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									                                 Parent Policies Handbook                          Date ____________
                                PLEASE KEEP THIS FOR YOUR RECORDS
                                                         Page 1
      Job Titles and                               Table of Contents
      Description of                                                                              PLEASE READ THE
        Services                                         Page 2                                     NEWSLETTERS
                                         Our Program Philosophy, Purpose, Goals                    POSTED WEEKLY
  Heidi Honea- Program                                                                              ON ALL DOORS!
  Manager                                                  Page 3                                    ALL POLICY
  813-323-8030                       Center Hours, Eligibility and Non Discrimination policy,       UPDATES AND
                                            Admission, Service Termination,                       CENTER CHANGES
  Policy questions,
                                                       Field Trips                                  WILL BE NOTED
  compliments,                                                                                          HERE.
  suggestions and                                                                                 PLEASE ATTEND
  complaints,                                              Page 4
                                                                                                  PARENT MEETINGS
                                 Confidentiality of Children Records, Parent Involvement
                                                                                                  TO PROVIDE THE
  ________________-                                                                               CENTER WITH
  Center Director                                          Page 5                                 FEEDBACK ON
  Day-to-day,                                    Family Support, Discipline                       POLICY AND
  Compliments,                                                                                    PRODCEDURES
                                                           Page 7
  suggestions and
                                               Curriculum and Assessments
  complaints, tuition
  questions, payment                                       Page 8
  arrangements and late             Communication, Speech, physical and occupational
  payments                         therapy, Parent Conferences, How to file a complaint

                                                           Page 9
  Elizabeth Pineda-                                Financial policies/fees
  Family Support
  Information and                                          Page 10
  referral, family                      Absent policy for those on school readiness
  support planning,
  crisis intervention, and                                 Page 11
  counseling                          Tuition, Late pick up, Gate Use and Guidelines

                                                           Page 12
                                     Arrival and Departure, Authorized Pick up Person

                                                           Page 13
                                  Meals and Feeding, Medication Policy, Health Services

                                                           Page 14
                                      Medical/Miscellaneous Policies and Procedures,
                                       What to Bring on Your Childs First Day
                                             Establishment of Handbook
It is the policy of St. Francis Children’s Daycare to establish and maintain a parent handbook. The manual will address
day-to-day functions and other policies/procedures for all individuals employed by St. Francis Children’s Daycare.
Further, it will serve as the vehicle for parents, staff and management for adding new and revising existing policies and
procedures. As a matter of policy, this manual will never be considered “complete”. That is, it will serve as an active
changing document; expanding and contracting as needed to provide guidance for all matters relating to the daycare.
                                                                                                   Revised 4/30/09

                                                           PAGE 2
                                             OUR PROGRAM PHILOSOPIES
St. Francis is developmentally appropriate in its approach to early childhood care and education. We allow for individual
 growth and development. Our program provides each child with the opportunity to attach firmly to a warm, responsive,
 appropriate, and consistent adult during the early years of your child’s life. Continuous care in our child care setting will
     give a child a secure base for exploration of the world around him/her, comfort in times of stress, and a source of
stimulation and joy. We believe that children learn best by active exploration of their learning environment through play.
  Play is the foundation for academic learning and discoveries. According to Jean Piaget’s theory, learning is established
through play and exposure to a variety of experiences. Lesson plans from “Pinnacle” are posted and implemented in each
We believe that a home away from home should provide a warm, positive, understanding, safe, secure, and loving, place
for a child to play and learn. Children are individuals with unique and special needs.
  Each classroom has prepared their expectations for the classroom, parents, children and their classroom rules.

St. Francis Children’s Daycare Center was established to provide for the working families of the Parish and
community, a home away from home for their children, while they work or pursue other interests. The center has been in
operation since November 1990. Our license number is C-TA-130213.

                                           ELIGIBILTY AND ADMISSIONS
The center serves children ages 6 weeks through 12 Years of age. Application forms can be obtained from the Center
office. The public schools we pick up from are Cleveland, Fosters, Sulphur, and Seminole.
To enroll your child, complete the registration packet. Pre-admission interview/tours will be conducted before your child
begins at our Center. This enables you to view the Center, meet staff, and familiarize your child with this new
environment. Finally, complete and submit paper work to office. Completed application forms should be returned to the
office one day prior to enrollment. Upon acceptance to the Center, the parent or guardian must pay a registration fee.
Each child must have a current health form on file in the center office within two weeks of enrollment.

    To provide children with an atmosphere of continuous care and a secure, attached adult relationship from which to
     explore and learn about themselves and the world around them.
    To provide quality, affordable care for children while parents pursue their own work or other interests.
    To meet the needs of the community for a developmentally appropriate early childhood program.
    To provide families with the opportunity to interact with parents and children in similar “working family" situations.
    To provide opportunities for the parents to grow in understanding of child development and help parents with an
     understanding of their own child.
    To provide the child with opportunities for interaction with other children in wholesome social environments.
    To provide warm, responsive, developmentally appropriate, consistent care for children during their early years.
    To provide the child with a sense of security, self-worth and well being.
    Provide family support services to families in need of assistance.
    To increase student performance on the FCAT through a quality after-school and summer program.

                                                              Page 3
                                                    HOURS OF OPERATION
St. Francis Children’s Day Care Center is open throughout the year, Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., except
holidays. We will also close at 5:30 every third Friday of the month. Standard holiday closings include Independence Day
observed July 4; Labor Day- first Monday in September; Thanksgiving; Christmas; New Year’s -January 1; Martin Luther King
Day; Memorial Day. The center will also close for two days before the beginning of every public school year for teacher
preparation days. The Center will close when Achieve Tampa Bay and public schools are closed due to bad weather or other
emergency conditions, or due to flood or natural disaster.

