DSU Elections Grauate Crisis South Africa by pengxiang


									      DSU Elections                  Grauate Crisis                               South Africa
Humayra Sadiq features the   Faye and Kris report the troubles               Catherine Muir reflects on
   up and coming elections                  for ʻ09 graduates                     her childhood in S,A
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February 16 2009
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                                                                                                                                                                           Monday 16 February 2009
  2                                                                                                                                                                                        Issue 57

                                                         Graduates’ hour of need
                                                                                                         graduate jobs causing many more graduates
                                                          Faye Alder                                     to consider post graduate study.

Editorial Team                                           As this year looks set to be the worst year
                                                                                                           Durham University’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor
                                                                                                         for learning and teaching, Professor
                                                                                                                                                           Post Graduate Study
 Editor-in-chief –
 Shahinaz Nabeeh
                                                         to graduate in, students from a leading         Anthony Forster, said: “ ere’s no panic but       at DMU
                                                         UK university are being given £2,000 to         people are anxious about their prospects.
                               Music Editors –                                                             “We have some of the most employable            l      ere are over 100 post graduate
 Deputy Editor –               Graham Howlett                                                            graduates in the country, but this scholarship        courses at DMU with many more
 Kayleigh Sharpe               Alistar Hardaker                                                          will give them a real chance to upgrade their
 editor@demonpaper.com         Ollie Millington                                                                                                                being introduced for 2009/2010
                               music@demonpaper.com                                                      skills and be in a better position to gain
 Creative Editor –                                                                                       employment once they leave,”
                                                                                                                                                           l   DMU is one of the top universities
 Kayleigh Sharpe               Film Editor –                                                                   e Pro Vice Chancellor has said that             for research council funding which
 photos@demonpaper.            Becky Gazeley                                                                                                                   in turn attracts the best teaching
 com                           film@demonpaper.com                                                        the scholarship would be enough to
                                                                                                         persuade students stay on, offering a ‘real            staff
 News Editors–                 Sports Editor –                                                           contribution to living costs.’                    l   97.8% of DMU post graduates
 Kris Bramwell                 Tom Kwah
 Faye Alder                    sport@demonpaper.com      continue their studies.                           He said: “It’s also about keeping the               enter full time employment within
 news@demonpaper.com                                       Durham University announced this move         brightest and best at Durham and in the               six months of completing their
                               Proofreader - Jamie       in order to assist graduates through further    North East, but we want our graduates to go
 Politics Editor –             Yapp                                                                                                                            course
 Ciaran Scott                                            study to avoid attempting to find a job in       on and get the best jobs wherever they are.”      l   An Alumni Scholarship is offered
 politics@demonpaper.com       Contributors:             the current recession.                                e scholarship is offered to all students
                               Ruth Conners                                                                                                                    to existing DMU students which
                                                              e money will be given out to students      at Durham University to assist with fees
 Features Editor –             Matt Beenison
                                                         in the form of 102 scholarships paid from       that range from £4,200 to £7,500 and all
                                                                                                                                                               enables them to get £500 off their
 Humayra Sadiq                 Daniella Jones-Ellis
 features@demonpaper.          Sam Nicholson             surpluses at the university.                    topics of study, excluding the MBA.                   course fees. (Some courses are
 com                           Tatei Montejo               UK graduates already face strong                    is is the latest in a line of rescue            excluded)
                               Simon Hargreaves
 Travel Editors –              Will Benton-Diggins       competition in some sectors of the job          missions to help the country’s graduates          l   For more information on post
 Cherie Rowlands               Jo Peacock                market and with the recession this will only    after Universities Secretary John Denham              graduate study at DMU visit www.
 Catherine Muir                Lewis Mitchel             be make these times more challenging.           made plans to team up with UK companies
 travel@demonpaper.com         Ian Cockerill
                                                                                                                                                               dmu.ac.uk or contact the enquiry
                                                              e financial sector of the market has        to introduce three month internships to               centre on 08459 45 46 47
 Fashion Editor –                                        been hit the hardest with a 47% cut in          ease them into their desired industry.
 William Robert Skinner

                                                         ‘Uncertain’ future for

 Lifestyle Editor–
 Sarah Taylor

                                                         graduates says survey
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                                                                                                            The survey last summer turned out to          university. England’s Higher Education
                                                          Kris Bramwell                                  be inaccurate. It had predicted a 12%            Minister David Lammy said it was still
                                                                                                         rise in vacancies but figures now show           and always would be a good investment.
                                                         Graduate vacancies are set to be down           the shortage of jobs had already began to           “People considering applying to
Contact Us                                               for the first time since 2003 according         bite.                                            university should do so. A degree can
                                                         to a survey.                                       This year’s report states: “By and large,     help you not only get your first job but
Please send all correspondence to:                          Carried out by the Association of            while no-one doubts the seriousness of           also throughout a career that may span
Shahinaz Nabeeh, Editor-in-Chief, e
                                                         Graduate Recruiters in their bi-annual          the current economic downturn, the               up to 45 years.”
Demon, De Montfort University Students’
Union, First Floor, e Campus Centre, Mill
                                                         survey shows that vacancies are down by         picture for graduate recruitment, though            In England the graduates facing this
Lane, Leicester LE2 7DR.                                 5.4% on last year.                              worrying, could be bleaker.                      tougher market are the first to have
                                                            Starting salaries have been frozen at last      “There are even some silver linings           accumulated debts from all three years of
E-mail: editor@demonpaper.com                            year’s average of £25,000 and are down by       with growth predicted in the engineering         tuition fees on their courses.
Tel: 0116 255 5576                                       as much as 8% in the world of finance.           and public sectors - both of which are              The University and College Union
                                                            On the bright side, the engineering          likely to appeal to graduates seeking job        said it had always opposed forcing
For all advertising enquiries,                           food and drink industries want more             security this year.”                             students into greater levels of debt, their
contact Hannah Tuttle of                                 recruits.                                          Employers’ advice those who do not            spokesman said: “Those policies have
BAM Student Marketing at
                                                            Association chief Carl Gilleard said:        get their desired job right away is to take      ensured that thousands of new and recent
                                                         “The only certainty is uncertainty.”            some form of paid work if they can -             graduates are entering an incredibly
                                                            The association represents hundreds          rather than doing further study, unless it       competitive job market with record levels
Disclaimer                                               of companies from the private and               enhances their employability.                    of student and commercial debt.”
                                                         public sectors who recruit thousands of            Graduates are advised to research the            The NUS have said it was not only
All views and opinions printed in this                   graduates, two hundred and forty five of        firms they want to work for and apply            graduate jobs that were at risk in the
publication are those of the writers and                 these took part in the research.                early for jobs they are attracted too.           recession: “Many students have to work
not of De Montfort University Students’                     Findings suggest, just under half of            The shadow innovation, universities           part-time to finance their studies, and we
Union. We welcome articles from all                      the organisations (46%) expect to hire          and skills secretary, David Willetts, said       may see more of them having to drop out
students at all times. All articles will be              fewer graduates this year with two thirds       the survey made sober reading.                   if they lose these jobs.
considered. Any articles are subject to                  of them saying this was due directly or            “Employers are feeling the pinch and             “Those vice-chancellors who are
editing and we do not guarantee that                     indirectly to the economic downturn.            cutting jobs as a result. This problem is        arguing for the cap on fees to be lifted in
submitted articles will be printed.                         However, this situation for graduates        made worse by the difficulty they face in        the coming year must think again, unless
                                                         is not as pronounced as in 2003, and            finding graduates with the right skills.”        they want to plunge a generation of
   e Demon is printed through Trinity Mirror.            nothing like as bad as in 1991 and 1992,           The government re-iterated its call for       students and graduates into even worse
For further information, visit the web site at
                                                         when vacancies fell by 32% and 14%.             young people not to be put off going to          debt during a time of economic crisis.”
  The Newspaper of De Montfort Students
  www.demontfortstudents.com/demon                                                                                                                                                          3

News in Brief
                                                One Voice Fashion Show
                                                                                                 and Dolly Mix Vintage, among others, it is      still need convincing, there will be a number
                                                 Tatei Montejo                                   no wonder that a group of DMU students          of food stalls from Leicester’s restaurants
                                                                                                 have volunteered to model.                      offering a range of dishes from different
Chips smell of                                    It seems like DMU is becoming Leicester’s            ird year student Sarah Lavery who has     cultures and a beer festival.
                                                fashion hottest spot. Following the success      already done some
ironing boards?                                 of the catwalk show on the 2nd of February,
                                                De Montfort University students will be
                                                                                                 modelling before
                                                                                                 said: “I think the One
                                                hosting another fashion show on the 25th as      Voice Fashion show is
  Research has been carried out by Leeds        part of the ‘One Voice’ event.                   showcasing some of
University into the irresistible scent of the     ‘One Voice’ will be an all day free event      Leicester’s best shops
great British chip.                             of fashion, music, drama and comedy, based       and designs and I
  Findings from the study found that            around the different cultures at DMU.             cannot wait to be a
that distinct aroma of chips includes that      Leicester is one of the most multicultural       part of it!”
of butterscotch, cheese, onion, flowers,         towns in the UK, and only in DMU there                 e organisers
cocoa and yes ironing boards!                   are 141 nationalities, which is why a group      are still looking
  Researchers at Leeds University               of students have decided to volunteer and        for volunteers to
measured scents on an aroma-meter               celebrate our diversity.                         help with anything
identifying each one with the human               Mariana Graça, a Portuguese third year         from designing to
nose.                                           student who’s co-organising the fashion          advertising or even
  It has been suggested by lead researcher      show said: “Everyone has worked so hard,         performing and
Graham Clayton that chips have the              hopefully the students will enjoy the fashion    represent your culture
potential to be ‘treated like wine’ where       show.                                            or beliefs, so if you
connoisseurs can appreciate the various           “Also, the integration between home and        want to get involved
blends.                                         international students on campus will be         you can contact them
                                                enhanced as this is the main aim of the ‘One     through the facebook
                                                Voice’ event.”                                   group.
Putting pets                                          e fashion show is shaping up to be one           e ‘One Voice’
                                                of the highlights of the day, since it will      event kicks off at 11
before own health                               showcase designs from graduates running
                                                their own businesses and from some of the
                                                                                                 am in Level 1 and
                                                                                                 the catwalk show will
  Smokers are willing to put their pets         most popular shops in Leicester.                 start at 12, and all the
ahead of their own health in a survey             With participating shops such as New           entertainment on the        One Voice | Free fashion show? What more could you want?
carried out by US researchers.                  Look, A/Wear, Cult, MacQueens, Burton            day is for free! If you
  Twenty eight per cent of those
surveyed said they would give up
smoking after finding out second hand
                                                 Comment on the News
smoke was harming their pets.

                                                Clarkson’s at it again
  Sharon Milberger of the Henry Ford
Health System in Detroit, who led the
research said:”It’s not necessarily that
people love their pets more than they
love themselves or their children, it’s just
another motivational factor for people to       If Clarkson can describe the prime minister as a ‘one eyed Scottish idiot’
consider quitting smoking,”
     e findings were based on a survey of
                                                than maybe I am a four-eyed English cripple, writes Kris Bramwell.
3,293 pet owners in the US, mostly in           Regardless of your personal opinion of           those infamous telephone messages.                 his ability to be Prime Minster than Barack
Michigan.                                       how Gordon Brown is carrying out his job            Many disability groups have come out and        Obama’s ethnicity affects his ability to be
     ere are 71 million pet owners in the       during the economic crisis, his personal         criticised Clarkson’s remarks, Visually impaired   US President.”
US with about a fifth of those being pet         appearance does not come into it.                Ian Macrae, editor of Disability Now, says it         Clarkson has apologised but regardless,
owners as well.                                   Clarkson appears to have see himself as        was “disgraceful” that the BBC had chosen to       for all of those thousands affected I believe it
                                                an individual who can say what he likes          dismiss atcher for alleged racism this week        may be a case of ‘stick and stones may break
                                                regardless the impact that such statements       but decided to keep Clarkson.                      my bones, but names will never hurt me.
                                                can not only have on one individual but an          Mr Macrae said: “ at the BBC will not              I for one believe this calls for a debate of
Chicken                     ief!                entire group.                                    tolerate racism expressed in private by one        just how far freedom of speech goes and I’ll
                                                      is is not the first time either. Branding   of its frontline presenters, while failing to      leave this up to you to decide.
                                                lorry drivers as ‘prostitute murderers’ maybe    condemn
  A thief in Australia was forced to            said in jest but it is evidence of how the Top   Clarkson for
reveal himself to the police after injuring     Gear front man can open his mouth without        an overtly
himself with a frozen chicken he was            thinking of the hurt he can cause others.        disablist
using to break into a café.                       I ask you, where are the consequences?         reference
      e thief had stolen the chicken from         If Glenn Hoddle could be sacked as             to a major
a butchers shop earlier that day and            England manager for saying disabled people       public figure,
proceeded to use the stolen bird as well        have committed sins in previous lives            smacks
as rocks to attempt to gain access to the       then when is Clarkson going to be made           of double
café.                                           accountable for his comments?                    standards,”
      e 20 year old man cut his wrists and        Especially in a climate where Carol               “Gordon
was forced to phone an ambulance.                  atcher can be removed permanently for the     Brown’s
  He was later charged with breaking and        One Show after describing a French tennis        impairment
entering.                                       player a golliwog off screen, or Jonathan Ross    has no more
                                                can be suspended by the corporation for          bearing on
               you  got
         H ave        es?
             t it tak

