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Club Management Committee                        2
Junior Committee 2011                            2
Welcome                                          3
Fund Raising                                      3
Sponsorship/Partnerships                         3/4
Rules of Play                                     5
Season Dates                                      6
Training                                          6
Child Protection Policy                           7
Wet Weather                                       7
Monthly Meetings                                  7
Annual General Meeting/Presentation/Trophy Day    7
Parent Involvement                                7
Canteen                                           8
Power Men Premier League Home Games               8
Bar Facilities                                    8
Club Facilities                                   8
Carnivals                                         8
Membership Card                                   9
Physiotherapist                                   9
Senior Premier League Men Fixtures               10
Football Academy at Power                        11
Junior Division Policy Document                  12
Breakdown of Age Groups                          12/13/14
Power Function Room                               14
Assessments                                       15
Borrowing of Players                              15
Discipline                                        16
General                                           16
Parents Code of Behaviour                         16
Players Code of Behaviour                         17
Coaches Code of Behaviour                         17
Managers Responsibilities                         17
Women’s Football Committee and Information        18
Ground Locations                                  19/20/21/22/23


President                                  Craig Feuerriegel            0417609311
Vice-President                             Bill Smith                   32040598 (a/h)
Secretary                                  Kristine English             31669165
Treasurer                                  Peter Ward                   32038159
Social Director [Sponsorship]              Vacant
Marketing Director [Website]               Vacant
Men’s Soccer Chairperson                   Graeme Salisbury             0401755011
Women’s Soccer Chairperson                 Wilbur Keong                 0400182152
Junior Soccer Director                     Andrew English               0448341946
Club Administrator                         Michelle Feuerriegel         0438100732
Football Shop                              Amanda Kirwan                0414677903

Annual General Meeting for Management Committee is to be held on
Wednesday 9th February 2011 at A.J. Kelly Park Clubhouse 7.30pm – All Welcome


A.J. Jock Kelly George Street Kippa Ring                       3284 3600
H.A. Dalton Park Maine Road Clontarf                           3283 4120

Chairperson               Andrew English                0417 748 465          
Vice Chairperson          Jamie Kirwan                  0421 077 953
Secretary                 Lisa Dent                     0407 695 638 
Treasurer                 Colleen Tagg                  0433 160 273    
Registrars (SSG)
U6/U7/U8/U9               Simon Whyte                0488 745 747
U10/U11                   Scott Keam       3204 9378 0410 455 428
Registrar (Comp)          Jenny English    3885 6011     
Fixture Controller        Cathy Noble      3883 3645 0439 530 996    
Groundsman                Santo Perna      3203 3485                
Equipment Officer         Peter Burrell               0422 458 914
Recorder                  Sandy Burrell    3283 3465 0407 033 379
Fundraising Coordinator   Angie Liggins                  0431 886 538
Junior ref Coordinator
Sponsors Coordinator

Committee Members Garry Dye                3204 0469    0448 341 946  
                  Adrian Eagles            3203 0567   0417 788 100
                  Julie Jenkins                        0408 007 036
                  Phil Pycroft             3284 2332            
                  Jack Hefren              3284 8287                    

       If you have any issues at all, please contact the relevant committee member for
            assistance or for more information contact your divisions Chairperson

Welcome to the 2011 Football Season

The Committee’s of the Peninsula Power Football Club welcomes back all
players and families from last season with a special welcome to our new
families. We look forward to the support of all members and would appreciate
any offer of help. Club officials give a great deal of time and effort on a
voluntary basis to the running of the Club and welcome any offers of help to
lighten their load.

If you have any problems, please feel free to discuss them with the appropriate
committee member. We look forward to building on the success of our Club
and trust that you will all enjoy the coming season.

Junior Fixtures are played on Friday Nights and Saturday’s at Dalton Park or
Sunday’s at A.J. Kelly Park. Weather permitting.

Club Fund-Raising at the Captain Cook Tavern [Sponsor]
Members over the age of 18 are encouraged to assist with Meat Tray Raffles at
the Captain Cook Tavern on a Friday evening (4:00 pm to 6:00 pm) and
Saturday afternoon (12:00 pm to 2:00pm) to raise the funds required to offset
the club running costs and club improvements such as lights, grounds, facilities
and equipment.
This is a great way to socialise with team mates, parents, coaches, managers
at the same time supporting your club and one of our major sponsors.

