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  Theme                                     I Spy God in the …
  Workshops                                                                                           By Gabrielle Ricketts

  1st - 6th Grades                          Driving home from church my              For some time now I have made a
                                            daughter stated factually, “Did you      hobby of appreciating the divine in
  Each class member will examine his        know God lives in the clouds?”           the everyday. Picking up clues to the
  or her present beliefs about God and
                                            Understanding her to mean a very         mystery that is God the way kids
  then make a representation of those
  beliefs. They will be given the choice    literal view of God, the Michelangelo    pick up sea shells. So far some of the
  of depicting the God that they believe    version of God resting on a cloud        most inspiring samples in my collec-
  in, or alternatively, the God that they   or the kingdom of heaven cached          tion include: creating another life
  currently reject. These works will be     behind some cumulous barrier, I          (conception to childbirth), the
  collected and displayed this spring in
                                            was a little disappointed. I hoped       periodic table of elements, compas-
  the art gallery at All Souls.
                                            I’d done a better job at steering her    sion and forgiveness, the laws of
                                            away from anthropomorphizing the         physics, laughter of children,
                                            divine through books and stories         unconditional love from a pet, the
                                            and talks over the years. I then         changing of seasons, inspiration
                                            asked my son where he thought God        during the creative process, ocean
                                            lived. Quite matter-of-factly he said,   waves and the colors of tropical fish.
                                            “God lives in the grass.” Sophie then
                                            said, “Maybe God is in the rainbow.”     How do you understand God? This
                                            Zane countered with extending God        search of discovering, questioning,
                                            to trees and frogs. Sophie elaborated    defining, rejecting, and understand-
                                            to air, flowers, and birds. Zane         ing takes a lifetime if you are lucky
                                            thought he would add the telephone       and paying attention. Share your
                                            pole. I encouraged everything,           journey with your family.
                                            giving a brief eyebrow raise to the
                                            telephone pole, because for me God       Share your journey
                                            was THIS conversation with my            at All Souls.
                                            children … “When two or more are
                                            gathered in his name.”
Story for All Ages

Hide and Seek with God                                                                                                       by Mary Ann Moore

Once upon a time God said,                                      green grass pushing their way up to-      if I want to call them God.”
“I’m bored because I don’t have                                 ward the sun. As he bent over to look
                                                                more closely at the tender green, he      A fourth friend decided to look for
anything to do. I want to play                                                                            God where people were. He joined
                                                                realized there was something special
with my friends.” And because                                   and amazing and wonderful about it.       a group of people going home from
God is God, as soon as the                                      So he jumped up and ran back to home      work and went with them into the
words were spoken God’s                                         base, calling out, “I found God! God is   store where they bought food. He
friends were there. When God                                    green and growing. I found God in the     went with them back out on the street
                                                                grass.”                                   as they started for their homes. He
saw them all gathered, God
                                                                                                          was with them when someone came
said, “I’ve been bored because                                  Another one of God’s friends decided      up and said, “Please, I am very hungry.
I haven’t had anything to do.                                   to look for God in the night. She         Could you share a little food with
Let’s play something.”                                          watched the sun go down, and the          me?” The people readily agreed and
                                                                work-a-day noises stop, and the lights    as he watched, he realized there was
“Good idea,” said God’s friends,                                in the houses go out. As it got darker    something special and amazing and
“What shall we play?”                                           and as the peaceful night wrapped         wonderful about those people. He
                                                                itself around her, she listened very      suddenly turned around and ran to
God thought for a minute and then                               hard, and then she realized there was     home base, calling out, “I found God!
said, “I know, let’s play hide and seek!”                       something special and amazing and         God is love and sharing. I found God
The friends all said, “Yeay!” for they                          wonderful about it. And when it was       in people who care for others.”
knew that hide and seek with God was                            so still that she could see and hear
                                                                nothing at all, she suddenly jumped       Finally, two more of God’s friends,
always exciting and different because                                                                     a boy and a girl, decided to look for
God was the one who hid, and God                                up and ran to home base, calling out,
                                                                “I found God! God is dark and peace-      God together. After a time, they came
always thought of wonderful places                                                                        to a house, and they decided to look
to hide.                                                        ful. I found God in the night!”
                                                                                                          for God in the house. In the house
So God’s friends closed their eyes                              A third friend looked upon the earth      they saw a room, and they looked for
tight, and they counted to ten. When                            and he felt the mystery of the grass      God in the room. And in the room
they opened their eyes God wasn’t                               growing toward the sun. He stayed and     they saw a mirror, and they looked
there anymore. So they all went off to                          watched the night come, and he felt       for God in the mirror. As they looked
look for God.                                                   the mystery of the darkness and the       into the mirror they realized there was
                                                                stars. He thought to himself, “These      something special and amazing and
One friend decided to look close upon                           mysteries are special and amazing and     wonderful being reflected in it, and
the earth and soon came to a meadow.                            wonderful”. But when he finally came      they suddenly turned around and ran
As he was searching, he stopped to                              back to home base, he said, “I found      to home base, calling out, “We found
admire the tender new sprouts of                                wonderful mysteries, but I’m not sure     God! We found God in us.”