                                                  NON-DISCRIMANTION POLICY
St. Francis Children’s Day Care Center admits children of any race, color, national and ethnic origin. The Center does not
discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, nationality, ethnic origin, ancestry or handicapped condition. All families have
the same privileges to programs and activities generally accorded or made available to the families at the Center.
                                                       SERVICE TERMINATION
Unusual and/or extreme behavior on the part of a child or family of the child may result in discharging of a child from the Center.
Failure of the child or the child's family to follow the policies and procedures of the Center as stated in this policies handbook may
result in discharging of a child from the Center. Parents who insist on being tardy at pick up time will be asked to withdraw their
children from the Center. Failure to keep tuition current will result in a child being asked to leave the Center. If we have requested
that your child is picked up due to suspension it is imperative that you arrive within a reasonable amount of time to pick up your
child to ensure continued enrollment. We will also close at 5:30 every third Friday of the month, failure to pick up on time will
result in termination.
                                                    SMOKE FREE SCHOOL ZONE
SFPS campus is a smoke free zone. As parents and child care providers, we work so hard to keep children safe, healthy and
protected against diseases and hazards that might cause harm. Secondhand smoke is one such hazard. Secondhand smoke is the term
used for the combination of smoke that is breathed out by a smoker and smoke from the end of a burning cigarette, cigar, or pipe.
This smoke is a serious health problem, particularly for young children.
                                    Why be concerned about secondhand smoke and your children?
Breathing in secondhand smoke can result in many harmful health effects in children whose bodies are still developing. It can slow
the growth of developing lungs and children exposed to secondhand smoke may have more colds, coughs, ear infections,
pneumonia, bronchitis, and asthma attacks.
                                    What can you do to protect your child from secondhand smoke?
Always step outside to smoke. For parents who may find stepping outside to be inconvenient, it is important to remember the
serious health benefits it has for your children and any other members of your home. When you are ready to take that next step and
quit smoking call Florida Quitline. It is a free telephone based stop smoking program, which provides counseling and materials in
English and Spanish. Contact them at 1-877-U-CAN-NOW (1-877-822-6669).
                                        Additional tips to help you care for your family’s health
     It may feel awkward or uncomfortable at first to tell people not to smoke in your home or car, but simply explain the facts about secondhand smoke.
        Tell them that for the sake of your children’s health, you cannot allow smoking in your home or car.
     Have gum, mints or healthy snacks available for guests as an alternative to smoking.
     If others who live in your home smoke, be sympathetic and understanding but let them know that cigarette smoke affects the health of everyone around
        them. Kindly ask that they smoke outside.

                                                     CELL PHONE FREE SCHOOL ZONE
 SFPS recommends that parents spend drop off and pick up times discussing things that are important to the child in order to aid in showing children
 evidence that they're lovable, smart, capable, etc. If they don't get this evidence, low self-esteem develops. Self-esteem means 'appreciating your
 own worth and importance' - and it helps you to cope better with the challenges of life. Children's levels of self-esteem are evident
   in their behavior and attitudes. If children feel good about themselves, these good feelings will be reflected in how they relate to
 friends, teachers, siblings, parents, and others. Therefore, parents should avoid talking on their cell phone when they are on school
  grounds in order to provide children with adequate attention, affection and time. Self-esteem is something that affects individuals
         throughout life; therefore, it is very important for parents to help their children develop healthy levels of self-esteem.

                                              FIELD TRIPS AND TRANSPORTATION
St Francis Children’s Day Care Center does not provide transportation to or from the Center for children unless the child is
participating in our after-school program. Children may be taken on walks and/or wagon rides around the Center campus or to the
baseball fields near Center and Sligh Avenue by Center staff during the course of the child's day. The threes, fours, VPKs and after-
schoolers will go to the library at least once a month.
                                                          PAGE 4
                                 CONFIDENTIALITY OF CHILDREN'S RECORDS
Children's records shall be the property of the Center and shall be kept in the Center office. Management shall supervise
the maintenance of these records and shall secure the records against loss, tampering, or unauthorized use. Children's
records and verbal information shared shall be held in confidence unless consent given, except for requests from
authorized state and federal agencies. No employees or Family Support person shall disclose or knowingly permit
the disclosure of any information concerning the child or his/her family, directly or indirectly to any unauthorized
person. Please do not discuss any information obtained from your child with other parents. The Center obtains written,
informed consent located on the enrollment application form authorizing release of photographs.

                                                   DISCIPLINE POLICY
  We use a positive approach to discipline, stressing consistency. Each child shall be shown love, fairness, and honesty.
  We will make suggestions more often than commands in redirecting a youngster's energies. Time out will be used to
   discourage inappropriate behavior. One minute per year of age of the child. Discipline will never be associated with
    food, rest or potty privileges. Children will not be allowed to discipline another child. No cruel, severe, unusual or
 unnecessary punishment will be used for disciplinary reasons. No corporal punishment will be used. If a child is having
 excessive problems with behavior, a quiet time will be spent in the Director's office in order to avoid distractions in the
classroom. If the inappropriate behavior persists, a parent-staff conference will be scheduled to discuss the situation. Our
    staff is prepared to work with children whose behavior or development is not within acceptable range. However, if
   through mutual efforts we are unable to resolve these problems, a parent may be asked to withdraw a child from the
Center. Any suspected abuse and/or neglect of a child enrolled in our Center will be reported in accordance with Florida
               Statute 14: 403. Abuse or neglect can be reported by calling Child Protection 800-96-ABUSE

                                                PARENT INVOLVEMENT
Research continues to confirm that parents are a vital part of the educational process and of the educational experience of
their children. When SFPS personnel work with families to develop meaningful relationships that support learning,
children will succeed not just in school but also throughout life. The inclusion of parents in the education of their
children can and should be a positive partnership for both parents and educators.
                                                        Our Mission
 To use family, school and community partnerships to strengthen SFPS, and improve student achievement.
 To increase opportunities for families to be involved in their children's learning at school, at home, and community.
 To support and give input to the Board of SFPS
 To encourage and support families to make the primary decisions about services that their children need, and
    encourage families to advocate to obtain needed services.
 SFPS will provide an open and inviting environment for parents and families to be involved in their children's
    learning at school, at home, and in the community.
 100% of parents will feel welcome.
 SFPS will provide a variety of opportunities for parents, families, and communities to be involved. Information
    regarding community, services, resources, partnerships, parent involvement, and activity will be provided.
 An essential part of every SFPS program is parent participation. Parents are encouraged to become actively involved
 Program staff engage with families to learn from their knowledge of their child’s interest, approaches to learning and
    their child’s developmental needs, and to learn about their concern and goals for their children.
 Parents are welcome to volunteer in the classrooms, to help supervise field trips, to participate in special activities
    and to be involved in the decision-making policy groups.
 Parents will provide current health/shot records, and Dr. follow up after screenings to ensure child’s good health
 As a result of the implementation of the above goal and objectives, all stakeholders will be better informed and more
    involved in the education of our children.

                                                                  PAGE 5
                                                          FAMILY SUPPORT
affFa Family support can be defined as Awhatever it takes@ to increase the family=s ability to care for their child and improve
      the family=s quality of life. We take great pride in the work we do and feel strongly about the entire family being at the
     center of all our services. Community brochures to assist families are located near the office. The family support program
          offers: parent meetings, family activities, referral to community resources and social service agencies, classroom
      intervention, information and education to improve caregiving, family profiles, and family service plans/goals and other
                                          formal and informal support and encouragement.