Sponsorship/Partnership Lets Make it Work for the future of Football
As with the case with all sporting organisations, sponsorship plays a big part in
improving sporting activities with new equipment and upgrading facilities. With
over 800 playing members and two facilities to maintain, the expenses are
significant for our club. However such numbers and exposure from the size of
our club can offer enormous opportunities to all our Valued Sponsors.
Sponsors gain exposure locally and throughout the greater Brisbane area
through a strong partnership with our club. If you or your company would be
able to help, please contact the Sponsors Coordinator Angie Liggins or a
committee member to discuss options that will meet your needs.
Sponsorship packages are already in place, however a tailor made package
can be adapted to suit your business expectations and increase your profile.
Don’t forget Sponsorship is fully Tax Deductible.
Call our clubs Sponsorship Coordinator Angie Liggins today for more
Redcliffe Leagues Club
Clearflow Specialised Services
FURN X Commercial Furniture
Sci-Fleet Hino
Think Pharmacy Chemists
Entire Health Physio
Harrington’s Bobcat Hire
Cooke & Hutchison Lawyers
Dream Ceremonies Marriage Celebrant
Global Business Auctioneers & Valuers
Air Fusion
Dave Little Fencing
Eagle Boys Pizza Kippa-Ring
Peter Houston Dental Surgery
Morgan’s Seafood
Ashley Printers
Eygptian Red Tea
Complete Party & Marquee Hire
The Golden Ox Restaurant Margate
I View Property Stephanie Williams
Aussie Car Loans
De Raadt Realty
Reliance Door Service
Jamie & Amanda Kirwan Carpentry
Captain Cook Tavern
Hair with Attitude and Kilcoy Meats
REMEMBER: If you are interested in supporting Power,
Please contact Angie, Craig or Malcolm to discuss options.

The club encourages members to support our Sponsors,
Please don’t forget to show your membership card when
visiting anyone of OUR Sponsors Businesses to ensure
they continue to support your club for years to come.

Sponsors contact information is available on the club
website and signage at both grounds.

 SSG - U6/U7/U8 U/9                  Roo Ball - U10/11
The aim of the game in Roo Ball is have a fun game where everyone gets an
equal share of kicking the ball; coaches are encouraged to rotate players so they
do not think of themselves as defenders or goalkeepers.

Under 6=        small sided games – 15 minute halves with 5 minute break with 4 per
                     side plus 2 interchanges.
Under 7-8=      small sided games – 20 minute halves with 5 minute break with 5 per
                     side plus 2 interchanges
Under 9 =       small-sided games – 7 A Side
Under 10 =      9 players + 3 interchange - 25 minute halves
Under 11 =      9 players + 3 interchange - 25 minute halves
Non Competitive Players are required at the field where they are to play 30 mins before the start of
the match; Competitive Players are required at the field where they are to play 1 hour before the
start of the match.
 Competitive Teams - U12/U13/U14/U15/U16/17
 Matches are played on a full sized field with a maximum of eleven (11) players on
the field.
 U12-U16         can have up to three (3) interchange players.
 U12             matches are played on Friday nights or Saturday
                 Dalton Oval, Maine Rd, Clontarf
 U13 - U16       matches are played on Friday nights at Dalton Oval or
                 Sundays at A J Kelly Field, George St, Kippa Ring
U 17             matches are played on Friday nights at Dalton Oval or
                 Sundays at A J Kelly Field, George St, Kippa Ring

Teams are grouped into Divisions according to ability. Three (3) points are
awarded for a win, one (1) for a draw. After two (2) rounds the top four teams
proceed to the Challenge Cup.
Duration of Fixture Matches
Teams                Halves Duration                   Match / Training Balls
U6                   2x15mins                          Size 3 ball
U7                   2x20mins                          Size 3 ball
U8                   2x20mins                          Size 3 ball
U9 – U10             2x25mins                          Size 4 ball
U11                  2x25mins                          Size 4 ball
U12                  2x25mins                          Size 4 ball
U13                  2x30mins                          Size 4 ball
U14                  2x35mins                          Size 5 ball
U15 - U16            2x40mins                          Size 5 ball
U17                  2x45mins                          Size 5 Ball
Senior Men’s and Women’s Fixtures are 45min halves x 2 with a 15min break

Depending on the number of teams in your fixture draw the Junior’s 2011 season
begins the weekend of the 25th March.

The teams are formed in either 6, 8 or 10 team competitions, playing
two or three rounds of fixture. This means that the teams normally play each
other twice, once” at home” and once “away”, for 8 and 10 team competitions. If
you have an odd number of teams in your competition, you will also have a bye
in each round.

U6 – U11         the team Managers will collect money from each player for
match fees - $3.00 per game per player which goes back to the club and covers
referees and SSG match officials.

U12 - U16        the team Managers will collect money from each player for
match fees - $3.00 per game per player which goes back to the
club. These teams will pay a little extra as they have to pay for official referees
as well.

 TEAMS              REFEREE FEES                          ASSISTANT FEES
U16 BJL             $56.00                                $28.00
U15 BJL             $50.00                                $25.00
U14 BJL             $43.00                                $19.50
U17                  $50.00                               $25.00
U16                  $43.00                               $21.50
U15                  $39.00                               $19.50
U14                  $34.00                               $17.00
U13                  $32.00                               $16.00
U12                  $30.00                               $15.00
Roo-Ball             $12.00
SSG Match            $12.00 The above to be paid to each match official appointed
Shin pads MUST be worn for all games and during training sessions.
Players MUST also bring their own water bottle to training and games.
Training sessions are conducted during the week in which the players are taught
new skills, practice technique and tactics, often culminating in a practice match.
It is important that players attend all training sessions with their team. If a player
cannot attend a training session he/she should contact the Coach or Team
manager. Our Club is Suncorp SunSmart Grant recipient and we encourage
players to wear sunscreen provided and insect repellant to all training games
and during matches.


