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          S Y M P O S I U M • 2 0 1 0
  Enhancing Knowledge, Promoting Application to Practice
  Especially designed for Registered Nurses,   FEATURED SPEAKER
   Advanced Practice Nurses, Social Workers    Nick Mezacapa, teacher, coach, priest, husband and
                                               father, cancer survivor, radio personality and an
          and other Oncology Professionals     active thespian
                                                  • The Rule of Life

             APRIL 9, 2010                        • Keeping it all in Perspective

                                               OTHER SESSIONS
Peachtree Banquet and Catering Center            • Emergencies Experienced by Oncology Patients
                      Columbia, MO               • Palliative and End of Life Care
                                                 • Oral Chemotherapy Review and Update
                                                 • Multidisciplinary Approach to Lung Cancer Care

                                                                School of Nursing
                                                       University of Missouri Health System

                                                      Nursing Outreach: Where Continuing Education
                                                            and Continuing Competency Meet

                                                                Ellis Fischel
                                                                Cancer Center
                                                        University of Missouri Health Care
 The purpose of this one-day symposium is to update the
                                                                      FEATURED SPEAKER
 knowledge and enhance the skills of oncology nurses, advanced        The Rev. Nicklas A. Mezacapa
 practice nurses and social workers by providing evidence-
                                                                                        Nick Mezacapa has been ordained to
 based content applicable to the clinical management of cancer
                                                                                        the Episcopal Priesthood for the last 25
 patients and their families. The day offers a blend of clinical and
 relationship-centered topics applicable to both inpatient and                          years. He has served as the rector of
 ambulatory oncology practice settings.                                                 Calvary Episcopal Church, right across the
                                                                                        street from The Mayo Clinic for the past
                                                                                        20 years. Before coming to Minnesota
SYMPOSIUM OBJECTIVES                                                                    he served churches in Iowa, Michigan
 1. Integrate practical strategies and tools designed to enhance      and New York. A graduate of Heidelberg College in Tiffin,
    your personal life in light of the intense demands of the         Ohio, he was trained as a teacher and athletics coach and
    workplace.                                                        worked in the field for seven years. It was after his teaching
 2. Describe innovations related to evidence-based cancer care.       career that he attended Colgate/Rochester/Bexley Hall/
 3. Discuss clinical issues and current trends in cancer practice
                                                                      Crozer Divinity School in Rochester, New York to receive his
    including common oncology emergencies, end-of-life/
    palliative care, oral chemotherapy agents and common drug
                                                                      Master’s in Divinity Degree and subsequent ordination to
    interactions, and lung cancer care.                               the priesthood.
 4. Describe the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to            Nick brings his experience as teacher, coach, priest,
    quality cancer care and its impact on clinical practice and       husband and father to his presentations with passion and
    patient outcomes.                                                 authenticity. His experiences as a prostate cancer survivor,
 5. Network with professional colleagues regarding excellence in      radio personality and an active thespian combine to
    cancer care.                                                      generate a style and urgency that is unique.
                                                                          He has delivered his presentations to a wide variety
WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND                                                 of groups across the country, focusing on the subject of
                                                                      “Survivorship and Spirituality.” You will find his perspective
 •   Learn the latest evidence-based practices and tools related to   refreshing and inspiring!
     the clinical management and care of cancer patients and their
 •   Benefit from a good blend of theory with clinical application,                    YOU CAN LEARN
     plus powerful professional development sessions.
 •   Experience sessions targeted to specifically address issues
                                                                                  AND HAVE FUN DOING IT!
     frequently encountered by nursing, social work and other non-
     physician oncology professionals.                                       •   This was the best program I have been to in a
 •   Return to your practice setting reinvigorated and assured that              long time.
     cancer care is where you belong!
                                                                             •   It was amazing to hear the speaker — truly a
                                                                                 life-changing experience.
                                                                             •   I would definitely come back!
                                                                             •   The talks given way surpassed any
                        Ellis Fischel
                                                                                 expectations I had. Excellent day! Learned so
                        Cancer Center                                            much!
                 University of Missouri Health Care
                                                                             •   I learned, laughed, and thoroughly enjoyed
            ELLIS FISCHEL CANCER CENTER                                          the entire day.
                EARNS ACCREDITATION                                          •   This is absolutely one of the best oncology
                                                                                 conferences I have ever been to — animated
 Ellis Fischel Cancer Center has received a three-year                           speakers, applicable info, NEW info that is
 accreditation with commendation from the American College
                                                                                 usable in my daily practice.
 of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer. The recognition is the
 highest honor given by the American College of Surgeons’                    •   Discussion panel was wonderful. Lots of
 Commission on Cancer. Only 25 percent of all hospitals in the                   helpful hints!
 United States receive this prestigious designation. To achieve
 accreditation, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center demonstrated it is               •   Awesome and the best oncology conference
 meeting and exceeding all 36 standards that represent a full                    we have had in many years!
 scope of a comprehensive cancer center.
7:15   Check-in and Continental Breakfast                                      Objectives:
       Visit Exhibits and Health Sciences Bookstore (Come early                4. Identify common oncology emergencies.
       to visit exhibits. This is the best time to do so as exhibit            5. Discuss prevention, early recognition, management
       times are limited throughout the day.)                                     and therapeutic goals of each emergency.

