Bharat              Medicine                899   224
 Ramratnam, Bharat              Medicine               1700   193
 Ramratnam, Bharat              Medicine                463   219
    Rich, Josiah                Medicine                100    50
    Smith, Daniel             Anthropology              144    44
White, Michael           Sociology           266       74
Zeller, Kimberly      Family Medicine        111      111
                   Grand Total, Millions   57.113   14.248
 Agency                                    Title
   CDC         Center for biodefense and emerging pathogens
   NIH         The Role of Inter-alpha Inhibitors and Anthrax Intoxication
   NIH         Influenza Microchip: Rapid Identification of Sequence Specific Subtypes
   CDC         Study of Unnatural History of HIV
   NIH         CFAR
  NIAID        Antiviral Therapy and HIV in the Genital tract of Women
   NIH         Midcareer investigator award (K24)
W&I Hospital   Women and Infants hospital grant, Center of excellence in Women's health
  NIAID        A Genome-Derived, Epitope-Driven Tularemia Vaccine
  NIAID        Epitope Driven HIV Vaccine Development
  NIAID        Novel Smallpox Vaccine Derived from VV/VAR Immunome
  NIAID        A Genome-Derived, Epitope-Driven H. Pylori Vaccine
  NIAID        Cell-mediated immune responses to vaccina virus
  NIAID        CFAR, Core E: HIV and Women
   NIH         Directly observed therapy for TB and HIV in Kenya
  NIAID        Adult therapeutic clinical trials program for HIV/AIDS supplemental,
   NIDA        HIV and other infectious consequences of substance abuse
  NIMH         Neurocognitive consequences of HIV/AIDS in South India
  NICHD        Health and Air Quality Regulation in Delhi, India
  NICHD        Training in Demography (T-32)
  NIAID        Inflammation, Iron and cognition in S. japonicum
  NIAID        S. japonicum morbidity and pro-inflammatory cytokines
  NIAID        S. japonicum and Birth Outcomes: Randomized controlled trial
   NIH         Genital Tract HIV Shedding in Cambodian Women
   NIH         Modifying the obesogenic homes: impact on weight maintenance
  NHLBI        Analyzing complex longitudinal data in behavioral sciences
   NIHl        Enhanced internet behavioral therapy for obesity treatment
  NIAID        Antiretroviral therapy and HIV in the genital tract of women
                       CFAR                         CFAR center for AIDS research
                        NSF                         The Cultural Context of Infertility in Southern Nigeria: Meanings, Consequences, etc
                       NICHD                        Explaining very low fertility
       Seattle Biomedical Research Institute        Immunity against severe malaria in young children
                       NIAID                        Puberty, immunity and malnutrition in S. joponicum
                       NIAID                        Puberty, immunity and malnutrition in S. joponicum
                       NIAID                        K23 Career Developmental Award
"Concurrent HAART and Tuberculosis Treatment
                       NICHD                        Co-Principal Investigator (with Kaivan Munshi), Female Income and Family Welfare i
                   The World Bank                   Response to Sexual Risk in a High HIV/AIDS Environment
                        NIMH                        Public health impact of antiretroviral therapy in South Africa
                         NIH                        AIDS international training program
                       NIAID                        CFAR – Core F: prevention science core
                        NIMH                        Johns Hopkins University NIMH collaborative HIV/STD prevention trial – India
                        NIMH                        Facilitate Innovative Prevention Research on the Early Identification of Acutely HIV-In
                         NIH                        Diabetes Care in American Samoa
                         NIH                        Linking biophysical function of microbicides to user perception & acceptability
                        NIMH                        Contextual model of microbicide acceptability
                       NICHD                        Co-Principal Investigator (with Nancy Luke), Female Income and Family Welfare in In
                         NIH                        microcredit and health services experiment in Bangladesh
                       NIDDK                        Childrens health and nutrition, adult outcomes, and intergenerational and spatial mob
                        NIDA                        HIV rapid testing for young substance users
                    DHHS/HRSA                       Emerging Issues in Pediatric AIDS
                        NIMH                        A multilevel HIV-prevention strategy for high-risk youth
                       NIAID                        CFAR – Core C: immunovirology and laboratory services
           Doris Duke charitable foundation         Impact of multidrug resistant proteins on HIV-1 treatment
                       NIAID                        LAB secreting CV-N as a microbicide
                        NIDA                        Overcoming HIV-1 resistance to RNA interference
                       NIAID                        Novel HIV-1 microbicides
U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation   TB Prophylaxis as a model for HIV care in Russia
                       NICHD                        Love, marriage and HIV: a multi-site study of gender and HIV risk
        NIH          Urbanization, health and environment in coastal Ghana
Clinton Foundation   Clinton HIV/AIDS Institute
pecific Subtypes

e in Women's health

Meanings, Consequences, etc.

T and Tuberculosis Treatment: Drug to Drug Interactions
 Income and Family Welfare in India

prevention trial – India
Identification of Acutely HIV-Infected and Highly Contagious Persons as Part of a Multi-Site Pilot and Feasibility Site

ception & acceptability

come and Family Welfare in India

 rgenerational and spatial mobility

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