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					Christopher C. Keller, Web Designer
131 High Park Blvd. Buffalo, NY 14226

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am eager to learn more about the web designer position or contract
work you have available. I have attached my resume and information
about my work experience and unique talents and am requesting you to
thoroughly examine my web site.

Please note the wide range of skills I have mastered during my 5 years
with dot-com ventures. My diverse strengths include managing many areas
of a Web site's production and maintenance. My abilities include, but
are not limited to the following:

      HTML authoring
      GIF animations
      Graphic design (PhotoShop/Quark)
      VRML and 3-D Graphics (RayDream 3-D Studio)
      Order Forms and E-commerce
      JavaScript, ASP, Perl integration
      Internet Protocol
      Business Administration

I have been found to be valuable in the following positions:

      Principle Designer
      Webmaster
      Copy Editor
      Search Engine Keyword Designer
      Business Development
      Public Relations
      Secretary of the Board of Directors
      E-provisioner

Thank you for taking the time to screen me for your position. Please
contact me to schedule an interview as soon as possible.


Christopher Keller
Christopher C. Keller, Web Designer
131 High Park Blvd, Buffalo, NY 14226

                                              SKILL SET:
                   4+ Years Internet Development, 10+ Years Graphic & Sound Design

        1. Front-end: HTML authoring, JavaScript, Flash

        2. Graphic design: PhotoShop, Quark, RayDream 3-D Studio

        3. Back-end integration experience: ASP, SQL, Perl, VB Script

        4. Animations, visual effects, and sound file production

        5. Creative content and copy design

        6. Audio engineering and music production

        7. Internet search engine keyword design

        8. Business administration

                                 FREELANCE WORK EXPERIENCE:

Mental Health World, Inc. -
Principle Designer & Webmaster, Dec. 2000 - Present
All-text online publication needed to be branded with a logo and redesigned top-to-bottom. Ongoing tasks
include quarterly updating and search engine management.

Southtown Sports Custom Apparel -
Principle Designer, Nov. 2000
Disappointed with previous designs, this company became very satisfied with mine, which included a
custom ordering process.

R W Displays, Inc. -
Principle Designer, July 2000
Full redesign and catalog expansion with ongoing maintenance and search engine management. Note the
animated slide show on the first page.

Bill Cournan Enterprises -
Principle Designer & Promoter, June 2000 - Present
Designed and launched a successful Titleist hat embroidery site. Frequent search engine promotions
followed. Currently appears in top 10 at AltaVista for a search on "titleist hats".

Genesee Industrial Electronics, Inc. -
Principle Designer & Webmaster, May 1998 - Present
Designed and promoted second and third versions of this site. Redesign included a database search
mechanism, logo animation, mouse-over previews, and 3-D graphics.

STI-CO Industries, Inc. -
Principle Designer & Webmaster, Nov. 1997 - June 2000
Designed, promoted and managed first and second versions for this 30-year-old covert government antenna
                                      INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE:

Internet Management Services, Inc.
Partner & Secretary of the Board of Directors, Fall 1996 - Present
Conceived and specified an easy-to-use point-of-purchase e-commerce mechanism used by 300 online
merchants called "SalesGate". Handled international press relations following a devastating hacker attack
on this principle project.

Principle Designer & Business Development Manager, June 1998 - April 2000
Managed operations, public relations, programmers, NT administrators and eventually took over the front-
end design. Also trained customer service reps and office personnel. Venture processed over $500,000
during the 24-month up-time. Closed April 2000 after failure to raise next round of venture capital.

                                 AWARDS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS:

   Recognized by CNN, PBS, ABC, CNET as the founder of IMS and SalesGate, 2000
   Elected President of Theta Chi Fraternity, Univ. of Hartford, 1992
   Regent's Scholarship Awarded, 1990
   Outstanding Service to High School Award, 1988


1993-1995 University at Buffalo - Buffalo, NY - Cognitive Science Major, Artificial Intelligence and
combination of Psychology and Computer Science.

1990-1992 University of Hartford - Bloomfield, CT - 2 Years of Acoustical Engineering, double
major Mechanical Engineering / Music Performance on partial scholarship.

1986-1990 Amherst Central High School - Amherst, NY - Graduated with honors, Regent's
Scholarship awarded.

1981-Present Self-taught computer skills in programming, desktop publishing, information
management, and content design, with specific recent focus on Web design techniques, HTML,
animated graphics, sound, logo and theme designs - accomplished by using free resources,
software manuals, and Internet courses.

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