8:00   Welcome and Introductions                                      11:00    Stretch Break
       • Shirley J. Farrah PhD, RN, BC, Assistant Dean and
          Associate Teaching Professor, Nursing Outreach and          11:05    Keeping it all in Perspective
          Distance Education, MU Sinclair School of Nursing                    Rev. Nicklas A. Mezacapa
       • Kristi K. Gafford, MBA, MPH, Executive Director,                       This session focuses on the shortness and uncertainty of
          Ellis Fischel Cancer Center                                          human life and our responsibility to live our lives with that
       • Angela Waller, BSN, RN, OCN, Staff Nurse IV/Charge                     in mind.
          Nurse, Ambulatory Infusion Unit, Ellis Fischel Cancer                Objectives:
          Center and President, Central Missouri Chapter,                      6. Explore important reminders from the client‘s
          Oncology Nursing Society                                                 perspective.
                                                                               7. Improve the ability to work under pressure with
8:15   The Rule of Life                                                            colleagues.
       Rev. Nicklas A. Mezacapa, teacher, coach, priest, husband
       and father, cancer survivor, radio personality and an active   12:05    Hosted Luncheon
       The intensity of the workplace, combined with personal-        1:00     Palliative Care and End of Life (EOL) Care
       life issues can be exhausting. This session encourages the              Mary Cunningham, APRN, AOCN, CHPN, Clinical Nurse
       development of a “personal rule” as part of a healthy self-             Specialist, Missouri Palliative Care Program, Ellis Fischel
       prescription.                                                           Cancer Center
       Objectives:                                                             This session will differentiate palliative and EOL care as
       1. Develop a list of life priorities.                                   well as strategies to support the patient and family, based
       2. Discuss the “power of the story” as it applies to                    on the speaker’s years of wisdom and expertise.
             colleagues.                                                       Objectives:
       3. Identify negative dynamics and how to re-direct the                  8. Differentiate between palliative and EOL care.
             corporate energy onto the mission and purpose.                    9. Explore practical strategies designed to improve the
                                                                                   quality of palliative and EOL care and patient
9:30   Beverage Break                                                              outcomes.
       Visit Exhibits and Health Sciences Bookstore
                                                                      2:00     Stretch Break
9:45   Emergencies Experienced by Oncology Patients
       Panel Presentation                                             2:05     Oral Chemotherapy Review and Update
       Using a case study, the panelists will examine common                   Debra D. Tesoro, RPh, BCOP, Director of Pharmacy/PIC,
       emergencies experienced by a sample oncology patient.                   Missouri Cancer Associates/Missouri Cancer Care Pharmacy,
       These emergencies will relate to the disease process itself             US Oncology, Columbia
       or the side effects of therapy.                                          This session will include an update on oral chemotherapy
       Moderator: Sharon Van Arsdale, MS(N), APRN, FNP-BC,                     agents including their mode of action and management
       GNP-BC, Symptom Evaluation Unit, University Hospital                    of the most common drug interactions. Important
       Panelists:                                                              insurance issues surrounding these therapies and a look
       • Deb Ritchie, MS(N), FNP, GNP, BC, AOCN, Advanced                      into the future of new oral agents on the horizon also will
           Practice Nurse, Otolaryngology, Ellis Fischel Cancer                be included.
           Center                                                              Objectives:
       • Kathleen Slaughter, BSN, RNC, Staff Nurse IV, Radiation                10. Review the current oral chemotherapy agents on the
           Oncology, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center                                    market, how they work and management of side
       • Terri Stone, MSN, APRN-BC, AOCNP, Nurse Practitioner,                      effects and drug interactions.
           Goldschmidt Cancer Center, Capital Regional Medical                 11. Discuss select insurance issues surrounding these
           Center, Jefferson City                                                    therapies.
       • Angela Waller, BSN, RN, OCN, Staff Nurse IV/Charge                     12. Explore oral chemotherapy agents that are in the
           Nurse, Ambulatory Infusion Unit, Ellis Fishel Cancer                     pipeline.
                                                                      Continued on following page
Agenda, continued
                                                                              GENERAL INFORMATION
3:00      Refreshment Break                                                     This conference will be held at the Peachtree Catering and Banquet Center
                                                                                Ballroom, 120 E. Nifong, Suite D, Columbia, MO, 65205. Should you need to be
          Visit Exhibits
                                                                                reached during the activity, the phone number is (573) 875-6608.