Peninsula Power Football Club believes that every child and young person that plays football
should be able to participate in an enjoyable and safe environment and be protected from abuse.
This is the responsibility of every adult involved in football. Our Club will take all reasonable care to
ensure the safety of all participants, children under the age of 18 will remain the responsibility of their
parent or guardian. The club will not take responsibility for any child under the age of 18 left unattended
at training during games and in transit to and from games or at any club presentations, fundraising or
social events.

Peninsula Power Football Club recognises its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children and
young people by protecting them from physical, sexual or emotional harm and from neglect or bullying.

The aims of this policy are:
     To develop a positive and pro-active position in order to best protect all children and young
         people who play football.
     To demonstrate best practice in the area of child protection.
     To promote ethics and high standards throughout football.

The key principles underpinning this Policy are that:
     The child’s welfare is, and must always be, the paramount consideration.
     All children and young people have a right to be protected from abuse regardless of their age,
          gender, disability, culture, language, racial origin, religious beliefs or sexual identity.
     All suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and
     Club Policy requires that every Employee/ Coach / Manager and Team Official obtain and
          hold a current Children’s Commission Blue Card before participating in any official capacity.
Our Child Protection Designated Person and Blue Card Register Officer for 2010 Is as follows:
Club Administrator: Michelle Feuerriegel - PO Box 475 Redcliffe QLD 4020 Contact: 0438 100 732

Updated information on fields/matches that have been cancelled will be made available on
Football Brisbane’s website, the Peninsula Power website or by calling the Football Brisbane Wet Weather Line on
Tel- 3849 1104.

These are held at the Dalton Park Clubhouse on the first Monday of every month at 6.50p.m
for a 7.00pm start. All Club members are welcome, indeed encouraged, to attend these
meetings. It is a good way of finding out how our Club works and gives everyone the
opportunity to have input into the running of our Club or to bring problems to the notice of the

The AGM will be held at the Clubhouse. All Club members are invited to attend the A.G.M.
Dates for Presentation/Trophy day and the AGM will be published in the Club Newsletter.
As with all clubs, the success of the club depends on the level of the parent’s involvement.
At a team level - A coach is appointed by the Committee and each team requires a parent as
Team Manager. They are primarily the only contact between the team and the club
regarding fixture times and club activities. Coaches and Managers Meetings are held
throughout the Season and we encourage all officials to attend.

The canteen is a major source of revenue for the Club and is operated by Peninsula Power
Catering. The menu caters with healthy alternatives for our members and visitors. The
canteen will be open during matches at both venues and variety of hot and cold food and
cold drinks are available.

Peninsula Power Premier League Men play their home
matches at A.J. Kelly Park George St Kippa Ring
Junior players and parents are encouraged to come along
and watch some great football action and support your club.
Junior teams play before and at halftime to make this a great event.
Match Day Entry is $2 for all members who show their membership card’s
and receive a free “In the Game” Match Day Program.
However if you arrive PRIOR to half time of the RESERVE game Gate entry
is free. Programs-$2 with Lucky Program Prizes to be won at all home games.

This is another major source of revenue for the club. Please support the club and enjoy a
cold drink and the view from the A.J. Kelly balcony or Dalton Park awning while watching
games in a safe social environment. We are a licensed club and under no circumstances is
alcohol to be brought to the grounds or sold to under-aged persons.

All alcohol must be consumed within licensed areas.
Dalton Park – Under the covered awning and clubhouse
A.J. Kelly Park – The balcony and clubhouse/function room upstairs only.

 Members are encouraged to use the club facilities for team functions.
This is your club and you are therefore welcome you to make use of the facilities
available, however a booking is necessary. These bookings must be made
through Michelle Feuerriegel Tel 0438 100 732.
Peninsula Power is looking to host two carnivals this year.
Carnivals are also conducted by various clubs throughout the season for
various age groups. They are usually by invitation only and are operated on a
round robin basis. That is, teams play an equal number of games. These are
usually held on Sundays or public holidays. Your Team Manager will inform you
of these carnivals.
The Committee supports teams attending Carnivals as it helps with team
bonding. Carnivals to be held in the 2011 season will be advised at a later

The Peninsula Power 2011 Membership card that is handed out at sign on is
used to support our sponsors and for sponsors to recognize Power members.
Sponsors will give all Power members the best possible price or discount if you
show your Membership card when making purchases or using their services.

The Power Membership Card will also get all members into Peninsula Power
Men’s Premier League matches at a discounted price. This will also include the
Power Official Premier League Match Day Programme “In the Game”.

