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					Permanent Address                                                                                                Current Address
11223 Mildred St.                               Huan Mei Chen                                              1918 Mount Vernon St.
El Monte, CA 91731-3413                                                         Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(626)512-9849                                                                (719)633-1056
                          A permanent position that utilizes computer science skills with graphic design expertise.
EDUCATION                 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                         Graduated Summer 2003
                          BS Degree in Computer Science and Graphic Design, GPA: 3.4
                          Coursework completed by June 2003:
                          C++ Programming, Systems Programming (CUSP), Programming Languages (Java, SML, PROLOG, Scheme),
                          Operating Systems Principles, Compilers, Software Engineering, Computer System Modeling, Computer
                          Network, Systems Architecture, Artificial Intelligence (LISP), Logic Design of Digital Systems, Multimedia
                          Design, Principles of Design, Computer Graphics (OpenGL), Interactive Media Design, Print Media Design.

EXPERIENCE                LOCKHEED MARTIN MISSION SYSTEMS                                                    Sept 2003 to Present
                          Software Engineer—Colorado Springs, Colorado
                          Responsibilities Included: Design, develop and install a prototype of the ISC2 testbed, test and
                              integrate external software to the environment, resolve DII COE segment dependencies.
                          Skills Developed: program in Java extensively using J2EE technology and Weblogic. Familiarized
                              with DII COE requirements, ClearCase, NUPort and RTM technology.
                          UCLA CHEM & BIOCHEM DPT.                                                       Fall 2001 to Spring 2003
                          Webmaster—Los Angeles, California
                          Responsibilities Included: designing, updating, and programming departmental webpages using
                              HTML, JAVA and Dreamweaver, while managing database using Pearl, PHP and SQL.
                          Skills Developed: used Pearl, PHP and SQL. Improved on organizational and graphic design skills.
                          MICROSOFT CORPORATION                                                                     Summer 2002
                          Encarta Program Manager Intern—Redmond, Washington
                          Responsibilities Included: lead five projects (2 for Encarta Online) to their successful completion
                              by conducting team meetings, research, prioritize and write specifications, delegate tasks.
                          Skills Developed: technical, leadership, teamwork, communication skills.         Demonstrated fast
                              learning curve, intelligent decision-making, detailed documentation, and enthusiasm.
                          SBC CORPORATION (PACIFIC BELL)                                                            Summer 2001
                          Network Engineering Manager—San Ramon, California

                          ACCENTURE (ANDERSEN CONSULTING)                                                           Summer 2000
                          Website Integration Analyst—Los Angeles, California
                          Responsibilities Included:    help a leading entertainment company develop its first dynamic
                               publishing website and database structure.
                          Skills Developed: programming skills including Java, Tea, SQL, networking skills for dynamic
                               website publishing, presentation and teamwork skills.
                          PROCTER & GAMBLE PAPER PRODUCTS COMPANY                                                    Summer 1999
                          Logistics Process Engineer—Oxnard, California

SPECIAL                   Programming Skills: Java, C, C++, HTML, LISP, TCL, SQL, OpenGL, Pascal, Perl and Q-BASIC.
                          Graphic Design: Macromedia Director, Flash, Fireworks; Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator; Paintshop.
                          Artistic Skills: Layout, Print, Multimedia and Environmental Design, Fine Arts, Performing Arts.
                          Fluent Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian and English.

HONORS                    Coca-Cola National Scholarship      1998-03        Valedictorian of El Monte High School       1998
                          UCLA Regents Scholarship            1998-02        B of A Achievement Scholarship              1998-99
                          R.C. Byrd Honors Scholarship        1998-02        Chancellor’s Blue & Gold Scholarship        1998-02

ACTIVITIES                Center for Engineering Excellence and Diversity                                               1998-2003
                          INROADS Southern Cal—Leadership Development Institute at University of Arizona                1998-2001
                          Student Alumni Association—Executive Committee Program Director                               1998-2000
                          Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists—UCLA Chapter Historian                             1998-1999
                          IBM San Jose Project Breakthrough Seminar participant at UCLA                                      1998
PERSONAL                  U.S. Citizen. Secret clearance pending. Willing to relocate.

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