                  49               *
   The ultimate student
      DJ competition
27th Feb - Level 1 - Doors 7pm
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Government travel database
 Ciaran Scott                                      customs and police                                                                            Politics in Brief
                                                   watch-lists, leading to
                                                   over 2,700 arrests for
    e government has said that it plans to         crimes such as murder,                                                                        Controversial
compile a database that will hold the travel       rape and assault.”
information of millions of Britons.
       e move would store information for up to
                                                         e scheme has come
                                                   under fire from privacy
                                                                                                                                                 Dutch M.P
ten years, and allow the government to track
British citizens wherever they are in the world.
                                                   campaigners and
                                                   opposition M.Ps, who
                                                                                                                                                 banned from U.K
    e government have said that such a database    say the move, would                                                                              A Dutch M.P who called the Islamic
is vital in combating crime, terrorism and         lead Britain into an                                                                          holy book the Quraan a ‘fascist book ‘ has
illegal immigration. All the information stored    Orwellian surveillance                                                                        been banned from entered U.K.
will contain every detail of the 250million        state. Shadow home                                                                               Geert wilders was invited to Britian to
journeys that are made in and out of Britain       secretary Chris Grayling                                                                      show his new controversial film to the
each year. e information stored includes           said that he thinks                                                                           House of Lords.
the names addresses, credit card numbers,          the government is                                                                                  e film says that the Quraan incites
telephone numbers and travel itineraries of        just trying to track                                                                          terrorism.
every person who makes a journey to and            more and more of our                                                                             Mr Wilders faces trial in Holland, on
from the U.K. e e-borders scheme has come          lives.“ e justification                                                                        charges of incitement of hatred.
under fire from civil liberties campaignsers        is always about security
who claim that such a move would lead Britain      or personal protection.
into a big brother state. However Home Office        But the truth is that we
officials have said that other similar databases     have a government that                                                                        Prime Minister
are already in place in countries such as the      just can’t be trusted over                     database ‘is to transform our border control
United States and Spain.Phil Woolas, Minister
of State for borders and immigration defended
                                                   these highly sensitive issues. We must not
                                                   allow ourselves to become a Big Brother
                                                                                                  to ensure greater security, effectiveness,
                                                                                                  and efficiency. To do so, we will make full
                                                                                                                                                 Gordan Brown
the move saying that: “ e UK has one of
the toughest borders in the world and we are
                                                   society.”A spokesperson for the group
                                                   NO2ID said: “When your travel plans,
                                                                                                  use of the latest electronic technology to
                                                                                                  provide a way of collecting and analyzing
                                                                                                                                                 ‘very angry’ over
determined to ensure it stays that way” “Our
hi-tech electronic borders system will allow us
                                                   who you are travelling with, where you are
                                                   going to and when, are being recorded you
                                                                                                  information on everyone who travels to or
                                                                                                  from the United Kingdom’. e scheme,
to count all passengers in and out of the UK       have to ask yourself just how free is this     which is already being started, will be at
and targets those who aren’t willing to play by    country?”                                      fully implemented in march 2014, but as           Gordon Brown is ‘ very angry’ over
our rules. Already e-Borders have screened over          e e-borders website, a portal from the   soon as December this year, 60% of travel      proposed bonuses for bankers, and wants
75 million passengers against immigration,         home offices, states that the aim of the         information will be stored in the database.    them to consider rethinking their right to

Sarkozy attacks Brown
                                                                                                                                                 have them.
                                                                                                                                                    R.B.S are to pay out almost £1bn in
                                                                                                                                                 bonuses this year, although the bank is
                                                                                                                                                 almost entirely owned by the taxpayer
                                                                                                                                                    He said: “I think there is a moral
 Matt Beenison                                     Merkel. She                                                                                   responsibility on some of these bankers,
                                                   claimed that                                                                                  even if they are legally entitled to take
Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France, has          the Labour                                                                                    bonuses, at a time when the bank is only
launched a scathing attack on Gordon               Party policy                                                                                  still standing because of government
Brown regarding his management of the              of spending                                                                                   intervention and why I think there is an
economic crises.                                   more money                                                                                    important issue of needing to restore trust
      e Frenchman attacked the Labour              than they                                                                                     in the city, senior executives need to take
Government’s recent VAT cut by 2.5%                take in order                                                                                 responsibility and consider whether they
to 15%, claiming that “it will bring them          to attempt to                                                                                 should be taking bonuses”.
nothing. Consumption continues to                  stimulate the
decrease”. e reduction was introduced              economy was
in the UK in November in order to try              the wrong                                                                                     Tories meddle
and boost consumer spending in the run             management
up to Christmas, effectively taking 2.5%
off the price of most products, and will
                                                   and that “tax
                                                                                                                                                 with wikipedia.
                                                                                                                                                    e conservative party has admitted that
continue for a year. e policy had been             and spend”                                                                                    a member if its staff alter a page on the
criticised not just by foreign politicians         economics                                                                                     artist Titian on wikipedia.org.
but also from the Conservatives and the            were more                                                                                        e alteration comes after the Tory
Liberal Democrats as being a waste of tax          favourable in                                                                                 party leader David Cameron and the
payers’ money, claiming that the cut was           the current                                                                                   Prime Minster Gordon Brown had a
not enough to reduce prices dramatically           climate.                                       Europe. He was also quick to bring up          heated exchange during Prime ministers
and customers would notice very little                  e proclamation by the French              Brown’s gaffe during Prime Minister’s           questions.During the exchange Mr
difference for such a big cut out of the            President was made at a press conference       Questions, in which he said that his           Cameron mocked Mr Brown for miss-
government’s annual budget. It has also            in France. Downing Street was quick            policies had “saved the world”. Sarkozy’s      quoting the age of which the artist died.
been criticised as being targeted at a time        to release a statement saying Sarkozy          own policies within France have not exactly       e ‘over eager’ member of staff then
when a general election is due in order            had called them to let them know that          left him in good stead with the French         logged into Wikipedia and moved Titians
to persuade people to vote for Labour - a          the comments were not an attack on             population, with many workers going on         birth date forward 4 years.
short-term measure before increasing the           British policies. George Osbourne, the         strike in protest. It has been said that his
rates again, possibly up to 20%.Sarkozy’s          Shadow Chancellor, was quick to jump           comments about the British policy were
comments follow the criticisms aimed at            on the bandwagon to attack Brown’s             in fact a defence of his own economic
Brown’s government from the German                 policies, claiming that the VAT cut was an     management techniques as he faces
executive run by the conservative Angela           “expensive failure” recognised throughout      criticisms from within his own country.
                                                                                                  Monday 16 February 2009
   6                                                                                                              Issue 57

‘Iran ready for talks’ says President
 Ciaran Scott
                                                                                relations with the west have taken a turn
    e president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad marked the                         for the worst with questions being raised
anniversary of his countries Islamic revolution by saying                       over the safety of allowing the country to
that he would welcome talks with the U.S.A.                                     have a nuclear capacity.Iran however denies
      e controversial leader made the comments as he spoke                      that their nuclear programme has military
at the 30th anniversary of Iran’s Islamic revolution. e                         ambitions and is being geared towards
remark was a response to a speech made by U.S president                         civilian power.
Barrack Obama the day before, who said that he was                                 After congratulating Barrack Obama in
looking to open a direct dialogue with the country, and                         his election win, the Iranian president told
urged Iran to send signals that it wants to act differently,                     America that for talks to happen it most
he also hinted at face to face talks in the coming months.                      first apologise for its crimes against Iran and
In the speech Mr Ahmadinejad said: “ e new US                                   pull troops out of countries all around the
administration has announced that they want to produce                          world.
change and pursue the course of dialogue”                                             is remark was a direct response to a
   “It is quite clear that real change must be fundamental                      reference in Barrack Obama’s inauguration
and not tactical. It is clear the Iranian nation welcomes real                  speech when he said that he would extend a
changes and is ready for dialogue in a climate of equality                      hand to Iran if it first unclenched its fist.
and mutual respect” e two countries have a chequered
past, with diplomatic ties being severed in 1979 when the
American backed Shah was overthrown in the revolution
and the infamous seizure of 52 U.S officials at the American
embassy in Iran.                                                                 Want to write for politics?
   Both countries rhetoric towards each other has changed                        Email snabeeh@dmu.ac.uk
over the past months, with Iran turning down its anti-
American sentiment and America becoming more willing                             with the subject politics.
to talk to Iran. However thanks to Iran’s nuclear ambitions,

Recession woes deepen
Ciaran Scott takes a look at the most recent casualties of the credit crunch.
                                                                                than he received thanks to the failings of
With the recession in full swing, more and more people                          HBOS, losing £ 5 million.He added: “ e
have been saying things of cuff, and losing their jobs.                          bonus system has proved to be wrong.
  With public apologies and Nostradamus style                                   Substantial cash bonuses do not reward the
predications what exactly has been going on in the                              right kind of behaviour,” e committee
financial world for the last two weeks?One on the most                           also asked questions about the sacking of
important things that has happened recently is the                              a HBOS risk manager who was sacked in
apologies made by the ex bosses of two of the biggest                           2005 after raising concerns over the level
banks that had to be bailed out by the government.                              of rick the group was taking on.Another
   e bosses received a grilling from a treasury committee                       causality of the credit crunch was the former
who asked probing questions about the banker’s salaries                         head of the finical services authority, (F.S.A).
                                                                                Sir James Crosby resigned over the sacking
                                                                                of the risk manager whilst in charge of
  “the recession will be                                                        the HBOS group.Sir James has said that
                                                                                there is no substance to the allegations but

  deeper and longer than                                                        resigned form F.S.A to spare the organisation
                                                                                controversy.Al though he feels the allegations
                                                                                are false he said: “I nonetheless feel that the
  previously expected ”                                                         right course of action for the FSA is for me
                                                                                to resign from the FSA board, which I do
                                                                                with immediate effect,”
                                                                                      e governor of the bank of England
and benefits and the culture of bonus taking.Former                              Mervin King, has again warned that
chief executive of R.B.S, Sir Fred Goodwin told the                             Britain is in a deep recession.He said that
committee that he couldn’t be more sorry for what                               the recession will be deeper and longer
happened to the bank. e bankers put the blame on                                than previously expected and that the U.K
the amount of bonuses that people in the finical world                           economy will decline sharply in the first
receive and commented that it needs substantial review.                         half of 2009. He said that the length of
However Sir Fred added that if bankers felt that they                           the economic slowdown would depend on
were not paid enough they would leave.Sir Fred himself                          the state of the world economy, but could
received a 2.9million performance bonus in 2007 plus his                        last longer if authorities are only partially
£1.3million salary.After the Royal Bank of Scotland ran                         successful in restoring consumer confidence.
into trouble the government bailed it out and now it is                            e credit crunch woes have well and
70 % owned by the taxpayer.Andy Hornby former chief                             truly gripped Britain, but the question still
executive of HBOS added that he had not received any                            remains. Is it going to get worse before it
cash bonus last year and only received bonus in the forms                       gets better?
of shares.According to Mr Hornby he lost more money
                                                                                                                                                                       Monday 16 February 2009
   8                                                                                                                                                                                   Issue 57

Daughters of Adam                                                       is is our chance to have a laugh, irrespective of who we
                                                                 are, where we are from or what we study because after all we
  Humayra Sadiq                                                  are all Daughters of Adam.”
                                                                        e event was a huge success after a famous nasheed
      e Islamic Society at De Montfort University organised      band (a suitable form of music for Muslims) did a live
a ladies only event which inspired a huge amount of people       performance on stage called ‘Pearls of Islam’ which is a group
hence a great turnout! e event, Daughters of Adam,               of three young Muslim ladies of Afro Caribbean heritage.
was aimed at both non Muslims as well as Muslims where           It consists of Rabiah Abdullah, Khadijah Muhammad and
everyone can have a great time with each other in an             Sakinah Abdullah, with the use of African and Middle East
environment that is respectful to everyone.                      drumming and Traditional Arabic and English nasheeds.
      e event took place on 1st February, 2009 at the                eir combination of writing, vocal and lyrical skills produces
prestigious venue, e Empire, on Foundry Lane. e event            an erray of different pieces. eir lyrics are used in accordance
began at 3pm and came to an end at 9pm.                          to the religion, Islam, to reach out to the youth and the
   Fatima Shah, Head Sister of the Islamic society said, “ is    community and guide them on the right path.
is our chance not only to meet new sisters but also discover        Other inspiring talks took place on the day by special
the beauty of belonging to this Muslim community. is             guest speakers such as Seema Ahmad who is President of the          Pearls of Islam Nasheed Band | Picture taken by Humayra Sadiq
is our chance to find out what makes us women ever so             Leicester Branch, Islamic Society of Britain (ISB)
special.                                                            and has engaged in youth and community work for
                                                                 almost 20 years as well as Rajnaara Akhtar who is the chair
                                                                 of Protect-Hijab and also works with the UK-based NGO                 “It was wonderful to see
                                                                 Friends of Al-Aqsa.
                                                                    Seema Ahmad said, “It was wonderful to see the two                 the two universities joining
                                                                 universities joining hands to put on an event together. ere
                                                                 were students, their friends and relatives of all different ages
                                                                                                                                       hands to put on an event
                                                                 and countries of origin. e united variety of the sisterhood
                                                                 of Islam was beautiful and evident.”
                                                                    During the event a fashion show took place of head
                                                                 coverings and suitable clothing for Muslim women which
                                                                 consisted of costumes from around the world such as from            opportunity to visit stalls and buy things of the Islamic
                                                                 Turkey, Italy, Dubai and Malawi. e nasheed competition              tradition and were given a three course meal.
                                                                 was also a huge success and a great form of entertainment              Claire Smith said, “I think the event was amazing. We
                                                                 as the battle to win took place between students at De              definitely get the chance to learn a lot about Muslims and
                                                                 Montfort University and students from Leicester University.         their faith as well as engage with them in an environment
                                                                 Members who came to the event were also given the                   that’s suitable for everyone.”

