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					                                                   THE E XAMINER                                                   Fall/Winter 2004

                                                                        Use of Technology Distinguishes R &G:
                                                                        Historical Perspective for a Successful
                                                                             Legal Nurse Consulting Firm

Who we are…                                               R & G Medical Consultants was              our client base extended across 23
                                                          founded in February of 1992 by Rosie       states and into Canada and Israel. The
R&G Medical Consultants provide analysis and              Oldham, BS, RN, LNCC. Her back-            service areas of the firm were expanded
interpretation of medical records to attorneys, pharma-   ground in Nursing Administration,          to include graphics and illustrations in
ceutical companies and insurance companies. The
vital information and resources we furnish will assure    Risk Management and Quality Im-            our work products that were ultimately
the viability or defensibility of a case.                 provement was extremely valuable in        used as demonstrative evidence. Merit
                                                          the startup of this legal nurse consult-   Screens were streamlined and are now
R&G uses in-house computerized technology to gen-         ing firm.                                  offered for a flat fee. In addition, new
erate case specific research. Our compelling use of
nationally accessible online project data bases is
                                                               R & G’s first cases were personal     software was added to our information
crucial to your litigation success!                       injury and in December of 1992, the        systems to track cases, provide conflict
                                                          firm began working on product liability    checks and expert witness data man-
Professional Services Include:                            cases (resulting in completion of over     agement.
♦    Specialists in mass tort case review and manage-     750 cases). This led to staff expansion        In 1999, we to acquired equipment
     ment of data                                         and the use of 32 nursing contractors.     (laptops/projectors), software, and
♦    Utilization of our case data bank for in depth       During this project R & G imple-           trained our “technical nurse consult-
     conflict of interest review
                                                          mented total quality management pro-       ants” adding a new service of techni-
♦    Screen cases for merit – assessing adherence to      cedures. Peer review of work products      cal trial support and settlement consult-
     standards of care, negligence, causation and
     damages                                              led to a successful 100% deficiency        ing services. Utilizing computerized
♦    Provide Medical Records Summary and Analy-           free submission of claims.                 demonstrative evidence, videos and
     sis – a chronological presentation of medical            From 1994 to 1996, R & G proc-         synchronized depositions, we have
     records generated with and without analytical        essed over 450 toxic tort cases (water     successfully settled many cases in AZ,
     comments                                             contamination) for the defendants. This    NM and NV. The integration of legal
♦    Generate illustrations and graphics to maximize      successful project required our nurses     nurse consultants providing technical
     understanding of medical issues                      to input medical information into a        support culminated in our November,
♦    Chronological organization of medical records –      statistical data base for our clients.     2001, 18 million dollar verdict for a
     includes binders, indexing and tabs
                                                              In 1997, R&G began focusing on         personal injury case in Nevada. (see
♦    Obtain and summarize comprehensive and rele-
                                                          complex Medical Malpractice and Per-       web site
     vant research on case specific medical issues
                                                          sonal Injury cases. Rosie Oldham,            Since January, 2002, R & G began
♦    Research and, when necessary, locate expert
     witness for case review/opinion and testimony        CEO, also self published the Medical       providing services on a large product
♦    Review of interrogatories, assistance with depo-     Legal Internet Directory which con-        liability mass tort and has over 140
     sitions and scheduling and attending independ-       tained over 3000 web sites for medical     RNs working on this defense pharma-
     ent medical evaluations                              legal research. This directory was pub-    ceutical project.
♦    Technical Trial/Settlement Consulting                lished in 2nd and 3rd (on CD) edition          The successful thirteen year growth
                                                          by Lawyers and Judges and contains         and expansion for R & G is a direct
                                                          over 5000 web sites. The MLID has          outcome of our team approach in 43
        R&G Medical Consultants, Inc.
                                                          been heralded as a great research tool     states with great attorney clients. The
           19243 N. 88th Avenue
          Peoria, Arizona 85382                           for medical and legal case issues and is   caliber of our staff is educationally
                                                          sold internationally.                      beyond the norm (MS, NP, PhD, JD,
            Phone: (623) 566-3333                             In 1998, one of R & G’s goals was      and MD’s) and directly contributes to
              Fax: (623) 566-3438                         to solidify our position as “the techni-   our continuing success. Our clients
           Toll Free 1 (888) 486-2245                     cal leading” legal nurse consulting        love our “can do” attitude!
                              firm in the United States. At that time,

