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									                                                                                                                    The Colleges

The Colleges
Fairleigh Dickinson University is com-        Maxwell Becton College of                                   Faculty & Staff
prised of four colleges: Maxwell Becton                                                                   Administration
College of Arts and Sciences, Silberman       Arts and Sciences                                           G.S. Weinman, Dean
College of Business, the Anthony J.           College at Florham, Madison, New Jersey
Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies      Geoffrey S. Weinman, Dean                                   Department of Biological and
and University College: Arts • Sciences •                                                                 Allied Health Sciences
Professional Studies.                         The Maxwell Becton College of Arts and                      A. Shumate, Chair; J. Agugliaro, P.
   More than 50 graduate degree pro-          Sciences deepens students’ understanding                    Melloy, J. Middleton, E. Myers-Arnold,
grams are offered by the colleges. The col-   of their chosen fields, while teaching them                 R.G. Perry, J. Salierno
leges’ degree programs and their faculty      to communicate and reason clearly and
and staff are listed below. The admissions    effectively. The College is committed to                    Department of Chemistry and
and academic requirements and detailed        helping students advance their careers                      Pharmaceutical Science
descriptions of each program are listed in    or continue studies for higher degrees.                     M. Avaltroni, Chair; G. Anderle, A.
alphabetical order within the Program sec-                                                                Charlebois, W. Fordham, R. Strange, A.
tion of this Graduate Studies Bulletin        Programs                                                    Teslja
pages 36–217.                                 • Biology (M.S.)                                            Department of Communication
                                              • Chemistry (M.S.)                                          Studies
                                              • Clinical Mental Health Counseling                         J. Lehr, Chair; C. Caldiero, K. Dunsmore,
                                                (M.A.)                                                    K. Haspel, S. Latson, G. Radford, A. Spina
                                              • Corporate and Organizational
                                                                                                          Department of Literature, Language,
                                                Communication (M.A.)
                                                                                                          Writing and Philosophy
                                              • Creative Writing (M.F.A.)
                                                                                                          P. Benson, Chair; M. Donoff, Director,
                                              • Creative Writing and Literature for                       M.F.A. in Creative Writing; P. Bazán-
                                                Educators (M.A.)                                          Figueras, S. Belen-Ramos, B. Finzi-Contini
                                              • Education for Certified Teachers (M.A.)*                  Calabresi, L. Corces, D. Daniel, K.
                                              • Educational Leadership (M.A.)**                           Douglas, A. Fader, N. Ghosh, M. Green,
                                                                                                          D. Koeneke, J. Kuehl, O. Makridis, G.
                                              • Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)***                                    Pastorino, F. Pinto, B. Rabinowitz, M. Rye,
                                              • Psychology                                                K. Sammond, R. Schiffman, K. Singer,
                                                • Industrial/Organizational Psychology                    R. Steinke, G. Weinman
                                                                                                          Department of Mathematics,
                                               • Organizational Behavior (M.A.)                           Computer Science and Physics
                                              • Teaching (M.A.T.)****                                     K. Sharma, Chair; R. Mayans, J. Namazi,
                                              In addition to the above programs, the                      P. Penrice, R. Shaw, N. Sinha, M. Slaby,
                                              College, in conjunction with the Silber-                    R. Wagner
                                              man College of Business, offers a com-
                                              bined-degree graduate program: the M.A.                     Department of Psychology and
                                              in industrial/organizational psycholo-                      Counseling
                                              gy/M.B.A. with a specialization in man-                     Y. Hawkins-Rodgers, Chair; D. Brown,
                                              agement, which is under review. Graduate                    D. Calcagnetti, J. Cooper, K. Saud-Maxwell,
                                              courses in mathematics are available to                     J. Steinberg, A. Tasso, J. Waters, D.
                                              students in the M.A.T. program and to                       Wentworth, L. Whitmarsh
                                              qualified undergraduates with the permis-
                                                                                                          Medco School of Pharmacy
                                              sion of the department.
                                                                                                          R. Nemire, Dean; M. Avaltroni, Associate
                                              *While the Master of Arts in education for certified
                                              teachers (see pages 112–117) is awarded through
                                              FDU’s University College: Arts • Sciences • Profes-
                                              sional Studies on the Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck,
                                              New Jersey, nearly all courses required in fulfillment
                                              of the degree are offered at the College at Florham,
                                              Madison, New Jersey.
                                              **Master of Arts in educational leadership (see
                                              pages 117–118).
                                              ***The University is planning to accept students into its
                                              new School of Pharmacy for the fall 2012 semester.
