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					          Douglas Valley SureStart Children’s Centre
                   Job Description – Deputy Headteacher

Name of Postholder:

Title:                       Deputy Headteacher

Responsible to:              Head of Centre

Salary Grade:                L4 - L8

Job Purpose:

    To work in partnership to deliver the five key outcomes of ‘Every Child
    Actively engage in the implementation of the strategic plan.
    To assist the Head of Centre in ensuring that the Centre facilitates
     effective learning for children, parents and families.
    To lead and manage the delivery of Early Years Foundation Stage for
     children 0 - 4 and Out of School Club provision for children 5 - 11 under
     the direction of the Head of Centre.

Responsible for:       Children in designated groups. Staff who work within the
                       provision of Early Education and Care.

Liaises with:          Other Staff in the Centre
                       Specialist Providers
                       Local Authority Officers
                       External Agencies

Working Time:          Full time in accordance with the Pay and Conditions
                       Document and the needs of the Centre.

CRB Disclosures        Enhanced

Principal Duties:

1.       General

         1.1    To fulfil the professional duties of a Deputy Head as defined in
                the Teachers’ Pay and Conditions of Service.
         1.2    To carry out at the discretion of the Head of Centre, duties
                commensurate with the grade of post as maybe assigned to
                accommodate the developing needs of the Centre as a whole.
         1.3    To promote the centre within the Borough of Wigan and share
                good practice with other professionals.

2.   Operational/Strategic Planning

     2.1   To deputise for the Head of Centre in her absence.
     2.2   To actively participate in the development and implementation of
           policies and procedures.
     2.3   To play a key role in engaging all stakeholders in the process of
           self-evaluation to inform future developments in the centre.
     2.4   To actively contribute to the formulation, implementation,
           monitoring and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan.
     2.5   To positively promote and support the development of the
           services for children and their families.

3.   Curriculum and Assessment

     3.1   To lead the development of the curriculum, taking account of the
           age, stage of development, needs and interests of the children.
     3.2   To review and develop the systems for assessment and pupil-
     3.3   To keep abreast of local and national initiatives and evaluate
           their relevance for practice in the centre.

4.   Teaching and Learning

     4.1   To lead by example in the delivery of high quality learning
           experiences for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage.
     4.2   To maximise the learning potential of all children by evaluating
           the impact of teaching on progress.
     4.3   To set and maintain high expectations of children’s abilities.
     4.4   To set high expectations of children’s behaviour.

5.   Communication

     5.1   To maintain and develop effective channels of communication
           with parents/carers.
     5.2   To ensure that parents/carers are kept informed about the
           progress of their children.
     5.3   To ensure that parents/carers are made aware of how they can
           support their children’s areas for development.
     5.4   To raise awareness of and share the good practice in early
           years education with other professionals in the field.

6.   Leading and Managing Staff

     6.1   Act as a model of professional conduct and presentation,
           demonstrating high personal standards of expertise and

     In partnership with the Headteacher, assist in:

     6.2   Maximising the contribution of staff to improve the quality of
           education provided and the standards achieved.

     6.3   Developing good working relationships with the governors,
           partnership board, staff, children, parents/carers, community
           and the LA.
     6.4   Planning, allocating, supporting and evaluating work undertaken
           by groups, teams and individuals.
     6.5   Implementing and sustaining effective systems for the
           management of staff performance, incorporating performance
     6.6   Leading the continuing professional development of staff
           through example.
     6.7   Motivating and enabling all staff in the centre to carry out their
           respective roles to the highest standards, through high quality
           continuing professional development based on assessment of
           needs and systematic monitoring and evaluation.
     6.8   Leading and managing the staff in ways that reflect the mission
           statement, meet the governing body’s policies, while ensuring
           that professional duties are fulfilled as specified in the Terms
           and Conditions of Service of Teachers.

7.   Management of Resources

     7.1   To support the Head of Centre in the financial management of
           the centre.
     7.2   To take responsibility for the ordering of stock and resources to
           enable curriculum delivery, within agreed budget limits.
     7.3   To bring to the Head of Centre’s attention opportunities for
           increased funding and resources.
     7.4   To take a leading role in ensuring that the maintenance of the
           environment of the centre is of a high quality, with resources and
           facilities being used to their maximum, whilst adequate health
           and safety precautions are maintained.

Signed           …………………………………………………………..
      Date ……………………..
           Deputy Headteacher

Signed           …..…………………………………….………………..
      Date ……………………..
           (Head of Centre)


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