     The goals of the Family Support Program at St. Francis Children=s Daycare Center are to:
           $       Improve the overall quality of life of the family.
           $       Help the family find and use available supports and community resources.
           $       Address the needs of all family members in order to keep the family working smoothly together.
           $       Build on family strengths and existing support networks.
           $       Respect cultural, economic, social and religious differences.
           $       Establish respectful, honest and open partnerships between parents, staff and agencies

                     Services available for our families at St. Francis Children=s Daycare Center include:
     * FAMILY PROFILE & SERVICE PLAN - The family profile is optional and allows parents/guardians to describe all
     the positives about their family, i.e. their strengths, successes and expectations for their child while at St. Francis
     Children=s Daycare Center. We can also create a family service plan, which defines the goals for the whole family while
     at St. Francis Children=s Daycare Center. This can be done at any time the family needs assistance.
             *For example, if funds are short and the electric bill can not be paid or a family needs a new car seat, we can refer
             you to an organization that might be able to assist them.
             *For example, if we are not able to find a source of assistance in the community to meet a family’s needs we have
             access to an organization called the ASO (which is a payer of last resort).

       This is an opportunity for parents to have a voice. We ask parents attend and enjoy making friends and learning about
       their child’s development and the center in which he or she attends. A typical parent meeting will address the interest
       or topic of the previous month’s groups. The Director will give an update about the center and take parents concerns
       before adjourning. The meeting is held on the last Tuesday of the month at 5:30, refreshments will be provided based
       off of the sign up sheet in the office.

       Parent’s as Teachers mission is to provide the information, support and encouragement parents need to help their
       children develop optimally during the crucial early years of life. Through our partnership we will accomplish this by
       providing parents critical developmental information. Born to Read will also participate by providing supporting
       information and books to the families that participate.

       The Children’s Future Hillsborough Family Advisory Council is dedicated to empowering families and promoting
       parental ownership through a collective voice and support system that allows for families to become self-sufficient
       partners in the community; to give parents a voice, empower parents and families to work more effectively with the
       county and other agencies, to develop a support system, community involvement, gaining more access to services and
       treating parents as partners. It is the 4th Wednesday of the Month at the Achieve Tampa Bay Conference Room from
       6:00pm – 8:00pm. Dinner and childcare will be provided.

        Family activities include informal support groups for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 years of age. The
       children enjoy outings to fun places in the community and at St. Francis Children=s Daycare Center. It is a chance for

 families to bond with other children and their families.
                                                           PAGE 6
 Literacy is an essential piece to a child’s overall development. Reading allows parents/guardians to spend quality time
 with their child that is both entertaining and educational. The children in the 3, 4, VPK, and afterschool classrooms
 have an opportunity to go to the library once a month through our Parents as Partners in Literacy Program.
    LENDING LIBRARY-- On the honor system we allow parents/guardians to check out and use our library, so
       that they may read at home with their children. Every parent/guardian who checks out a book from our library

        will receive a restaurant gift certificate for a free kid’s meal. A $5.00 gift card will be given to parents who
        check out at least three books. We also have a computer lab with internet access for use by parents/guardians.
       LITERACY ACTIVITIES will be sent home biweekly the SFDC newsletter. Materials for these projects can
        be requested from the family support coordinator.

 Hearing and vision screenings will be conducted by the School Readiness team for those on this program. For those
 children who are not in this program USF Audiology will conduct hearing screens for children ages 6 month to12 years
 and Prevent Blindness will conduct vision screens for children from ages 3-12.
      We offer a comprehensive “Wellness Program” to families and staff who attend SFDC. This includes
        adult and child vision and hearing screenings as well as consulting service called Stretch and Grow who
        provides health and nutrition services to children and families. As part of health and nutrition services
        SFDC will send nutrition education materials to the parents on a weekly basis to help educate and
        motivate them to eat healthy and stay active with their young children.
      St. Francis refers families that don’t have a health insurance to the Center for Family Health Clinic for
        health services. The clinic shares the same space as SFDC and can be accessed at the Sligh Ave. entrance.
        The clinic operates by donations and client services are income based. They offer different doctors with
        different specialties. They provide gynecologic, pediatric and podiatric service and have the service of a
        general and neurological physician. They also offer mental health therapy. The hours of operation are
        Monday through Thursday 8:30AM-4:30PM and they are closed on Fridays. They also open the last
        Saturday of the month 8:30AM-12PM by appointment only. The telephone number to the clinic is (813)

St. Francis’s Family Support Program helps those families who are in need of various assistance. This includes tuition
assistance through our income based scale. The program helps families assess their strengths and develop goals by using
family support plans. The Family Support Coordinator is able to make referrals to community organizations for family
assistance. When meeting with representatives from referred organizations it is very important that parents/guardians
obtain documentation about who they spoke with and what they said. If there are no community resources available,
there is an organization called the ASO, which is a payer of last resort.
In order to receive Family Support Services we ask that families be aware of the following courtesies and for those
families who receive tuition assistance through St. Francis it is required that they meet all of the following requirements:
       Attend scheduled appointments with the Family Support Coordinator. It is important that they arrive on time. Two missed
        appointments will result in termination of family support services. If they are going to be late or need to reschedule,
        they need to call ahead so arrangements can be made.
       Participate in at least one out of two monthly parent meetings at the center. These meetings cover various topics
        including discipline, communication, and child developmental information. Attending the meetings will be a part of the
        family support plan. Lack of attendance will result in termination of family support services and assistance through
        our income scale.
       Meet with Family Support Coordinator formally or informally (email, note, or telephone) at least once a month to work on a
        budget plan and follow up on progress within the family.
       Comply with goals and tasks created on the Family Support Plan. Remember there can always be changes or additions made
        to the Family Support Plans.
       Participate in at least eight family activities throughout the year. This does not include monthly parent meetings

                                                          PAGE 7
                                                CURRICULUM AND ASSESSMENTS
                                                               4.A.01, 7.B.03, 4.E.06

St. Francis strives to provide developmentally appropriate activities and education for children. The following is an
overview of the tools we use to achieve our program goals and developmental milestones.
     Pinnacle Curriculum
We use the Pinnacle Curriculum which offers a play-based approach to learning from the works of Piaget, Gardner, and Erikson. It is a
comprehensive age-specific program for infants through school age children. It offers selected themes that capture children’s interests, goals
linked to key standards, provides suggestions to enrich developmental milestones based on research, flexible programming to accommodate
varied learning styles, and interactive activities that help children develop a love for learning while they are growing, playing, and having fun.
        Observation
The teachers observe the classroom or child to assess the needs of the group or child periodically or as needed. Several tools and the
assessments mentioned below are used.
        NAEYC portfolio/Developmental notes
 This tool is located in the classroom for parents/guardians and is accessible to parents and teachers. As teachers we will keep dated records of
each child’s developmental accomplishments. We keep the information sheets parents completed prior to enrollment and medication requests
here. If a child’s teacher is not present at their departure they can check this file to see if they have received their medicine.