                                                                                                          At this God appeared again and said,
                                                                                                          “I had so much fun! Weren’t those
     STORY COMPREHENSION                                                                                  good hiding places? Some of you

     & QUESTIONS                                                                                          found me, others weren’t sure, and
                                                                                                          others are still looking. That’s OK
     • Where and when did the children find God?                                                          because the most important thing is
     • How did they know when they had found God?                                                         just to play the game. Let’s do it again
     • Have you experienced “something special and amazing and wonderful”?                                because I’m sure I can think of some
                                                                                                          other good hiding places.” And they
     • Would you like to play a game with God? What game would it be?
                                                                                                          all called out, “Olly, olly, oxen free,
                                                                                                          free, free,” and the game started all
                                                                                                          over again.
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                                                                             THE CALL
                                                                             The winter holidays are traditionally a
                                                                             time of reconnecting by sending holiday
How do you understand God?                                                   cards to friends and family. This year, how
What other names, verbs or nouns can you use to replace the word             about sending out a little extra holiday
God? What ideas of God do you reject? When was the first time you
experienced something truly divine or transcendent? Share this story
                                                                             cheer to someone who could use a lift?
with your family.                                                            The American Red Cross has teamed up
                                                                             with Pitney Bowes to help people get
What is your God?                                                            holiday cards to American soldiers, their
Play with the definition of God being that which is most important to        families and veterans. Send cards to:
you. What is your God? How do you spend your time, devote your
resources to your God? How do you celebrate your God?
                                                                               HOLIdAY MAIL FOR HEROES
God around the Globe                                                           PO BOx 5456
Look at a Globe or map of the world. Educate your family about how             CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md 20791-5456
God is perceived differently around the world. A good resource is The
Usborne Book of World Religions.