                                              ****Master of Arts in Teaching (see pages 123–128).

The Colleges

Silberman College                              environmental, social and corporate re-
                                               sponsibilities. The Institute for Forensic
                                                                                                  Department of Information Systems
                                                                                                  and Decision Sciences
of Business                                    Science Administration allows students             K.P. Yoon, Chair; G. Bronson, A. Fask,
College at Florham, Madison, New Jersey;       to explore the economic impacts of judi-           J. Hsu, M. Kieff, Y. Kim, G. Mendoza, G.
Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck,                  cial decisions and practices.                      Naadimuthu, L. Qin, M. Sedaghat, M.
New Jersey; and FDU-Vancouver, British                                                            Stern, X. Tan, Z. Wang
Columbia, Canada                               Major Programs of Study
                                                                                                  Department of Management
William M. Moore, Dean                         • Master of Business Administration
                                                                                                  G. Jones, Chair; O. Asik-Dizdar, S. Behson,
                                                  (M.B.A.) Specializations
The Silberman College of Business is                                                              G. Cleaves, K. Fairfield, G. Farias,
accredited by AACSB International - The                                                           J. Harmon, O. Nwachukwu, D. Scotti, J.
Association to Advance Collegiate Schools                                                         Slepian, G. Sollars, R. Victer, J.D.
                                                     Finance                                      Wischnevsky
of Business. AACSB is the premier busi-              Information Systems (Metropolitan
ness school accrediting body.                             Campus only)                            Department of Marketing and
    Silberman College is a tricampus col-            International Business                       Entrepreneurship
lege of the University, offering graduate            Management                                   E. Swartz, Chair; J.G. Almeida, R.
programs at the College at Florham, Madi-            Marketing                                    Archambault, R. Chandrashekaran,
son, New Jersey, and on the Metropolitan             Pharmaceutical Management Studies            A. Dolinsky, B. Ertimur, R. Heim, E.
Campus, Teaneck, New Jersey. Its major               Personalized Study                           Huser, J. Hutton, C. Munoz
goal at the graduate level is to develop the   • Master of Business Administration
analytical ability and perspective of the         (M.B.A.) — Management for Executives            Institute for Forensic Science
graduate student in order to contribute to           Health Care and Life Sciences                Administration
success as a responsible executive.                                                               R. Koppl, Executive Director
                                               • Master of Science (M.S.) — Accounting
    The College, a community of commit-
                                               • Master of Science (M.S.) — Taxation              Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurship
ted educators, administrators and staff, has
                                               (College at Florham only)                          J. Barrood, Executive Director
as its mission to instill in its students a
                                                   In addition to the above programs, the
superior level of business-management
                                               College offers a post-M.B.A. graduate cer-         Institute for Sustainable Enterprise
competence by offering distinctive pro-
                                               tificate. Students with an M.B.A. may re-          J. Harmon, Interim Executive Director
grams that blend academic excellence and
                                               ceive certification in a second major upon
practical business knowledge with a global
                                               completion of an additional 12 required
multicultural orientation.
                                               and elective credits for that major.
    The College aims to achieve recognition
as a leading provider of high-quality, inno-   Faculty & Staff
vative education in business administration
and as a leader in the enhancement of the      Administration
practice of business management through        W. M. Moore, Dean
the applied research and professional activ-   J.G. Almeida, Associate Dean for Graduate
ities of the faculty.                          Programs
    The College achieves its mission           J.D. Wischnevsky, Associate Dean for
through:                                       Undergraduate Programs
• Curricula that are directed to the edu-      P. Caliguari, Director, Executive Programs
cational growth of students and are
                                               J. Shurdom, Director, Undergraduate
responsive to the needs of the business
                                               Programs and Student Services
• Teaching excellence in all programs,         R. West, Director, Tax Program
• Research capabilities that advance the       Department of Accounting, Tax and
practice of business management and            Law
• Close ties with the business community
                                               R. DeFilippis, Chair; F. Brunetti, M.
served by the College.
                                               Calderisi, J.R. Chaplin, D. Collier, T.