The teachers observing the classroom or child to asses the needs of the group or child periodically or as needed. Several tools and the
assessments mentioned below are used. We use the results of the assessments below to create/plan and implement activities for your child
based on the findings.

        The Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ): (Parent Participation Required)
Questionnaire intervals include 4 to 60 months of age. The items are divided into five areas: communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem
solving, and personal-social. An overall section addresses general parental concerns. Program staff converts each response to a point value, total
these values, and compare the total score to established screening cutoff points. In most cases, these questionnaires can identify accurately infants
or young children who are in need of further evaluation to determine whether they are eligible for early intervention services.

        Devereux’s Early Childhood Assessment (DECA) Program. (Parent Participation Required)
The DECA Program is a strength-based assessment and planning system that supports professionals and parents in promoting young children’s
social and emotional wellbeing, thus promoting resilience. With a focus on primary prevention, the DECA Program is appropriate for all children
ages 2-5 and should be used to build protective factors and prevent the development of behavioral concerns.

        Performance Assessment Checklist (For Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) - After each assessment a conference with parent
         will be offered. It is a developmental assessment instrument appropriate for VPK. This test is administered three times in the form of a
         pre, middle and post. The measures are: c=consistently performing, n=not currently performing, o=occasionally performing. Do not be
         alarmed if a test child does not score all “c’s” this will develop throughout the year. Areas concerned are: language and early literacy,
         math, science, social studies and fine arts, health and safety, personal and social development, physical development and technology
                                     What do these assessments mean to our Families and you
 These assessments are used as a way to promote the child’s ability to succeed during the most critical stages of their development.
  The assessments listed above also provide families and providers the opportunity to ensure that a child is receiving appropriate
services to allow maximum levels of achievement. If a child fails any section of the ASQ the Family Support Coordinator will refer
    the child to Achieve Tampa Bay for Speech, Physical, and Occupational therapy services. If a child fails an assessment or is
receiving therapy the Family Support Coordinator and teacher will meet with the parent to address the child’s needs and complete a
                                                      Family Support Plan.

                                             PARENT CONFERENCES
A conference will be offered within the first month of enrollment, bi-annually in the fall and spring of each year or as
needed. A sign up sheet will be provided for appointments or a written conference can be completed and turned into the
family support coordinator. After completion of the DLM checklist for VPK students, a conference will be offered to
those who sign up, this occurs three times a year. Conference information will be given in the newsletters.
The Family Support Coordinator and teacher will meet with each family shortly after enrollment to discuss the
classroom and become acquainted with and learn about your family structure; your preferred child-rearing practices;
and information you wish to share about your socioeconomic, linguistic, racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds.
The FSC will then meet with the teacher to discuss information learned to allow us to better serve your family.

                                                   PAGE 8
                                SPEECH, PHYSICAL AND OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY
Together St. Francis and Achieve Tampa Bay offers therapy Services to those who need it on site. If your child fails any area of
the ASQ they will be referred for the appropriate screening.

Consent to Provide Services
If your child fails the screening, you will be notified by the family support department and the next steps will be discussed at that
time. The therapy department and SFPS would like you to understand that you have the right to accept or deny services that we
are providing for you at any time during your enrollment in this program.

Therapy Sessions
Physical, occupational, and speech therapists work with your child to address different areas of development. Physical therapy
assists with improving gross motor skills for improved balance, strength, coordination, and mobility. Occupational therapy
addresses fine motor skills, self-care tasks such as feeding and dressing, and helps them accurately perceive sensory information.
Speech therapy helps children learn to express themselves and to understand what is said to them.

Daily forms and special information forms are in each classroom in order to communicate with the teachers. Please use this form
 to ensure we understand your request and that the teacher can follow through on your wishes. Also on the special information
  form (placed by the attendance book on a clip board) or on the my day form, you can check the box “Request to call” and the
                  teacher will attempt to reach you or feel free to call and talk directly to the teacher when needed.
  The teachers will work with you on shared care giving issues, routine separation issues, special needs, foods being consumed,
               and daily care issues. Every child has a “clippie” and important information is placed there everyday.
                                                  ACCIDENT INCIDENT FORMS
   If your child is having a wonderful day at the Center or if her/his day is not just right, we may give you a call. Not every call
  from the Center should be taken as an emergency situation. We like to keep in close contact with our families at the Center so
                                  that we might better understand the children enrolled at the Center.
 Children will occasionally have accidents, if you prefer to be notified of accidents prior to pick up please let us know otherwise
             we will use our discretion on the severity of the incident and whether you should be notified immediately.
  We ask that you inform our staff of any changes in your child's routine. This will enable staff to better understand your child.
   When accidents or incidents occur a form will be completed and you must sign the original. Please do not remove original
    form, upon request we will make you a copy for your records. If you did not receive a form in regards to an incident or
                                    accident, please notify the teacher or management immediately
                                                       OPEN DOOR POLICY
      Parents or guardians are welcome to visit, volunteer or observe the Center/child anytime during regular hours of
operation. However, staff cannot visit or hold conferences with a parent or guardian while caring for the children. If you wish to
                have a conference with the Director or other staff person, please call the office to arrange a meeting.
 Parents or guardians are encouraged to be a part of their child's preschool experience. If you have a special talent or interest in
  which you would like to share with the children, please contact the Director or your child's caregiver. Parents or guardians are
                                             encouraged to become members of the Board.
*******The black box in the office hallway is for tuition payments, important paperwork, notes of concern and to be used
                                           as a communication vehicle with management.

