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					DoD AIT Implementation Plan
       Passive RFID

                Kathy Smith
                Office of Asst Dep Under Secretary
                (Supply Chain Integration)

                October 15, 2008
         Coordinating AIT Use Throughout the
                    Supply Chain
                                                                                   Implementation Plan
                                                                                   •  Development initiated
                                                                                      following issuance of
                                                                                   •  Living document with iterative
                                                                                      approach to applying AIT at
                                                                                      each layer of consolidation in
                                                                                      the supply chain
                                                                                   •  Initial release contains specific
                                                                                      tasks to be completed during
CONOPS                                                                                the first spiral of the
                                                                                      implementation process.
•  Intent is to facilitate mainstream logistics applications by identifying a
   baseline set of AIT.
•  Identifies AIT for assets by consolidation layer moving materiel through
   various supply chain nodes.
•  Provides vision for using AIT for efficient and effective data capture within
   supply and distribution operations.
                            Develop Metrics
  Develop Metrics
   –  Measure effectiveness of passive and active RFID at
      supply and distribution nodes
   –  Passive RFID receipt and in-check process with 10
      defined metrics
      •  Time & Reliability (4)
      •  Productivity (4)
      •  Requisition Issues (2)

   –  Active RFID
      •  Read & write rates (2)

•  Next Step: Implementation
   –  Collect, analyze and maintain
              Implement Passive RFID
                 Services implementing at retail locations
                   –    USAF: Nellis AFB
                   –    USA: Ft Bragg
                   –    USMC: Camp Lejeune
                   –    USN: San Diego, Pearl Harbor, Guam
                 DLA writing Passive tags for customer order-
                  level packaging
                   –  Enables electronic receipt
                   –  DLA ready for increase in MRO tagging

                 USTRANSCOM finish installing Passive portals
                  at aerial ports
                   –  2nd Quarter FY09

Implementing Emerging Technology for Supply Chain Automation
     Navy - Tracking Critical Reparables
= MCB Kaneohe Bay
= FISC/NSY/ATAC Pearl Harbor
= Hickam AFB                                                              Fort Richardson, AK
                               MCB Kaneohe Bay
= DDPH, Pearl Harbor
                                                                             Elmendorf AFB, AK
                               ATAC Hub



                                             Pearl Harbor
    Hickam AFB
                       Oahu Island,   ATAC Hub
TMO                                   Navy Shipyard
Aerial Port                                                                      Travis AFB, CA


                                                         ATAC Hub
                                                        North Island      DDDC

           Army – Processing Receipts at
                 Installation Level
                                                 DLA depot   Army Supply
•  Army Supply Support Activity at Ft.                         Location
    –  Reengineered business process to
       process receipt using Passive RFID
    –  Testing in laboratory environment first
       and then implementing at Fort Bragg
    –  Apply lessons learned to improve the
       activity’s operations
     Marine Corps – Facilitating Receipts
            and Providing Status
•  Marine Corps Receiving at Camp               DLA depot    Marine Corps
                                                            Supply Location
   –  Reengineered the in-check process to
      pre-populate receipt data
   –  Reengineered to use passive RFID to
      provide status to legacy retail systems
      Air Force - Tracking Sensitive Items

                                               DLA depot   Air Force Base
•  Air Force Central Receiving at
   base level
    –  Reengineered the in-check process to
       pre-populate receipt data at Nellis
•  Using Passive RFID to track
   sensitive items at base level
    –  Tracking through receipt, storage and
    –  Enables “positive inventory control”
                             DLA – Tagging Shipments
        Vendors/Suppliers                              DLA                     Services/TRANSCOM

                                                                                                                          Current Capability

                                                                                                                          Future Capability

                             ASN                                                                                                        ASN

                                                                                      Internal                               Ship
                       Ship/Receive                                                  Processes

         Vendor Ship                       Receipt         Put Away/Direct Issue        Stow           Pick/Issue          Package/Ship

     Tagged Material
Vendors apply passive RFID         Passive RFID tags are   Put Away/Direct Issue    Stow by Passive   Pick by Passive      Package and
     tags to DLA bound               read for receipting   facilitated by Passive      RFID tag        RFID tag and      aggregate cases/
 shipments with associated                                         RFID tag                             associate to        pallets by
    business information                                                                               requisition for   Passive RFID tag
                                                                                                            ASN               to ship
      USTRANSCOM – Enabling Supply
             Chain Visibility

                                           Fort Richardson, AK

                                                    Elmendorf AFB AK

                                                   Aerial Port


    Hickam AFB
                     Oahu Island,
Aerial Port                                       Travis AFB, CA
                                                  Aerial Port
    Process Efficiencies Begin with Passive
        RFID Tagging by the Supplier
Manufacturers/      Distribution Centers/          POEs/PODs                   Supply/             Customers
  Suppliers                Depots                                          Theater Depots/

                       Info Systems

                     ASN w/ Tag Data
                      sent via WAWF
                                                                                  Enabling the
                                            Reading Tags     Match ASN data
  RFID Contract                                                                  receipt process
                                              at DLA         with Tag Reads
 Clause Insertion   Physical Shipments                                               at DLA

                      Tagged goods
                     shipped to DLA
                                                      Quality Assurance: Right
                                                      Quantity/Quality; Supply
      Passive RFID Contractual
    Requirements Remain Constant
•  Two Major Requirements for Suppliers
    •    Passive RFID Tagging at the case and pallet level in accordance with the Passive RFID
         DFARS Clause and the Supplier Implementation Plan
    •    Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) via User Defined File/File Transfer Protocol (UDF/FTP),
         Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 856, or Web Page Entry
•  Specific Requirements:
    •    Data encoded on tag must be unique.
    •    Supplier must ensure the passive tag affixed to package is readable.
    •    Passive tag is affixed at the appropriate location on the specified level of packaging in
         accordance with MIL-STD-129P (Section 4.9.2) tag placement specifications.
    •    Contractor required to use tag identity types in accordance with the details located at:
    •    Contractor electronically submits an advance shipment notice in accordance with
         procedures at
•  A Passive RFID Supplier Information Guide that contains information
   detailing requirements for compliance is located at
           Passive RFID Contractual
            Requirements in Action
•  243,270 awards to 5,631 active suppliers have required
  Passive RFID tagging in the last 7 months
   –  Represents 52% of DLA’s active supplier base
   –  An increase of 110% over monthly average in early 2007
•  Noncompliant contracts are triggering discrepancy
  reports to item managers

            Suppliers                  Tagged
Partnering with EPCglobaltm on Global
•  Leading development of Active RFID tag
•  Partnering with industry on Item Level
   Tagging Construct
•  Participating in Aerospace & Defense
   Industry Action Group

•  Moving forward with RFID…
  – DoD is committed to RFID Implementation
  – DoD is committed to user-driven, global
•  Focus is on our Customer, the Warfighter
  – Implementations made in deliberate manner,
    sustained over time
Bottom Line

              AIT Supports the Warfighter!

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