Elections – IT COULD BE YOU!
                                                                 council, academic board representative as well as 2 open
 Humayra Sadiq                                                   student trustee positions and 6 NUS Delegate positions.
                                                                    Nominations have been opened on 9th February, 09 for
     e time has come again. Flyers are going around and          candidates so do make the most of it. A candidate’s guide
posters around the faculties displaying who the next student     will be made available on the website and at the Student’s
officer is and why they can make a difference, people               Union reception in the campus centre.
buzzing around outside the campus centre persuading you             Carl King, Union President, said, “I ran for President
to vote for them....well what is the buzz about? e time          because I had been involved with the Union from my
has come to elect the next executive member for the student      fresher’s year and wanted to make a difference and continue
union or the next student officer who will represent you in        to be involved. Anyone who is thinking about running
the next academic year.....but IT COULD BE YOU.                  should. e advice and experience you get will stand you in
     e elections give students the opportunity to represent      good stead for future prospects.”
their fellow classmates and help make a difference within            De Montfort Students’ Union will be electing
the student union. Not only do you gain a lot of skills and      representatives for 2009 – 2010; and are looking for those
experience in the process, but it’s a great asset on your CV     eager to make a difference and interesting in representing           midday, the candidates will hence have a meeting which is
which employers these days look for.                             over 21,000 students in a variety of areas to become an             compulsory for all of them to attend on 24th February, 09
     ere are many positions, both full time and part time,       integral part of the team.                                          at 6pm. Voting will begin 27th February, 09 at 10am and
which you can run for. e full time positions consist of             So whether you’re leaving this year and think you’ve got         will close on 5th March, 09 at midnight. e results will be
DSU President, Deputy President for Education, Vice              what it takes to be one of the Executive Committee, whether         announced on 6th March, 09 at 2pm.
President of Media and Communication, Vice President             you are passionate about making a change and influencing                So what are you waiting for...? Grab a nominations
of Student Activities and Vice President of Welfare. Part        the direction of the Students’ Union or even if you are             pack and get someone to vote for you or vote for someone
time positions are for students studying currently at DMU        continuing your studies, you can still make a great change          yourself!
and will still be studying next year however, these still have   which everyone can benefit from.                                        For further information contact Colina Wright at
a depth of opportunities for you if you want to become              With a wide breadth of opportunities available for               cwright@dmu.ac.uk or go to www.demontfortstudents.
a student officer. ere are 15 student officer positions              students, there is so much you can get involved in and help         com/vote or you could either attend the StandOut session
including Communications Officer, International Students           make a positive difference to the running of the student             called “I want to run the Students’ Union” on ursday
Officer, Sports Officer etc. Other positions the university          union so get involved as IT COULD BE YOU!                           12th February at 12pm in the Charles Frears building or on
is offering are 8 student council positions, chair of student           e nominations will close on 23rd February, 09 at              Monday 16th February at 12pm at the Kimberlin Library.
   The Newspaper of De Montfort Students
   www.demontfortstudents.com/demon                                                                                                                                                       9

Diet Obsessed World
                                                                  as a negative thing.     e process of putting on weight,
 Daniella Jones-Ellis                                             although in the media tends to be treated as being a girl’s
                                                                  worst nightmare, does not have to be just that. It can be
   It is fair to say that we live in a diet obsessed world with   achieved healthily whilst those who need to do so can still
people who are determined and crazed with ideas of getting        maintain a slim, healthy and muscularly toned appearance.
what is seen to be the perfect body image and down to their          A recent article in Now magazine positively focuses on
ideal body weight.                                                actress and Dancing on Ice star, Roxanne Pallett’s new
   In today’s society, you are not likely to open a magazine      look, by stressing the fact that she is not denying herself her
without coming across diet                                                                      treats and is able to tone up
tips, celebrities’ weight                                                                       with healthy eating and a daily
loss regimes and those                                                                          exercise regime. Writer, Beth
celebrities, whose lives are      “ ere are always features                                     McLoughlin, said: “Tucking
in the media, coming under                                                                      into treats you fancy some of
attack due to their weight
                                  in magazines that give you                                    the time stops you craving them
gain or large physique.           advice on how to lose weight.                                 and bingeing later”.
       e distinction between                                                                       It is these positive words
a woman with natural              What about us girls who                                       of Beth’s and sensible diet of       transform herself.”    e book contains the 12 body shapes
curves and generally being                                                                      Roxanne’s that our society           that Trinny and Susannah have identified, including the
overweight appears to have
                                  want to put it on?”                                           needs more of. With a greater        well-known Pear, Apple and Hourglass. When referring to
been lost in the midst of                                                                       focus on muscle toning whilst        these three common body shapes they said: “ ey are the
the skinny trend being the                                                                      maintaining the presence of the      real key to looking great”.
dominant image portrayed within the media.                        treats you love in your diet, the focus on losing weight is lost      By encouraging women to dress in a way that
   Twenty year old female student at DMU, who would               and greater successes are achieved.                                compliments their figure and rid the world of women ageing
like to remain anonymous, said: “ ere are always features            TV stylists Trinny and Susannah are two positive role           themselves in an effort to cover up their body hang ups, the
in magazines that give you advice on how to lose weight.          models who work within the media and aim to give women             pair prove you do not have to give in to the skinny trend in
What about us girls who want to put it on?”                       back the confidence they have lost. Speaking about their            order to look and feel beautiful.
       is is proof that not all females are constantly thinking   new book, e Body Shape Bible, the pair said: “We
of ways to become thinner and do not see gaining weight           have found the formula that will enable every woman to

Student Prepares for London Fashion Week
                                                                       e complexity of the 2009 brief,
 Humayra Sadiq                                                    ‘Urban Holographic’ ensured that the
                                                                  quality of the entrants’ work this year was
  A student from De Montfort University prepares for              exceptionally high, and Beatrice impressed
galactic debut at London Fashion Week                             the judges with her beautiful textiles and
   Beatrice Newman, fashion student at De Montfort                innovative research. FAD asked students
University, has been named as a finalist in the prestigious        to explore the concept of Retro futurism
2009 FAD (Fashion Awareness Direct) Competition, set to           and space tourism looking back at 1960’s
take place at Vauxhall Fashion Scout in London on 24th            curved design and films such as ‘2001:
February.                                                         A Space Odyssey’ to create fashionable
  One of 14 finalists, Beatrice beat hopefuls from 24              ‘uniforms’ for galactic hosts/hostesses.
different UK universities and colleges to win a coveted              Last year De Montfort fashion student,
place in the competition, which sees the most promising           Jemma Simmons, was a runner-up in
undergraduates,                                                                          the 2008 FAD
compete for a £2000                                                                      Competition and
first prize and desirable                                                                 was awarded £1,000
industry placement.          One of 14 finalists, Beatrice                                towards her graduate
Her final design                                                                          collection and a work
will be showcased            beat hopefuls from 24                                       placement with UK         Beatrice’s Designs | Named finalist in the Prestigious 2009 FAD Competition
in a unique catwalk
show during London
                             different UK universities                                    label, Pink Soda.
                                                                                              e candidates                         scenes for the FAD competition is phenomenal – both
Fashion Week with            and colleges to win a coveted                               from universities such as Nottingham      in terms of students’ entries and the support that FAD
the jury, which                                                                          Trent, Central Saint Martins and De       provides. I’m really looking forward to joining the judges
includes Dolly Jones         place in the competition.....                               Montfort University will present their    but considering past winners’ achievements, I know we’re
(Editor, Vogue.com)                                                                      collections this month to an esteemed     going to have a difficult time picking just one winner and
and Martyn Roberts                                                                       panel including fashion experts and       two-runners up.”
(Director of Vauxhall Fashion Scout), announcing the lucky        those more familiar with the space theme.                          To find out more about the FAD competition visit www.
winners on the evening of the event.                                Dolly Jones said, “ e work that goes on behind the             fad.org.uk

  Want to write for the Features Section of e Demon Newspaper? en
  contact the Features Editor, Humayra Sadiq, at features@demonpaper.com
                                                                                                                                                                       Monday 16 February 2009
 10                                                                                                                                                                                    Issue 57

SA: The Big Five
Catherine Muir reflects on her childhood in South Africa and looks at all the danger and excitement it has to offer.
    e Big Five: Lion, Cheetah, Elephant, Leopard and                 Dusky blues take over followed by purples
Rhino.                                                            and finally black.
   It’s what every tourist to the South African Kruger                  e stars are incredibly bright, especially
National Park hopes to catch a glimpse of.                        if you are out in the veldt where there are no
    Going on a safari is a completely wonderful experience        lights nearby.
but living right next door to the park was something extra              e locals are colourful people in every
special.                                                          way, right from their dress to their characters.
   Falling asleep and hearing the crickets chirping, the owls           e black nation as a whole is very
hooting with lions roaring in the savannah has to be the          hospitable and will often help you when you
best feeling in the world. When you saddle up and hop             are in need.
into the open jeep, anticipation coursing violently through          But don’t accept everything they might
your body, keep in mind that the wilderness belongs to the        offer you.
animals. As your guide will tell you – as well as some tourists         ey like to eat Mopani worms – the
who would tell you if they were still alive – you should never    brightly coloured caterpillar of the Emperor
leave the vehicle.                                                Moth, which is one of the world’s largest
   It is your only protection. Except, of course, the .22 rifle    moths – which lives on the leaves of the
on the dashboard, close at hand.                                  mopane tree.
                                                                                                                         Shenzi and Ed | Not laughing now are you!
   Near a town called Phalaborwa is a large veldtplaas – a              e worms are hand picked or shaken off
farm – where a guide will take you into enclosures where          the trees.
lions are kept.                                                         e local collector’s squeeze the caterpillars to remove      summer months.
   Keep in mind that these enclosures are hundreds of meters      their bright green ‘guts’ and then they are cooked in a              South Africa has its summer when Britain has its winter
long so it’s not like you’re going to the zoo.                    cauldron of salty water until the water has evaporated and        and vice versa.
   At the end of the enclosures and after countless expelled      are then dried in the Hot African Sun.                               South African winters involve a cold morning that warms
deep breath from lions that have curiously approached the            Another danger aspect in Africa is when you travel between up by midday followed by a warm evening.
vehicle, is the reason why you came in the first place.            towns. Over the past few years this has become increasingly             e worst you can expect is rain.
   Shumba.                                                        dangerous, so dangerous in fact, that many drivers have had          Saying this, most days it rains at about three in the
       is is the name of the lion that drinks water from a        to resort to keeping a handgun in their glove pocket in the       afternoon and after about an hour, the sky opens up and
bottle that you hold above your head to reach his mouth.          car because if increasing numbers of hijackings and thefts.       everything is beautiful and green and lush.
   Don’t worry.                                                      But you would have to unlucky for this to happen to you.          Watch out for mosquitoes!
   He’s sitting behind a ten-foot fence.                             On a brighter note, if you happen to see a bed with its           Buy the smelliest repellent you can find and try to avoid
       en Shumba opens his jaws in a yawn and you can’t help      legs on a brick or two don’t be alarmed.                          going out after 6pm as this is when they come out in force.
but think that it’s big enough for you to put your head in              e blacks have a big fear of the Tokelosh - a mythical          If you decide to go on a safari and have to sleep in a tent,
his mouth, no problem.                                            creature that has its origin in the black, and mostly rural       don’t take your shoes off as you never know what you’ll find
   His paw prints in the dirt are hardly bigger than your         cultures in South Africa. It is a short hairy “man” that          inside them in the morning.
average dinner plate.                                             terrorizes disobedient wives and sometimes children.                 Lekker is a South African word that means ‘really nice’.
   If you do decide to go on a safari, then you should               Africa has a great number of ‘old wives tales’ about many         We have tekkies instead of trainers and we wear pants, not
definitely go to a real South African braii.                       of the animals such as why the cheetah has tear marks or          trousers, over our underwear.
   Growing up in Phalaborwa, it was a normal occasion for         why the waterbuck has a white ring around its butt.                  Lieffie is an endearment like ‘love’.
a group of friends to get together and cook braii fleis over          According to myth, Noah had painted the toilet in the ark         Above all, don’t forget to have fun and remember that
the hot coals, the fire drying your costume after just having      white and told all the animals to wait for it to fry but the      outside the city the beasts rule and you are the trespasser.
climbed out of the pool.                                          waterbuck couldn’t wait and so it got the white mark.                An old sign once said: “Trespassers will be shot. Survivors
       e best part of the evening is probably the sunset – the       Just a few words on what to wear when in Africa.               will be shot again.”
ones in Africa are spectacular.                                      Lots of sun cream and wear a t-shirt while swimming               While Africa may keep changing, it is an undeniable fact
       e sky turns a bright pink before glowing a hazy orange     when it’s very hot. Try to stay inside as much as possible        that my memories of my childhood home will remain the
and then red.                                                     during lunchtime so you don’t get heatstroke during the           same.

