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									                      GAIN Council Meeting – Meeting Minutes

                  18th May 2010, Sofitel Hotel, Marrakech, Morocco

Members Present:

 Iñigo Palacio Prada              RepsolYPF          T Sathish Kumar         IOCL
 Mohammed Jarmooni                Shell LPG          Minral Roy              IOCL
 Amrani Namir                     Shell LPG          Alain de Greve          AEGPL
 Abdel Hojji                      Shell LPG          Joel Pedessac           CFBP
 Benbekhaled Abdelkader           Salam Gaz          Makoto Arahata          Japan LPGA
 Dayo Adeshina                    Strategic Energy   Paul Ladner             UGI
 Morten Balle                     Ragasco            Nabil Guejaj            Shell LPG
 Jean-Marie Loison                Ragasco            Jamal El Kaissi         Somas
 Joseph Brun                      Kosan Crisplant    Khalid Baghri           Somas/Salam
 Khaldoun Dib                     Natgaz             Ulrica Andrez           SHV Gas
 Hakan Celik                      Ipragaz/SHV        Armando Vicoso          WLPGA
 Sarthak Behuria                  Petrofed           David Tyler             WLPGA
 Ramon de Luis                    Repsol             James Rockall           WLPGA
 Santiago Perez                   Repsol             Michael Kelly           WLPGA
 Davide Cavagna                   Cavagna            Mauricio Jarovsky       Ultragaz
 Lambert Fojio                    Cavagna            Daniela Gentil          Ultragaz
 Scott Littlewood                 Cavagna            Barakat Zakarta         Afriquigaz
 Alain Deleuse                    ADI Consultant     Daniel Beaufreton       Afriquigaz
 Abdelhakim Amine                 Afriquigaz         Hicham Zity             Afriquigaz
 Khalid Taif                      Afriquigaz         Ana Lopez Ballesteros   Mercedes-Benz

1.0    Welcome, Roll Call & Approval of Agenda

David Tyler officially opened the meeting and introduced Iñigo Palacio Prada, the Chairman of
GAIN. Iñigo welcomed everyone who then introduced themselves.

2.0    Minutes of last meeting (Kuala Lumpur, 22nd February 2010)

In the absence of any comments, the draft minutes from the last GAIN meeting in Kuala
Lumpur on 22nd February 2010 were approved.

3.0    Introduction and report from Chairman

Iñigo welcomed everyone to the GAIN meeting and reiterated the key objectives of GAIN are
to: (i) Lobby, (ii) Maintain OEM contact and (iii) Communicate.

Iñigo emphasised the importance of everyone providing data, information and news about
Autogas activities in their countries, including OEM activities.

He welcomed Ms Ana Lopez Ballesteros from Mercedes-Benz who had travelled from Spain
to make a presentation to the GAIN members about her company’s approach to Autogas in
Iñigo then asked David Tyler to provide a brief update of the GAIN Action Plan for 2010.

       3.1 Review of 2010 Action Plan

       David Tyler then reviewed the Action Plan for 2010 (see attachment to these minutes).

       Some of the highlights included:

       -   Autogas Updates has been re-launched in an electronic format using
  website. The first edition was released in May 2010. It is
           planned to have subsequent editions every two months.

       -   Members were reminded to continue to update their Autogas industry market data
           and send through to the WLPGA for collating. The latest market information is
           attached to these minutes.

       -   A WLPGA Asia Autogas Workshop will be held in Singapore in November 2010.
           Sponsors will be sought in order the event can be free to delegates.

       -   The Autogas Incentive Policy document published in 2005 is being updated and
           members were asked to send the latest position on incentives to the WLPGA for

       3.2 Reports from Core Group

       France - Joel Pedessac presented a summary of the new dynamics of the French
       Autogas market (see attached). Recent marketing communications activity by the
       French Autogas distributors has resulted in the French government supporting
       Autogas with incentives and the OEM industry responding with new models. Joel said
       the CFBP will be present at the ‘Mondial de Paris’ Motorshow where Chevrolet, Opel
       and other OEM’s will be present with their Autogas vehicles.

       Europe – Alain de Greve described AEGPL’s external communications activities which
       are directed at the EU policy makers (see attached). The objective is to increase
       awareness of the positive properties of Autogas and the potential benefits of
       increasing its use on European roads. He described the campaign so far with the (i)
       launch of the Autogas Roadmap in September 2009 and the use of banners on, (ii) the Autogas breakfast in November 2009, (iii) Dual Fuel
       Strategies in March 2010, and the use of Billboards and videos.

