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									                          Business & Marketing Education Newsletter
                            New York State Education Department
                                    March 2006 Issue: 51


Just a reminder, the deadline for nominations is March 31. All necessary forms are on my
website. (


Spread the good news…..enrollments in business and marketing education courses are
significantly up from 2004. Based on the BEDS data from this past October, here are the student

                                 2004            2005            Change
Course Enrollments              141,741         161,461          +14 %

I attribute this to several factors. First, our ability to offer courses in business and marketing
education for academic credit. Never before have we had such large numbers in our so called
specialized courses being used as the 3rd unit of math and 4th units of ELA and Social Studies.
Second, our changing curriculum which offers cutting edge interesting courses that are
unparalleled in our schools and finally our robust growth in college level business and marketing
education courses.

Keep up the good work everyone.


I had the pleasure of attending the finals of the Lifesmarts competition sponsored by the NYS
Credit Union Foundation. After seeing the competition in person I can only say that I would
highly recommend the competition to all business teachers next year. It is a great experience for
your students and a great deal of fun. Business teachers participating as coaches of the teams

        Tom Karnes- Cairo Durham HS
        Eric Jordan – Churchville Chili HS
        Tracy Farrell & Laraine Gillette – Columbia HS
        Nancy Binger – Deer Park HS
        Laura DePue – Fredonia Central HS
        Lou DiCesare – Irondequoit HS
        Jody Pecor – Pittsford Mendon HS
        Kathy Winghart – Pittsford Sutherland HS
        Jernell Ellis-Branch – Saranac Lke HS
        Carole Coloe – Smithtown HS
        Fran Guggino & Karen Poidomani – William Floyd HS
        Kristina Donley – W hitesboro HS

Congratulations go out to the top three finishers, Irondequoit HS (3rd place), Pittsford Sutherland
HS (2nd place) and Saranac Lake (1st place). Students and coaches from Saranac Lake will now
move on to the National competition in Philadelphia, April 22 – 25.


In an article by Mary-Jo Kranacher, Editor-In-Chief of the CPA Journal (, she
talks about the disconnect between the college accounting curricula and the needs of the
profession. Mary-Jo is a CPA who also has earned her MBA and has an interesting opinion on
what should be included in a collegiate program. In Mary-Jo’s opinion, accountants should be
taking courses in fraud-detection, psychology and criminology. Accountants should be
developing interviewing skills to assist in uncovering fraud. They should be taking courses in
communications to help them gather information and report results. In her opinion, accounting
firms need to encourage their staffs to think independently, analytically and creatively when
conducting their business. Most of all, Mary-Jo believes that ethics should play a big part in an
accountant’s preparation.

Examining our new Accounting for Investing and Managing (AIM) curriculum, I am pleased to
report that our colleagues who worked on the document included some of these topics within our
outline. In our introductory topic, we require students to discuss the skill set required in the
accounting profession. Key skills include written and oral communication, analytical and critical
thinking as well as decision making and interpersonal skills. In topic 4, we require students to
examine the concepts of full disclosure, consistent reporting, and ethical standards of reporting.
In topic 12, “Ethical Issues in Accounting” we discuss the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and analyze case
studies of companies involved in accounting fraud and/or unethical practices. This content is far
removed from debits and credits.

As we continue to adjust and re-think our teaching of accounting, we must think about the topics
that Mary-Jo has introduced for consideration at the collegiate level. For some of us, this will be a
difficult task since accounting or bookkeeping has been taught pretty much the same way for
many years in our high schools. In only a few short months summer will be here with some time
to look back at your accounting lessons from the year. Perhaps that would be a good time to
move to AIM or include some of the AIM competencies within your instruction.


Thanks go out to Gail Black from Delhi for sending me this on the Biography Channel. There are
usually some very useful biographies on business figures, sports and entertainment personalities,
etc… that we may find useful in our classrooms. They are currently running a series of music
industry bio’s.

