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					                    Children’s Council of Skagit County
                               March 9, 2011

Mission Statement: To bring together community members and agencies
to empower and enrich the lives of young children and their families in
Skagit County.

Welcome and Introductions: The meeting was called to order by Melanie
Coyne at 8:37am. Melanie passed around a card to sign for Barbara
Smith whose mother passed away. Everyone in attendance introduced
themselves and what agency they are from.

Early Intervention/ICC:
        Lead Agency Report – Pat Holloran reported the number of children
this month utilizing birth to 3 services total: 95. There were 5 new children,
and 12 children transitioned: 7 to preschool, 4 exited typically
developing, and 1 passed away.
        Lead Family Resources Coordinator – Cindy Hubert provided ESIT
news ; the public comment period is now open for the State Application
for Early Intervention Services . There are no real startling changes,
members may look it over and make comments, it is on the DEL website
www.del.wa.gov The Local Lead Agency meeting was cancelled last
month due to snow. A conference call is coming up which will be focused
on the next round of data collection with regard to performance
indicators. Data will be collected soon. Regarding the cost study data
round two, our county school districts will be a part of, it doesn’t look like
it’s too involved. The last FRC meeting of the school year will take place
on the 18th of April – Cindy has been lining up FRC’s, parents, early
intervention providers, etc to attend some training, for example, the Infant
and Early Childhood Conference through the use of ARRA funds.
        Public Awareness, Child Find and Recruitment – Cindy Hubert
Forms were sent around to document child find opportunities and
opportunities to invite others to Children’s Council. ESIT is still working on
getting out their new public awareness materials – if you are looking for
something specific please let Cindy know.
        Parent to Parent – Cindy Hubert (in the absence of Heather Milliren)
– Monthly Report – Autism 200 series presentations have led to an influx of
parents getting connected to Parent to Parent.
Monthly Tip: “Skagit Family Website”, Chuck Britt, MA, LMFT, Skagit Family
Study Center. Due to the cuts in ARIS program as well as the feeling of
being powerless and ineffective due to lack of knowledge of what’s
available in the community, Chuck was led to create a website,
www.skagitfamily.org, that provides general information about local and
county resources with regard to services available to families. Calendar
of events is on the links page, about us page, etc. It is the hope that at a
glance everyone will know what is going on and what opportunities there
are available to them, in order for them to feel effective and powerful in
their own local communities. If the professionals feel better informed then
the families will feel better informed and feel loved by us and connected.
Using computer tools is the current way to solve communication issues.
Chuck is also looking for people to help edit the local pages.

Skagit Early Learning – Karen Rose – Passed out the Washington State Early
Learning Plan which is focused on #35. They are doing a lot of public
relations work, meeting with School Boards etc. Sue Krienen has been
doing a lot of public outreach as well including an article “Voices in the
Valley” in the Skagit Valley Herald and in Olympia.

Skagit County Child and Family Consortium – Karen Rose – Last month’s
meeting was on Insights into Early Brain Development, the next one is on
High School Drop Out prevention. Please let Karen know if you are
interested in attending the next meeting. Money is getting cut and we will
not have a coordinator as of June 30th. Children’s Administration has
been using the Child and Family Consortium as an advisory committee for
Family to Family, Crystal Wagner, shared data about children who are in
out of home care.

Connections Conference – Ray Soriano – We have a week and a half until
the conference. March 19th, space is still available! Exciting line-up, lots of
work going on behind the scenes. There still is time to get signed up for
the resource fair. WAEYC will be having a conference for Early Learning
Providers and Parents in Spanish here in Mt Vernon at the college on June
25th. Right now there is a call for presenters.