   Simba | The king of the jungle                                                                      Marty | Ok there wasn’t a zebra in the Lion King so i’m thinking Madagascar...
BUY ONE, GET ONE                                                                      BUY ONE, GET ONE

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50 50
Available on Medium or Large only. Collection or Delivery. Expiry 31/03/09.           Available on Medium or Large only. Collection or Delivery. Expiry 31/03/09.

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                When your regular priced order is £30 or over.                                      When your regular priced order is £30 or over.
                  Collection or Delivery Expiry 31/03/09.                                             Collection or Delivery Expiry 31/03/09.

       Any 9.5” Pizza*                                                                       Any 9.5” Pizza*
     plus a Garlic Pizza Bread                                                             plus a Garlic Pizza Bread
    or Potato Wedges for only                                                             or Potato Wedges for only
             *From the menu or create your own up to 4 toppings.
                                                                                                   *From the menu or create your own up to 4 toppings.
                    Collection or Delivery. Expiry 31/03/09.                                             Collection or Delivery. Expiry 31/03/09.

Coupon Conditions: Not valid with any other offer. Please mention offer when ordering.                   National Order Hotline

                                                                                                       087 12 12 12 12
More than one ‘BUY ONE GET ONE FREE’ coupon can be used at the same time. Please
present coupon with payment on delivery or collection. This coupon has no cash value.
Not valid on online ordering services. Valid at Domino’s Leicester stores only.                        If you’re calling from a mobile we may use your location to route your call appropriately.

148a London Road,                     240 Narborough Road,            73 Leicester Road,
Leicester                             Leicester                       Wigston
To order call                         To order call                   To order call
(0116)                                (0116)                          (0116)
299 6600                              299 6611                        292 0001
            Opening hours: Mon - Sun 11am - late, OPEN ALL DAY BANK HOLIDAYS
                                                                                                                                                                       Monday 16 February 2009
 12                                                                                                                                                                                    Issue 57

Wash ‘N’ No Dry                                                    DRY” instruction on the label. e iron we got given in the
 Sarah Taylor                                                      first week has been used about three times and now resides
                                                                   in a cupboard under the sink, never to be seen again.
                                                                             I have, on occasion, bought clothes to replace
Before I came to university, whenever I went shopping for          those I can’t be bothered to wash and chucked the old ones
clothes I chose mainly by price and looks. Outfits usually          away (this is where Primark comes in handy). Clothes pile
included flimsy dresses or tops that had to be carefully            up in your washing basket without you realising until you
hand-washed and ironed (by my mum, of course.)                     rifle through your wardrobe for something to wear to your
   Nowadays my fashion staples have widely changed.                lecture and can only find a summer dress (it’s the middle
Outfits often consist of jeans and a cheap t-shirt - Primark        of winter) or a fancy dress costume. en comes the choice
and H&M are the only shops I frequent and sales are my             between one of three options; try and borrow a massive
idea of heaven. No matter where I shop, though, before             hoody from someone (with the promise to return it washed
I decide to buy something, I check the label. If it is no          which usually sways them) and wear it over your pyjamas;
tumble-dry, hand wash, or dry clean only, it goes back             go through all your washing basket to see if there are any
on the pile no matter what the price. If I happen to grab          that don’t look too shabby or smell of alcohol/smoke, or skip
something quickly that turns out to be hand wash only,             the lecture and do some washing instead. Usually preferable.
then the item is worn very rarely and washed the traditional
student way – cleaned in the sink with 36p washing powder             Ultimately I have found a few solutions. Short of taking
then left in my shower with the water on. I also failed to         your washing to the family/friends you have closest to you,
bring an airer with me, so when the tumble drier doesn’t           sharing washers with friends is a good idea because the
quite get my clothes dry my room turns into a laundry              washers can fit loads in and you can split the cost. Dark
room with garments hanging from every available precipice          or patterned clothes normally look OK despite not being
(which is where shower rails come in very handy).                  ironed/washed. Leggings are cheap, comfy and can look cool
   Gone are the piles of washed, ironed and neatly folded          under a massive t-shirt if that’s all that’s left of your clean
clothes left on my bed in the morning - now when I look            clothes, and if all else fails you may find your self spraying
through my wardrobe, all my clothes are slightly rumpled           last night’s top with Febreze and putting it back on.
and most are smaller, having been put in the tumble drier
along with everything else despite the stern “NO TUMBLE-             If only mum could see you now…

                                                                   The Pillowman
Interview With The Vampire
By Anne Rice
Review by Sam Nicholson
                                                 Anyone who
                                              has previously
                                                                   Sam Nicholson reviews the latest from Martin McDonagh
                                              tried to conquer     Sitting in the small theatre at e Curve, feeling like             character, the real gem of this play is Paul Ready who plays
                                              the menace that is   you can reach out and touch the actors on stage is an             Michal, Katurian’s disabled brother. As one of the hardest
                                              Louis & Lestat’s     experience best reserved for some of the most fantastic           characters to effectively portray Ready pulls it off without
                                              story will know      theatre of this century. Martin McDonagh’s play e                 a hitch, making every second Michal is on stage a magical
                                              how hard it is to    Pillowman qualifies itself for that experience.                    moment.
                                              finish the book.         Featuring a star-studded cast including Hustle star Marc          While the preview shows are over, this show is highly
                                                 Interview With    Warren, e Pillowman is an epic black comedy, which had            recommended for all even in the larger theatre. e
                                              A Vampire is a       everyone at the preview show on the edges of their seats.         Pillowman will be showing until March 7th, and tickets
                                              classic piece of        Set in a nameless totalitarian state similar to that of        start at £14.
                                              vampire literature   George Orwell’s 1984, we meet Katurian Katurian Katurian
                                              from Anne Rice.      (Marc Warren), a twisted yet brilliant writer. When he is           Call 0116 242 3595 for tickets.
                                              While it is a        hauled into police custody by
                                              classic novel, it    Detective Tupolski (Russell
                                              is not for those     Dixon) and police officer Ariel
                                              who want a light     (Benedict Wong) he has no
                                              bedtime read. e      idea why. ey seem interested
                                              language is hard     in his writing, and where his
                                              to understand        inspiration comes from. Is
                                              and in general the   he responsible for the dark
                                              book is too long.    ideas he writes down, or does
      en again, it is very rewarding to make your way through      he do exactly what any good
it, and finally reach the climax. While Tom Cruise is very          storyteller does- simply tell the
successful in portraying Lestat in the film, his portrayal is       story?
not a patch on the real Lestat, created by Anne Rice. Any                e macabre play takes you
serious reader will love this book, but it is not for the faint    on a rollercoaster of emotions,
hearted. Read with caution, and stick it out even when the         and leaves you wanting more.
plot becomes slow, and the language seems too much. It’s              e brilliantly twisted humour
worth it.                                                          and psychological plot, is
                                                                   emphasised by the minimalist
                                                                   staging and heightened
                               Where to buy: Amazon £5.59          atmosphere.
             For Fans Of: Bram Stoker & William Peter Blatty          While it is unarguable that
           Follow Up Read: “ e Vampire Lestat” by Anne Rice        Warren portrays an excellent

          Kayl0rz Photography & Design
                                                                                                           Monday 16 February 2009
16                                                                                                                         Issue 57

                 Beautiful February                                           Catwalk for
                                                Full Fringes...                                                         r
                       is season keep your forehead warm with a full                                                oo
                                                                                                               n Bl
                     inge. Or you could fake one with a faux inge a                                   tin e Ly
                                  la Penelope Cruz at the BAFTAs...                               Kris

                                                    Lily Allen...
                      We celebrate the return of our favourite posh girl
                      Lily Allen with the infectious single “ e Fear” -
                      everything’s cool as long as she’s getting thinner...

                                                90210 Fever...
                      Everyone is going mad for the new generation of
                   Californian brats in 90210 shown on E4 at 9pm on
                  Mondays. Featuring a ridiculously attractive cast and
                     rubbish storylines but you’ve really got to lo e it...

                            Orange is the new pink..
                  Orange is our new favourite colour for instant spring
                brightness... bright rusty tones in new textures like silk
                  and can as for new shapes like tulip dresses, cigarette
                      pants and the most daring of all new trends, the

                                                                                         e Wood
                              Ugly February
                                                 Chris Brown...
                    Fresh o the press, the scandal of Chris Brown’s
                  physical attack on Rihanna has le us speechless...

                 It really is time for girl iend to put it away... her
               recent magazine shoot for W magazine was all too                                            Mathe
                                    graphic for a woman over y...

                                        Comedy Wellies...
                 We’ve seen more than enough of this ridiculous
            footwear in the past week... rubber shoes should not
           be worn unless absolutely necessary, and just because
               they’ve been adorned with prints of chocolates or
                marshmallows, it doesn’t make them any cuter...

                          Evil Snowball                   rowers...
               One of the least funniest things to have happened
               all year was the snowball attack by those brats at
           Gateway College... let the battle commence, preferably
                when we’re not wearing dry clean only trousers.
   The Newspaper of De Montfort Students
   www.demontfortstudents.com/demon                                                                                                                                                       17

Breast Cancer Care
                                                                                                                                    Penny Cra
                                                                more middle aged than I was expecting. ere were,
  William Robert Skinner                                        however, some incredibly well pieced outfits; Looney’s
                                                                favourites were the orange silk shirt dress worn by
In the three years I have been a student at DMU, I have         Emily Jane and Penny’s patterned mini tea dress. My
visited in succession eleven different “catwalk” shows,          favourites were definitely Giane’s orange puffball skirt
connected some how to the university, ranging from              and black vest and Sarah’s green dress and stacked black
handmade corsets and contour fashion to a selection of          bondage platforms – she was definitely channelling her
pretty students wearing their own Topshop selections            inner Carrie Bradshaw in that get up! e other outfits
walking down a piece of carpet to a Ministry of Sound           had been loaned from A Wear, Wellgosh, Casino, Bay,
compilation CD.                                                 Pilot and Cult.
   Needless to say, they have all been varied and while some          e hair and make up of the female models was a
have been well organised triumphs, others have been really,     let down, it just all came across as very bridal and not
really dodgy. However, they have always appeared to have        particularly fashion. It would have been nice to have seen
been for some sort of good cause, so naturally, one doesn’t     some variety in the hair instead of everyone having the
bitch too loud in the direction of the organisers.              coiffed and curled and - dare I say - dated up do, which
      e show that I and my so-chic-it-hurts chum Looney         looked more prom date princess than prêt-a-porter. By
visited on Monday night at the Union was one of the better      having a fashion show aimed for students, it would surely
ones I’ve visited, after trawling through the snow in skinny    of been more beneficial to show the current trends in make
jeans and pointy shoes, wrapped in fur and dripping in                                   ly with
                                                                up instead of playing safe Jan a lot of foundation and
eyeliner.                                                       pink lip gloss? Whilst I understandilandm
                                                                                                        lia appreciate that it’s
      e show started a little later than planned, which         important to keep the models looking semi-similar, I think
was fine, as we took some time getting to our seats and          a show such as this could of allowed for more scope with the
draining our vodka and cranberries. We bought some raffle         looks.
tickets to do our bit for the charity fundraiser and a Breast         e talk from Abigail at Breast Cancer Care in Leicester
Cancer Care pin, which the Looney wore as an earring - I        was particularly poignant, as it really brought together what
said he was chic… We were introduced to the charmingly          the show was all about. However, hearing a woman stand on
handsome compare, photographer Tom Wren and bubbly              a stage talking about her own experience of cancer was quite
organiser Sam Brown – dressed in a huge organza midnight        harrowing and unintentionally made me loose my fashion
blue prom dress. e Dance Society began with a bit of an         buzz, but I think it was both important and relevant to
irregular choice of song for a fashion show, dressed in some    have this in the show, a lot more so than the embarrassingly
garish and unflattering outfits. e dance really was neither       unprepared talk by the bra fitters from John Lewis about
here nor there, and kind of detracted from the real reason      surgery bras.
everyone was there.                                                During the interval, Looney and I were moved and sat
      e casual wear was very obviously pieced together from     with Miss England’s Laura Coleman, a DMU Business and
more high-end stores, and the pieces from John Lewis stood      Marketing graduate who was incredibly friendly and not at
out a mile! I remember thinking that while it was all very      all the Miss Congeniality prototype I expected her to be. She
aesthetically pleasing, it might not be what DMU students       was very sweet, and although some parts of the conversation
would wear. One particular outfit stood out, a very cute         came across a little rehearsed, she seemed pretty down to
pink floral tea dress, with a hot pink patent belt and knotted   earth and happy to be there, despite the snow making her
pink cardigan. While it looked so adorable the way it sat       late. Fantastic eyebrows, and she came in the top twenty for
on the very commercial blonde haired model, it was a bit        Miss World, a fact not many of Melton Mowbray’s people
                                                                can put their name to.
                                                                      e second act of the show began with another dance,
      Miss England & Samantha Brown                             this time a slaughter of Bob Fosse’s original chorography to
                                                                Cabaret (I’m sorry Dance Society, but I’m gay - don’t get
                                                                in between me and anything related to Liza Minelli…) and
                                                                Lingerie, donated by Cookie West and John Lewis. e
                                                                collection was lovely, with a refreshing change seeing some
                                                                boys in lingerie. Only joking, the boys were dressed in
                                                                very modest pyjama bottoms, but never mind! However,
                                                                my biggest bugbear with the Lingerie selection was th
                                                                the clothing, but with one particular pair of models,
                                                                who were just tacky and came across as far too Nuts
                                                                magazine. Less than an hour earlier, a woman stood
                                                                and spoke about her experience of going through
                                                                chemotherapy for breast cancer, and I felt just a little
                                                                annoyed at how inappropriate it was for girls modelling               commendable.
                                                                lingerie to act so provocatively for the photographers. at               e dresses were on loan                       from Samui
                                                                was not what the night should have been about at all, and I           Frock Shop and Mimi, and while they            definitely had
                                                                wasn’t alone with my opinion!                                         a ‘prom’ edge to them, I guess that they matched the hair!
                                                                      e Evening Wear selection was last, with my favourite            Overall, I thought it was a very commendable effort from
                                                                piece being what Sarah Mathers, the other organiser,                  two first time organisers in such a short space of time and
                                                                wore – a sequinned silver dress which just reminded me of             with no real professional input. Congratulations to Sam
                                                                something worn by Phillipe Blonde at his Autumn Winter                Brown and Sarah Mathers for their hard work, and a total of
                                                                show last year. And yes, while it was fairly predictable              seven hundred pounds was made for Breast Cancer Care, a
                                                                that the model-cum-organiser would be wearing the best                hugely worthwhile cause.
                                                                dress (and still those killer heels), the other girls were fairly
   The Newspaper of De Montfort Students
   www.demontfortstudents.com/demon                                                                                                                                                        19