God as depicted in Art
Artist through the ages have depicted God in their work. From Michelan-
gelo’s Sistine chapel to more contemporary works, stories from the bible
have been the subject of countless works of human creation. Christmas
is a good time to study the renaissance paintings depicting the birth of       Family
Christ. Triptics of the renaissance include iconography depicting God as a
peacock, a grapevine, and a stone structure. A survey of the subject may
be found at
Greek and Roman Mythological Gods                                              for God
Explore Greek and Roman Mythology though ancient and contemporary
stories. Art and sculpture from antiquity to neoclassical drew on Greek        Play Hide & Seek with God
and Roman Mythology for subject matter. Find paintings and sculpture           Inspired by the story of the same name, take
at Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa and on-line to discuss how artists         a walk, a drive, a hike or a moment and
brought the stories of the Gods to life.                                       make a game of finding the divine. Travel in
                                                                               silence for a while, breath in peace. Let go of
                                                                               the past, put off the future, and be present.
                                                                               Use your five senses to see, hear, feel, taste
                                                                               and smell. Be light. Look for the divine.
PARENT’S NIGHT OUT                                                             After a time share what you have discov-
December 17, 6:30-10 p.m.                                                      ered. Continue the game this month: Share
                                                                               experiences of wonder and awe, transcendent
Parents’ Night Out is offered to support healthy families in the All Souls     encounters with people, the moment which
community by allowing parents an opportunity to nurture their own              make you smile inside, the full silent dark-
relationships, knowing that their children are in a safe, creative and         ness of utter peace, the joyous sound of your
familiar environment. Children 3 months to 12 years of age are welcome.        soul singing.
The program includes free and structured play, arts and crafts, games and
a healthy snack. The younger children will have story time and the older       Celebrations of Light
ones will watch a movie. Based on age, fees range from $15 to $25 for the      During this the darkest month it is no
evening. Please make your reservation 72 hours in advance by contacting        surprise that so many of this month’s celebra-
Jean Kline at or 743-2805, ext. 308, and          tions involve lights. Celebrate the season with
                                                                               an evening car ride to view neighborhood
leaving the following information: Your name, your child’s name(s) and         lights, attend the Holiday Lights Parade, or
age(s), your complete contact information. Reservations will be confirmed      visit Philbrook or Chandler Park’s displays.
by e-mail or phone.

                 HIdE And SEEK WITH GOd, by Mary Ann Moore
                  a compilation of stories where God comes alive in a variety of
                  multicultural, non-sexist forms -- as transcendent mystery, the
                  mother and father of life, peace and silence, light and darkness

              WHAT IS GOd? - Etan Boritzer

    WHAT IS GOd’S nAME? - Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
    (Early Childhood Spirituality)

    novels by PERCY JACKSOn

    On-LInE                                                                              UU Translator
    HIdE And SEEK WITH GOd, by Mary Ann Moore, Find the story at:                        The UU translator builds a vocabulary                  for the members of All Souls allowing a
    html. A discussion for the background of the story can be found at http://           dialogue with each other and people of                          different faiths.

    IS BELIEvInG In GOd EvOLuTIOnARILY AdvAnTAGEOuS?                                     God
    From national Public Radio
    php?storyId=129528196                                                                1) God (noun, uppercase) supreme
                                                                                         being: the being believed in mono-
    The link to unitarian universalist Association publication WHAT KIdS                 theistic religions such as Judaism,
    SAY ABOuT GOd at                     Islam, and Christianity to be the all-
    lies/151296.shtml                                                                    powerful all-knowing creator of the
                                                                                         universe, worshiped as the only god
                                                                                         2) the divine, the Spirit of Life, the
    HERCuLES, the movie                                                                  mystery of existence 3) the personifi-
                                                                                         cation of ultimate goodness

                                                                                         1) god (noun, lowercase) supernatural
                                                                                         being: one of a group of supernatu-
                                                                                         ral beings in some religions, each of
                                                                                         which is worshiped as the personifica-
                                                                                         tion or controller of some aspect of
                                                                                         the universe, i.e. Thor, the Norse god
                                                                                         of thunder 2)figure or image, a repre-
                                                                                         sentation of a god, used as an object
                                                                                         of worship, i.e. the little bronze god
                                                                                         standing in the altar 3) something
                                                                                         that dominates (informal), something
                                                                                         that is so important that it takes
                                                                                         over somebody’s life, i.e. worshiping
                                                                                         the false god of fame. 4) somebody
                                                                                         admired (informal) one who is widely
                                                                                         admired or imitated, i.e. He was one
                                                                                         of the rock music gods in the early
                                                                                         Seventies. 5) gods (plural noun) fate,
                                                                                         the entire group of supernatural be-
                                                                                         ings viewed as deciding human fate.