3:15      Multidisciplinary Approach to Lung Cancer Care                      DIRECTIONS
                                                                                From Interstate 70: Take Providence Road (Exit 126) and go south (turn left if
          Panel Presentation
                                                                                coming from the east or right if coming from the west) 4.4 miles. You will pass
          Moderator: Vamsi Guntur, MD, Assistant Professor of                   the intersection with Stadium Blvd (University). Turn west (right) onto Nifong
          Clinical Medicine (Pulmonary), School of Medicine,                    Blvd, and continue for about a block. Turn left (south) between Blue Moon
          University of Missouri                                                Restaurant and Breaktime Gas Station (there is no street sign). Peachtree is at
          Panel members:                                                        the end of the road on the right.
          • Normand Caron, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical                  From Highway 63: Take the AC Exit (also called Grindstone Blvd). Follow AC
               Surgery (Cardiothoracic Surgery), School of Medicine,            (which turns into Grindstone Blvd and then Nifong Blvd) 2.8 miles (just past
               University of Missouri                                           the intersection with Providence Rd). Turn left (south) between Blue Moon
          • Steven Westgate, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical                Restaurant and Breaktime Gas Station (there is not street sign). Peachtree is at
               Medicine (Radiation Oncology), School of Medicine,               the end of the road on the right.
               University of Missouri                                           By air: You can fly into either Lambert Field ( in St.
          • Shadi Haddadin, MD, Post-Doctoral Fellow, School of                 Louis or MCI ( in Kansas City. Columbia is about
               Medicine (Hematology Oncology), University of                    equidistant between both cities. MO-X ( provides
                                                                                a ground transportation service from either airport to Columbia. Ground
                                                                                transportation takes about two hours. Also, Columbia Regional Airport (www.
          • Christine Chang, MS(N), RN, ACNP-BC, Nurse                 offers nonstop service to Memphis with
               Practitioner, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center                        convenient connections to 94 destinations. Although there is no shuttle
          • Deborah Filer, MSW, Social Worker, Patient and                      service from the airport to the hotel, taxi service is available. See details at
               Family Services, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center           
          This session is in response to requests from past                   LODGING
          participants at this conference. The goal is to provide a             A block of rooms has been reserved on the night of April 8, 2010 at the special
          comprehensive overview of lung cancer care including                  rate of $80 until March 25, 2010 at the Stoney Creek Inn, located at 2601
          initial presentation, abnormal chest X-ray, diagnosis,                S. Providence Road, Columbia, MO, 65203. After this date, rooms will be on a
          treatment and prevention – all from a multidisciplinary               space available basis only. To make reservations, please call (573) 442-6400
                                                                                or toll free (800) 659-2220. The hotel is
          perspective. Using a case study format, panelists will
                                                                                located just off Providence Road, 1.5 miles north of the Peachtree Banquet
          discuss state-of-the-art lung cancer care employing a                 Center where the conference will be held. Be sure to ask for the MU NURSING