With the Music Industry in dire straits,                                            e Demon looks at the increasing amount of...

MUSICAL                                                                                            ALBUM SHARES
                                                                                                   PATRICK WOLF is asking fans to invest
                                                                                                   in his fourth album.
                                                                                                                                                    more devalued. Patrick said of the project;
                                                                                                                                                    “With the old world recording industry

                                                                                                       Using the relatively new ‘Band Stocks’       a rapidly sinking ship; recording studios
                                                                                                   system, Patrick Wolf has abandoned the           closing weekly, free downloads daily, more
                                                                                                   traditional record company route in order        musicians hitting the long road than ever
                                                                                                   to regain full creative control. In buying       before to feed themselves, I am happy to
Dogs Die in Hot Cars split up (after a            How do you plan to release the album?            a stake of the album (a £10 stock) you           have come across a new intimate system
successful début album) in late 2007 mid-           We’ve had lots of innovative suggestions       get a small return from the album sales,         of audience and artist participation called
way through the recording of their second         sent in which it seems only right to take        and a free download of the album when            Bandstocks… It’s time to drop the curtain
(album). While this would have been the           advantage of. e conventional marketing           its released, as well as the chance to buy       and stop relying on a stale patriarchy.
end for most bands, however, through e            methods are out there but hopefully the          limited editions and such. Patrick has           I’m excited, I hope you are too. Welcome
Second Album Project lead singer Craig            project will allow us to realise a lot more.     already played exclusive shows in his            to the future!” Patrick is aiming for a
Macintosh has invited fans to finish what             is stuff is in development.                    home to reward the early investors, and          £100,000 investment and has so far
the band started, and potentially earn a                                                           continues to do so. And this is what’s key       raised £38,860, with the two disk ‘Battle’
chunk of the band’s royalties.                    Is the approach you’re taking likely to be       to this system, it makes the fans feel closer    set for release over the next year. www.
                                                  replicated by other artists?                     to the artist, as this interaction is the        patrickwolf.com / www.bandstocks.com
Demon - How did the idea for the Second            I hope so. We’re not the first to do             equity that will continue to grow as music
Album Project come about?                         collaborative mixes or offer individual tracks    in the traditional sense becomes more and                                    Graham Howlett
 Craig - It came about after our decision to      for remixing and re-writing - notably David
go our separate ways whilst in the recording      Byrne and Brian Eno’s “My Life in the Bush
sessions of the second album, which was           Of Ghosts” album website has done it, as
followed by fans of the band asking to hear       have Radiohead, among quite a few others.
how far we’d got with it. Releasing the tracks    But no one to my knowledge has offered to
how they were wouldn’t have been fair on          share their royalties with those people who
the songs, the fans, nor the band, and since      actually do contribute.
they were left unfinished it seemed far more
interesting and appropriate putting the           Are traditional boundaries between
songs online, along with all their track files,    musicians and their fans being broken?
lyrics and chords, for anyone who may be             Yes, until a band becomes really famous
interested in taking up were we left off.          at which point it seems to reverse.

How have you found the fan response to            Do you have any predictions for the future
the project?                                      of music?
    e responses have been excellent and we’ve      My concern is that people no longer
already had quite a lot of interesting versions   expect to pay for music - I think its going
sent in - the problem is that I actually think
they’re all interesting. It’s amazing hearing
                                                  to lead to more and more band tie-ins with
                                                  corporations, which will effect the license       TWITTER
someone else take on your tune - some             for creativity. I understand that this sort of   It seems everyone is still disgustingly          touring with messages from the band
people have really gone way off from where         thing is a part of music’s evolution, but I      obsessed with celebrity culture, and thanks      themselves, using Twitter as a means to
the demos are, which is great. One thing          hope there’ll still be enough people buying      to the turnaround success of Twitter the         ‘sell’ somewhat in disguise. Even if an artist
I’d still like to hear more of though is new      records to counter it. Someone one day will      paparazzi are having their stories written       isn’t pushing product through twitter or
vocals - people recording over mine. But on       write a circular song in the key of H.           for them. Considered a micro-blogging            associated blogs they are still pushing the
the whole it’s going well. Feedback has all                                                        service (simple text-based posts of up to        brand, and as far as the record labels go the
been positive, it seems to me there’s many          Contribute to the album at www.                140 characters in length), it allows its users   more a fan can relate to an artist, the more
people keen to push what’s possible within        dogsdieinhotcars.com                             to send and read other users’ updates. So        likely they are going to spend some of their
music and the internet.                                                                            it’s basically like your Facebook status         dough on them.
                                                                                    Jed Howlett    but on a whole different website. It can              If you fancy checking it out for yourself,
                                                                                                   be alright though, Mike Skinner of the           here are some official posters on twitter. To
                                                                                                   Streets posts thoughtful messages several        find them type the following after www.
                                                                                                   times a day akin to his successful Myspace       twitter.com ….
                                                                                                   blog, and Does It Offend You, Yeah? are              /lilyroseallen - Lily Allen
                                                                                                   posting frequent updates regarding the              /thisisblocparty - Bloc Party
                                                                                                   recording of their second album, again this         /skinnermike - Mike Skinner ( e
                                                                                                   is pretty interesting. Some of it is more        Streets)
                                                                                                   menial though, with Lily Allen’s recent             /coldplay - Coldplay
                                                                                                   posts consisting of her bragging about her          /ztnewetep – Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy)
                                                                                                   number one single and after announcing              /dioyy - Does It Offend You, Yeah?
                                                                                                   where she was going for dinner last week            /PW_Offical - Patrick Wolf
                                                                                                   was ‘surprised’ to find ‘2 paps outside’             /musewire - Muse
                                                                                                   waiting for her. Coldplay’s twitter page                                       Graham Howlett
                                                                                                   mixes official messages about releases and
                                                                                                                                                                              Monday 19 January 2008
  20                                                                                                                                                                                         Issue 55

 Single Reviews
Tom Jones - Give A Little Love                                         Alesha Dixon - Breathe Slow                                         Rival Consoles - Helvetica EP

                                      Alistair Hardaker                                                   Sam Nicholson                                                      Graham Howlett
                                  Granted the start of this song                                        Alesha Dixon releases her                                           Demon Music favourite
                                  sounds like a fat gut strutting,                                      first single of 2009 “Breathe                                       Rival Consoles (aka Ryan L.
                                  but this is Tom Jones, and you                                        Slow.” This Alesha is a far cry                                     West) precedes the release of
                                  can practically feel the smile                                        from the one we remember                                            his debut album ‘IO’ with
                                  on his face on Give A Little                                          from girlband Mis-Teeq. This                                        the release of Helvetica. In
                                  Love. It’s happy, it’s soulful                                        single however is nothing                                           stark contrast to what The
                                  and because it’s so utterly                                           spectacular. It forms part of                                       Demon has heard of IO,
unpretentious and straight forward it works its charm.                 the never ending stream of female pop singers flooding the          the title track begins with octave displaced piano melody,
                                                                       recent top 20.                                                      with West describing this as being ‘arranged and stylistically
Lyrics like #Living in a world where there’s plenty #so how come                                                                           suited to the Helvetica font’. Second track ‘Indie is Dead’
we’re running on empty mean there’s a message here, but it’s           While it is undeniable that Dixon has got a beautiful voice, she    draws the pace to a halt with Beethovien style piano sonata
vague and unpolitcal; which exactly the way it should be – it’s        has no stand out features. The song is rather boring and over       and ‘Holst’ picks up where Helvetica left off, only this time
precisely because it’s just an upbeat song with a sentiment like       uses vocal effects, burying the voice under technology. There is    more dense and fluid. Final track ‘Seventeen (IO RMX)’ is a
‘give a little love’ that he’s still the Tom Jones everyone likes so   no backing music to speak of, rather more technology in the         shiny and plastic sounding revolt against contemporary
much.                                                                  form of a drum machine.                                             dance music. Overall an interesting step forward, and worth
                                                                                                                                           tracking down the 7”on Erased Tapes now!
My Chemical Romance - Desolation Row                                   Kid Cudi - Day n Night
                                                                                                                                           WANT YOUR ARTICLE HERE?

                                      Sam Nciholson                                                       Sam Nicholson                                                      You

                               This song departs from The                                               Kid Cudi’s debut single from
                               Black Parade with anthemic                                               from the album “Man On The                          If you want to
                               lyrics and guitars which seem                                            Moon,” is nothing but another
                               to never stop. However while                                             average track. While it does                        write music
                               the song is musically very good,                                         have some likeable features, all
                               it has to be said that rather                                            of which come from the music                        reviews or live
than being a step into the future, “Desolation Row,” seems                                             video, overall the song is very
to return to the bands teenage routes, and the sounds of               poor. Still, dance fans may like this track, as it uses the tried   reviews for THE DEMON then
“Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.” In the end, My Chemical              and tested forumla of fun bassy beats, mixed with techno
Romance fans will love “Desolation Row,” as it makes you               sounds. It is also undeniable that the song is very catchy.         sieze your chance by sending an
want to get up and scream at your parents: the exact MCR               Overall though it is a very forgettable, and not a song which
mentality.                                                             is going to make the public buy his album.                          email to demonmusic1@gmail.com

 Album Reviews

Lilly Allen                          I’d like to thank Lilly           Leathermouth                      Leathermouth is the               Rhianna - Good As if the multi million
                                  Allen for avoiding the                                                 manic side project of                           selling good girl gone bad
It’s Not You                      ‘rock-chick’ cop out that            Xo                                My Chemical Romances              Girl Gone Bad needed any more mileage,
                                  every other female artist                                              Frank Iero. Compared to                                            out comes the remixes
                                seems to take. Thank you                                               My Chemical Romance,                                               album. Umbrella, Shut Up
                                for not putting on a guitar                                            Leathermouth’s debut album                                         and Drive and Disturbia,
                                and pretending to rock out                                             “Xo” is very dark. Music                                           plus every other track from
                                to some faux pop-rock to                                               filled with anger and insanity                                     the original album feature,
                                get the girls buying your                                              that makes thick speeding                                          with remixes from the
                                records. Instead, on your                                              rock anthems, worthy of                                            likes of The Wideboys and
                                second album you’ve kept the                                           some of the greats.                                                Soul Seekerz -not the most
                                sound, character and tone that                                                                                                            popular DJ’s in the UK but
                                worked so well on the first.                                         It is obvious that in the                                            nontheless of a fairly high
Thanks for singing in an English accent without playing on             album, Iero takes chances and looks at music in every               standard. Rhianna works best in the club, so remixes
it. Thanks for not compromising. You’ve written about God,             possible way, something he can’t do while under the wings           breathe new, novelty life into these songs. That is, for DJs.
politics and romance – which one album really can’t cover              of the Way brothers. From the obviously titled “This Song
properly- but it’s nice to have some variation. And don’t take         Is About Being Attacked By Monsters,” to the annoyed                  The probem with this album, and any remix album is a
this the wrong way Lilly, but ‘F*** You’ was a bit obtuse- I           tones of “Your Friends Are Full Of S***,” Xo is a complex           lack of consitency in style and substance, unless you are
guessed this profanity would be wrapped up in cute pop                 mix of music.While some of the tracks are admittedly                in fact a DJ theres little mileage to be had here, even less
before putting the CD in. We know you’re mischievous                   not perfect, (Sunsets Are For Muggings being an ample               so if you’ve already played ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ again
without the sarcasm. Overall though, thanks- you’ve                    example,) Xo utilises the most important ingredient of              and again. Having said that, this album will pass the time
reminded us that you can have character without being a                any rock album: attitude. This makes it one of the best             for hardcore Rhianna fans before her fourth album comes
novelty. PS I particularly enjoyed ‘I could Say’ and ‘Never            debut albums of the year, and hopefully Iero doesn’t let            out. Certainly not essential for the part time rhianna fan
Gonna Happen’                                                          Leathermouth fall to the side, as My Chemical Romance               but better than waiting most of the millions of fans who
                                                Alistair Hardaker      pick up speed in 2009.                     Sam Nicholson            bought her first.                        Simon Hargreaves
   The Newspaper of De Montfort Students
   www.demontfortstudents.com/demon                                                                                                           21