page 4   |   A l l S o u l s Un i t a r i a n C h u r c h   |   T ul sa , Ok l a hom a
UU FAMILY VALUES                                                                     LITTLE ANSWERS TO
Talking with Children about God                                                      BIG QUESTIONS
Rabbi Harold S. Kushner writes, “We must speak to our children of God                Do you believe in God,
because if we don’t … our children are liable to fall into one of two undesirable    Mommy?
patterns. They may accept some of the simple-minded notions about God which          Generations of children at All Souls
are current in much of our society, notions which I consider inaccurate, intellec-   have grown up with an understanding
tually compromising, and psychologically harmful simply to fill a vacuum. Or         that “God is Love.” That is the work-
else, if they have the good sense and sensitivity to reject them, they may reject    ing definition that underlies our Chil-
belief in God entirely and commit themselves to a life in which some of the          dren’s Religious Education Program,
most precious and valuable aspects of human existence are missing.”                  and from this basic tenant, individual
                                                                                     beliefs are explored, encouraged, and
What are the developmental steps to healthy Spirituality? I know approximately
                                                                                     respected during spiritual expressions,
when my daughter should crawl, walk, potty train. I know when I should intro-
                                                                                     workshops, discussions and worship.
duce solid foods to my son, but the developmental steps to Spirituality … you’ve
got me there. Which is why when attending a Parents as Spiritual Guides class        All Souls believes that parents are the
at All Souls which presented resources from Rabbi Harold S. Kushner’s When           primary religious educators of their
Children Ask About God opened up a whole new way to talk about God to my             children. With that said, even when
children. The following are excerpts:                                                we are secure in our understand-
                                                                                     ing of the holy, it is often difficult to
The language commonly used in our culture to talk about God, in combination          find a vocabulary that children can
with a child’s natural tendency to think in concrete terms, leads children to        understand. First, let’s not be afraid
conceive God in human terms – just like us only more so. Some ways to counter        to acknowledge to our children that
their tendencies are: Speak less of what God is and more of how God or the           humans have been wondering about
divine is manifest in our lives. Cultivate the habit of pointing out the qualities   the existence of God since time began.
we encounter in our daily living as experiences of God, qualities of compassion,
generosity, integrity, beauty. Rather than saying “God is good, God is               Often children are really asking about
forgiving.” Learn to say goodness is godly, forgiveness is godly.”                   God on a functional level. “What is
                                                                                     God, and how does he/she affect me?”
Rather than speaking of who or where God is, talk of when God is. This leads         Reassure children that there is not a
to focusing on feelings and on the experience of God within others, and              personal God ready to punish them for
ourselves, rather than apart from our human experience. To speak of God              misdeeds. Emphasize that the stories in
as invisible, or as everywhere, reinforces notions of God as a being.                the Bible are just that, stories, that are
                                                                                     meant to guide us in living good lives
“God is a name we give to a certain set of realities that we have discovered to      and not to be taken as fact. Define
be built into the world.” We cannot see or feel God …, but we can see and feel       the idea of the divine on their level by
God-in-action. When your realize that you are bigger, stronger, smarter than         using examples of godly behavior i.e.
you were a year ago, when you see a seed grow into a flower, when the sunshine       sharing, caring and telling the truth.
makes the grass sparkle and the world looks beautiful, when you build some-          Celebrate each child’s spiritual journey