          multidisciplinary team approach. The multidisciplinary                CONFERENCE room block. Participants are responsible for making their own
          concept, goals of the program, impact on patient outcomes             reservations and guaranteeing reservations with a credit card. A map may be
          and the role of each team member will be included.                    found on
          Objectives:                                                         ACCREDITATION
          13. Discuss evidence-based lung cancer care including                 The MU Sinclair School of Nursing is an approved provider of continuing
               initial symptomatology, workup, diagnosis,                       nursing education by the Missouri Nurses Association, an accredited approver
               treatment recommendations and prevention from a                  by the American Nurses Credentialing Center‘s Commission on Accreditation.
               multidisciplinary team approach.                                 Up to 6.6 contact hours will be awarded to all individuals who attend,
          14. Identify the goals and benefits of a                               complete the evaluation form and are paid in full. MONA Provider Number
               multidisciplinary approach to lung cancer care.                  710-IV.
                                                                                CE Certificates: A certificate of completion is provided to all conference
4:30      Adjourn                                                               participants who are paid in full and complete the conference evaluation form.
                                                                                If you are not paid in full, your CE credit will not be awarded. Your CE certificate
                                                                                will be sent upon payment in full. Lost certificates may be replaced with a
                                                                                written request to the Nursing Outreach office for a fee of $10 per certificate.
  PLANNING COMMITTEE                                                            We will need your name (exact same name that you used for registering),
  Debra J. Deeken, BSN, RN, OCN, Manager, Cancer Screening Services/            customer ID from the mailing label of your conference brochure (if available)
     Breast Health Program, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center                         and the date and title of the conference you attended.
  Shirley J. Farrah PhD, RN, BC, Assistant Dean and Associate Teaching        TAPING
     Professor, Nursing Outreach, MU Sinclair School of Nursing                 Taping by attendees is not allowed at any educational activities sponsored by
  Lindy Ford, MS(N), FNP-BC, AOCN, Advanced Practice Nurse,                     Nursing Outreach.
     Hematology-Oncology, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center and Immediate
     Past President, Central Missouri Chapter, Oncology Nursing Society       REGISTRATION CANCELLATION/SUBSTITUTION
  Kristi K. Gafford, MBA, MPH, Executive Director, Ellis Fischel Cancer          We understand that circumstances may arise that require you to cancel or send
     Center                                                                     a substitute. If you cancel your attendance five or more business days before
  Jeanette A. Linebaugh, BSN, RN, OCN, CCRP, Research Manager, Clinical         the conference, your registration fee will be refunded, less a $25 processing
     Trials Office, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center                                   fee. You may send a substitute at any time. Please notify the Nursing Outreach
  Laura Neal, MSW, MPH, LCSW, Coordinator, Patient and Family Support           office of any registration changes prior to the conference to facilitate the
     Services, Oncology Clinical Social Worker, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center     check-in process.
  Debbie Ritchie, MS(N), FNP, GNP, BC, AOCN, Advanced Practice Nurse,
     Otolaryngology, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center

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