The Peninsula Power Official Club Physiotherapist
& Sponsor is Entire Health Physio at Margate.
For all injuries at training and playing, you are covered under the Football Qld
Insurance policy which is included in your registration fees. If an injury occurs an
Insurance form is available by contacting a club insurance delegate below.
This form must be completed by the doctor and your club insurance delegate
before Physiotherapist treatment is covered under the Football Qld policy.
Power Club Insurance Delegates for 2011
Men’s Teams        Bill Smith           0423 946 099
Women’s Teams      Annette Ubbesen 0434 213 518
Junior Teams       Kristine English     0422 124 133

          Day & Date               Opposition                   Time                  Location
R1        Game deferred TBA        Souths United                7.00pm            Wakerley Park
R2        Game deferred TBA        Redlands United              5.00pm     A.J. Kelly Park Kippa-Ring
R3        Friday 4th March         North Pine                   8.30pm      A.J. Kelly Park Kippa-Ring
R4        Saturday 12th March      Mt Gravatt                   7.00pm              Dittmer Park
R5        Saturday19th March       Rochedale Rovers             5.00pm      A.J. Kelly Park Kippa-Ring
R6        Saturday 26th March      Eastern Suburbs              6.00pm               Heath Park
R7        Friday 1st April         Pine Hills                   8.30pm      A.J. Kelly Park Kippa-Ring
R8        Sunday 10th April        Capalaba                     5.00pm          John Fredricks Park
R9        Saturday 16th April      Brisbane Wolves              5.00pm      A.J. Kelly Park Kippa-Ring
R10       Sunday 8th May           Brisbane City                3.00pm             Spencer Park
R11       Saturday 14th May        University QLD               5.00pm      A.J. Kelly Park Kippa-Ring
R12       Sunday 22nd May          Taringa Rovers               4.00pm           Jack Speare Park
R13       Saturday 28th May        Olympic                      5.00pm      A.J. Kelly Park Kippa-Ring
R14       Saturday 4th June        Souths United                5.00pm      A.J. Kelly Park Kippa-Ring
R15       Saturday 18th June       Redlands United              6.00pm       Cleveland Showgrounds
R16       Saturday 25th June       North Pine                   7.00pm            Bob Brock Park
R17       Saturday 2nd July        Mt Gravatt                   5.00pm      A.J. Kelly Park Kippa-Ring
R18       Saturday 9th July        Rochedale Rovers             7.00pm           Underwood Park
R19       Saturday 16th July       Eastern Suburbs              5.00pm      A.J. Kelly Park Kippa-Ring
R20       Saturday 23rd July       Pine Hills                   7.00pm       James Drysdale Reverve
R21       Saturday 30th July       Capalaba                     5.00pm      A.J. Kelly Park Kippa-Ring
R22       Saturday 6th August      Brisbane Wolves              5.00pm           Carmichael Park
R23       Saturday 13th August     Brisbane City                5.00pm      A.J. Kelly Park Kippa-Ring
R24       Sunday 21st August       University QLD               3.00pm             Oval 3 @ UQ
R25       Saturday 27th August     Taringa Rovers               5.00pm     A.J. Kelly Park Kippa-Ring
R26       Sunday 4th September     Olympic                      4.00pm             Goodwin Park

          Round 1 and 2 have been deferred because of the floods. Dates TBA.
          Home Games are underlined
          Premier League Reserve Team kicks off 2hrs 30min earlier at the same locations
          R10 & R24 are Sunday games at A.J. Kelly Park Kippa-Ring and R3 & R7 are Friday
           Games at A.J. Kelly Park Kippa-Ring
All Premier League Home matches will feature Power Junior Teams playing small sided games in front of
the clubhouse before and at halftime of the main game. All Junior players will walk out with a Premier
League player at the beginning of each game. They will also receive a certificate and drink voucher after
they have played. It is great fun for the children and the crowd love it!

Peninsula Power Academy

One of the sure signs of commitment to development for any aspiring club is the quality of programmes
they put in place and the personnel the club can attract to deliver those programmes.

Peninsula Power is delighted to be able to announce that in conjunction with Pro Football Academy
QLD, that in season 2011, we will be running Academy's for the following teams

Team        Day         Time                  Location
U9 & U10    Sunday       0900 - 1000 hrs       Dalton Oval
U11 & U12   Sunday       1000 - 1100 hrs       Dalton Oval
U13 & U14   Tuesday      1730 - 1830 hrs       Dalton Oval

These sessions are being run by Pro Football Academy QLD, under the
guidance of Peninsula Power Premier League players Warren Moon (ex
Brisbane Roar and Scottish Premier League team Queen of the South) and
Scott MacNicol (ex Scottish Premier League team Dunfermline Athletic).
Pictured right -

The Academy will be run in 10 week blocks and the cost per session is only $5.00.

All payments are to be made directly to :Kelly Sports Great Sunnybank
BSB :804050 - Account no:31038137
Payments can be made by cash/cheque/direct deposit

This is a unique opportunity for Power players to learn further high end skills and techniques with
Professional coaches at your club.

Please contact Warren Moon on 0420841171 to ensure your booking today.

