Girls Night Out Girls Night Out “Celebrate You”

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					                                       Girls Night Out
                                                  “Celebrate You”
                                    You will enjoy a fun evening and have an opportunity to
                                        win a "Diamond               Ring" at the same time!
                                      From Skin Care to Color, Body Care to Sun Care
                      You’ll learn tips and techniques to bring out your true Beauty from head to toe!
          Get out your calendar and make a date, you don’t want to miss these great Mary Kay Guest Events.
    Beauty and Skin Care are hot topics but maybe you feel like you need more information in a relaxed environment.
     Here is the perfect opportunity to learn how to look your best. Choose one or all three events to learn the tricks
                                             of the trade for a more fabulous you!

                                                                                                    Color Insider Party
                                                                                       Thursday May 7th at 6:45pm to 9:00pm
                                   Imagine your world awash with color – rich, gorgeous shades that’ll make you look twice.
  I’m talking sheer mineral makeup that glides on and stays on. And fearless looks that are ready to wear anywhere. You’ll
learn tricks & techniques that’ll awaken your inner makeup artist! Eyes that mesmerize. Lips kissed with the perfect color.
                  Need to make a blemish blend in: Diminish dark circles? Conceal imperfections: Learn all this and more.
                                                     After all the right makeup completes any outfit for the best impression!

                                 Purchase your MK Glamour Brush Set for $30 (reg $48)
                            Makeup looks flawless after learning the application of color with high quality brushes!
                                        Before and after photos-Be a part of our Glamour Portfolio

Pamper your body
Thursday June 4th at 6:45pm to 9:00pm
Refresh & renew. Resolve to get a super body---smoother, firmer, less visible cellulite, and more toned.
Mary Kay has products to indulge and pamper your body. Apple, Pear, or Hourglass, women’s bodies come
in many beautiful forms. And they’ve endured everything from corsets to girdles for appearance-altering assistance.
Well, no more! Get that love-it body with the pampering wonders you will experience at this special event.
You’ll go home feeling like a new woman!

      Diamonds are Forever and so is your skin
        Take good care of your skin, and it will sparkle like the
                  DIAMOND Ring YOU CAN WIN!!!

 Call now to make your reservation for one or all three events

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