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  A1. Go to the textbook and find      A2. What was the purpose of         A3. Chart the route of Cortez’
  the reasons why the Europeans        Marco Polo’s exploration of         conquest of Meso-America
  explored. Write down the             Asia? Rate on a scale of 1-10
  reasons in a list and circle which   how significant his exploration
  were more significant.               was.

  B1. What were the reasons for        B2. Explain why Marco Polo’s        B3. What were the immediate
  European exploration? Cite           stories were hard to believe by     impact of Cortes’ exploration
  specific explorers and examples.     the local Italians upon returning   of Meso-America. Explain pros
  In addition, cite the source.        from his explorations.              and cons.

  C1. Why do modern explorers          C2. How did western civilization    C3. How did Cortes’
  continue to explore? What is the     benefit from Marco Polo’s           exploration of Meso-America
  benefit of further explorations?     journeys? Did the Asians benefit    affect the local populations?
  Why should we continue to            from contact with him?              How did Christianity affect the
  explore oceans, space, and                                               Aztecs and contribute to their
  medicine?                                                                being conquered?

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Mark Bilbo / Fifth Grade-Fremont Elementary 1999

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