The Rags To Riches Story of a Hip Hop Icon
Fox Searchlight proudly announces the release of the long       violent life on the street as well as hits for the clubs, Biggie
anticipated feature film NOTORIOUS in cinemas across             emerged from Brooklyn during the early 1990’s and quickly
the UK from 13th February, 2009. Celebrating the hip            became one of the most influential music artists of our time.
hop legend Notorious B.I.G, later known as Biggie, the          At the height of his career Biggie was embroiled in a feud
biopic tells the rags to riches story of a music icon whose     with rapper Tupac, which developed into a highly publicised
life and death forever changed the landscape of music.          east coast versus west coast battle.
Embodying the American dream Biggie rose from the                 Notorious is directed by George Tillman Junior (Men
streets using the power of his music to speak to an entire      of Honor and Soul Food) and written by Reggie Rock
generation.                                                     Bythewood and Cheo Hodari Coker.

     e film captures the larger than life world of Notorious          e soundtrack to Notorious is available from January
B.I.G aka Christopher Wallace (played by Jamal Woolard)         26th on Warners Music. Featuring brand new releases from
examining the relationships of those closest to Biggie          his peers including Jay-Z and Jadakiss the soundtrack also
including his mentor and friend P. Diddy (Derek Luke),          includes a selection of greatest hits and early, little-known
fellow rapper Tupac (Anthony Mackie), his wife Faith Evans      recordings.
(Antonique Smith), his on / off girlfriend Lil Kim (Naturi         www.notoriousmovie.co.uk
Naughton) and his mother Voletta Wallace (Angela Bassett).
   Notorious is a tribute and celebration of Biggie produced
by Voletta Wallace, Wayne Barrow, Mark Pitts, Robert
Teitel, Trish Hofmann and executive produced by P. Diddy.            TO WIN A COPY OF THE ‘NOTORIOUS’
                                                                     SOUNDTRACK & ‘BIGGIE BIBLE’
  “I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the team        ANSWER THIS QUESTION
which brings the story of my friend, B.I.G to the big screen.
   e movie is a mother’s story and his mom was instrumental          WHAT IS ‘BIGGIE’S’ FULL NAME?
in getting this film made. Notorious is a tour de force,” Sean
Combs executive producer, Notorious.                                 EMAIL : FILM@DEMONPAPER.COM
  A talented wordsmith, crafting rhyming narratives about

British success at Baftas

                                                                                                                                                                   Monday 16 February 2009
 22                                                                                                                                                                                Issue 57

The demise of British Film
Ruth Conners explores the downfall of the Great British Film Industry.
   e British film industry has long been viewed as                           e trouble is Hollywood only ‘allows’ a certain       flops like Revolver. e only category Britain is given full
Hollywood’s ugly sister - even in our glory days of             number of vehicles for us to work with, drawing on our           license for is extravagant costume dramas, purely because
Pinewood Studios. James Bond or Carry On films were              own British clichés - to the rest of the world the UK consists   they involve British characters and locations. Try as they
considered second rate to American glamour. However, as         of London, where people either speak like Hugh Grant or          might American studios will never capture British heritage
time moved on money dried up and with today’s output it’s       Dick Van Dykes imitation. Popular British genres appear          like us. Similarly their sentimental style can’t manage the
disputable if there is even an industry left.                                                                                      gritty nature of dramas like Vera Drake and Kidulthood.
   Before the release of Four Weddings and a Funeral
in 1994 the British film industry was dead. Studios                                                                                  With our preference for script over special effects,
had long disappeared and even the Bond films were                                                                                  American actors are increasingly chasing starring roles in
beginning to fall from grace. America had taken over,                                                                             Britain: Gwyneth Paltrow became Jane Austen’s Emma and
enticing the masses with bigger budgets, better special                                                                           Renee Zellweger played iconic singleton Bridget Jones. But
effects and the cream of Hollywood talent. However                                                                                 this also works the other way - in the past year Simon Pegg,
Richard Curtis’ eccentric British stereotypes had made                                                                            Russell Brand and Ricky Gervais have all made the move
the film a success, earning $258m worldwide and                                                                                    to LA for work. However this can also be unsuccessful,
making a star of the spluttering Hugh Grant. ere was                                                                              as seen recently with Gervais’ Ghostland failing to set the
a sudden revival, money rapidly appeared and Shallow                                                                              American box office alight.
Grave and Braveheart were brought out soon after.
   While this means we now have a regular input                                                                                      Realistically, there isn’t the culture for film production
into the film market, either with a romcom or token                                                                                in Britain. Our actors are far more likely to be trained for
appearance from our comics, it is almost impossible to                                                                            theatre than film and writers will gain more recognition
find ‘purely’ British films – a British story funded by                                                                             writing a successful television drama series than scripting a
British people. Our biggest movies of the past ten years:                                                                         film. Also money isn’t so readily available - most companies
Stardust, Pride and Prejudice and the Harry Potter                                                                                are either small scale, working on a film-by-film basis.
franchise would have disappeared without a trace if it wasn’t   in cycles: we’ve had social comedies like Brassed Off and         Britain will always have a place in the film market if we stick
for American money. Ricky Gervais admitted recently: ‘ e           e Full Monty, the romcoms of Richard Curtis and gritty        to what we do best, but unfortunately when it comes to big
Americans are just better (at film making) than us. ere’s        gangster films like RocknRolla and Snatch. However these          budgets and high production values we will always have to
an odd exception, but when it comes to making movies we         soon fall out of favour - no matter how hard Guy Ritchie         settle for second place.
don’t really cut the mustard. Not since about 1950.’            tries he has yet to return to his pre-Madonna success with

 Cinema Reviews

Slumdog Millionaire                                                  The Wrestler The Reader

  Director : Danny Boyle                                        Director: Darren Aronofsky                                         Director: Stephen Daldry
  Starring: Dev Patel , Anil Kapoor                             Starring: Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei                              Starring: Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes
  Rating : 15                                                   Rating: :15                                                        Rating: 15

  After Trainspotting, Danny Boyle appeared to lose his            Welcome back to the ring the comeback King                      Stephen Daldry’s tale which spans from post war
touch almost as quickly as he had gained it. Since then         Mickey Rourke as Randy ‘ e Ram’ Robinson. A bold                 Germany all the way to the mid 90’s, starring Ralph
he has concerned himself with a couple of successful            statement, but a justified one with this power house              Fiennes, David Kross and the sensational Kate
experiments in the horror and sci-fi genres, before returning    performance from Rourke, which has a Best Actor                  Winslet, is a romantic, erotic and bleak story of the
to the familiar territory of the poorer end of society, who     Oscar written all over it. e film follows an old, beaten          consequences of the holocaust. Winslet’s character
turn their lives around, in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.              down wrestler who suffers a near fatal heart attack               Anna Smitz is embroiled with charges of crimes against
  Slumdog finds Boyle in a particularly exuberant mood.          which threatens to end his beloved wrestling career.             humanity, all the while under the watchful eye of
   e narrative and visuals burst with an energy and             Director Darren Aronofsky has created an indie film               her teenage lover played by newcomer David Kross.
originality not seen in full since ‘Trainspotting’, and the     littered with power slamming scenes which hit below              Winslet’s performance is a revelation, as her character
characters are convincingly portrayed and thoughtfully cast.    the belt in order to shatter the audience. However the           manipulates angers and shows utter periods of naivety
   e excellent use of music, along with Boyles trade mark       plaudits go to Rourke, with one of the most heartfelt            through the course of the spanning years. Bleakness,
montage cutting style, bring the vibrancy of the setting        performances of the year, as a down trodden lonely               love and Guilt are the main themes during the film, but
beautifully to screen, and compliment the stories disjointed    man, who seeks to rectify the mistakes of his past. Who          Daldry never manages to stear the film into depression,
plotline.                                                       says wrestling is fake, wacth this masterpiece and you           but instead shows the charm and experience of a great,
  In short, Danny Boyle is one of Britain’s most exciting       will beg to differ.                                               vetran director, who highlights the importance and
directors, and ’Slumdog Millionaire’ is him at his most                                                                          simplicity of words on a page.
pleasing – a superb film.

       THE S
    FUR IT U
    O       O
   UN SA

                          Leicestershire’s Largest Taxi Company
                                                                                                                                                                      Monday 16 February 2009
 24                                                                                                                                                                                   Issue 57

Longhorns Let it Slip Late
After losing their first three competitive matches, the Leicester Longhorns faced Derby Braves,
intent on sealing their first victory of the season, in a match that went down to the wire.
                                                                                                                                                                           Picture by Ian Cockerill
  Leicester Longhorns 12
  Derby Braves 21

 Ian Cockerill
Leicester Longhorns suffered an agonising
and undeserved defeat against the Derby
      e 2009 ‘ShowBowl’ was a competitive
and keenly fought contest, with Longhorns
eventually going down 21-14.
      e Longhorns went into the game on
the back of three straight defeats in the early
part of the season, and not playing up to
their potential, but the team was rejuvenated
with the return of key player, and went into
the match full of confidence.
   Longhorns came out of the traps and
forced a Braves fumble on their very first
possession, recovered by Leicester, as the
team asserted their power early on.
      ey capitalised on the forced error, and
after saving the drive with a great fourth
down conversion by Leicester Longhorns
Tommy Gibbs, Stuart Rawlings ran in for              Close...but no cigar | Leicester battle bravely against Derby, but would eventually go down to a score late in the game.
   Longhorn’s first touchdown of the season
on first and goal.                                  time to retake the lead, as the second quarter         e third quarter began slowly and             Longhorns next possession produced
   Longhorns missed in their attempt to            came to a close.                                 neither team looked like they could match       yet another turnover, with the ball
extend the lead, failing to complete the two             e team produced two huge plays, with       the standard that they produced in the first     being fumbled on first and ten, and the
point conversion.                                  the Longhorns, for the first time this season,    half, but the exceptional Longhorns defence     Braves used the ball to run in a five yard
      e touchdown saw the only points of           showing their prowess with the throw, with       carried on as they had throughout the           touchdown to lead the game 20-14, and
the first quarter, which was dominated by           quarterback James Ashmore passing two            season, pressuring the Derby offence, with a     the successful conversion made the game
Leicester, who played some outstanding             great balls to get Leicester down to the         sack by Piers Comerford.                        21-14.
football at times, on both offence and              Derby goal line, with credit going to Greg         Neither team could break through in the          Leicester had no answer, and fizzled out
defence, and were putting in their best            Stevenson, who caught superbly to help the       third quarter, and the fourth quarter began     towards the end, suffering a painful defeat at
performance by far of the season.                  team get downfield.                               with a nightmare start for the Longhorns.       the hands of their closest and bitter rivals.
   Braves hit back, and began the second quarter      On third and goal, Tommy Gibbs caught               e defence was called for a dubious              e undeserved defeat leaves the team
much the better team, and it wasn’t long until     a pass in the end zone to give the Longhorns     roughing the passer call, and then the          on 0-4 with half of the season now passed,
the team took advantage of their pressure and      the lead, and with the two point conversion      Longhorns fumbled the ball on their first        and the chance of making the post season
scored their own touchdown, with a brilliant       completed, the Longhorns went in at the          possession of the period, with the ball being   playoffs seemingly gone
catch by the Derby wide receiver.                  half leading by 14-7.                            recovered by the Braves.                           However, if Leicester can continue to play
   Braves converted for the extra point and              e second half saw the undoing of all         Derby took full advantage and scored          like they did in the first half for the rest of
went 7-6 up.                                       the good work that the Longhorns had done        with a great 22 yard touchdown pass, and        the season, they should have no problem
   But the spirit in the Longhorns camp            in the first half, with mistakes, and dubious     with the extra point converted, the game        picking up the wins which they desperately
shone through and they chose the perfect           referring decisions that would cost them dear.   was level early in the fourth 14-14.            warrant.