                                                              R & G Medical Consultants, Inc.
                                                            Today’s Technology for Tomorrow’s

                                                              Technical Success in Settlements

                                                               Our experience has shown that waiting
                                                          until trial to use technical demonstrative evi-
                                                          dence can deny the litigation team success-
                                                          ful resolution with settlement attempts.

                                                               Our technical nursing team has recently
                                                          been praised from several judge arbitrators
                                                          and mediators. A comment from one judge
                                                          indicated that our presentation of evidence
                                                          in settlement had the impact of bringing re-
                                                          alistic expectations to the table. Another
                                                          judge commented that we likely saved a
                                                          carrier a large sum of money. The medical
    Deb Gorombei, BSN, MS, RN, LNCC
                                                          charts, animations and graphics in another
                                                          settlement elicited a statement by the judge
                                                          that the use of technology is providing
      Deb Gorombei, BSN, MS, RN, LNCC serves as
                                                          greater education to the litigants as to the
our technical consultant to large projects and is cer-    medical facts of the case.
tified by inData for the use of Trial Director™.
     Deb has been a registered nurse since graduat-
ing with her BSN from Loyola University with hon-
ors in 1990. She received her Masters degree from
Purdue University with a 4.0 GPA as a Clinical
Nurse Specialist/Management track with a focus in               A pessimist is one who
Transport Nursing. Her certifications include Neo-              makes difficulties of his
natal Resuscitation, Advanced Burn Life Support,
Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Flight Nurse                opportunities;
Advanced Trauma. She has been featured in                       An optimist is one who
Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare in 1999,
Who’s Who in American Nursing 1996 and in 2001                  makes opportunities of his
appointed to the AZ –State Trauma Advisory                      difficulties.
     She has worked in nursing as a trauma coordi-                      Reginald B. Mansell
nator, Adult/Pediatric Flight Nurse, Director of Clini-
cal Development and Critical Care Services, Ad-
ministrative Director and Chief Flight Nurse for the
University of Chicago.                                          We can do anything we
     Deb brings excellent computer skills developed
with her research projects at Purdue University.                want to do if we stick to it
Her Trial Director™ training adds a dynamic combi-              long enough.
nation for technical consulting that benefits our cli-
ents with successful settlements and trial out-                           Helen Keller
comes. Her outstanding teaching skills combined
with her use of Robo Demo™ provides our associ-
ates with excellent staff growth and development.
   FALL/WINTER 2004                                                                                          PAGE 3