The Biography Channel, a 24-hour digital cable network dedicated to presenting compelling
stories about the worlds' most interesting people, is one of the most sought-after and fastest
growing channels available today. Building upon A&E Network's Emmy-Award winning series,
Biography ®, the Biography Channel weaves together vibrant profiles of individuals who
intrigues us most, plus exciting new original series, short features and documentaries. Whether an
insightful show on big ticket celebrities, news headliners, crime figures, Hollywood hopefuls, the
"people behind the people" or ordinary folk with a story to tell, The Biography Channel is the
network for people watching. The Biography Channel finished #1 in Awareness among cable
subscribers and was the #1 watched digital channel in 2005 (Beta). The Biography Channel is
available nationally through all major cable and satellite distributors and can currently be viewed
in more than 35 million homes. The Biography Channel web site is located at


The Baseball Hall of Fame is offering a videoconference on labor history that is perfect for high
school-age students, and is especially tailored to business and sports management classes. The
curriculum was developed in partnership with the American Labor Studies Center in Albany.
Complete details are at

Details for scheduling a videoconference are available at the same site. This is also available as
an on-site field trip experience. Feel free to contact the Hall’s office at (607) 547-0347 with any


In 2005, 626 students from 42 school districts were inducted into the Business and Marketing
honor society. Terrie Applin and Kim Perkins at Wayland Cohocton Central were kind enough to
share with me a copy of their program that was mailed to those students and their parents who
will be inducted this year. With a note that “Proper Business Attire” is appreciated, students will
be inducted, hear from a Chamber of Commerce speaker and have dinner. What a great way to
recognize their students. Way to go Terrie and Kim. The positive feelings that you have created
will go a long way in your community.

For those districts that have not participated in the program, I would ask you to take a look at the
information on either my website or BTA’s ( and consider it for your students
this year. It is a great way to recognize your students and receive some very positive PR.


Sue Markowski, was given the opportunity to develop a course of her choosing. The basic
criteria was to create a course that had to be a hands-on, engaging, non-textbook type of class.
So, after much thought, Sue and her husband sat down one weekend and wrote an entire
curriculum that has evolved into Outdoor Business Management. During the summer of 2005,
Sue presented this course in one of our BTA summer workshops.

Sue’s curriculum is based on themes of the season and revolves around units that apply. For
example, they are currently working on their Maple Syrup unit and will end the unit with a trip to
our "famous" Maple Tree Inn for a tour, and an intensive "All you can eat" pancake session.
According to student’s responses, this has become the coolest class in school. There is enough
enrollment to offer another section of the class, and students are asking if Sue can offer an
Outdoor Business Management II. Sue states that many of her students say they don't want the
class to end. Here is a little bit more about Sue’s very successful course:

                                     Outdoor Business Management

Course Description: This course is designed to have each student become a member of a
management team that specializes in outdoor business activities. The students will be required to
develop skills in leadership, teamwork, organizational skills, financial responsibility and problem
solving. Team members will create a series of seasonal outdoor businesses, in which they will
plan, organize, market, finance, and field-test the products.

Purpose: Our group is going to participate in Wilderness Adventures to develop teamwork,
leadership skills, group dynamics, communication, and problem solving. Students are interested
in learning more about career options as well as the outdoor recreation major offered at Houghton

Wilderness Adventure Goals at Houghton College:
Students will be able to:
Function as a part of a team and work together to accomplish a common goal
Communicate effectively and problem solve in various situations
Learn about the outdoor recreation program offered at Houghton College
Learn about various career options available regarding outdoor recreation
And most importantly, students will come to the realization that learning can be fun


Date                        Region                Meeting Location

March 21                    LIBEC Spring Meeting - Long Island
March 31                    ACTEA Conference Presentation
May 4                       40 Under 40 Awards - Albany, NY
May 12                      Department of theYear Awards Deadline
May 17-18                   Business Education 2020 Meeting

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         If you need additional information regarding the programs above, please contact our
office at 518-474-5506 or via e-mail.
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