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13th Meeting Capital Community Church – Tubod_ Lanao del Norte by changcheng2


									                                                    13th Meeting

                                  Capital Community Church – Tubod, Lanao del Norte

                                                 October 24, 2009


      NAME             CHURCH        Position      E- Mail ADDRESS          CONTACT NUMBER
1. Moody Londera     Maranding       President                                 09058206976
2. May N.            Iligan             Vice                             09232873408/09059741210
   Villaflores                       President
3. Fedeliz Pepito    Tubaran         Treasurer   fedelizpepito@y.c              09103297830
4. Juram Tesio       Butadon          Auditor    juram_tesio@y.c                09212320143
5. Cristy Joy        Cabili          C-1 VPres   cristy_joy@y.c                 0926800884
6. Faith Cuaresma    Cabili           LC Pres    cuaresmafaith@y.c              09061812782
7. Merjan G.         Tubod                       mer_jan06@y.c                  09168724548
   Buhawe II
8. Weng2 Doromal     BagongSilang                                               09068573483
9. Romnick G.        Caniogan                                                   09061962443
10. Lavieme Y.       Kulambugan                  salaclavieme@y.c               09262442845
11. Isah Gasco       Kauswagan                                                  09359307048
12. Jephane J.       Maranding                   amazing_jephanee@y.c           09161392615
13. Ching Nantes     YCM                         nantes_ching@y.c               09108697363
14. Winniefredo      Balili                      winnie_thegreat@y.c            09265406730
15. novie            Cabili
16. ken-ken          Caniogan
17. Erlie            Caniogan
18. Amil             Caniogan
19. Jacinth          Caniogan
20. Argie            Caniogan
21. Jen Ababa
22. Mark Christian   Tubod
23. Hannah Jane      Tubod
     Y. Vergara
24. Hannah Faye      Tubod
     Y. Vergara
25. Catherine FF.    Dalipuga       Sub-
     Quirante                       Assistant


   i.      Opening Prayer
   ii.     Call to Order
   iii.    Roll Call/Declaration of Quorum
   iv.     Presentation of Agenda & Approval
   v.      Reading of the Previous Minutes
   vi.     Reporting of the Committees for the Conferences
            Nametags/Registration
            Games
            Program
            Décor (Streamer)
            Talent’s Night
            Solicitation
            Program/Invitation
            Music Committee
   vii.    Discussion of the Conference
   viii.   Adjournment
The meeting started at 9:20 pm.

Declaration of Quorum: 8 out of 12 officials were present (24 in all) including the second liners&visitors.

Reading of the Previous Minutes:

         - The question raised by the secretary last meeting has been answered and resolved already.
-   It has been Accepted for Subject for Discussion&Seconded by Juram&Weng2, respectively.
             -it has been suggested by May to give hard copy to our adviser regarding about the meeting now.
             -Juram: give hard/soft copy(powerpoint to our advisers about the last minutes.
             - a question raised by Juram who among the church had already planted a Narra tree?
             : 2 from Caniogan & ! from Bagong-Silang.

        NOTE: please include in the previous minutes about our payments, pledge cards, membership..

                  : Inform Rev. Ann to do some guidelines for Election

- It has been Approved&&Seconded by Nene&Juram, respectively.

Presentation of Agenda & Approval


         - Other Matters
         - Closing Prayer
-   It has been Approved&Seconded by Claire&Merjan, respectively

Reporting of the Committees for the Conference:

                   Nametags/Registration: Lyn2, Kat2, Sheena
                    -       Wala pay sure na himuon nga nametag&naa na ang program for registration
                    Suggestion: souvenir type, less expensive, nindot
                   Games: Ok na!
                   Plaque of Certificates: Nene, Bobet, Chique
                    Contests: (by Local Church)
                    - Song writing, choir, dance praise
                    - Plaque of Appreciation for the Speakers, Trophy for the winners&certificates for those who joined
                        even didn’t won.
                    - There should be a representative local church from every circuit

        NOTE: Submit a Budget Proposal

                   Décor (Streamer)
                    - A question raised by Ching “ Why dili pareho ang Annual Conference sa LDC-CYF Conference?”.
                    - “Unsa ibutang sa streamer? “By Merjan
                       - Visit sa ning website said Dondi

                    NOTE: submit a budget proposal

                    Suggestion: Plot the Budget

                            Conference – P 6 000.00

                            NWMJ – CYF Camp &National Youth Commission – P6 200.00

                    BUDGET for CONFERENCE ’09 – P 6 300.00

                    Maximum Participants: maximum of 250 persons


                               Décor (Streamer) -            P 800.00

                               Certificates & Plaques -         500.00
                               Nametags/Registration -       1000.00

