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					                                                       CALTECH DINING SERVICES
                                                           CHANDLER CAFE

Daily Lunch Specials
       (Wk #6)                     31-Oct                     1-Nov                      2-Nov                    3-Nov                      4-Nov
   Soup 8oz/12oz          Harvest Mushroom Bisque         Chicken Noodle              French Onion        Chicken Coconut Curry        Clam Chowder
                                                      Southwest Roasted Corn
   Soup 8oz/12oz             Spring Asparagus ☺                                    Tomato Basil           Market Vegetable           Chili Vegan
   Soup 8oz/12oz             Miso Soup with Tofu        Miso Soup with Tofu        Miso Soup with Tofu     Miso Soup with Tofu      Miso Soup with Tofu
  Comfort Equation                                                                 country fried steak    leg lamb w/rosemary
      Special                    Meat loaf^            Tandoori Chicken                and gravy               and marsala              fried catfish
  Comfort Equation         wild mushroom &goat         chickpea&eggplant          portobello mushroom
    Vegetarian                cheese quiche*                  stew                     stroganoff*         soy beef tamale pie         mac&cheese~
Comfort Equation Side                                                                                     zucchini&yellow squash
                                                         Carribean Blend>             maui Blend>                                    broccoli&carrots>
        Veg                   cream of spinach*                                                                w/tomatoes>
Comfort Equation Side                                                         >        roasted root
                                riveria blend>         Steamed Cauliflower
        Veg                                                                        vegetables/spinach>        pacific blend>           Malibu blend>
Comfort Equation Side        mashed Potatoes>              basmati rice>          roasted red potatoes>     cilantro pesto rice#     potato&leek gratin*
                                                       hot and spicy onion           spicy shrimp &
                              tonkatsu chicken                                                                cashew beef
  Wok Zone Special                                            beef                     vegetables                                  szechuan pork stir fry
                                                                                                                                    Grilled Chicken al
   Latino Special         chicken tinga with potato     chipotle meatballs         pork chimichanga    seafood enchiladas              Mojo de Ajo
 Cooking 101 Special        Griiled peach salad                pho                       curry          pork loin carving                pasta bar
                                                                                                      ancho chili guacamole         old fashioned crab
                              Club Quesadilla             Aloha Burger            turkey Ruben burger
 Grill Station Specials                                                                                      burger                       burger
Sandwich/Salad Station    black forest ham and fig                                 tuna and artichoke     New york style turkey
                                                         italian muffuletta                                                         Asian Salmon Wrap
      Specials                     panini                                                panini                and ham
                             wild Mushroom and                                    caramelized onion &       shrimp with salsa
                                                       Martin special pizza                                                           pizza Diablo
Pizza Station Specials    Spinach with salami pizza                                     bacon                 fresca padine

  ĝF = gluten free                                    ☺ = VEGETARIAN SOUP           = VEGAN SOUP            = HEART HEALTHY SOUP
          Key                     # = Nuts                   * = Lacto               ~ = Ovo-lacto               ^ = Ovo                   = Vegan
                                                                                  contains eggs & dairy                              contains no animal
     for Vegetarian             contains nuts         contains dairy products           products              contains eggs               products

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Description: Table tennis, badminton, tennis can exercise people's reaction speed and flexibility, in addition to the normal diet, you can drink some soup, which rich in calcium and amino acids help exercise. As these movements to visual activities of tension, also should be given adequate vitamin A and carotene, if necessary, can take the right amount of cod liver oil.