                              FOOTBALL ACADEMY
                               Peninsula Power FC Premier League Coach
                                Terry Kirkham [pictured left] has endorsed
                                     this Academy for junior players

Peninsula Power Football Policy Document

Aims in General
 To promote and foster the game of football through participation and involvement in a
   safe and caring manner.
 To provide the best possible facilities for members, players and visitors.
 To provide the best coaching possible encouraging junior players to advance to the senior
 To provide coaching support to enable coaches to improve and achieve accreditation.
 To provide an avenue for the Junior players to enjoy the game of Football in a fun

Junior Teams
The club will endeavour as much as possible to cater for all age groups Under 6 to Under 17
and Under 12 girls to Under 18. These teams will attempt to play in the highest division in
each age group wherever possible. Other teams will be entered into the competition if an
acceptable number of players are registered at the club. The club recognises the jurisdiction
and rules of Football Brisbane Incorporated and will abide by them.

Squad Sizes
The squad sizes will contain wherever possible two to three more players than on field
conditions determine. We will abide by the rules of Football Brisbane for the number of
substitutes allowed.

Breakdown of Age Groups
Small Sided Game Players - Under 6-11 (Football Australia Initiative)
Small sided games – are games with fewer players competing on a smaller-sized field.
They are fun games that encourage players to have more contact with the ball because fewer
players are playing in a smaller playing area. SSG have a definite developmental impact on
younger football players. There are no goal keepers in the age groups 6-8 however there is a
goalkeeper in U9/10/11

The coaching of these teams will be conducted from a parent/relation base and coaching
seminars conducted by the coaching committee will help develop the coach into the Roo Ball
SSG concept and help in the social aspects of soccer/football.

At the end of the season the Coaching Committee with the assistance of the coaches will
assess the ability of the players entering the Under 10 age group for the following season.
An assessment test will be offered at the end of the season to any player who wants to trial.

The coaches will attend all coaching seminars and preferably be in the process of gaining
accreditation via Football Qld License courses.
SSF Players - Under 9 Grading
An assessment test will be offered to the players who want to attempt it.

Development is the key issue and grading/assessment to the Football Brisbane requirements
may be the way to go to maintain momentum built in previous years.
The emphasis should be placed more on what coaching these players are receiving and not
the more prevalent game situation that has preceded them. The players and parents
understanding that the assessment/grading will take place initially the end of the season and
continued at the start of the following year. The paramount assessment will be in game

Competitive teams - Under 12 to Under 16 Assessments
Under 12- Under 16 players will, when required, undergo assessment at the start of each
The club policy will be to have a division one/BJL team in each of these age groups.
The club will attempt to formulate a better team policy to provide a structure that allows the
player to progress to the first team or to the representative arena that begins at Under 11.

The club will provide football activities for all players through the use of proper assessment.

Division One and BJL
The division one team will allow the player to play within an atmosphere requiring a high level
of technique and skill and who is looking forward to progressing their football game. Team
commitment is paramount and training and playing will have competition to gain places within
the team, however, development of the individual will not be neglected.

Lower Divisions
The club policy on lower division team players is that they are assessed to allow them an
opportunity to progress within an enjoyable atmosphere. Wherever possible an equal amount
of game time will be given to all players. The club also recognises that the social side and
sheer enjoyment of playing the game should not be neglected in these divisions.

All aspects of these polices will be explained to the players parents / guardians at a
Pre-season meeting.

 Players Promoted To Higher Age Groups
The promotion of a player to a higher age group may occur when the following happens:
On representation from a parent in writing to the club joint assessment will take place between
the clubs coaching committee and the representative coach. On the instigation of an
assessment by the club’s assessor.
On instigation from the coaching committee/assessor, the promotion of a player will be solely
on ability and be for the players and clubs benefit.

Availability of Coaches & Coaches Education
The club policy is to attempt to have qualified coaches in all positions.
Parents of both genders are invited to apply especially in the U6/7 & U8 age group.
The club will endeavour to have coaching positions fixed at the end of the season for the
beginning of the following season.
The club will attempt to have specialist coaches allocated to age groups.
All coaches will make an effort to attend all in house coaching programs and will be
encouraged to get their coaching licences (Junior licence).
Coaches in the competitive divisions, especially the highest in each age group, must attend all
coaching seminars.
The club will have periodical in house coaching seminars conducted by the coaching
The coaching committee will conduct training sessions of junior teams as demonstrations for
club coaches.

                                                         A.J. Kelly Park Function Room For Hire

                                                      Looking for that special venue for a function.
                                                    A.J. Kelly Park Clubhouse is available for birthday
                                                    parties, engagements and social events.
                                                    Features include disabled access, licenced bar,
                                                    kitchen, air conditioning, outdoor balcony, stage,
                                                    dancefloor, music, tables and chairs etc.

                                                           Enquires contact Michelle 0438100732

Playing Time
During the Roo Ball stage of development the guiding principle is that all players will have
equal game time unless there are extremely extenuating circumstances.

From Under 12 onwards a competition element must be introduced, especially into the division
one level, for the emerging soccer player to progress to higher levels.