                           HOW TO FILE A COMPLAINT ABOUT THE PROGRAM
One of SFPS’s goals is to ensure that staff carry out their duties in a professional and respectful manner. If you believe
you were treated unprofessionally or that your child was not receiving quality care by a member of SFPS staff and
wish to file a complaint, please speak to the center director immediately. The chain of command is as follows;
Program Director/Executive Director over see the center director and entire program, the Program Director is over
seen by the Board of Directors. If your complaint is not successfully resolved by the program director a complaint
form can be completed and will be presented to the board at the next board meeting. Complaint forms can be picked
up in the office by any member of management. Complaints will be resolved in writing with in 24 hours or 30 days.
After an investigation of the matter the complaint will be handled by the following disciplinary actions; a
verbal/written warning, probation and or termination.
                                                    PAGE 9
                                            FINANCIAL POLICIES/FEES
Tuition is due on Monday and no later than Tuesday, in advance for the following week. Your account
                    should never be IN ARREARS even if you are paid bi-weekly.
                                      We accept check, money order or credit card.
All tuition fees are payable in advance. These fees can be paid weekly, biweekly, or on a monthly basis. Tuition is
due on Monday morning, payable at the front desk. If your child is sick and will not be attending school on Monday,
tuition is due on the first day of the week your child attends school. After Monday afternoon at 6:00 p.m., your tuition
is late. You will be charged a late fee of $5.00 for each occurrence. Failure to comply with the above payment
policy may result in immediate dismissal from the preschool program. We have recently hired Capital Accounts to
help collect unpaid tuition for clients who discharge from the program with balances.

Deposit is typically done on Wednesday a.m. and accounts are updated there after. If payment has not been made by
Wednesday of each week your child will be denied service until payment is made in full. The payment drop-box is
located in the office breezeway, receipts can be provided from management upon request. Please review the
statements provided in attendance books for accuracy. All payments must have your name and child’s name. Failure
to have names will result in a payment not being posted to your account.

There is a $20.00 charge for all returned checks. After two (2) returned checks, you will be on a money-only payment
basis. (This is not an annual policy).
The enrollment fee is $45.00 each time you enroll your child in the program and at the beginning of each new school
year that your child is enrolled. This fee covers the cost of initial registration and supplies used throughout the year.
This fee is non-refundable. Enrollment fees can be paid each week in $10 increments per child. If there are two
children in the program, the enrollment fee for the second child is $40.00 and so forth. After two or more consecutive
weeks of absence a re-enrollment fee of $45 will be charged per child.
St. Francis allows one (1) week annually of vacation to all children. Each child’s “annual period” is defined as one (1)
year from the date of the child’s admission. EXAMPLE: Your child’s date of admission is 6-1-03, anytime between 6-
1-03 and 5-31-04; you may use your vacation week. If you do not use this vacation week within your “annual period”,
it cannot be carried over to your next “annual period”. Vacations must be pre-approved through the Director and has
to be 5 consecutive days. The Director will give you the required form to be completed and approved.
Only ½ the regular tuition fee will be charged for absences due to illness. Must be approved through the Director and
has to be 5 consecutive days. The Director must be notified that your child will not be in attendance. The half rate will
hold your child’s place until his/her return.
St. Francis programs require a 75% attendance rate to secure your child(s) slot. For those children that receive School
Readiness funds as part of the program requirements and continuous eligibility a doctor note or excuse will be
required if more than three absences occur during the month. There will be no reduction in tuition for holidays,
hurricane days or staff work days. There are no exceptions to this policy. Furthermore, if the holiday falls on a
Saturday or Sunday, we will close the center either the Friday before or the Monday after the holiday.

                                          PAGE 10

 Please note that failure to provide proper documentation will result in the day care charging the full
                               fee for the days that your child was absent.


                                          PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE
                                  DOCUMENTATION MUST BE ATTACHED
 The School Readiness program is only authorized to reimburse for up to a total of three (3) absences per
calendar month per child. In the event of an EXTRAORDINARY circumstance, the provider may submit a
request form with the appropriate documentation for consideration of payment for up to seven (7) additional
days. The request form as well as documentation must be turned in with the corresponding Verification
Attendance Form. Please note that an EXTRAORDINARY circumstance for this purpose is only defined as:

   1.   Hospitalization of the child with appropriate documentation
   2.   Illness requiring home stay as documented
   3.   Death in the immediate family as documented
   4.   Court ordered visitation with legal documentation
   5.   Unforeseen documented military deployment or exercise of the parent(s)/guardian(s)

PROVIDERS NAME: St. Francis Children’s Day Care Center
PROVIDERS ADDRESS: 912 East Sligh Avenue Tampa Florida 33604
TELEPHONE: (813) 231-4169

CHILD’S NAME: _________________________________________________________

PARENT’S NAME:________________________________________________________

CHILD’S BILLING GROUP:_________________________________________________

CHILD’S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER:_______________________________________

DATE OF EACH ABSENSE                                  REASON FOR EACH ABSENSE

                                     Documentation must be attached

1._______________________________              1_________________________________
2. ______________________________              2.________________________________
3._______________________________              3.________________________________
4._______________________________              4.________________________________
5._______________________________              5.________________________________
6._______________________________              6.________________________________
7._______________________________              7.________________________________

____________________________                   ____________________________
                                                                                  Effective 04/01/05

                                                        PAGE 11
                                      AGE                                WEEKLY FEES
                         INFANTS - 6 wks – 12 months                          $165.00
                                     Toddler                                  $145.00
                                      Twos                                    $135.00
                               VPK Private Pay
                    After School/Spring, Winter and Summer
                    Scholarship rates for after/summer camp
                    *VPK is from 8:30 to 11:30 and is free to four years olds who turned four before
                         or on September 1. For more information visit
                               *$110.00 is the cost of private pay wrap-around services.

                                                     LATE PICK-UP FEE

 There is an initial late charge of $10 and $1.00 per each minute for children left at the Center after 6:00pm. Parents
                   who insist on being tardy will be asked to withdraw their children from the Center.

   We will also close at 5:30 every third Friday of the month, failure to pick up on time will result in termination. Fees
                                              will be assed at 5:30 on this day!

                    *Please note that your gate key will not work after 6 p.m. Please ring the bell.

                                           GATE USE AND GUIDELINES

  The entry or card swipe is gray; it is a proximity system, so you only have to hold the card near it.
                                      Wait for a green light before pulling on gate.

I understand that all gate cards must be returned to the daycare in good condition. Lost or additional cards can
be purchased for $6.00. I also understand that if my balance is not paid in full my gate access can be denied.
  All family members who pick up and drop off should have cards.
            Therefore we have established that continuous abuse by a family can result in termination.

  It is mandatory that all authorized persons have a gate card and valid ID. Without these your child will not be
                                                 able to be picked up.
                   Please do not slam the gate. Do not punch holes in the cards or tamper with them.
                Please do not allow your children to open, hold (push) or close the gate.
Under no circumstance should you hold the gate or allow others to pass behind you. Otherwise there is no point in
                      the system; this allows strangers or unauthorized people to enter!