    The College includes several institutes    David, J. DiSalvio, H. Fuentes, P. Hughes,
to support graduate business education.        J. Schiff, A. Schultzer, J. Skarbnik, F. Stiner,
The Rothman Institute of Entrepreneur-         R. West
ship provides students with cross-disci-
plinary opportunities to explore the           Department of Economics, Finance
meaning and process of capitalism and          and International Business
free enterprise in our nation’s economy.       E. Djimopoulos, Chair; P. Anastasopoulos,
The Institute for Sustainable Enterprise       K. Betz, E. Cowan, K. Denning, F.
provides students the opportunity to en-       Englander, P. Gaughan, C. Jonnard, A.
hance their understanding of managing          Kessler, J. Kiernan, R. Kjetsaa, R. Koppl,
                                               C. Ng, B. Oseghale, S. Tuluca, B. Zwick

                                                                                                             The Colleges

Anthony J. Petrocelli                            Programs                                        University College: Arts •
College of Continuing                            • Administrative Science (M.A.S.)               Sciences • Professional
                                                 • Homeland Security (M.S.)
Studies                                          • Hospitality Management Studies (M.S.)
College at Florham, Madison, New Jersey;         • Public Administration (M.P.A.)                Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck,
Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck, New                                                                New Jersey and FDU-Vancouver, British
Jersey; and FDU-Vancouver, British               • Sports Administration (M.S.A.)                Columbia, Canada
Columbia, Canada                                 Faculty & Staff                                 Patti Mills, Dean
Kenneth T. Verhkens, Dean                        Administration                                  University College: Arts • Sciences • Profes-
The Anthony J. Petrocelli College of Con-        K. Vehrkens, Dean                               sional Studies, is committed to educating stu-
tinuing Studies, formerly known as New           T. Swanzey, Associate Dean                      dents for the world.
College of General and Continuing Stud-                                                              University College emphasizes profes-
                                                 R. Calissi, Executive Associate Dean for        sionally accredited and career-oriented pro-
ies, offers adult learners a convenient and      Off-campus Credit Programs and Director,
flexible program for their special education-                                                    grams that prepare future leaders to work
                                                 School of Administrative Science                effectively in a global environment, regard-
al needs.
    Recognizing that the student profile on      R. Wisch, Associate Dean and Director,          less of profession. Its wide array of programs
                                                 International School of Hospitality and         is strongly grounded in the liberal arts, rec-
most U.S. campuses is changing dramati-
                                                 Tourism Management                              ognizing that professionals in all fields
cally, the University’s Petrocelli College
                                                 R. Castellana, Director of Interdisciplinary    require a multidisciplinary and multicultur-
was introduced to provide a unified                                                              al perspective to be successful. The college
approach and enhanced focus on the adult         Studies Program
                                                                                                 also stresses experiential and field-based
learner and to continue to position FDU as       F. Alonso, Director, Puerta al Futuro           learning through internships, student-
a leader in providing learning opportuni-        Program and Latino Promise Program              directed research, cooperative education and
ties in a strong academic foundation for         C.L. Davis, Director, Enhanced Freshman         community service that supplement academ-
students of all ages.                            Experience Program                              ic instruction, enhance career-related experi-
    The College features programs integral       D. Epstein, Executive Director, Online          ences and develop students’ social and moral
to the University’s commitment to serve          Programs                                        identities as productive citizens.
“lifelong learners.” These include five                                                              The mission of University College is facil-
                                                 D. Hart, Director of Adult Education
graduate degree programs and postbac-                                                            itated by its location in northern New Jer-
calaureate education, the Certified Public       S. Liu, Director, Cheng Gong (Chinese           sey’s Bergen County and proximity and ease
Manager Program (Levels IV–VI) and non-          Studies) Program                                of access to New York City. Courses and cur-
degree programs, with many credit, non-          W. Roberts, Director, Public                    ricula incorporate the unique commercial,
credit and certification options. In addition,   Administration Institute                        scientific and cultural resources of the met-
Petrocelli College features precollege pro-      A. Taylor, Director, Monmouth County            ropolitan area to create a learning laboratory
grams and two- and four-year undergradu-         Graduate Center                                 of exceptional diversity and richness. The re-
ate degree offerings for adults. For the                                                         sources of this vital cosmopolitan area con-
                                                 J. Thomas, Director of Web, Instructional       tribute to all aspects of University College
financial planning certificate program and       Technology and Online Learning, and             activity and, at the same time, the College
the paralegal studies program see pages          Director, MiraeRo (Korean Studies)              maintains a suburban campus atmosphere.
149 and 177.                                     Program                                             University College offers a wide range of
    In conjunction with the other colleges,                                                      undergraduate and master’s degree programs
Petrocelli College also is heavily involved      Faculty
                                                                                                 in such areas as psychology, criminal justice,
with distance-learning initiatives, summer-      F. Alonso, W. Antoine, M. Barto, T. Beam,
                                                                                                 education, the natural sciences, nursing, en-
and winter-session programming and the           G. Buck, J. Buenahora, R. Castellana, M.