When placed within the division one team structure the developing soccer player must
appreciate that ability and dedication to the game is required to maintain their position in the

The club recognises the pressure that the young soccer/football player may feel in
assessment testing and a caring atmosphere must be provided

Primarily the guidelines have been set by the Football Brisbane. But the club will conduct its
own modified testing in a coaching environment geared more to what the player can achieve
and how they can achieve it.
The testing is not directly connected to game performance but both are included as factors
when assessing ability.
The tests will be easily set up and will provide a player guardian connection in the
improvement of the young player.

 The coaching committee will set the tests and be in charge of conducting them with the
assistance of the age group coaches.
 Final assessments will be in consultation with age group coaches/coaching committee.
 Parents and guardians will be addressed regarding the outcome of the testing.

Borrowing of Players
During the season teams may require to borrow from lower division teams, which are
encouraged to give added experience to the player.
There should be proper consultation with the team coach involved in an appropriate time
frame and no approach should be made directly to the player or players involved.
The borrowed player assumes a role of a normal squad player for that game or games.

Club Committee member or Registrar must be informed of any borrowing of players.


The club recognises the value of carnivals and encourages participation.
Team selections can be made across the age grouped teams with proper consultation to
the borrowed players policy.

Discipline / Problem Procedures
The club requires all members to conduct themselves within a manner that promotes the
image of Peninsula Power Football Club.
Members breaking the clubs accepted codes of behaviour may be required to address the
Disciplinary Committee.
This will be instigated via a letter to the offending party and all involvement at the club may be
suspended until the outcome of the meeting.
The codes of behaviour are detailed in the following pages and on the Membership
Application Form.

The junior policy will be handed to all members at sign on and changes to the content can only
be made at committee meetings.
If parents are running late to collect their child please phone 3283 4120 at Dalton Oval and
give child’s name & team. The child will be awaiting your arrival at the club house.

Parents Code of Conduct
Encourage children to participate, if they are interested. However if a child is not willing, do
not force them.
Focus upon the child’s efforts and performance rather than the overall outcome of the event.
This assists the child in setting realistic goals related to his/her ability by reducing the
emphasis on winning.
Teach children that an honest effort is as important as victory, so that the result of each game
is accepted without undue disappointment.
Encourage children to always participate according to the rules. Never ridicule or yell at a child
for making a mistake or losing a game.
Remember children are involved in organised sports for their enjoyment, not yours and that
children learn best from example. Applaud good plays by all teams.
If you disagree with an official, raise the issue through the appropriate channels rather than
questioning the official’s judgement and honesty in public. Remember, most officials give their
time and effort for your child’s involvement.
Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities and avoid use
of derogatory language
Recognise the value and importance of volunteer coaches. They give of their time and
resources to provide recreational activities for the children and deserve your support.
Players Code of Conduct
Play by the rules. Never argue with an official. If you disagree, have your captain, coach or
manager approach the official during a break or after the competition.
Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials or other players, deliberately distracting or
provoking an opponent is not acceptable or permitted in any sport.
Work equally hard for yourself and/or for your team. Your teams performance will benefit, so
will you. Be a good sport. Applaud all good plays whether they are your team, opponent or
the other team.
Treat all players as you would like to be treated. Do not interfere with, bully or take unfair
advantage of another player.
Co-operate with your coach, team mates and opponents. Without them there would be no
Play for the enjoyment of it and not just to please parents and coaches. Avoid use of
derogatory language.

Coaches Code of Conduct
Be punctual at all times and have training nights and game days pre organised
Set a good example to all of your players and enjoy your coaching

Do not be biased to race or gender Develop ground rules for your players and parents
Fill out player information forms paying special attention to health problems
Pursue the opportunity to obtain Football Australia’s Coaching Licences

Respect the Referees, officials and ground officials
Respect the clubs equipment at all times and return at the end of the season
Observe the rules of Football Brisbane

Coaches to ensure that all players at the end of training have been picked up safely before
you leave. In the case of a players parents not turning up to pick them up you are responsible
to bring the player to the clubhouse and alert a committee member who will try and contact the

Managers Responsibilities

The managers are responsible to complete all team sheets as well as collection of match fees and referee fees on
match days. The team envelope is to be filled in and placed in fees box and team sheets are to be placed in the
Clubs Recorders Box. Please DO NOT place team sheets in the yellow envelopes as of 2011 they must be kept
separate. This must be done straight after your game and deposited ONLY at Dalton Park by 4.30pm Sunday
afternoon. The manager is responsible for communicating match day times along with all club information to
parent/guardians as advised and collected from the team boxes at Dalton Park.

2011 Women’s Football Committee

         Name           Positions       Contact Numbers                Email Addresses
                                          3203 2898
Wilber Keong           Chairperson       0400 182 152
                                          3496 2341
Trisha Belford         Secretary         0421 443 382
                       Treasurer          3284 2730
Michelle Feuerriegel   Club Admin        0438 10 0732
                       Registrar/         3883 1345
Melissa Cowley         Recorder          0422 436685
Annette Ubbesen        Insurance         0434 213 518
Maryvonne Ludke        Equipment          3204 7975
                                         0438 520 067
Malcom Allen           Sponsorship       0432 314 343
Vacant                 Fixture
Troy Belford           General             3496 2341
                                          0403 603 068
Nathalie Browne        General             3880 1275
                                          0413 435 731

The Club’s Women’s Football Committee would like to welcome new and existing players, officials and
their families to the club for the 2011 Football Season.