       Spain – Iñigo then made a presentation on behalf of Carlos Bermudez Garcia of
       Repsol, about the development of the Autogas market in Spain and in the ambulance
       sector in particular (see attached). Repsol have opened several Autogas stations in
       the country, reached agreements with local institutions including driving schools and
       ambulance companies. They have also conducted several conferences. In September
       2009 Repsol signed an agreement with the National Federation of Ambulance
       Companies (ANEA) to install Autogas. In Spain over 90% of ambulances belong to
       ANEA. As a result of the programme 86 ambulances are now running on Autogas. In
       Madrid last November the Mayor demonstrated five new Mercedes Benz Sprinter

       It was as a result of the close ties with Mercedes Benz that Iñigo invited Ana Lopez
       Ballesteros to the GAIN meeting to explain her company’s policy in Spain towards
4.0    Presentation from Mercedes Benz by Ana Lopez Ballesteros

Ana Lopez explained the Mercedes Benz policy in Spain regarding Autogas (see attached)
and why Mercedes Benz customers prefer their vans for ambulances; the body work has high
added value (40% of the price), body work design makes an easier fit out, the end product
(MB brand) is desirable by customers.

She then explained why it is difficult to sell industrial/commercial vehicles fitted for Autogas;
lack of information, vehicle is for work not for pleasure, lack of refueling points, issues with
deposits, lack of space for storage tank.

Ana then explained why ambulances are better suited for Autogas; vehicles do <500km/day,
similar routes, patient comfort (spark ignition engines more comfortable), higher power
engines, fuel economy.

Ambulance owners prefer Autogas because; skid tanks can be used to refuel, more refueling
facilities being built, Autogas is aligned to health.

Mercedes Benz is targeting the ambulance fleet (11,000 in total across Spain). They expect to
have 400/500 by 2011.

Ana Lopez emphasised that Mercedes Benz are in the business of selling vehicles, regardless
of the fuel. However they appreciate the qualities offered by Autogas vehicles and the benefits
they bring.

5.0    Date and place of next meeting

The next meeting of GAIN will be held in Madrid, Spain, on Monday 27th September 2010
starting at 9.00am.

NOTE: the minutes of this meeting and all presentations referred to in these minutes can be
found on our website, members only section. The path is:
Home>Members Only>Meetings>GAIN

David Tyler
WLPGA – September 2010
       GAIN ACTION PLAN 2010

                        ACTIVITIES                               RECURRENCE             TARGETS
                                                                                  Create a library of
Gather and publish on our website information from all the
                                                                                  information on the
key Autogas markets in the world on current issues that
                                                                    Ongoing       WLPGA website for
affect the development of Autogas, especially current
government policy and legislation.
                                                                                  members to access
Maintain, regularly update and publish on our website the
                                                                                  Data updated and
core group data file to reflect current volumes, refueling
                                                                    Annually      uploaded to website at
facilities, vehicle numbers, pump pricing differentials versus
                                                                                  least annually
gasoline and diesel, etc.
                                                                                  Relevant and result-
Maintain permanent contacts with the OEM industry
                                                                                  oriented contacts
including vehicle manufacturers, conversion kit suppliers,
                                                                    Ongoing       through 2010. At least
Autogas equipment manufacturers etc., keeping the Group
                                                                                  3 ad-hoc meetings
informed via website with the results of these actions.
                                                                                  with OEM´s.
                                                                                  Meet with
Arrange meetings with key Autogas stakeholders and
investigate ways to develop existing markets and introduce
                                                                 every 4 months   Associations to
Autogas into new markets. Develop partnerships with
                                                                                  develop new market
National/International Associations (e.g. driving schools)
Address issues of contradiction where Autogas is                                  Relevant actions and
prevented from being used in some countries but not in              Ongoing       information on them
others e.g. underground parking, tunnels etc                                      through 2010.

                                                                                  Prepare at least six
Prepare case studies using ‘success stories’ to be used as
                                                                 Every 2 months   "success stories" and
lobbying tools. Develop a brand
                                                                                  upload on website
                                                                                  Relevant, accurate
                                                                                  and updated info on
Facilitate excellent information exchange on Autogas
                                                                                  the website. Improve
issues using the WLPGA website. Update Autogas                    Twice a year
                                                                                  visit statistics. Users
Incentives by asking countries to address their own data.
                                                                                  survey before end
Preparation of GAIN meetings: Kuala Lumpur in February,                           Meetings arranged
Morocco in May and Madrid in October. Coordinate ad-hoc                           and celebrated, and
                                                                  Twice a year
meetings with local/regional suppliers/stakeholders during                        results uploaded on
every meeting.                                                                    website

Guests to do presentations on every GAIN meeting.
                                                                                  At least one guest per
Proposals for people coming from car/kit manufacturers,          every 4 months
                                                                                  GAIN meeting
policymakers, stakeholders, etc.
                                                                                  Prompt and accurate
Support to members with local/regional activities and
                                                                                  response from
regular communication throughout the year using electronic
                                                                 every 4 months   WLPGA staff, with
medium, telephone conferences etc. Promote Autogas at
                                                                                  support of GAIN
Conferences. Use video clips on web site
                                                                                  At least 3 articles
                                                                                  published in on-line or
Presence in media. Develop relationships with media
                                                                    Ongoing       off-line media. Improve
                                                                                  WLPGA´s references
                                                                                  in Internet

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