                                                          PAGE 12
                                             ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE
1. During arrival and departure parents and/or authorized adults must sign a child in/out of the Center indicating the time
the child arrives and leaves the Center on the sign in/out sheet. Parents must sign their full name, complete my day and
special information forms, check cubbies, check the books if there are accident/incident report to sign and take
information placed in the books to read.
2. All children except infants must be here by 9:30 to attend in the am and by 4 pm in the afternoon this includes infants.
From 11-2:30 children who are accompanied by an adult who puts them asleep may stay, lunch will not be served.
3. All children should be transported to and from the Center in a safe and legal manner (car seats required). Parking is
provided in the parking lot on the North side of the Center. Children should enter and leave the Center by the main
entrance of the school. All children must be signed in and dropped off with the staff member in charge.
4. Due to the limited storage space available in the Center, children in the infants, toddlers and two’s should not bring
diaper bags. Back packs and gear bags must be brought for personal belongings for children who are 3-12 years old.
If you have two or more children enrolled at the Center or have an older sibling not enrolled at the Center, we ask that
you not bring older siblings into the classroom of the younger sibling.
We close at 5:30 every third Friday, failure to pick up on time will result in termination.
Only those persons listed on the PICK UP/ CONTACT Sheet as "PERSONS AUTHORIZED TO PICK UP CHILD
AT ANY TIME" can pick a child up from the Center. They must be 18 years of age.
     If anyone other than those authorized is to pick up a child, written permission must be given to the Center by the
                                                 registering parent/guardian.
I.D. IS REQUIRED FOR ANY PICK-UP PERSON, at time of pick up. Written permission must include the person's
 full name, date, and name of child to be picked up and signature of authorized parent or guardian, given only to
                        the office staff or dropped in the black payment/ communication box.
 Persons listed on the enrollment form can pick up a child if the Center cannot reach the parent/ guardian and the Center
                                    initiates the call to these persons to pick up a child.

It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to inform the Center office of any changes to phone numbers and
address on this form.

Parents or authorized persons picking children up from the Center must sign the child in/out of the Center with
the staff on duty at the time.

Fire drills are practiced monthly at the Center. When the alarm sounds, children are walked from the Center as quickly as
possible by posted routes. Attendance is taken as quickly as possible after the building is evacuated. The fire department will be
notified immediately of a real fire. For other emergencies which do not require evacuation of the building but instead required that
we "shelter in place", the children will be brought into the bathrooms and hallways. If the Center closes for an emergency or
weather related reason, you will be notified by phone, radio and/ or television. The Center will close when ATB is closed due to
bad weather or other emergency conditions, or due to flood or natural disaster.
SFPS is proactive in preparing our families and encourage you to learn about your community's emergency plans, warning signals,
evacuation routes, and locations of emergency shelters. As recommended by the Hillsborough County Emergency Management;
    1.) Identify potential home hazards and know how to secure or protect them before the hurricane strikes. 2.) Be prepared to turn
         off electrical power when there is standing water, fallen power lines, or before you evacuate. 3.) Turn off gas and water
         supplies before you evacuate. 4.) Secure structurally unstable building materials. Buy a fire extinguisher and make sure your
         family knows where to find it and how to use it. 5.) Locate and secure your important papers, such as insurance policies,
         wills, licenses, stocks, etc. 6.) Post emergency phone numbers at every phone. 7.) Inform local authorities about any special
         needs, i.e., elderly or bedridden people, or anyone with a disability. 8.) Make plans to ensure your pets' safety. For more
         information contact Hillsborough County Emergency Management at (813) 276-2385 or

                                                        PAGE 13
                                                MEALS AND FEEDING
A breakfast, lunch and mid afternoon snack will be served to the children. Breakfast will be served from 8:00-8:30,
lunch at 11 and 11:30 and snack from 2:30-3:30. All children eating table food will be offered meals and snacks from
our kitchen. You may bring your child’s lunch as long as it is nutritious and meets all the meal components.
Unhealthy items brought to the center will not be given and thrown away as not to cause anymore disruption.

   1. Parents or guardians of infants and toddlers are responsible for completing my daily form and infant feeding
   2. Parents or guardians of infants are responsible for providing formula if you choose not to use the centers (a
      milk –based formula and soy brand will be provided/see infant feeding form for more info) or breast milk, and
      baby food. Bottled formula shall be labeled with the child's name or initials. Baby food supplied by the
      parent shall be in the original unopened container and labeled with the child's name.
   3. Infant room parents must continue to update the infant feeding form as your infant grows so that we can
      ensure that we are taking care of your child as you request.
   4. Children with food allergies/intolerance shall have a written statement signed by the child's parent indicating
      the specific food allergy/intolerance. Parents are responsible for bringing their child food if the child can not
      eat the food provided by the center including milk or substitutes. Menus are posted in the classroom and
      parents know in advance the food that will be given by the center every day.
   5. Children requiring a special diet must have a written statement from a medical authority on file at the Center.
   6. Store bought refreshments for special occasions such as birthday parties and holidays may be brought to the

How you as a parent can help your caregiver promote good dental health:
   Always put your baby to sleep without a bottle or sippy cup – not even water. Bottle feeding in bed is a hard habit
     to break.
   Teach your baby to drink from a cup when they can sit up without support.
   Include dental information on health records supplied to the caregiver.
   Give your caregiver contact information for your child’s dentist in case of emergency. See below for help finding
     a dentist for your child.

                                                          PAGE 14

1. A child will be excluded from the center if one or more of the following condition exist:
      a. Illness prevents the child from participating comfortably in the program.
      b. Illness results in a greater care need than the child care staff can provide without compromising the health and
          safety of the other children.
      c. The child has any of the following conditions:

Illness                   Symptoms for removal                   Requirement for Readmission
Chicken Pox               Break out of blisters                  Six days or when all blisters have scabbed over.

Fevers                    When temperature exceeds               When medical staff indicate
                          101 degrees orally and child           inclusion or when fever is
                          exhibits behavior changes or           free for 24 hours
                          other signs of symptoms of

Strep Throat              Symptoms of infection                  After 24 hours of initial antibiotic treatment and
                                                                 cessation of fever.

Conjunctivitis            Red eyes and/or continuous            After 24 hours of initial
(Pink Eye)                oozing from eye                       treatment with medication.

Vomiting                  After two or more episodes             Once vomiting has stopped.

Impetigo                  Appearance of lesions                 24 hours after treatment begins if under clothing and
                                                                 inaccessible. Lesions must be covered if oozing.

Diarrhea                  The passage of fluid or               When symptoms have ceased
                          unformed stools. Two                  for 24 hours.
Lice                      Appearance of lice/eggs                After 1 completed treatment of medication and all
                                                                 nits have been removed

Rash with fever or        When symptoms occur                    Once a health care provider has determined that the
behavior change                                                  symptoms are not contagious.