         Our goal again this season is to provide the best opportunities for young female players to
          participate and continue to develop at the highest level available.
         Throughout the off season and during the regular season our women’s committee come
          together regularly to meet and discuss ways of improving the structure of our clubs women’s
          division, your feedback and assistance is always welcome.
         As a committee we aim to secure a coach, manager, ground official and team sponsor for
          each and every team in the women’s division and would welcome any support from members
          to achieve this goal. If you are willing and able to assist Coaches and Managers Information
          Booklets and Sponsorship Packages are now available for your perusal.
         All coaches, managers and club officials MUST have a current blue card and we as a club
          can offer free Volunteer Blue Card applications to those willing to help out.
         We encourage and support all of our female players to take an active role in the club and
          welcome our new members/players and valued parents to this season’s Women’s Committee.

AC Carina           Brisbane Abruzzo Club                 Map 161 Ref P18
                    150 Fursden Road Carina

Acacia Ridge        Ron Proud Field                      Map 199 Ref M19
                    174 Mortimer Road Acacia Ridge

Albany Creek        Wolter Park                          Map 108 Ref M16
                    Jacaranda Drive Albany Creek

                    South Pine Sporting Complex           Map 108 Ref G11
                    South Pine Road Brendale

Annerley            Elder Oval                             Map 180 Ref E8
                    Cnr Ridge Street & Barnsdale Place Greenslopes

Annerley Juniors Thompson Estate Reserve                  Map 180 Ref E7
                 98 Victoria Terrace Greenslopes

Bardon Latrobe      Bowman Park                          Map 158 Ref L6
                    David Avenue Bardon

Bayside United      Don Randall Oval                     Map 163 Ref P12
                    34 Andrew Street Lota

Beenleigh           Chris Green Park                      Map 264 Ref A17
                    Cnr Logan & Boundary Streets Beenleigh

Bethania Rams       Opperman Park                        Map 262 Ref P5
                    Federation Drive Bethania

Brisbane Athletic   Pinkenba Reserve                     Map 142 Ref F7
Football Club       Main Myrtletown Road Pinkenba

Brighton Districts Wakefield Park                        Map 100 Ref H17
                   Wickham Street Brighton

Brisbane City       Spencer Park                         Map 139 Ref I18
                    42 Newbery Street Newmarket

Brisbane Force      C J Greenfield Reserve                Map 198 Ref E20
                    315 Freeman Road Richlands

Brisbane Olympic Goodwin Park                            Map 179 Ref J8
                 Cansdale Street Yeronga

Brisbane Strikers Perry Park                             Map 140 Ref D19
                  95 Abbotsford Road Bowen Hills

North Star          O’Callaghan Park                     Map 120 Ref D3
                    Jennings Street Zillmere

Brisbane Wolves Carmichael Park                         Map 162 Ref E10
                175 Boundary Street Tingalpa

Capalaba          John Fredericks Park                   Map 184 Ref B14
                  Old Cleveland Park Capalaba

Centenary Stormers Atthows Park                         Map 197 Ref P11
                  Westcombe Street Darra

Clairvaux         Clairvaux MacKillop College           Map 201 Ref B18
                  Klumpp Road Upper Mt Gravatt

Colleges United   Mount Crosby Showgrounds              Map 194 Ref C2
                  Allawah Road Chuwar

Dayboro           Dayboro Showgrounds                    Map 65 Ref Q14
                  Mt Mee Road Dayboro

Deception Bay     Progress Park                         Map 79 Ref L3
                  35 Old Bay Road Deception Bay

Eastern Suburbs   Health Park                           Map 24 Ref A10
                  48 Hilton Street East Brisbane

Grange Thistle    Lanham Park                           Map 139 Ref M10
                  Prince Street Grange

Greenbank         Barry White Field                   Map 278 Ref P2
                  Cnr Sheppard & Middle Roads Greenbank

Holland Park      Whites Hill Reserve                   Map 181 Ref B8
Hawks             Boundary Road Camp Hill

Ipswich City      Sutton Park                             Map 212 Ref Q8
                  Cnr Workshops & Hunter Streets Brassall

Ipswich Knights   Eric Evans Oval                       Map 214 Ref F14
                  254 Brisbane Road Bundamba

                  Stan McCrea Fields                    Map 214 Ref P11
                  Brisbane Road Ebbe Vale

Ipswich City      Sutton Park                             Map 212 Ref Q8
                  Cnr Workshops & Hunter Streets Brassall

Ipswich Knights   Eric Evans Oval                         Map 214 Ref F14
                  254 Brisbane Road Bundamba

                  Stan McCrea Fields                      Map 214 Ref P11
                  Brisbane Road Ebbe Vale

Jimboomba         Kurrajong Park                          Map 302 Ref H19
                  94 Kurrajong Road Jimboomba
John Paul College Cec Munns Centre                         Map 242 Ref Q5
                  John Paul College Drive Daisy Hill