                                                                                                 gineering and technology, computer science,
support and development of credit certifi-       Collado, J. Devine, E. Doherty, L. Elfers-
                                                                                                 media and communication and the humani-
cate programs.                                   Mabli, N. Fajardo, R. Ferguson, I. Gersh,
                                                                                                 ties. Many of its schools offer accelerated
    While based on the Metropolitan              K. Gillies, D. Hoover, J. Hughes, F. Karger,
                                                                                                 and combined undergraduate/graduate de-
Campus, the College offers programs on           S. Klein, E. Kovacs, L. Kurland, P. Laubsch,
                                                                                                 gree programs as well as special areas of
both New Jersey campuses, at more than           S. Liu, R. Mabey, R. Medaska, F. Oliver, M.
                                                                                                 concentration and minors.
                                                 Oujo, C. Ozurumba, F. Parra, A. Ritz,
55 on-site locations throughout the state                                                            University College is organized into
                                                 W. Roberts, J. Rodriguez, S. Rosen, W.
of New Jersey and at FDU-Vancouver,                                                              schools to be more responsive to student
                                                 Schuber, R. Selig, F. Simonie, R. Sorensen,
British Columbia, Canada. Courses are                                                            needs. Specifically, there are nine schools
                                                 T. Swanzey, P. Tantral, A. Taxier, J. Tormey,
offered in formats, at times and in loca-                                                        within the college:
                                                 K. Tripodi, L. Ultan, K. Vehrkens,
tions convenient for adult learners.             R. Wisch                                        • The School of Art and Media Studies cov-
                                                                                                 ers the disciplines of communication, fine
                                                                                                 arts and multimedia studies.
                                                                                                 • The Lee Gildart and Oswald Haase School
                                                                                                 of Computer Sciences and Engineering cov-
                                                                                                 ers the disciplines of computer engineering,
                                                                                                 computer science, electrical engineering, elec-

The Colleges

tronic commerce, engineering technology,          • Learning Disabilities (M.A.)                  School of Criminal Justice and Legal
information technology, management infor-              Teacher of Students with Disabilities/     Studies
mation systems and mathematics. Accredit-              Learning Disabilities Teacher              R. Vodde, Director; P. Reynolds, Assistant
ed undergraduate programs are offered in               Consultant Certification                   Director; E. Garcia, R. Gray, J. Kenny
electrical engineering, electrical engineering    • Management Information Systems (M.S.)         Peter Sammartino School of Education
technology, civil engineering technology,         • Mathematical Foundations (M.A.)               V. Cohen, Director; J. Cowen, C.
computer science, construction engineering                                                        DeLorenzo, M. Farrell, S. Green, K. Joshi,
                                                  • Media and Professional Communication
technology and mechanical engineering                                                             C. Karpinski, T. Montani, L. Ray, M.
technology.                                                                                       Rosenbaum, C. Schavio, M. Singer, R.
                                                  • Medical Technology (M.S.)                     Westbrook, R. Wohle
• The School of Criminal Justice and Legal
Studies covers the disciplines of criminal        • Multilingual Education (M.A.)
                                                                                                  School of English, Philosophy and
justice, criminology and private security.        • Nursing (M.S.N.)                              Humanities
Programs at the undergraduate-level are           • Nursing Practice (D.N.P.)                     D. Grassian, Director; J. Baron, J. Boyd, L.
offered.                                          • Political Science (M.A.)                      Gordon, F. Ingledew, J. Kehoe, P.H.
• The Peter Sammartino School of Educa-           • Psychology                                    Mayhew, P. Mullany, C. Parilla, J. Scorza,
tion offers accredited programs for teacher                                                       E. Spaldo, T. Stavola
                                                    • Clinical Psychology (Ph.D.)
certification in elementary and secondary                                                         School of History, Political and
education, multilingual education, Educa-           • Clinical Psychopharmacology (post-
                                                      doctoral M.S.)                              International Studies
tion for Certified Teachers, educational                                                          R. Greenfield, Director; K. Bullard, B.
leadership, English as a Second Language,           • Forensic Psychology (M.A.)                  Ojo, S. Raphalides, C. Rasmussen, A.
Teacher of Students with Disabilities and           • General/Theoretical Psychology (M.A.)       Velásquez, D. Walensky
Learning Disabilities Consultant.                   • School Psychology (Psy.D.)