Symptoms and signs         Appearance of any                    Once medical evaluation
of possible sever                                               symptoms allows inclusion
illness- (such as unusual lethargy, uncontrolled persistent coughing, irritability, difficulty breathing, wheezing
or other unusual signs)

2. This list includes most common childhood illnesses but it does not cover all possibilities. Other circumstances will be
governed by Caring for our Children National Health and Safety Performance Standards: Guidelines for Out-of-Home
Child Care Programs, which is a collaborative project of the American Public Health Association and the American
Academy of Pediatrics.
3. It is our purpose to have consistent policies that are understood by both parents and hospital staff in order to keep
children and staff in our program healthy. We appreciate your support as we work together to meet our goal and
continue to provide you with the highest quality child care.
4. If you have any questions please contact the center at (813) 231-4169 or cell (813) 323-8030.
                                            PAGE 15
Date: __________________ TO THE PARENTS OF_____________________________________

1. Your child was released from SFPS on____________(date) for the following health reasons:

___Rash                            ___Fever _________               ___Diarrhea          ___Sore Throat      ___Vomiting          ___Lice
___Inability to participate in program activities ___Possible Pink Eye ___Head Injury ___ Cough and Congestion ___ (other) ________________________

2. Your child may return to the center when the following requirements are met. These requirements are based on
   Public Health guidelines governing group childcare settings and guidelines contained in Caring for Our Children, a
   joint project of the American Public Health Association & the Academy of Pediatrics.
___1.     Fever or vomiting have been absent for 24 hours.
___2.     Diarrhea has subsided for 24 hours.
___3.     An antibiotic has been given for a 24-hour period for known strep infections and fever has subsided.
___4.     Scabies is under treatment.
___5.     Lice are under treatment and all nits have been removed.
___6.     Pinworm treatment has occurred 24 hours before readmission.
___7.     Lesions from impetigo are no longer weeping.
___8.     Conjunctivitis has been under treatment for 24 hours.
___9.     A healthcare provider has determined that the rash is not contagious and a
          Doctor’s statement is given to the front desk upon readmission.

3. A child, who continues to receive medication for a condition such as an ear infection, strep throat, etc., will not be
   excluded from the program providing that the child feels well enough to participate in center activities.

                                       MEDICATION POLICY                               5.A.04, 5.A.07,5.A.11,10.D.10
1. The Center staff will only administer medication that has been logged onto the medicine form and authorized by the parent with a
 signature. Refrigerated and regular medication should be clearly labeled and placed in the infant room refrigerator. A lock
 box is located in threes and in the after school locker room for the labeled cabinet with a combo lock of 247. Children should
                                                         never handle medication.
 2. All medication must be listed on the medicine form, separately, each day. We will not give medicine if the information on the
                                                      log is unclear or incomplete.
3. We will not administer Tylenol or fever relief products at the Center unless the medicine states a dosage for the age of your child.
If the original container states “consult a physician” a request in writing must be submitted by a doctor. The doctor's note must state
          the reason that the Tylenol is to be given, how long the Tylenol is to be given, and that the child is not contagious.
  4. Parents may provide age appropriate over-the-counter medications to be given on an as needed basis to children over the age of
one or as medication instructs. A written authorization shall be updated by the parents as changes occur and must include the child's
                                    name, date of authorization, name of the medication and dosage.
   5. Over the counter and prescription medication sent to the Center should be in its original container and clearly labeled with the
                                        child's name and complete directions for giving the drug.
  6. We will not give medicine to the sibling of the child listed on the bottle. We will not give medicine from a bottle whose name;
                                dosage and expiration date was on the outer box, unless we have the box.
7. Medicine forms must be completed for bug spray, diaper cream, powders and sunscreen.
8. Another person must verify the amount and initial the form. All sections must be complete as needed.
                                     _______________________________ Re-admission _______________________________

Name of Physician ______________________________________ Clinic______________________________________________

The child’s first day of absence was on ___________________ This child may return to St. Francis Daycare Center on ___________

Diagnosis: ____________________________________________________________

Medication/Treatment Plan
Are there any dietary/physical restrictions?
       Signature of Physician          Date                                     5.A.04
                                                           PAGE 16

                                        HEALTH/ IMMUNIZATION RECORDS

 1.    The state requires that each child enrolled at the Center have an immunization record/physical signed by a
 physician. This form is due with in two weeks of admittance.
 2.    Each time a child is taken to the doctor for an immunization update, a note giving the date and type of shot given
 should be brought from the doctor and kept up to date in the Center office. The schedule of immunizations given to the
 Center by the State Health Department will be used.
 3.    If for some reason your child cannot receive an immunization on schedule, a note from the doctor stating that fact
 must be on file in the Center office. A note excusing a child from an immunization is in effect for thirty days.
 4.    Every morning each child will be spot checked by a staff member for signs of illness, injury, bruises, or
 infections. If a child shows evidence of an injury, or bruise, the parent or guardian will be notified and an
 incident form must be completed by parent before departure. If a child has an illness or infections fever, rash,
 diarrhea, etc. he/she will be sent home.
 5.     If your child is ill do not bring him/her to the Center. Occasionally a child will become ill while at the Center. To
 prevent others from contracting an illness from your child you will be expected to pick up your child. Your child may
 be sent home and may not return before 24 hours if he/she: Is running a fever of 101 or above, Diarrhea, Rash, Possible
 Pink eye, Cough or Congestion Is vomiting, Persistent runny nose (one running for three or more days with thick,
 6.    If a child is sent home from the Center with one of the above conditions, he/she must be free from symptoms of
 illness including fever without Tylenol, for 24 hours before returning to the Center, lice are under treatment and all nits
 have been removed, pink eye has been under treatment for 24 hours or unless the Readmission form provided by the
 teachers is completed by the doctor stating that the child can return the next day. If an antibiotic is prescribed for your
 child, he/she must be on the antibiotic for 24 hours before returning
 7.     If no follow-up visit is required after the initial visit, a note should be obtained at the initial visit stating when the
 child is no longer contagious and can return to the Center. In the event of a medical emergency, every effort will be
 made to notify the parent or guardian immediately. If the parent or guardian cannot be notified, the Center will try to
 reach the persons listed on the child's emergency form. In extreme cases, 911 will be called or the child will be taken to
 the hospital by ambulance.
 8.    On occasion the center may request medical attention and a follow-up note from a doctor as a result of an incident
 or accident before admission.