thing and it works, when people love you not for what you have done but just         by listening to their beliefs and being
for being you, you know that God is the force in the world.                          open minded as they experience the
                                                                                     mystery that is God.
If we teach them nothing else during their earliest years, we should be sure to
teach them that the idea of God is a difficult one even for adults to understand,    Answer:
that our conception of it continues to change as we grow older and understand        That is a question many grown ups
more and that our primary religious duty is to search, to question, to evaluate,     wonder about. People have many
and to try to comprehend. When we can learn to say, “I don’t know; that is a         ideas about God but no one knows for
question even grown-ups wonder about. Let’s talk about it now, and let’s             sure. I can tell you what I believe in. I
continue to talk about it as we both get older and smarter; then religious           believe in love, mercy and grace. I be-
education becomes a shared search rather than the transferring of information        lieve there is a divine goodness in each
from a full brain to an empty one.                                                   of us. What do you think about God?
Based on Rabbi Harold S. Kushner’s When Children Ask About God
     Children’s                                                           Celebr ating
     Religious Education                                                  our UU Heritage
     CHANNING’S CHILDREN                                                  Dr. Charles Follen was a Unitarian minister who is credited with bringing
     Our pre-school age children will explore                             the idea of the Christmas tree to the United States. A German-born
     the idea of wishes, for our selves and for                           professor at Harvard University, Follen wanted his young son and family
     others, and the power we have to make                                to experience the magic of the glowing Christmas trees of his childhood.
     them come true.                                                      One year he surprised them with a fully decorated and lighted tree. The
                                                                          Follen family invited neighbors to gather round their indoor tree.
     The kindergarten class looks at winter                               The event took place in December 1832. That is the date of a description by
     holidays around the world and makes                                  Harriet Martineau, an English Unitarian and journalist who was visiting
     their annual paperchain contribution                                 Boston at the time. Follen went out into the woods near his home and cut
     to our Christmas festivities.                                        down a small fir. The tree was set in a tub and its branches hung with small
                                                                          dolls, eggshells covered in gold paint, and paper cornucopias filled
     7TH GRADE                                                            with candied fruit. The tree glowed with many candles.
     The 7th grade studies Sikhism with                                   Martineau describes the unveiling of the tree at the Follens’
     a field trip to India Palace and a                                   Christmas party: “It really looked beautiful; the room seemed
     discussion with its Sikh owners.                                     in a blaze, and the ornaments were so well hung on that no
                                                                          accident happened, except that one doll’s petticoat caught fire.
     8 th GRADE                                                           There was a sponge tied to the end of a stick to put out any
     The 8th grade delves into the teants                                 supernumerary blaze, and no harm ensued. I mounted the
     and cultures of Islam.                                               steps behind the tree to see the effect of opening the doors.
                                                                          It was delightful. The children poured in, but in a moment
                                                                          every voice was hushed. Their faces were upturned to the
                                                                          blaze, all eyes wide open, all lips parted, all steps arrested.”