Public Awareness Campaign – Cindy has been trouble shooting screen
issues with the 26 inch TV screens running DVD’s that have Early
Intervention Services and Resources out in the community. She has the
ability to upload more recent updates of resource information. She
signed up for a table at connections that will have public awareness
information. The work on the website continues.
Parent to Parent - Heather Milliren went to Washington DC to the Maternal
and Child heatlh National Conference. Heather was there as a mentor to
12 other families about maternal and child health issues. The president
released his budget while they were there. Washington State met with 5
leaders – 2 senators and 3 representatives. Because of the work that was
done while they were there – $200,000,000 cut was restored for fiscal year
11. What it means in Skagit County is that we will be able to still serve
women and children and their families. Because of state cuts it will look
different however federal cuts were possibly avoided. Heather stressed
again that it is important to talk with your elected officials.
www.contactingtheCongress.org is an option, though calling is far more
efficient; it goes to the official right away. E-mail and postal service is
slower and filtered. Members are encouraged to utilize stories to help get
their message across.
     Legos in the library today at Mt. Vernon, tomorrow Burlington, next
       week in Sedro-Woolley.
     Autism 200 series monthly on Thursdays at the hospital, call 814-2424
       to register.
     Autism Parent Support Brunch on April 16, 2011 and June 4, 2011
       from 10am to 12pm.
     Mental Wellness Training with regard to Supporting Individuals with
       Disabilities who Experience Anxiety at the Burlington Library, June 2,
       2011 contact Christinac@co.skagit.wa.us for registration or call 419-

Public Health Update: There is Measles in Washington State in Clark
County. Be aware. Jennifer will get some information about the
importance of immunizations Campaign.

Agency Updates and Announcements:

Preschool Math Night – March 15th at North Cascade Child Development

Reach out and Read program will be a service through the library and will
be heading that project up for Children’s Council and Early Learning
Library Partnership.

April 8th Duncan Seminar – one day conference – I’ve Got Something to
Say, Communication Strategies for Young Children with Physical

Tina Bonzo – There is a significant waiting list of children who need services
at the hospital, therefore she will only be attending quarterly.
Parent to Parent monies were restored showing that it is a priority to the
state even when it was not a part of the governor’s initial plan.

English 20 hour basic STARS class will be coming up in April. Please
contact CR&R to register. There are now four separate programs in the
VOA building; they are looking for a new building.

Special Olympics Swimming needs aids. Malinda will send out an
application for those interested.

Anacortes is starting the Reach out and Read program and is starting with
the pediatricians.

Thursday, March 31st, 5-7pm, Burlington Little School open house. All are

Launching Success will be at the Connections Conference. Barbara
brought some books to share with us.

Parent group is for free on Wednesdays at 6pm by Lincoln School.
Anyone is welcome to come for parenting support. Check out
www.selftimeout.com for fliers and information.

SVC is gearing up for spring quarter. The third module of mentoring and
coaching and the third module of Birth to Three will be in Spring Quarter.
$5,000,000 dollar cut. The ECE department is up and doing well. Two new
bachelor degree programs through City University will be partnering with

Busy libraries! There are lots of free programs for kid’s birth through teens.
Summer Reading is going to be a big issue with school programs cut.

Jennifer Walton will be putting a link to Summer Camps for kids with
Disabilities. Summer Meals will be held at West View and Central
Elementary and they are looking for other sites; please look on the website
for the link.

Discussion about B-E District and their plans for Head Start and District
Preschool to move to West View Elementary and the beginnings of a P-3
There will be a presentation to the Sedro Woolley School Board utilizing the
Ounce of Prevention video and discussing the importance of preschool.
Friday from 10 to 11 Kay will be hosting a parent meeting on Early
Childhood and Autism affects for Sedro Woolley parents. Developing
Capable Young People class has 24 people and is going real well.

Mary Jo Christianson, Anacortes School District
Linda Allen, Mount Vernon Public Library
Donna Horne, CCR&R
Connie Bonner-Britt, Skagit Valley College
Malinda Bjaaland, Skagit County Community Services
Janice Burwash, Burlington Public Library
Ray Soriano, Skagit Islands Head Start
Debra Peterson, Sedro-Woolley Public Library
Cynthia Hubert, SPARC
Karen Rose, YMCA
Joey Wasson, EL Center at Crossroads
Tina Bonzo, Skagit Valley Hospital
Joan Cromley
Barbara Sanford, Launching Success
Carol Thomas, Burlington Little School
Jennifer Walton, Skagit County Public Health Department
Heather Milliren, Skagit County Parent to Parent

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