Very Nearly Varsity Day 2009
It’s almost that time of the year again, so get ready to lock horns, with the University of Leicester.
   e Demon has brought you coverage of                Last year ultimately saw Leicester come       basketball fixture.                                   e day will again be rounded off with
many of De Montfort’s sporting clubs,              out on top, with victory in both rugby and             ey will no doubt be looking to            the rugby showpiece at Welford Road, home
from Cheerleading and American Football,           all football matches, as well as across the      improve however, with Varsity holding such      of the Leicester Tigers.
to Frisbee and Golf.                               board in the other sports too.                   importance to both universities.                  Keep reading Demon sports for more
  March 25 however signals the biggest day            DMU salvaged some pride by taking the               roughout the day of the 25th, almost      information as and when it comes in and
in the sporting calendar for both DMU and          indoor cricket title, along with ultimate        all teams will compete for bragging rights      to the sports teams and players, get your
their fierce rivals, University of Leicester.       frisbee, both tennis ties and a hot tempered     and to do their university proud.               A-game ready.

  Interested in writing for Varsity? Contact sport@demonpaper.com
   The Newspaper of De Montfort Students
   www.demontfortstudents.com/demon                                                                                                                                                          25

Not Your Average Joe
With British boxing in as strong a state as ever, the likes of Hatton, Froch and Haye representing,
one of the most naturally talented ever has hung up his gloves...for good.
In the last month British boxing became            that good. Hopkins destroyed the previously
substantially weaker, as a legend of the           undefeated and highly talented Kelly Pavlik
sport finally hung up his gloves.                   (who many had called Calzaghe to fight)
   After his last victory over Roy Jones Jnr in    months after his defeat to Joe.
November of last year, Joe Calzaghe finally            Jones Jnr himself said he still felt as good
called an end to the will he or won’t he saga      as ever prior to the fight, though whether or
by announcing his retirement.                      not that statement should be taken with a
   King of the super-middleweight division         pinch of salt is debatable.
for over a decade, the undefeated Calzaghe            Calzaghe’s most dangerous challenger of
made the switch to light-heavyweight               recent years turned out to be none of the
seemlesly in his latter fights and demolished       mentioned, nor the otherwise unbeaten
two legends of the sport.                          Dane Mikkel Kessler, who Calzaghe
   After 46 victories, which include 32            dispatched of with relative comfort.
knockouts and 22 defences of the coveted              It was a young Cameroonian fighter by
WBO super-middleweight belt, the Newbridge         the name of Sakio Bika. roughout their
fighter retired a legend, unquestionably.           super-middleweight contest, Bika always
      ere were those who had question              looked dangerous, always moved forward
Calzaghe right from the start, slating his         onto Calzaghe.
victory over a ‘past it’ Eubank and whoever he        His un-orthadox and ‘in your face’
fought never seemed to live up to their billing.   fighting style proved one of Joe’s most              Pride of Wales | Calzaghe goes on the attack against American Bernard Hopkins
   Take for instance Jeff Lacy, billed as the       difficult challenges and the Welshman was
next big thing from the United States.             cut by Bika’s continuos leading of the head.         Eventually Calzaghe earned the fights              Honoured with a CBE, Calzaghe has
In a one man demolishion job, Calzaghe                Nevertheless, like all true champions          many believed him to deserve, his last two        ignored any requests to fight new up and
pounded Lacy over a thousand times in 12           he found a way to win, a way around the           bouts in the bright lights of the USA, his final   coming talent, such as Britain’s newest
three minute rounds to take a unanimous            challenge infront of him.                         fight at the iconic Madison Square Garden.         World Champion Carl Froch.
and emphatic victory.                                 Obviously it is hard to compare fighters of        Most of the world know and respect ‘the           He validly claims ‘What else have I got to
   Many even questioned the heart of               all times, weight divisions etc, etc.             Hitman’ Ricky Hatton as one of the best           prove?!’
Bernard Hopkins and the previously                       ough in modern times, in his class          in the business, but the fan’s favourite paid        Promoter Frank Warren has the feeling that
mention Jones Jnr. Despite being knocked           Calzaghe was imperious. Trained by his            tribute to the Pride of Wales, acclaiming         if the fight and the price were right that Joe
down early on by both, the Calzaghe                father Enzo in a shed like structure, he          him the best Britain has ever had.                might return for one last hurrah, but for now,
swaggered back on each occasion, picking           always seemed shy, a doger of the public eye.        Arguable of course with so many great          Calzaghe has no urge to fight anyone at all.
up comfortable points victories over both.            Despite a Hollywood looking girlfriend         fighters down the years, the likes of Ken             Maybe in retirement he will finally receive
   A point that may or may not have been           and his Italian roots, he was never anything      Buchanan and Calzaghes fellow Welshman            the credit he duly deserves, as on of the all
discussed though, is that maybe he was just        less than the model sportsman.                    Jimmy Wilde who fought 149 times pre war.         time greats.

Irish Inspire, England Labour and Welsh Whirl
    e Six Nations kicked off with Wales looking to defend their grand slam and emulate the great Welsh side of the 70’s.
                                                   form of the domestic French sides, with           week supension to stand out amongst a host        with his decision for the England game.
 Tom Kwah                                          only Toulouse making the last 8 of the            of average perfomances, the Tiger’s scrum-           He is also waiting on Williams, who
                                                   Heineken Cup, whilst major players Stade          half scoring two of England’s five tries.          picked up a knock along with pretty boy
  Irish eyes shone brightest on the                Francais and Biarritz crashing out.                  It was also a happy day for Andy Goode.        Gavin Henson who are both injury doubts
opening weekend of the RBS Six Nations                Meanwhile the Irish sides faired slightly      Returning to the side under his former            for undoubtably the tie of the weekend at
championship as Declan Kidney’s side               better, with O’Driscoll’s Leinster and last       team-mate Johnson, the Brive number 10            the Millenium Stadium.
overcame France at a muggy Croke Park.             years’ winners, and favourites, Munster           ran in the first of England’s touch downs             Scotland will be hoping that prop
  Kidney chose Brian O’Driscoll to                 progressing.                                      with a neat chip and chase catching the           Geoff Cross will be alright to play some
continue as skipper for the torunament, and              e last 8 is however dominated by            Italian backline off guard.                        part later in the tournament after he was
the Leinster centre repaid his coach’s faith,      English Premiership sides, Leicester Tigers          Despite the comfortable winning                stretchered off in the match. He took a
running in a superb try to help the Irish          facing Bath at fortress Welford Road whilst       margin, much improvement is required              heavy blow to the head in a dangerous
come from behind to take a 30-21 victory.          Harlequins face the first of the Irish sides.      before they face last year’s Grand Slam           tackle by himself, for which he was also
  France fielded a back line without                   Martin Johnson’s national side however         heroes from Wales, who themselves looked          somewhat ironically yellow carded.
the likes of half-backs Dimitri Iashvilli          flattered to deceive at Twickenham,                a little rusty in their opening match.                 ey next face France in Paris, whilst an
and David Skrela and also minus the                the 5 tries in a 36-11 win over Italy at             Eventually 4 tries were enough to see          Ireland win over Italy could pile pressure on
experienced and wiley Damian Traille.              Tickenham proving little more than gloss          off a battling Scotland side at Murrayfield,        the showdown with England at Croke Park.
  Despite some strong forward play the             over cracks in what was described as a            with World Player of the Year Shane                  Wales on the other hand look in good
backline inevitably looked weak, tries             ‘lacklustre’ performance.                         Williams grabbing one of the scores.              shape to retain the title they took last year,
from Jamie Heaslip and substitute Gordon              Injuries plagued the sides run up to the             e main talking point was Warren             and it is in fact the Irish side who now pose
D’Arcy along with 3 penalties and 3                first match, Moody, Tindall and Care just          Gatland’s decision to play Stephen Jones          the most potent threat. It could set up a
conversions from the ever reliable Ronan           a few of the many missing through injury          at outside centre instead of the in form          Grand Slam decider in the final weekend
O’Gara were eventually enough to break a           (along with the always injured Johnny             and inspirational James Hook.                     when the two teams meet in Cardiff.
spirited French team.                              Wilkinson.)                                             e Osprey’s man missed out despite              More will become clear after the next
     e win for Ireland in the first game of            Despite this, they still fielded a strong       excellent domestic and European form and          round of matches, but for now, advantage
the weekend possibly underlined the weak           side, with Harry Ellis returning from a six       it will be interesting to see if Gatland sticks   Ireland and Wales.
                                                                                                                                                                                              Monday 16 February 2009
  26                                                                                                                                                                                                          Issue 57

DMU Table Toppers                                                                                                                                     Ten Questions
                                                                                                                                                      Lewis Mitchell quizzes player/manager Jamie
                                                                                                                                                      1: Who was has been your biggest inspiration in your footballing life?
Meet your Men’s Varsity squad, currently at the summit of their                                                                                       Probably my brother, Lee Minshull. As a child he set the standard,
                                                                                                                                                      playing for a number of clubs at youth level and I just pushed myself
BUCS league, courtesy of captain - Diggins and manager - Minshull                                                                                     to try and become as good as him (even though playing at the Walkers
                                                                                                                                                      means I get the last laugh!)
                                                                                                                                                      2: Who is the biggest showboat at training?
                   Owyn Sidwell (GK)                                                           Richard Morgan AKA Webby (AM)                          Fabio Figuerino - it doesn’t always come off but when it does it’s
                   An accomplished goalkeeper who has come from                                Arguably the most talented player in the side – the    bloody magic
                   strength to strength this season. First time at the                         kid might be playing with an alice band to cover       3: Who is top of the table in ‘Dick of the Day?’
                   Walkers, like many – No doubt he will moan at the                           his croissant shaped hair. Partial to a cider in the   Benedict Mason - the kid constantly says stupid comments… great lad
                   ban of hair straighteners and the fact he can’t wear a                      morning.                                               though!
                   vest or a low cut top on the pitch – Whoopsy                                                                                       4: Who is the most talented player you’ve played with or against at
Josh Gill (RB)                                                              Fabio Figueiredo (AM)                                                     It’s got to be our own midfielder, Richard Morgan, AKA Webby. For
Hair piece like Samuel L Jackson. One of the many                           A touch of class with his ever changing hair piece                        three years now he has been in the first team and I have never seen a
football freshers in the team he has established                            that doesn’t match. Always up for a bit of Futsal.                        kid with such an angel touch and the vision of a binocular-bearing
himself as a talented right back this year. He has also                        is Ronaldo wannabee is a credit to the team.                           theatre goer.
studied hard and kept his social events down to a                                                                                                     5: Have you got any regrets in your time with the DMU football
minimum.                                                                                                                                              team?
                                                                                                                                                      Not really - when you’ve played in the first team since Fresher, been
                                                                                                                                                      chairman in your second year and player-manager in your third year,
                   Lloyd Lindo (CB)                                                            Sam Pearce (LB/AML)                                    you have to look back with pride. Even though I still haven’t scored in
                   Not a favourite with the Gaffer (according to                                Won the most M.O.T.M. awards this year, this           a Wednesday match.
                   Lloyd). Another fresher who has thoroughly                                  Spanish multi-athlete can dribble with both hands      6: Who is the biggest joker in the side?
                   deserved his place in the side. A solid centre half                         and feet. Quiet before a drink – sex pest after.       Lee Linnett - One funny f****r. Always shouting, always got a smile
                   who likes singing R’n’B to the bys in the shower.                                                                                  on his face and a pleasure to play with.
                                                                                                                                                      7: Who is the worst/best dresser throughout the squad?
James Dixon (LB)                                                            James Lock (AML)                                                          Worst has to be Fabio Figuerino. I swear he was wearing a silver shell
Accustomed with the first aid room at the Walkers,                           One of the late comers who always pushes                                  suit the other day… Best dressed is hard to say, but if you like the emo
this time out he is fitter than ever. Been a great                           himself to the max. Known for his love of X rated                         look then probably Owyn ‘safe-hands’ Sidwell.
partnership with Pearce, when he’s played. Hoping                           photography and baby oil. Great impact player – if                        8: Are there any self-professed ladies men hiding in the team?
to see one of his 30 yard screamers on the day. Loves                       his girlfriend lets him.                                                  Well most of us have got birds, but Patrick Wilmott is always banging
Fran.                                                                                                                                                 on about girls. I cant see it myself though… Surely someone who
                                                                                                                                                      looks like Screech from Saved by the Bell can’t pull that many women!?
                                                                                                                                                      9? Are you a Pro Evo or Fifa man?
                   Jamie Minshull (CB – Player Manager)                                        Perry Hawkins (CF/AMR)                                 Pro Evo all the way - but the new Fifa is pretty tasty… oh and I never
                   Drama queen with a cheesy weekly comment up his                             Newest recruit to the side due to skinning Gill at     lose (I get most of my tactics from these games actually)
                   sleeve, to go with the smell. Done a fantastic job as                       training. is David Brent Wannabee supports             10: And finally… who is the longest in the shower?
                   player manager on and off the field. Collects bags.                           Coventry. (Enough said)                                Kole Ogundipe - he’s only 3 ft tall but he’s like a tripod!