Harriet’s description caught the imaginations of those who read about the Christmas tree, and a
New England tradition was born. Charles Follen later became a Unitarian minister and an outspoken
opponent of slavery. The Follen Community Church in Lexington, Massachusetts, known to some
as “The Christmas Tree Church,” is named after its first minister, Charles Follen.

     Spiritual Expressions
     Our Spiritual Expressions classes occur each Sunday that there is Children’s Programming from Noon to 12:45 pm.
     If you would like to volunteer to assist in one of these classes, please contact Shannon Boston, Children’s Religious
     Education Administrator, at or 743-2805, ext. 321.
     Kindergarten – 3rd grade – Music with Libby Sublett

     4th grade – Art with Brigid Kelley

     5th grade – Drama with Toni Willis culminating in a Chapel presentation on Dec. 19

     6th grade – Yoga with R.E.C.E.S.S. Instructor with Natasha Bogdanova

     7th grade – Fiber Arts with Nancy Parke

     8th grade – Glass Mosaics with Bill Westcott

page 6   |   A l l S o u l s Un i t a r i a n C h u r c h   |   T ul sa , Ok l a hom a
Children’s Religious Education
Children’s Religious Education                                                          Parent
The aim of Religious Education at All Souls is to foster the lifelong exploration of
The aim of Religious Education at All Souls is to foster the lifelong exploration of    Resource
religious thought and values through a program that promotes spiritual develop-
religious thought and values through a program that promotes spiritual develop-
ment by means of free inquiry, mutual respect and responsible behavior.
ment by means of free inquiry, mutual respect and responsible behavior. All Souls       Network
Children’s Religious Education (CRE) is a cooperative church school program
                                                                                        All Souls offers families of all
that supports families by nurturing hearts, minds and souls. A carefully school
All Souls Children’s Religious Education (CRE) is a cooperative churchplanned           All Souls offers families — of all
                                                                                        kinds a loving place in which we
curriculum encompasses exposure nurturing hearts, Christian souls. A carefully
program that supports families by to our Jewish and minds andheritage, World            kinds — a loving place in which we
Religions, Unitarianism and Universalism, to the world and Christian heritage,
planned curriculum encompasses exposureandour Jewish and our place in it. There         can shape our beliefs, celebrate our
                                                                                        can shape our beliefs, celebrate our
is no fee associated with our Children’s Program, and the world and our place in
World Religions, Unitarianism and Universalism,but we do expect our parents to          discoveries, and live out our values.
                                                                                        discoveries, and live out our values.
pledge to the fee associated with our Children’s Program, but we do expect our
it. There is nochurch’s operating fund and to participate in the program in some        Our paths may be diverse, yet we
way during the year.
parents to pledge to the church’s operating fund and to participate in the program      Our paths may be diverse, yet we
                                                                                        share the journey.
in some way during the year.                                                            share the journey.
Each sunday our children have the opportunity to
paricipate in four components of Religious Education:                                   All Souls Parent Resource network
                                                                                        All Souls Parent Resource Network
E ac h s u n day o u r c h i l d r e n h av e t h e
                                                                                        is committed to providing programs
• p p o r u Core t o p a r | Channing’s i n t h (pre-school) and Kin-
o10-11:15tamn i t yCurriculum t i c i p a t e Children r e e                            is committed to providing programs
dergarten classes learn obout our church and the overarching concept that God           and resources to inspire this journey,
com p on en t s of Rel i gi ous Educ ati on :                                           and resources to inspire this journey,
is love. In grades one-six, Guides work with the children throughout the year on        as individuals and as families.
                                                                                        as individuals and as families.
character- and community-building, and guest facilitators lead workshops which
• 10-11am Core Curriculum | In grades one-six, we use a multidimensional
explain, personify, and creatively and artistically articulate the monthly, church-
approach to religious education. Guides work with the children throughout the           Parents are the primary religious
                                                                                        Parents are the primary religious
wide theme in a way that is accessible to children and allows them lead workshops
year on character- and community-building, and guest facilitators to explore and        educators for every child. drawing
                                                                                        educator for every child. Drawing on
stretch their spiritual and intellectual bounds. The workshops are the monthly,
which explain, personify, and creatively and artistically articulate based in Bible     the Children’s Religious Education
                                                                                        on the Children’s Religious Educa-
literacy and theme in a way that is accessible to check the bulletin boards in the
church-wideengage multiple intelligences. Please children and allows them to ex-
plore and stretch their room assignments and to bounds. nameworkshops are based
hallway each week for spiritual and intellectual pick up The tag buttons. Our           Curriculum and and our Theme
                                                                                        tion Curriculum our Theme based
seventh literacy and engage multiple intelligences (bodily/kinesthetic, musical,
in Bible grade concentrates on Eastern World Religions and eighth grade concen-         ministry, the Parent Resource
                                                                                        based ministry, the Parent Resource
trates on the Abrahamic faiths.
interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist, spiritual, verbal/linguistic, logical/math-   network publishes a parent’s guide
                                                                                        Network publishes a parent’s guide
ematical, and visual/spatial). The activities in which the children are engaged         to share each month’s theme, stories
                                                                                        to share each month’s theme, stories
• 11:15-11:35am Worship | Our Children, pre-kindergarten through eighth
dictate their room assignments. Please check the bulletin boards in the hallway         and values.