                               Program/Invitation -           300.00

                               Medicine -                     200.00

                               Prizes -                       500.00

                               Kit -                        2 500.00

                               Supplies -                    1 000.00

                                                TOTAL      P 6 300.00

Privilege at 11:05 pm, a working Snacks


             Meal – 13

             Snacks – 8

            Individual’s Budget:

                 Rice -    P           50.00

                 Viand -               130.00

                 Snacks -              40.00

                 Registration -        50.00

                 TOTAL                 250.00

Solicitation c/o Dondi

NOTE: Surely there will be a solicitation letter that will be given for every local church that were representing in this

13-01: May moved that on every EXECOM who can solicit with a minimum of 500 pesos, will be free from food & viand.

        - It has been seconded by Juram

NOTE: Please include the Governor, Mayor, Speakers, Church Council in giving a letter of invitation.


        -    A question raised by somebody, “Why first day ang Election?”
        -    Para ma-install pgk-Sunday explained by Kat2.


        -    A copy for expenses by each Circuit should be presented also during the meeting by Juram


                Tell TChing that games have allotted 1 and a half hour only.
                What to bring should be included in the program.
                Every Circuit should bring Banner.
                Please send the program in Dondi’s email asap.


BTR – Ptr. Terry Buntag

Opening Worship – Rev. Tubio

Sunday Service – Ptr. Gina Cañete

EE Workshop&Orientation - Ptr.Glenn Sajorga
Closing Worship- CM Rev. Tobias

Suggested Speakers for BEYC:

           -   Gomez
           -   Rev. Jemuel Belza
           -   Rev. Napoleon Lumapgid
           -   Rev. LFA
           -   Moody Londera

Time Frame: Nov23 – target date to finish all the letters so that it could be distributed asap.

What to bring:

                  Willing heart
                  Bible
                  Plabakutin
                  Complete beddings
                  Circuit banner
                  Toiletries
                  Flashlight(candles)
                  Tent
                  Notebook&pen
                  25% CYF Sunday Offering
                  Noodles/can goods/bundles of joy
                   NOTE: EXECOMS should sleep at the same room

Talent’s Night:

NOTE: follow-up Sheene about the criteria for judging

           -   English/Filipino/Cebuano language use for Song composition.


           NOTE: Inform UCCP-Dangulaan that there will be an advanced party


           -   Letters should be made in polite way & mention all the demands
           -   Letter for Dangulaan include:
                   -       Conference date
                   -       Advance party for EXECOM
                   -       Acceptance for meal for the first day
                   -       Ask church council for security measures&other concerns

Discussion of the Conference
                                            Schedule of Activities
    TIME           DAY 1               DAY 2                 DAY 3                 DAY 4            DAY 5
                OD: Circuit 4       OD: Circuit 3        OD: Circuit 4          OD: Circuit 5     OD: Circuit 1
               MD:Ptr.G.Cañete    MD:Ptr.T.Buntag     MD:Ptr.G.Sajorga MD:Rev.J.Cañete          MD:CMRev.Tobias
  4:00-5:00                                                      Group Devotional
  5:00-6:00                                                       Self Preparation
  6:00-7:00                                                            Tasking
  7:00-8:00                                                           Breakfast
  8:00-9:00                      Sunday School: BTR                                             DOTA/’d Generals
  9:00-10:00                                                                     Election           Evaluation
 10:00-11:00                          Sunday                 BEYC                                Closing Worship
 11:00-12:00                          Service                Part 1              Laag na!         & Homeward
 12:00-1:00                                                           LUNCH BREAK
 1:00-2:00      Registration &        Circuit Caucus           BEYC Part 2    EE Workshop&
 2:00-3:00         Arrival                                                      Orientation
 3:00-4:00     *Profile Making                                                 EE & Giving of
 4:00-5:00       * 3 Official                                 Amazing Race    Christmas Gifts
                  Delegates              Plenary
  5:00-6:00     Acquaintance             Session
                 House rules              Part 1              Talent’s Night
                  Groupings                                      Practice

 6:00-7:00                                         DINNER
 7:00-8:00                                          Tasking
 8:00-9:00                            Plenary Session            Talent’s       Youth Jam &
 9:00-10:00    Opening Worship             Part 2                 Night        Commitment’s
  10:00-up                        Sleeping Time ( EXECOM Evaluation)

Adjournment: Meeting ended 2:20 am.

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