• The School of English, Philosophy and                                                           School of Natural Sciences
                                                    • School Psychology (M.A.)                    J. Dougherty, Co-director; M. McClary,
Humanities covers the disciplines of Eng-
                                                  • Science (M.A.)                                Co-director; A. Anastasia, A. Benzecry,
lish, philosophy, humanities and interdisci-                                                      D. Flory, I.R. Isquith, I. Kumar, M. Leonida,
plinary studies.                                  • Systems Science (M.S.)
                                                                                                  R. Lo Pinto, A. Murphy, N. Philips, A.D.
• The School of History, Political and Inter-     • Teaching (M.A.T.)                             Schielke, J. Stout, M.P. Warunek, D. Yu
national Studies includes the disciplines of           Teacher Certification
political science, history, international stud-        Elementary Education/K–8; Subject                  .
                                                                                                  Henry P Becton School of Nursing and
                                                       Area Certification/K–12 (Biological        Allied Health
ies and foreign languages.
                                                       Sciences, Chemistry, Earth Science,        M. Guttman, Director; S. Colon Cabassa,
• The School of Natural Sciences houses                English, Mathematics, Physical             Associate Director; M. Rubin, Associate
the disciplines of biology, biochemistry,              Sciences, Physics, Social Studies,         Director for Allied Health; E. Parietti, As-
chemistry, physics, environmental science,             World Languages); English as a             sociate Director for Graduate Programs;
marine biology, science and geology.                   Second Language/K–12                       G. Haynes-Smith, Associate Director for
• The Henry P. Becton School of Nursing                                                           Doctorate in Nursing Practice; C. Alvarez,
                                                  In addition to the above programs, the Col-     D. Bruchmann, K. Cahill, D. Carrazone,
and Allied Health includes the disciplines        lege offers a postbaccalaureate respecializa-   D. Dettmore, C. Ellis, A. Fitzpatrick, N.
of nursing and allied health including a          tion program in psychology certificate.         Hammond, C. Jasko, L. Joseph, J. Kutzleb,
Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.). Ac-          Programs in Language, Culture and Profes-       S. Palmer, J. Paternoster, P. Ukaigwe
credited programs are offered in nursing,         sional Advancement (PLCPA) offers cours-
medical technology and radiography.               es in English for Specific Purposes (ESP) for   School of Psychology
• The School of Psychology houses the             international students and any interested       R. Dumont, Director; S. Armeli, C.
                                                  domestic students. These courses are called     Bergstein, J. Braden-Maguire, C.A.
disciplines of sociology and psychology,                                                          Capuano, K. Davis-Vizzel, T. Donati,
including an accredited Ph.D. program in          English for Professional Success (EPS).         R. Dumont, A. Eisen, S. Feinberg, D.
clinical psychology and a Psy.D. program in                                                       Green, J. Kaufman, J. Lachenmeyer, K.
school psychology.                                Faculty & Staff                                 Loeb, R. McGrath, D. Pogge, R. Prentky,
                                                  Administration                                  L. Tiersky, J. Zibulsky
Programs                                          P. Mills, Dean
                                                  T. Montani, Associate Dean                      Department of Physical Education
• Biology (M.S.)
                                                                                                  D.A. Langford, Chair, Athletic Director;
• Chemistry (M.S.)                                School of Art and Media Studies                 C. Liggett, Coordinator
• Computer Engineering (M.S.)                     B. Dick, Co-director; T. Montani, Interim
• Computer Science (M.S.)                         Co-director; Y. Aronson, T. LoPonte, M.         Center for Dyslexia Studies
                                                  Roberts, Z. Sun, J. Taylor                      M. Farrell, Executive Director
• Cosmetic Science (M.S.)
• Criminal Justice (M.A.)                         Lee Gildart and Oswald Haase School             Programs in Language, Culture and
• Education for Certified Teachers (M.A.)         of Computer Sciences and Engineering            Professional Advancement
  (Reading Specialist Certification)              A. Tan, Director; H. Silver, Deputy             M. Mohamed, Director
                                                  Director; V. Zwass, Deputy Director;
• Educational Leadership (M.A.)                   A. Adrignolo, S. Bielewicz, Z. Chen, M.
  (Principal/Supervisor Certification)            Farag, D. Haas, N. Landis, B. Lefkowitz,
• Electrical Engineering (M.S.E.E.)               G. Levine, H. Lowy, Z. Mao, K. Mondal,
• Electronic Commerce (M.S.)                      G. Reinish, L. Rosenthal, Y. Tang, H. Zhao
• International Studies (M.A.)


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