Kangaroo Point     Raymond Park                            Map 23 Ref G12
Rovers             Cnr Baines St & Wellington Rd Kangaroo Point

Kenmore Lions      Cubberla Creek Reserve                  Map 178 Ref B11
                   38 Hepworth Street Chapel Hill

Kingsridge         Gould Adams Park                        Map 242 Ref C17
                   Kingston Road Kingston

Logan City Kings Mark Mappas Oval                      Map 242 Ref K11
                 Meakin Park Soccer Drive Slacks Creek

Logan Village      Big River Country Park                Map 303 Ref K6
                   Steele Road Logan Village

Loganholme         Cornubia Park                         Map 243 Ref P18
                   146 Bryants Road Loganholme

Mitchelton         Teralba Park                          Map 138 Ref M3
                   Osborne Road Mitchelton

Moggill Football   Bellbowrie Sports Club                Map 196 Ref J13
Club               Sugarwood Street Bellbowrie

Mooroondu          William Taylor Sports Fields          Map 164 Ref E19
                   Mooroondu Road Thornside

Mount Gravatt      Dittmer Park                          Map 201 Ref C7
Hawks              Klumpp Road Mt Gravatt

Narangba United Narangba Sporting Complex                Map 67 Ref P19
                Harris Avenue Narangba

                   Narangba Sports Reserve                Map 77 Ref J7
                   Williamina Court Narangba

New Farm United New Farm Park                        Map 23 Ref P1
                Cnr Sydney & Brunswick Streets New Farm

Newmarket          McCook Park                           Map 139 Ref J17
                   Badger Street Newmarket

North Pine         Bob Brock Park                        Map 88 Ref M6
                   Marsden Road Dakabin

Oxley United      Dunlop Park                              Map 198 Ref N5
                  Oxley Road Corinda

Park Ridge        Hubner Park                              Map 260 Ref L16
                  Hubner Road Park Ridge

Pine Hills        James Drysdale Reserve                   Map 117 Ref Q11
                   Jinker Track Bunya

Pine Rivers       Wendy Allison Park                       Map 98 Ref J15
                  Samsonvale Road Strathpine

Queensland Lions Darra Reserve                             Map 198 Ref B18
                 Archerfield Road Darra

Redcliffe PCYC    Talobilla Park                           Map 81 Ref J20
                  Boardman Road Kippa Ring

Redlands United   Cleveland Showgrounds                    Map 185 Ref M19
                  Waterloo Street Cleveland

Regents Park      Hyde Park                                Map 240 Ref E20
                  Vansittart Road Regents Park

Ridge Hills       Stanley Day Park                         Map 109 Ref K5
                  Grand Street Bald Hills

Rochedale Rovers Underwood Park                            Map 222 Ref Q9
                 Underwood Road Rochedale

Rocklea United    Croatian Sports Centre                   Map 199 Ref F7
                  164 Dunn Road Rocklea

Samford Rangers Harold Brown Park                           Map 106 Ref G19
                Richards Road Samford

Sandgate Saints   Sandgate PCYC                              Map 110 Ref K5
                  106 Kempster Road Sandgate

Sheldon College   Sheldon College Oval                       Map 204 Ref R17
                  Taylor Road (Enter via Gate 3) Sheldon

Slacks Creek      Usher Park                                 Map 243 Ref B8
                  Rose Street Daisy Hill

South United      Wakerley Park                              Map 220 Ref R5
                  Cnr Dew Street & Nathan Road Runcorn

Southside Eagles Memorial Park                               Map 20 Ref D7
                 Oxford Street Bulimba

Taringa Rovers      Jack Speare Park                        Map 178 Ref N5
                    Cnr Fairley St & Lambert Rd Indooroopilly

Tarragindi Tigers Esher Street Wellers Hill                Map 180 Ref G13

                    Holland Park High                    Map 180 Ref M19
                    Bapaume Road Holland Park

Teviot Downs        Sports Field                          Map 278 Ref E5
                    Argyle Road Greenbank

The Gap Pastime Walton Bridge Reserve                     Map 158 Ref B1
                25 Glen Affric Street The Gap

The Lakes SC        The Lakes College 2 College St North Lakes

Toowong             Dunmore Park                         Map 159 Ref D13
                    CnrLang Pde & Roy Street Auchenflower

Toowoomba Raiders            Clive Berghoffer Stadium
Men                          Cnr Mary & Arthur Streets Toowoomba

Women                        Willowburn Soccer Grounds Myall Street Toowoomba

University of Qld            Oval 3 Uni Campus              Map 351 Ref L7
                            Sir William Macgregor Drive St Lucia

Virginia United     Albert Bishop Park                   Map 141 Ref A3
                    574Nudgee Road Toombul

Western Spirit      Kippen Park                           Map 216 Ref Q15
                    Enid Street Goodna

                    Camira Recreation Reserve             Map 237 G 6
                    Dale Road Camira

Westside Sports     Grovely Sports Ground                 Map 138 Ref D2
                    Hanran Street Grovely


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