                                 MISCELLANEOUS POLICIES AND PROCEDURES
1. The Center prohibits the use of alcohol and the use or possession of illegal substances or unauthorized potentially toxic
substances, firearms, and pellet or BB guns (loaded or unloaded) in the Center or on the playground.
2. Parents or authorized adults should check the child's cubby daily. Dirty clothes, artwork, will be in your child's cubby.
Blankets you bring from home will be washed by the Center. Remember to pick up any medicine from infant.
3. Children are allowed to bring books, books on tape. NO TOYS. We DO NOT allow whistles, guns, or knives.
4. Children should wear clothing and shoes (no sandals or jellies) that are appropriate for play and creative exploration.
5. Label all clothing and belongings (including shoes and socks) with your child's name. Each child should have at least
three sets of weather appropriate extra clothing left in the cubbies. We will attempt to mark any unmarked clothing. The
center is not responsible for unmarked items, but will make every attempt to secure marked items to your child’s
cubby. Please remember that these cubbies are accessible to the children and dangerous items and toys may not be left.
6. We will have a splash day once a week for each class during the summer session. You will be asked to leave a
swimsuit in your child's cubby during the summer. Only sprinklers, buckets, and sand and water tables are used on splash
day. Pools filled over the depth of 2 inches will not be used on splash days.
7. We will show only "G" rated movies at the Center. If your child brings a movie to share with his/her friends, it must be
rated "G" and “PG” for ages 5-12 years (the center is not responsible for any lost or stolen property)

8. At the Center, our rule is that "only teachers (adults) open gates and doors".
                                                           PAGE 17

9. All pets present in the preschool must be properly immunized, restricted, and maintained. Non-domestic animals, such
as skunks, opossum, or raccoon, whether or not regarded as pets, may not be present in the preschool educational facility.
Pets may not be allowed in the kitchen or eating area during meals or preparation. We have a turtle, frog, crickets and
fish as classroom pets.
10. Teachers are not allowed to do children’s hair.
11. Children under the age of 2 are not allowed to wear barrettes. Those children under 2 are permitted to wear rubber
bands, but it must be limited.
12. Children are not allowed to wear jewelry; the center is not responsible for any jewelry lost or stolen.

                                                   POTTY TRAINING
1. Parents are responsible for providing diapers for all children not potty trained. Pull-ups are discouraged. The center
   prefers not to use of pull-ups unless the child is entering the program and already uses them. The centers preferred
   method is to switch from diapers to panties/underwear and use plastic guards. We will send the child to potty every
   30 minutes. A list of potty training children is kept in the attendance book as well as on the door to their bathroom.
2. Parent information about potty training is located in the resource materials in the library for teachers to give. There
   are worksheets for parents to complete at home and determine if they/their child are ready for potty training. If after
   repeated attempts for the child to potty a teacher must use her discretion to determine how and when to begin the
   process at the Center and will speak with the parent.

   1. Give or take a week or two, one month before a child’s birthday they will begin to transition to the next class.
      Teachers must send the children over to visit to help with the process of a new room. If your child is
      developmentally ready for the next class before their birthday we will work with you and your child to decide
      if they are ready to move
   2. Each year in the spring if your child is four going to kindergarten you will be given a readiness packet with
      information about the school from the family support coordinator alerting you to the kindergarten roundup for
      the school nearest to your home. Also if your child is three going to be four before September1, then you will
      be given information about VPK programs in Hillsborough County and registration information.

                                   WHAT TO BRING ON YOUR CHILD’S FIRST DAY
1. All forms necessary to complete your child's registration must be brought the day before. Payment is due according
to the rates. Tuition is pro-rated by the office for children starting in mid-week.
2. Three extra set of clothing including socks and underwear. Mark all clothing (diapers and wipes if applicable) with
your child’s name. Check clothing in your child’s cubby at season changes.
3. If you prefer we provide blankets for your child to use at naptime. You may also bring a small "snuggly" for your
child to have at naptime as well as photos from home for comfort.
4. Diapers, wipes and diaper cream if your child is not potty trained. You may bring a large supply of these items to be
stored at the Center. Please label all items.
5. Please bring the completed “My First Day Book.”

                                                           PAGE 18

____________________________________ ___________________________
Child’s Full Name                       Parent’s Full name
                                From Parent Policies Handbook revised 4/30/09

Please bring with your child several pictures of the family. We will use
these in the classroom and it will help your child feel more comfortable on
his first day.
Please read: Upon completion sign and return this page only. Please retain the Parent Policies
                                Handbook for your records.

I understand the tuition rates and payment policies and agree to comply.

I understand that all gate cards must be returned to the daycare in good condition. Lost or additional
cards can be purchased for $6.00. I also understand that if my balance is not paid in full my gate
access can be denied.

I would like to participate in the following committees.

___fundraising ___ classroom volunteering ___ teacher appreciation week ___field trip organization for ages 2-5
 ___ SFPS Board Member ___ teacher assistance ___ I prefer to support through donation: Please make checks payable
to St. Francis Children’s Daycare and place in payment drop box in office.

Parent name __________________
BEST PHONE # __________________ EMAIL __________________

I am available at this time to meet w/the family support coordinator and/or class teacher to
complete a family inventory or family support plan if needed which will help in assisting your
child and family.

Times you are available_________________________

_____________________________________                                    ____________
Parent/Guardian’s Signature of Understanding                             Date

                                                                Sample Forms

                                                                                                               1.A.01, 7.B.05,5.B.12, 7.A.10
                                               Infant Daily Report
      Request to call. My number is __________. Best time to call ________ if possible.
My Name is: _______________________________________
I woke up at: __________ and I slept for _______________ hours last night.
My last diaper change was at: __________________
I was last feed____________ at: _________________ Amount: ___________________
My attitude has been:     Sleepy         Cranky     OK    Under the Weather   Happy
I received medication (for, how much, type and time):
Teacher you might need to know that I:

 Solid  Food and                  Fluids in oz          Diaper Change                  Nap Time
 Amount                                F/M/J            BM/W/ BML
            In cups/jars
  _____________________            ________________           _______________             _____________

 ______________________            _______________            ______________               ____________

 ______________________            _______________             ______________              ____________

 ______________________            _______________            ______________               ____________

 ______________________            _______________            ______________                ____________

Mom/Dad Today I:



                                                                                                              1.A.03, 1.A.01, 1.A.04, 7.A.12, 7.B.05

Special Information Form                         Date ______________
  Request to call My number is ________Best time to call __________if possible.
Parent Name ______________________________       Child=s Name _________________
Teacher you need to know:           Name of medication given: ___________@ ______
Throughout the day I:
Parents you need to know that:


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