grade, have their own worship service every Sunday that they do not worship with        and values at home as a family.
each week for room assignments and to pick up name tag buttons.
the adults in the Sanctuary. This is a special time when our ministers and carefully
selected lay leaders provide an age-appropriate worship experience that eighth
• 11-11:20am Worship | Our Children, pre-kindergarten throughmirrors the                Parents assure the health and well
worship service that the adults service every Sunday that they do with Children’s
grade, have their own worship experience in the Sanctuary. Alongnot worship with        being of every child. Throughout the
Chapel, seventh Sanctuary. This is add to their worship repertoire by and carefully
the adults in the and eighth graders a special time when our ministers visiting other                              network
                                                                                        year, the Parent Resource Network
houses of worship provide an their own worship.
selected lay leadersand creatingage-appropriate worship experience that mir-            working with Adult Religious Edu-
• 11:35am-12:00 Community Building | All of the the Sanctuary. opportunity
rors the worship service that the adults experience in classes have the Along with      Education, childcare experts, church
                                                                                        cation, childcare experts, church
Children’s Chapel, seventh and eighth graders add to their worship repertoire by
to play and socialize in mixed-age groups and enjoy a healthy snack.                    groups, and community leaders will
                                                                                        groups,and community leaders will
visiting other houses of worship and creating their own “circle worship” rituals.
                                                                                        present events intended to address a
• 12:00-12:45pm Spiritual Expressions | Using visual arts, drama, yoga and
• 11:20am-12:45pm Spiritual Expressions | Using visual arts, drama, yoga
music, the children explore the monthly themes with professional artists, further       wide variety of parenting topics and
deepening the understanding the monthly and values. professional artists, fur-
and music, theirchildren exploreof our themesthemes with(Pre-kindergarten classes                  uu
                                                                                        celebrate UU values.
repeat the first their activities.)
ther deepeninghour’s understanding of our themes and values. (Pre-kindergarten
classes repeat the first hour’s activities.) Our church school session extends from     The parents’ guide will also
                                                                                        The parents’ guide will also
Our church school session extends from Homecoming a variety of educational
Homecoming Sunday in September through May with Sunday in September                     communicate classes, events and
opportunities with a varietyDuring the summer months, for children.aDuring the          communicate classes, events and
through May for children. of educational opportunities CRE offers preschool
class andmonths, CREprogramming (kindergartenathrough 5thprogramming                    activities especially designed for
                                                                                        activities especially designed for
summer a mixed-age offers a preschool class and mixed-age grade and 6th
(kindergarten – 5th during the church services.
through 9th grades) grade and 6th – 9th grades) during the church services.             families, parents or children.
                                                                                                          and children.
 D ecem b er C a l en da r
December 2                                                          December 6
• 10:00 am MUMs playgroup for parents and children not yet          • 5:30 – 7:30 pm Annual Intergenerational Tree Trimming
  in school                                                           Party
December 3                                                          December 8
• 7:00 pm Soulsful Sundown, childcare is available                  • 7:00 pm MUMs Parent Irresponsibility Night
December 5                                                          December 9
• Normal Sunday Church School Programming                           • 10:00 Day Alliance
• 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Arts and Crafts Fair in Emerson Hall            December 12
• 1:00 pm Hanging of the Greens                                     • Normal Sunday Church School Programming
                                                                    • 12:45 pm 7th and 8th grade Youth Group
                                                                    • 3:00 and 6:00 pm All Souls All Choir Holiday Concerts
                                                                    December 15
                                                                    • 6:30 pm Holiday Memorial Chapel
                                                                    December 16
                                                                    • 10:00 am MUMs playgroup for parents and children not yet
                                                                      in school
                                                                    December 17
                                                                    • 6:30 pm Parents’ Night Out – reserve childcare at
                                                                    • 7:00 pm Praise and Worship
                                                                    December 19
                                                                    • Normal Sunday Church School Programming
                                                                    December 24
                                                                    • 4:30, 6:00 and 7:30 pm Candlelight Services
                                                                    December 26
                                                                    • 10:00 and 11:30 am Family Services; No Church School
                                                                      (childcare available for pre-K and younger)
                                                                     January 2
                                                                    • 10:00 and 11:30 am Family Services; No Church School
                                                                      (childcare available for pre-K and younger

    For Questions, Recommendations or More Information Contact:
    Gabrielle Ricketts                        Randy Wymore
    Parent Resource network                   Children’s Religious Education
    Children’s Religious Education            Board Chair
    Parent Liaison                  
    (918) 743-6248                            (918) 408-7335

    Shannon Boston                            Kathy Keith
    Children’s Religious Education            Executive director, All Souls
    Administrator, All Souls                        (918) 743-2805 ext. 316
    (918) 743-2805 ext. 321         

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