Moving Faster than a Speeding Train:      MD’s.” The attraction to a technically advanced
Successfully Managing a Mass Tort Project firm such as R & G by these highly educated RN’s
                                                          speaks to the success of the project. “In setting up
    When Peg Otto Crowell, MS, APRN-BS, RN,               a successful hiring process, R & G developed a
came to work for R & G, she had no idea that her          standard testing process to determine the skill level
position and skills as a nurse practitioner would         of the potential hires. The RN candidate views an
                              become         extremely    instructional Robo Demo on their computer and
                              valuable in assessing       they take our “hands on” test. Our hire rate is ap-
                              the needs of a mass         proximately 3 out of every 10 testing candidates.
                              tort project.         She   We believe this screening leads to the highest level
                              quickly moved up the        of quality for our work products. As a professional
                              ranks, and took on the      courtesy, recommendations are made to those
                              challenging position of     candidates who do not make it through the testing
                              “Project Director”.         process for further education to enhance their skills
                                   “When we started       in order to become legal nurse consultants.”
                              this project in Jan,             Another challenge of this project has been the
                              2002, everything was        constant rising tide of depositions and trials. Our
                              initially in paper format   goal is to meet all the needs of our clients and this
                              including all the medi-     starts with the CEO and filters through the entire
                              cal records.” Peg will      staff. In order to meet the needs of “rush” cases
                              tell you that things        (due to depositions/trial dates), we have set up
quickly picked up speed when the medical records          “teams” to handle different situations. The “rush”
were digitized and placed online. This meant that         team is so advanced that we can set up a case
our staff could quickly access their case medical         team and review thousands of records online
records 24/7.                                             (using as many as 6 RN’s). The team leader will
    This speedy access meant that the momentum            do the case building of the document. The final
of the project began to accelerate rapidly. Just          reader does the quality review prior to shipment
keeping up with the needs of our attorney clients in      with one last oversight review by the Project Direc-
42 states was a challenge. “Our first idea was to         tor. Peg states “This hands on approach gives me
get our R & G Case Tracking Data Base available           insight and a pulse on the project needs. It is so
online to our clients so they could “at a glance” de-     amazing to work with such a dynamic staff that util-
termine the status of the work on their case and          izes the team approach so well in a virtual environ-
also access the most current version of the work          ment”.
product”. Peg believes that this useful tool not only         The accuracy of our chronologies and summa-
benefits the attorney clients but our nursing staff as    ries is primarily due to our internal quality reviews.
well. Our nursing staff now numbers over 140 and          The team leader and final readers are well versed
they are located in 26 states. “We run the first and      in a quality product and also track the productivity
only virtual legal nurse consulting firm in the United    of the RN reviewers.
States. This means that we not only work on the                Staff growth is greatly enhanced by our online
technical cutting edge, we stay ahead of the              data base which houses all our resources, includ-
curve”.                                                   ing the “blueprint” for a specific project. The online
    One of the biggest challenges in a project with       research data base also decreases the amount of
hundreds of cases, is finding staff with the neces-       time spent on research which has already been
sary analytical skills and the ability to think in a      compiled and stored online and this is readily
critical manner. In addition, we locate and employ        available to our attorney clients.
nurses with technical skills commensurate with our            “The success of this mass tort project is a result
needs.                                                    of the distinct methods utilized by R & G, not only
“The minimum requisite for R & G is a bachelors           in the hiring process, but in utilizing the most ad-
degree; we have been able to exceed that hiring           vanced technology to promote meeting our clients
requirement with many RN’s with MS degrees as             needs and those of our outstanding staff”.
well as RN’s with PhD’s, PA’s, NP’s, JD’s and
Today’s Technology for
            Tomorrow’s Verdicts ®

19243 N. 88th Avenue
Peoria AZ 85382
Bus: (623) 566-3333
FAX: (623) 566-3438
Toll free: 1 (888) 486-2245

          President’s Message– Rosie Oldham, RN, BS, LNCC

                              “Our rapidly changing world calls for a culture with quicker reflexes. More
                        Speed. Agility and flexibility. The future requires a shift to new responses. It’s
                        time to change the way we handle change.” Price Pritchett, PhD.

                            Accepting and working through change is always a tough challenge. In retrospect,
                        we can usually see that the changes bring about positive outcomes even if at the time
                        we perceive the change as difficult.
                            In nearly 13 years as a business owner and CEO, R & G has been challenged by
                        many projects. While technology makes change and success possible in many ways, it
                        is my experience that who you hire to work with you is pivotal to achieving your corpo-
                        rate goals.
                            The RNs working with R & G are without a doubt the most exciting group of profes-
                        sionals I know. The team effort that goes along with their “can do” attitude meets our
                        client’s needs and exceeds their expectations. Even the best computer technology in
                        the world cannot accomplish this type of success. While we are the most technically
                        advanced firm of legal nurse consultants, our staff is the reason for our success.
                            Our nurses are experienced and trained by advanced practice legal nurse consult-
                        ants who are certified by the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants. This
                        brings diversity to our clients and provides the satisfaction that makes a difference in
                        successful litigation outcomes!
                            Best wishes for a happy 2004 holiday season and a prosperous and successful new

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