                                                                                                                                                      Captain’s Varsity Log
Patrick Wilmott (CB/RB/CM)                                                  Bamkole Ogudipe (AMR)
Came second in the auditions for ‘I Am Sam’ and                             Firm believer in postage notes and 4-4-2. Often
‘Rainman’. With a secret up his sleeve/pants, this
weak bowelled utility player has been brilliant all
                                                                            mistaken for Lewis Hamilton due to his chizzled
                                                                            chin and love for older women. Kole has jumped
                                                                                                                                                       Will Benton-Diggins
over the park this year.                                                    into the football scene at DMU.
                                                                                                                                                      From the offset I could tell that this season was going to be
                                                                                                                                                      a successful one for us.
                                                                                                                                                         All of the way through Mens Football as a whole there was
                   William Harry Benton-                                                       Miko Yusuf (CF)                                        a buzz and lots of ambition from everyone involved.
                                                                                               Loves a long shot – 1 in 39 might go in. A big lad        I believe that a lot of that stems from the excellent group
                   Diggins (DM – Captain)                                                      with a big heart. Always lurking in the corners at
                   Granddad was the only candidate for Captain and                                                                                    of freshers who jumped into football and brought a fresh life
                                                                                               Souq – Hehehehe.                                       to the club. is fresh passion was shown in our first game
                   he actually might pass this year. His scoring record
                   speaks for itself (0). Has great mentality on and off                                                                               away at Oxford.
                   the field. Loves a beer.                                                                                                               I could feel the excitement and aniticipation of everyone
                                                                            Benedict Mason (CF/AMR)                                                   on the coach to the game and all the lads were determined
Andy Gundelach (CM)                                                            e young Oli Gunner Solskjaer always pops up
Need an excuse for homework, this lads got one.                                                                                                       to impress and get off to a good start.
                                                                            with a goal, thinks he’s spiderman with his free
No doubt in his ability scoring the winner last                             running antics. Always Late.                                                     ere were a lot of freshers in the team and barely any of
time round, but no older brother to hold his hand                                                                                                     the boys had played together before. is was brushed aside
though.                                                                                                                                               very early on and to anyone watching it was as if we had
                                                                                                                                                      been a team for years.
                   Lee Linnett (CM)                                         Jay Jay (CF)                                                                 We played a very organized game and ended up winning
                   Loudest in the side, even though he’s hard to            Another late comer who impressed from the 3rds.                           1-0 in a game where we were always on top and deserved
                   understand. Either constantly drunk or suffering          Got an eye for goal and the voice of a ganstaaaa.                         victory.
                   from a form of turrets, the lad has been a Ferrari                                                                                        is was to set us up for the season to come and give
                   engine this year.                                                                                                                  us that winning mentality that has and will drive us on to

                                                                              DMU v Leicester
                                                                                                                                                      success in the rest of the year.
                                                                                                                                                         Player/Manager Jamie Minshull has done a fantastic job
Khalid Inyang (CM)                                                                                                                                    this year by having faith in the boys and driving us on to
  e DOG of the team, with legs to match, up and
down all day long. Prefers to be Inyang not Gray!!                            Football Varsity 2009 –                                                 believe we can win every game. is has left us sitting at
                                                                                                                                                      the top of the table with 4 games to go and we all have
                                                                              Walkers Stadium, 23                                                     every ambition to carry on and win the league as well as
                                                                              February. Tickets on Sale Now.                                             It’s now our job to keep pushing on and working hard as a
                                                                                                                                                      team to ensure the season ends as well as it has started.
   The Newspaper of De Montfort Students
   www.demontfortstudents.com/demon                                                                                                                                                       27

Yes it’s Ladies Night
...and the feelings right as DMU’s women look to emulate the success of their last Walkers visit.
                                                                    Jo Peacock (Captain)                                                      Beth Clarricoates
Following the euphoria of winning the last                          A confident player in her final year, Jo plays a                            Plagued by Knee troubles for part of the season,
Varsity match held at the Walkers Stadium,                          pivotal role in the centre of the midfield. Her                            unfortunately the team has been without Beth
DMU’s women were humbled in last                                    work rate is fantastic, both in defense and attack,                       for a lot of games. However she has commanded
season’s encounter.                                                 and as a motivational captain. A brilliant tackler,                       respect for the performances we have seen. Beth
     e players’ disappointment at the                               with bags of energy and a super strike on her.                            is a classy player, and a solid and trustworthy
Walkers experience being cancelled may                              Often surprises with her “go go gadget legs”                              centre back of which the attack is unlikely to
have been a factor in the demoralising 6-0                          which always manage to get a toe on the ball.                             break through.
  However, this year an influx of freshers       Rosie Corbett (Chairperson)                                                Gemma Brierley
has given new life to the team and after        As a swift centre forward, Rosie plays more than                           Gemma is a player relatively new to the team,
sorting out their goalkeeping crisis expect a   just an organisational role for the team. She is                           who has quickly proved herself as an excellent
close conest this time out.                     often the subject of sideline abuse from Leicester                         member of the team. Receiving “Player of the
  Two years ago the women triumphed in          Uni as she is a constant threat to them. Rosie                             Match” on her first game, she is an excellent
a 2-1 win over their University of Leicester    is one of the fittest players on any pitch and                              winger who is a consistent and trustworthy
counterparts and this year’s squad will be      dedicates herself fully to the ball.                                       creator of play.
hoping they can produce a similar result.
     ey are currently placed bottom of the                          Jo ‘Robbo’ Robertson (Social Sec)                                         Amy ‘Wozza’ Warren
BUCS Midlands Conference 2B, a league                               Jo is a very reliable right winger. She has a lot of                      Amy is one of our loudest players - new
which also contains Leicester Uni who sit                           evident experience behind her which enables her                           to DMU this year, she has made a massive
4th.                                                                to read the game exceptionally professionally.                            impact on the team. Her bright and dominant
  As it has proved in the past though,                              Regularly creating positive space to win passes in                        personality is evident on the football pitch -
Varsity is not a night of form, more of                             order to put great balls into the box, Jo is a high-                      Amy is a very strong right back, and has rescued
inspiration, ability and desire to win.                             quality ‘feeding’ player.                                                 the team from precarious situations on a number
     is is something DMU’s women will                                                                                                         of occasions.
bring in abundance and hopefully, along         Katie ‘Diego’ Wakefield (Social Sec)
with the men’s side they can complete           Nicknamed ‘Diego’ for her dedicated love of                                Ellie Banks
another historic double at the home of          Forlán, Katie is a steadfast defender who can                              A fresher to DMU Football, and yet a player
Leicester City Football Club.…                  always be relied upon. She is often covering                               who gells with the team excellently. Ellie unites a
                                                other players and is frequently found rescuing                             strong and controlling centre back role with the
Captain’s                                       the team from the opposing attack.                                         ability to push up to create opportunities. Very
                                                                                                                           vocal in games and very valuable to the team, Ellie

Varsity Log
                                                                    Sasha Annis (Treasurer)                                is currently injured so we are hoping she will back
                                                                    Don’t let Sasha’s ultra feminine demeanour             to fitness by the 23rd.
                                                                    fool you – she won’t duck out of tackles. Sasha’s
                                                                    fitness is one of her best assets, along with                               Monica Madlani
                                                                    her quick feet. is multi-footed player will                                Monica is a constant fighter. Another fresher this
 Jo Peacock                                                         constantly surprise you with her capability and                            year, she quickly achieved a well-deserved place
                                                                    skill.                                                                     as centre forward. Monica possesses all of the
At the beginning of the year; with a new                                                                                                       skills to take it past the opposition, and we will
Manager, new committee, and the largest         Jess Newman (Media)                                                                            hopefully see this demonstrated at the Walkers.
yearly influx of talented female footballers     As our brand new Goalkeeper, she had big
we have seen at DMU, the potential              shoes to fill, but Jess – originally a dedicated
seemed enormous.                                defender – has definitely stepped up to the                                 Zoe- Jade Tucker
  Unfortunately this season has been            mark. Jess seems to be a natural to the gloves and                         Definitely one of the most dedicated and
beleaguered by a lack of goalkeeper. Many       throughout each game I am more impressed by                                committed players for DMU Ladies Football this
of the games have involved outfield players      her ability.                                                               year. Zoe has improved twenty-fold this year,
taking on the role of Keeper, a factor which                                                                               evolving into a great tackler and skilful passer
has put a lot of pressure on the team and                           Molly Waldron                                          who is often very beneficial to the game.
demanded additional energy. is has led to                           Molly is a regular at Leicester City and her game
questionable dedication, and disheartenment                         is beautiful to watch - rarely making mistakes
for an otherwise talented and enthusiastic                          with one of the most competent footballing                                 Serena Weaver
team.                                                               minds. e last time we encountered Leicester                                Serena is calm and collected under pressure, but
  However, the last few months have seen a                          Uni, Molly scored the best goal of the season, so                          ups the ante when it is necessary. Her relaxed
huge change. We have not only established                           I am anticipating a repeat on the 23rd.                                    nature helps the rest of the team to keep their
an excellent goalkeeper, but the team spirit                                                                                                   heads when they are becoming stressed by the
and commitment has lifted massively, giving                                                                                                    game.
much improved performances.
  As a team we possess an amazing variety of    Fionnuala ‘Fi’ Connor
experience, aptitude and flair. But we cannot    Originally a player of Gaelic football, Fi                                 Godswill Unuh
have single players trying to go it alone; we   consistently stuns me with her natural ability to                          Will always puts in 100% in training and a
are at our strongest working as a team. If we   play [English] football. Excellent in all positions,                       great person to have around the squad. She is an
can keep our heads in the game and play to      she is dependable and fast. Currently finishing                             enthusiastic player, dedicating herself thoroughly
our utmost ability, I see no reason why we      her fourth year at DMU this is Fi’s last chance to                         to tackles and I hope to see this implemented in a
should not conquer Leicester Uni at Varsity     play at the Walkers, so I anticipate a devoted and                         match situation.
2009.                                           skilful performance.
                                                                                                                                                                     Monday 16 February 2009
 28                                                                                                                                                                                  Issue 57

The Boys                                                           The Girls                                                      US Influence
Meet the men who                                                   The ladies are also                                            Football of a different
will represent DMU                                                 in action, looking to                                          type as Ian Cockerill
at the Walkers                                                     regain their crown                                             follows the Longhorns

   Football Varsity 2009
University of Leicester v De Montfort University, Walkers Stadium, Monday 23 February 2009.
                                                league victory over DMU this season, DMU        Varsity is all about the result. If it’s an ugly   have staked their claim to be involved after a
 Lewis Mitchell                                 player-manager, Jamie Minshull reveals that     win it’s a win nonetheless.                        consistent start to the season.
                                                his team are keen to reclaim the upper hand.       “We know that the fans will come to                Tickets have been selling well in
   Varsity is a time for heroes. e 16 De           “ e start of this season has already shown   watch us play our stuff, but if we have to          anticipation for the contest, with both
Montfort players selected to play on the        that we mean business. We’ve changed the        grind it out then I have every confidence           Universities set to bring sizeable followings
hallowed turf of Leicester City’s Walkers       format of training and pushed the idea of       that we can do so.”                                to the Leicester City stadium. Minshull
Stadium against University of Leicester will    hard work and graft into the team ethic.               e biggest hardship of the player-           has paid tribute to the backing from the
all have sleepless nights in the build-up to    Despite our league defeat to Leicester          manager role is ultimately selecting the           sports societies and suggests that the fans
this contest, dreaming of hitting the winner    University we know we are still top dogs and    match day squad of 16 that will take part at       have a big part to play in creating a party
in front of friends, family and foe.            want to prove it on the biggest stage.”         the Walkers Stadium. At least three players        atmosphere.
      e battle between DMU and Leicester           De Montfort currently sit top of the         from the preliminary squad will be left out           “I think the fans will make the day. e
University is reminiscent of a cup final in      Midlands 3B Conference after six league         on February 23rd and Minshull admits that          more DMU supporters we get there, the
the sense that both teams will be fighting       games, with Leicester University breathing      it is a task that few would envy.                  more the Leicester side will crumble. With
for the silverware and accolades at the         down their necks in second position. e             “It is a hard decision. We have 19 players      the DMU fans behind us we can achieve
final whistle. League form goes out of           Varsity will clearly have no bearing on         all playing to the best of their abilities         anything. I know that the sports societies
the window in this instance, which will         the final stages in the league, but victory      to play in this prestigious match. But at          at our University are fantastic at supporting
hopefully bode well for DMU who lost to         for either side would prove to be a clear       the end of the day, it is my decisions that        one another.”
their rivals earlier in the season.             psychological boost.                            influence the match and if we win everyone             On a personal level, Minshull regards this
      e Varsity at the Walkers Stadium was         DMU try hard to play an attractive           will praise me and if we lose everyone will        year’s Varsity as his most important, with
kind to De Montfort back in 2007, when          brand of football that has so far pushed        blame me. But it is my job to do what is           the added responsibility of team selection
the 1st team ran out 2-1 winners against        them to the top of their BUCS division.         right for the team.”                               and tactics something the 21-year-old clearly
Leicester University. e poor condition          Nevertheless, Minshull agrees with the                 e squad will have a sprinkling of           relishes.
of the Foxes’ pitch last year meant that the    notion that his side must win at all costs      players who have experienced the Varsity              “I played in the 2007 and 2008 Varsities
2008 Varsity was played at Stoughton Road       and may need to sacrifice their principles in    occasion before, such as captain, Will             but this year means more as I’m also
playing fields. Leicester gained their revenge   order to regain the Varsity honours.            Benton-Diggins and playmaker, Richard              managing and coaching the side and I can’t
with victory on home soil and with their           “Whilst we enjoy playing good football,      Morgan. Meanwhile a number of Freshers             wait for the first whistle to blow.”

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